Ford Offers $500 Cash Back on F-150 XLT with EcoBoost


Ford's all-new 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 comes with $500 cash back for 2011 F-150 XLT pickup trucks, according to Ford.

The gasoline direct-injection twin-turbo EcoBoost six-cylinder is Ford's premium engine for the F-150. It's rated at 365-horsepower (at 5,000 rpm) and 420 pounds-feet of torque (at 2,500 rpm) and can tow up to 11,300 pounds when properly equipped.

The F-150 XLT model is Ford's middle-of-the-road light-duty pickup. It has the highest sales volume among the F-150's 11 distinct models.

Relative to the new 3.7-liter V-6 entry-level engine and new 5.0-liter V-8, EcoBoost carries a $1,750 premium over the 3.7 and $750 premium over the 5.0. With the discount on XLT models, that gap shrinks to $1,250 over the 3.7 and just $250 over the 5.0.

The large-displacement 411-hp, 6.2-liter V-8 costs $2,995 more than the 3.7, even though it's rated to tow up to 11,300 pounds like the EcoBoost six.

The $500 bonus cash for 2011 Ford F-150 XLT pickups with EcoBoost is good through the end of March. Check with your local Ford dealer for details.

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$500 ... Wow how nice of Ford .... we have one EcoBoost F150 in stock and it has a sticker of $51,840

What a smoking deal! Only $250.00 more than the base V8. This (EcoBoost F-150) ought to put a lot of the V8 competition trucks to shame. America needs European style (extra wide) license someone can have "CANTTOUCHTHIS" for their personalized plate.

I'm surprised. I thought buying interest would be huge from the beginning. Bummer.


I think that the interest IS there. Ford is just trying to increase the momentum. Kind of like phenomena of compound interest? This will put more F-150s with the EcoBoost on the road. More visibility (advertising) on the road. More owners bragging to more people about their trucks. A win-win situation for Ford...and the lucky ones that will be fortunate enough to own one.

Oh great! I have to see more of these around.

I may not be a marketing genius but if Ford was trying to make a case for this new V6 to be better then conventional V8s, wouldn't it make more sense to be running a promotion where you'd get X amount cash back trading in any v8 powered truck for an ecoboost'ed one.

What's a 1 to 1.5% cash back supposed to mean? that the ecoboost option was overpriced to begin with?

$500 off a $50 000 truck! Wow, nice effort.

OK, which one of you morons would pay $50K for a XLT?

Let's try using our brains! Only on XLT's!

Not a Lariat, not a FX4, not a Platinum!

Think McFly, Think!

There have been several people reporting that at least in some areas, not all current incentives apply to EcoBoost (and Raptor). Some would be willing to pay an extra $750, but if you missed out on $3500 in incentives that becomes a $4250 difference. This makes the difference between the EB and the 5.0 larger and this $500 may be an attempt to narrow that gap. Now, I don't actually know if this is the incentive case (you need to talk to your dealer), but that is what I have been reading.

Nice, I guess they are targeting Ram's current offer of the free Hemi upgrade. I'll still wait until I can justify buying a new truck. I wish that was now.

If this is in addition to the other incentives, great. Makes the ecoboost a $250 option on an XLT. If it's a replacement for the other factory rebates, then it still puts the ecoboost as a $3750 option over the 5.0L in an XLT.

@mike - can you get an official word from ford on this? Thx

I went to a lot and priced an Ecoboost the other day.
Dump a 10K rebate on it and I may consider it, but not very seriously.

Is this the only rebate or is this additional?

@Dave: It's an additional rebate. Others still apply.

So when Ford says this....

"$500 Customer Cash (PGM #11366) + $1,000 Promotional Bonus Cash (PGM #11866) + $1,000 XLT Bonus Cash (PGM #11868) + $1,000 Ford Credit Bonus Cash (PGM #11862) + $1,000 Trade-In Assistance Bonus Cash (PGM #32352). Trade-In Assistance Bonus Cash available to customers that currently own or lease a 1995 or newer car, truck or SUV who trade in or have a lease expiring by May 31, 2011. Ford Credit Bonus Cash requires Ford Credit financing; not all buyers will qualify. Not available on EcoBoost and Raptor. Residency restrictions apply. For all offers, take new retail delivery from dealer stock by 2/28/2011. See dealer for qualifications and complete details. "

Does "Not available on EcoBoost and Raptor" mean all of the incentives are not available for EcoBoost or just Ford Credit Bonus Cash ($1000)?

@Dave: That's why I wrote at the end of the post to check with a Ford dealer for details.

@Mike Levine
I've checked with the local ford dealers, and they're actually confused too. Can you ask ford for an official clarification? Thx.

$500 rebate is great becuse it in addtion to other rebates so on most models you only pay $250 For ECOBOOST

I would love a long box regular cab 4x4, ecoboast. work horse,

Maybe truck buyers are finding out the 5.0 is a great engine (much better than initially expected) and is cutting into EB sales.

Love to have one of those, seriously. However a local Toyota dealer is selling 2011 Tundras for about $6500 off MSRP. I did the math and a similarly equipped F150 EB/5.0 is about $4K more at this point, as per the sticker. Dealers in Pa. won't even discount the 5.0's for the most part.

Simple math makes the F150 non-grata for me.

Drove a new 5.0 in CO. Springs today ...what a nice, powerful and strong running truck..and the EB is supposed to be stronger than that..could'nt drive one because they have sold them as fast as they come in..more on order though..the only drawback to the EB that I can see is that it can only be purchased with the standard fuel tank and not the 36 gal. one, even pulling up the window stickers on all the ones in Denver and CO. Springs on order are all listed as standard tank....And as has been stated already u dont have to pay 50,000 for an XLT just a fully loaded 4x4 Lariat, KR or Platinum..

If you are serious about buying, all you have to do is use x-plan and all of the rebates. There is your $6500. off. No negotiating required. It's as simple as that.

There is also another $750 coupon if you request a brochure from Ford, $1000 off if you attend an auto show, and $500 off if you did a EB test drive.


Ummmm what is a X-plan?

X-plan is a way to buy a Ford vehicle for around $100-$200 over invoice. Plus you get all of the rebates. More about it here:

There are many buyers posting on the ford forums about their discounts. They are receiving the same discounts on EB as the other engines. Over $4,000. This $500 is in addition to that. I heard they just started assembly of the EB trucks in the KCAP yesterday, but have been building them for weeks at DAP. There are a ton of them that have been building up on their storage lots and are now getting into the full swing of shipping. Dealers are now packing their lots. March is "Truck Month", and this promotion goes through the end of March. They are gearing up for a huge sales month.

This truck got too big. Too boxy. Too slab-sided. Too heavy and fat.

@Lou -
This truck got too expensive. In my day we didn't need cash back rebates. We bought trucks for around $7995.

Who in there right mind would pay $50,000 for ANY 1/2 ton truck???
For $45,000 you can get a 1 yr old 3/4 ton turbo diesel 4x4 LOADED with probably less than 20,000 miles.

@ bob
yea back in '93 and i am sure your are still making $10 an hour

@ Bob - I agree that new trucks are expensive, even plain ones, but you have to take it in context of wages and the cost of everything else around you.
My wages are double what they were when I bought my first full size truck in 1990. The price of a new truck is roughly double as well. It all ballances out unless one is unfortunate enough to have their wages stalled at 1990's levels.
If one compares the listed MSRP of an EB truck and compares it to the MSRP of a competitor's sililarly equiped truck the price is farely close. Discounts (factory or dealer) and one's ability to wheel and deal will play a huge role in the price you pay.

@ Mike Levine
- would Ford be willing to cough up sales figures broken down by engine configuration?

I still want to see a full road test of a F150 eco boost.

@joeintexas: We're working on it as fast as we can.

@lou:We'll certainly ask in a few months, after Ford gets all the engines out the door.

@ Mike - thanks.

Ford has gotten high all around. We just priced a new 3/4 ton LT 4x4 crew cab duramax, $45,401 minus a $1000 loyalty incentive. That's a whole helluva lot more truck than an Eco-Boost. Our Ford rep barely got under $50K on an XLT F-250 Powerstroke crew. Both had towing packages, 5th wheel provisions, skid plates, etc, pretty apples to apples. Chevy HD is the best value going. Anyway, whoopee about the $500 savings on Eco-Boost. Reminds me of an Obama stimulus deal, and will probably be just as effective... Pennies on a dollar...


I just tried pricing a chevy 3/4, LT, Diesel, Crew, Short Bed, and I added the HD trailering equipment and the interior plus package so i can get a tailgate that actually locks. MSRP of $50.4K!!! and you got yours for $45/$44K??? How did you pull that off? incentives include 2K off msrp in upstate NY and that's it.

and yes, $500 isn't really a ton of money. But it really almost negates the cost of stepping into the ecoboost AKA stepping into 420 lb-ft at 2500 rpm. not too bad as far as i'm concerned...

2011 Silverado 2500HD Crew Cab Standard Box 4-Wheel Drive LT Diesel, Allison. Dest $995
# Total MSRP:
# $48,450


2011 Ford F-250 XLT Crew Cab, 4x4, 6-3/4' Box, 6.7L Power Stroke HD 4V HPCR Diesel V8, TorqShift 6-Speed Auto, O/D w/Tow/Haul Mode
* BASE MSRPS1 $46,740
Destination Charges $975
Total MSRP: $ 47,715

2011 Ford F-150 XLT SuperCrew, 6 1/2' Box, 3.5L V6 EcoBoostâ„¢ Engine, Electronic 6-Speed Automatic Transmission with Tow/Haul Mode, 4x4, 3.55 Limited Slip Axle Ratio
* BASE MSRPS1 $37,245
Destination Charges $975
$ 38,595

The EB F-150 with tow package and 4x4 will be $10,000.00 less than the Silvy HD. EB will get better mpg and won't have a harsher ride of the HD. Not everyone wants a Heavy Duty. That has been beaten to death.

@ Zach J
MSRP was precisely 51,070. Chevy has $2500 rebate plus another $1000 loyalty cash. The balance was their offer. This offer really isn't ALL that great, really it's only about $3000 under MSRP not including rebates and loyalty money. I think he could do better, but who knows how much mark-up is really in these things. FYI, my ford guy actually won in terms of % off MSRP this time, but had much more ground to cover to get down to chevy HD pricing. Think the Chevy guy probably was aware of that and knew he wouldn't have to be so competitive this time around. Were it not for reading about the value and quality of the new GM HD's here on, I may have gone with the Ford anyway as super duty has been better mostly in the past. But as Mike Levine said after Rumble in the Rockies, "one clear winner." Sorry for the long answer.

UncleBud, in fairness you are comparing in the GM case: rebates + dealer discounts, whereas for this F-150 you are only talking about factory rebates. So if it is impossible to get any dealer discounts on the Ford, then yes, you got the better deal with your Duramax.

Alan, regarding the first post, you are not apples to apples by simply putting XLT and LT base models up there. I should have been more specific on specs.

2nd point, agree.

Also, EB doesn't get better mileage, but of course diesel is higher.

@ Martok. LMFAO. Love the comment. Keep it up.

If you directly compare MSRP only - all of the trucks are close in price. To be fare to any brand - one needs to account for factory discounts, regional discounts,and dealer discounts.
There are good deals to be had.

I was watching a special on T.V. last summer, they said Ford can make 25K profit on a fully loaded F-150. so it only costs Ford 25K to make a 50K truck

@ John - that isn't really new news.
Several years ago when big SUV sales tanked I had heard similar numbers for full sized high end p/u and SUV's.

Is that $25k in what Ford pays for parts, or does it include overhead?

@Lou & Alex,
I was watching a show on GM and it costs GM $60k to build a truck that they sell for $50k.

That 25K margin is gonna get split a LOT at the dealer level I'm guessing. Factory/dealer and Dealer/end buyer are 2 totally independent transactions unless there's some kind of best effort agreement. So saying a $50K truck could have cost 25K to build may not be inaccurate at all. The 50K to the end buyer is a function of dealer cost of distribution.

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