Consumer Reports Names Chevrolet Avalanche as a Top Pick for 2011


Consumer Reports has selected the Chevrolet Avalanche full-size sport utility truck as its Top Pick honoree among all 2011 pickups.

"The Avalanche ($47,435) is a versatile crew-cab model with a unified bed and cab that helps give it a steady, comfortable, quiet ride," according to the magazine. "And the innovative partition between the cab and the bed can be folded to extend the cargo area into the back of the cab. That allows the truck to carry longer cargo. A three-piece bed cover provides a weather-tight and lockable cargo area. CR recommends getting the optional backup camera to reduce the truck’s large blind zone."

Top Picks are the best all-around vehicles in their categories and must meet CR's road test, reliability and safety requirements.

The Avalanche and Chevy Silverado 1500 half-ton have traded places with each other as CR's Top Pick since 2008, when the Silverado 1500 displaced the Toyota Tundra. The Avalanche was honored in 2009 and the 2010 Silverado was selected last year.

The Avalanche was one of two domestic vehicles (Ford's Mustang is the other) chosen in the 10 categories that make up CR's Top Picks.

[Source: Consumer Reports]


Good job Chevrolet (General Motors)!


Good job Ford!

I put this truck in the same category as a honda ridgeline and subaru baja, poser trucks.

If the bed and the cab are combined into one structure it is not a pickup.

I'm not a GM guy, but the Silverado or Serria would have been a much better choice.


An Avalanche might not fit the definition of a true pickup but at least hat has some real utility and towing abilities. Way more potential than, either of the trucks you mention, a Tacoma Double Cab or Frontier crew cab with short beds.

Here I am...A Ford loving-Chrysler product owning person defending a General Motors product. I might need to see a shrink?

I have a friend who had one.
He liked it.
He was the only guy I know of that actually used the midgate.
He just traded it of on a Tundra. He said he liked the Tundra better than any of the new Chevies.

I heard GM was going to discontinue the Avalanche.
Is that true?

I just noticed the truck in the picture is the same color as the Ranger Wildtrak.
Nice color.
Does anyone know the official name of the Avalanche or Ranger colors?

They said the honda ridgline was truck of the year also these are not trucks they are sport utilities with small beds, they should have basic truck standards to go by not soccor mom and dad going to walmart or starbucks needs. How a TRUCK handles with FULL bed while towing is more important to real truck owners.


I really like the Avalanche. It's like having two trucks in one. A crew-cab/5ft bed family truck and a regular cab/8ft bed work truck. It's a nice compromise to buying a ridiculously long crew-cab/8ft bed truck (or even crew-cab/6-ft bed truck) if you don't need to tow a fifth wheel. I see a lot of them around here because it's about as long a truck as people want to own in a suburban area, but it can still be used to pick-up longer items (like plywood, sheetrock, couches, ect) when the need arises.

I wish they would bring back the 3/4 ton version though. The greater payload and towing would be nice to have (as would the 8-lug wheels and rear leaf springs). It would also be nice to have a different engine option than the 5.3L. Personally I would like to have that 4.5L diesel GM designed, then shelved.

As an Avalanche owner, I love my truck. Dodge now has bed pockets, which the Avalanche has had since day one. The only bad thing about the Ava is the narrow bed. Another nice thing would be to have plugs for those pockets, so Ice wouldn't drain as fast.

The 'poser truck' crowd are deluding themselves.

My Avalanche runs a V8, 32 inch tire, 4-low with an auto-locking rear differential and can tow a 25 foot boat on a tandem trailer. You'd have to be dumb or desperate to regularly haul more than what an Avalanche is rated for with a 1/2 ton anyways, despite the tow-rating numbers wars.

There is almost no bulk material you'd need to haul in the bed that would reach the volume limits of the bed before payload capacity, and for non-bulk material you can open the bed up to 8 feet, and haul a full 4x8 sheet.

For those of us who work in an urban environment and need a crew cab and occasionally an 8 foot bed, its perfect, because it also has a tighter turning radius. Locking side boxes for tools, a better ride as well, bed locks up with the panels in place.

There are a variety of advantages that help sell the Avalanche to people besides 'image' buyers, but those are advantages that have little use to most truck buyers outside of cities.

I've always felt that the Avalanche was the vehicle of choice for those who couldn't decide between a truck and a full size SUV and had no use for either.

A friend of mine had one of these. The midgate can be removed so you can carry cargo that extends to the back of the front seats. He was carrying a load of 2x4's from Home Depot (like in the pic below.) On the way home, a vehicle pulled out in front of him and he had to slam on his brakes. The 2x4's went flying into the dash. The nav and stereo were smashed and he was not a happy camper. I will never own a truck without a separate bed.

Its not even a pickup, its a suburban with an open trunk.

Reinforces that CR should be looking at toasters and microwaves

It certainly looks better than the current Silverados!

It said it must meet CR's reliability and safety requirements,am I wrong on this but didn't they have recalls on these a month or two ago for rear axle problems?

How is that safe,and or reliable?
Just sayin!

@Brandon, it's not the trucks fault your friend didn't secure his load.

I too wish they would bring back the 3/4ton model.

It is the truck's fault if you load it like the pic the cargo area goes extends right up against the front seats. Trucks need a separate bed.

I've also heard this happen with Ridgelines.

It NEVER fails, anytime a GM product is brought up, the anti GM crowd comes out and they say negative things about the vehicle. To anyone who critisizes the Avalanche probably haven't driven one. The Avlanche is built on the Suburban Chassis and has the exact wheel base, 130 inches. The Avlanche is also the best riding truck on the road today because of the Coil over Shock suspension like the half ton Suburban and Tahoe have.

The Avalanche is only 221.3 inches in length and has a 5.3 inch bed with the midgate up and 98.2 inches with the midgate down. It is possible to put a 4' by 8' sheet of plywood in the Avalanche with the tailgate closed and protect your cargo from the elements.

The Avlanche is a versital vehicle and it can carry up to 6 passengers "bench seat" or carry up to 8' of cargo with the midgate down. This is a great vehicle and the only reason you don't see a ton of them on the road is the cost. Avlanche is priced starting at $38,000 for the LS two wheel drive up to $56,000 dollars for a 4wdr LTZ model.

The Avlanche is bar none the most comfortable truck to ride and drive today. This is a great truck! Great job GM!

What truck do you own?

The Ram is the best riding truck on the market Bob, not the Avalanche.

Maybe the Avalanche could claim that when it was first introduced, but it certainly can not now.


If you go back to the first post, you will see where I congratulated the Avalanche.

If you jump to the fourth post, you will find me defending the Avalanche. I am not even a big fan of General Motors. Ford and Chrysler is my preference.

Do not be upset for people bashing the Avalanche like you have done many times regarding the F-Series and Ram trucks. It is immature isn't it?

No the Ram isn't better riding than a Avalanche. You see what I mean, some ignorant person who never drove a Avalanche makes a stupid statement about the Avalanche and has never driven one.

The Avalanche will turn better and ride better because it is a heavier vehicle than the ram who copied GM and is also using coil over shock suspension. Side storage on the ram is nice but also copied from the Avalanche who had this since 2002.

Yes, the Avalanche is still the best riding truck on the road today and that includes the Dodge ram. No Midgate on the ram though so you can't put a 4' by 8' sheet of plywood in the back of the ram with the tailgate closed and keep it dry.

Nice try,but NO CIGAR Spray.

I haven't bashed Ford or Dodge "buy american" and if bashing you mean where I said the duramax beat the powerstroke in the pulloff, that's not bashing, that is factual.

If you like ford or Dodge, than more power to ya, buy the brand you want. I just can't stand the constant gm bashing by many members on this site.

"The Avalanche was one of two domestic vehicles"


It is NOT a domestic truck!

It is an IMPORTED truck!

From CR website:

"Honda, Subaru, and Toyota are the top three automakers for the third year in a row. Most of their vehicles do well in our tests and are relatively trouble-free."

So Toyota owns 2 of the top 3 spots, no suprise there!

GM is still far behind...

I always hated the look of the Avalanche. Personally I'd never buy one. Although I`d consider a GMC pickup truck anytime. Hate the Chevy grills. Also I`d rather have a real bed over a midgate. And yes the Avalanche is a truck , I just don`t consider it a pickup and I wish the magazines would not put it in the same category as pickups.

I believe GM markets it as an SUV.
I like the looks of the Avalanche much better than the Silverado.
I like hearing from the guys who ACTUALLY own a product on a thread.
I can read press releases all on my own.
I carried some big loads of lumber when I owned a Van.
It is hard to secure a load to keep it from sliding foreward unless you have a bulkhead of some kind.

Guys do get a false sense of security with cargo in a pickup bed.
I've seen many guys with unsecured cargo. It takes off like a rocket in hard braking or a crash.
I've seen cargo that was right up against the front of the p/u box crush right through and crumple the back of the cab.
We forget that we are driving a tin can on wheels. They crumple very easily.

@Buy American or say Bye to America,

"Good job Chevrolet (General Motors)!"

You mean the FAILED company that needed a bailout...

By the way the Avalanche is NOT a U.S. made product. It is made in Mexico and they do not fly our flag!

The Tacoma/Tundra are U.S. assembled Japanese products...they do not fly our flag either!

They should discontinue this truck because after all it don't see as much sales as the Silverwierdoes.

Hey Bob, these are facts.

Kill this turd!

CR should go back to recommending TV, Radios, irons. I never buys this crap.


ahahaha you must not like the F-series then, they are made in mexico as well...

Avalance deserves all the credit it gets, you wont a find an suv/truck that has a smoother ride....

they are versitle, powerful, have plenty of room and like I said have one damn smooth ride...

what else more do you need?

Lou, If you dis this truck you obviously have not drove or seen one. This is how it works. If you have things long enough like 2x4's they have a huge work bed and can go right into the cab if you need the extra space. Work hard and play hard is my motto.

Chevy Avalanche Midgate Transformation

"Chevy Avalanche was Motor Trend's 2002 SUV"

Oh wow, I'm so scared.

@Bobby or Bob or which ever imaginary friend you are.
I did not "dis" the truck.
I said I knew just one guy that actually used the midgate.
He traded it off on a Tundra.
I also said I like the looks of the Avalanche.
It is much better looking than a Silverado.
Have you driven one?
Have you driven a 2011 DMax?
Have you driven any truck made in the 21 century?
I doubt it.
You guys need to can the BS or this thread will get closed.
Is that what you want?

@Buy American or say Bye to America,

"The Tacoma/Tundra are U.S. assembled Japanese products...they do not fly our flag either!"

The Tacoma (Access cab model I have) and the Tundra are Made in U.S.A., not Mexico!

And California and Texas belong to the U.S., not Japan!

So when you visit Texas to see Tacoma's being built, that is Japan? Learn geography...

@ oxi - maybe Toyota assembly plants are classified as Japanese embassies and therefore on Japanese soil? LOL.

@Buy American
where are your clothes made? it's getting heard to find some that are made on this side of the Ocean isn't it??
I also get where your coming from but the world is no longer the same. You buy almost anything nowadays and it has something in it made from somewhere else. so buckle up ,because your in for a rough ride in the future.
Just food for though Buy American. I'm in no way trying to put you down. I prefer to buy something made in Canada or the U.S. but it's getting harder and harder to do so.

@Buy American or say Bye to America,

And if you want to argue the silly comment of where the profits go while you are not a shareholder thus have NO business to talk about it:

"The runner-up on the list of our most significant international creditors goes to Japan, which accounts for over a fifth of our foreign debt holdings with $883.6 billion in U.S. treasury securities."

That's right, Japan owns $883.6 billion of our debt. Thus they fund our budget deficits so we can have a federal government in operation.

The world has indeed changed since the 80's, so much that I value final assembly of the vehicle and my Tacoma's, the last 2 I had and currently own were made in the U.S.

Japan owns $883.6 billion of our debt.

Makes arguing about buying from an "American" company pointless.

The money you borrow to buy that Detroit truck probably came from China, Japan, or the Arabs.

Strange world.
That is why the whole buy domestic thing is logically a tough concept to swallow:
Borrowed Japanese money to buy a Government owned truck bailed out with borrowed Japanese money.
Profits go to share holders... $ 883.6 billion US treasuries
Who that make the Japanese primary shareholders in the USA and GMC ???




My Levi's (American company) that used to be made in San Francisco, CA, U.S.A. were made in Mexico (North America).

My New Balance (American company) shoes were manufactured in the U.S.A. with domestic and imported materials.

I ALWAYS only buy products from American companies. I always look at the country of manufacture and if it says; Made in, China, Taiwan, or any other Asian market, I put it back and keep looking.

If you try, and make an actual effort, it is not all that hard to avoid buying products from overseas.


What you are suggesting is that Americans should not make an effort to help out the American economy, by buying American made goods from American companies, and just keep throwing our money directly to Asia? Is that a fair statement?

Regardless of how much of our debt is carried by Asia it is America's responsibility to not continue our debt. America will just fall deeper in debt, at the mercy of Asia and whoever, and our economy will never recover. I for one ALWAYS put the American economy first when I make any purchase. I vote, for the country that I live in and care about, with my money each time I make a purchase!

I was looking at Consumer Reports Top 10 picks.
Very bleek standings for the "Domestics".
Ford Mustang and Chev Avalanche are the only two domestics.
The Mustang is the only one of the two made in the USA.
Go figure!!!

The Top Picks for 2011 are:

Budget Car – Honda Fit

Small Car – Hyundai Elantra

Family Sedan – Nissan Altima

Small SUV – Toyota RAV4

Green Car – Toyota Prius

Family SUV – Kia Sorento

Sporty Car – Ford Mustang

Family Hauler – Toyota Sienna

Sports Sedan – Infiniti G37

Pickup Truck – Chevrolet Avalanche

The avalanche has a pickup bed, therefore it is a pickup truck. It can haul and tow plenty and is quite rugged. Mine has 221,000 miles on it and I regularly pull a Kubota tractor. I've only replaced the water pump and charcoal canister and It still drives like the way I bought it in 2001. Mine was assembled in Mexico which I don't like, but it is still an excellent pickup.

Hey Big-Rig,

Mexico is a nation which lies on the southern tip of what is considered the North American subcontinent.

Sometimes, in European textbooks, it is depicted as being part of Central America but it is not the case.

So don't you worry about your GM Truck.

We didn't cross the borders, the borders crossed us.

@Buy American or say Bye to America!

My point is you buy an Avalanche, majority of the money goes to Mexico while a Tacoma as an example goes to Texas!

I choose to support Texas over Mexico!

there are still more jobs per car in the US by GM than by Toyota or any other foreign car maker. Even though it is assembled in Mexico (With American made parts) far more money stays in the US when you buy a GM truck than when you buy a foreign car. Though they are built here, most of the money made by Toyotas goes back to Japan, just as the majority of money Mercedes makes off of their US made cars goes back to Germany and their corporate operation.

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