Ford Ranger Wildtrak Debuts at 2011 Geneva Motor Show

Ford Ranger Wildtrak Debuts at 2011 Geneva Motor Show

We're not at the 2011 Geneva International Motor Show, but our friends from Jalopnik are, and they just sent us photos of the new 2011 Ford Ranger Wildtrak double cab making its debut there.

The Ranger Wildtrak is Ford's top-of-the-line midsize truck for markets outside North America. It's a stylish version of all-new Ranger "T6" that goes on sale later this year.

There's no official word yet on the Ranger Wildtrak's powertrain, though we expect there's a five-cylinder 3.2-liter diesel with a robust 197 horsepower and 346 pounds-feet of torque under its hood. It's rated to tow up to 7,385 pounds (3,350 kilograms).


The Wildtrak rides on unique 18-inch alloy wheels and also receives a roof rack and "sports hoop which enhances its profile," according to a Ford press release.

Inside, the Wildtrak features a special "hydrographic finish" on the centre console surrounding the audio controls that looks similar to carbon fiber. The seats are trimmed with a combination of leather and woven cloth inspired by athletic clothing with ventilated sections. Contrast stitching and a discreet strip on the seat upper and bolster, in distinctive Wildtrak Orange, accentuate the premium feel of the interior.


The Ford Ranger Wildtrak also comes with Bluetooth audio streaming, USB and iPod connectivity and an optional rearview camera (similar to the Ford F-150's) to help with visibility when hitching a trailer.



Put a real bed and no quad cab on that sucker, Ford, with the diesel and ship it to the US tomorrow. Perfect truck for actually doing work. Maybe high gas prices will convince you?

Ask Jalopnik to get a pic with a 6' man next to it on that turn table to see the scale of the thing. And I think the front end is basically the next gen F-150. I also like those tail lights more than the current F-150.

I want one just like that in a light brown but with a eco-4 gas engine as diesel is so much more expensive here.

Ford had better get used to Toyota , GM and Nissan stealing sales because if Ford thinks people are going to buy an F150 or a Focus to replace the Ranger then there heads are so far up there posteriors there is no hope for them .

From the standpoint of the last pic, it looks similar in design to the current Toyota Tundra.

Put a regular cab on that truck and make it a work truck instead of a show truck and it will sell like hotcakes with that diesel here in the U.S providing the fuel mileage is half way decent on it.

Remind me again WHY we are NOT getting this truck here in North America??

It's posts like this that piss me off cause it is very plain to see that Ford, Chevy and Dodge don't give a flying damn what customers want or need.

Hope they all go under. I'll buy a foriegn truck.

@ Greg B - We're aren't getting one here because that truck is close to the size of an F150. Put a longer box on it like the Tacoma and you're right in full size territory. Too bad though, would be a nice truck/power train to have here.

Way to go Ford!!! Keep them pesky rangers out of the USA.

Ford knows if it sells the ranger in the US, it will steal F150 sales and they don't want that.

Ford is always coming up with great ideas. Not a bad looking truck if I do say so myself.

On another note, Ford finished second to Chevy at Pheonix yesterday.

I just spent $83.00 for 23 gal of diesel and that will last me 2 weeks if I drive like grandma, and that was only a half a tank. I own 7 Fords and 5 of them are big blocks, 2 7.3L diesels, 2 FE 390's and 1 FE 360. The other 2 are cars for my wife and son. If Ford would bring this to the US with a small I4 ECO Boost this would sell like hooks in vegas. Come on Ford listen to what the people want. Build it and they will come. Gas is going up again because of Libya and we have no choice but to buy it. Up 25 cents in one day. This is garbage if we cant buy it here.


It's a 3-way tie for manufacturer's right now in nascar, Toyota, government and Ford at 12 points with Toyota being the most consistant so far.

It is also a tie in the nationwide with Toyota and the government.

And in trucks Toyota has not lost a race so far this year!

Why does the Tacoma sell well?
It is big.
Why does the Ranger (old one) sell well?
It is dirt cheep.
This truck will not be dirt cheep.
Even a bare bones reg cab will be more pricy than the old Ranger.
This truck reminds me of the Sport Trac - a hug seller for Ford.
So tell me again why guys will be lining up to buy this????

The "unique 18 inch wheels" comment is funny as those wheels look just like the ones on my F150. Must be unique in global markets.

Guys - thanks for the NASCAR update - but this is a pickup truck site!
Maybe I should post the standings for Supercross while we are at it?

I'm with Dave- stick a 4cyl EB in there and go. Diesel just costs too much in the US, between fuel and emissions systems. The new GMI700 will almost certainly come with the turbo 4/6speed auto. That may just beat out the Tacoma for my next truck.

BRING IT to the USA, as is. Diesel and turbo-4 powertrains to differentiate it from the bigger F-150.

I think "Stealing sales from the F150" is the biggest reason the Global Ranger will stay where it is. Will be interesting to see what Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi come up with to compete with this. Toyota by far is the global market leader in pickups, with Nissan being No.2. Ford unlike where it is NA has been roughly No.4 Globally with its Ranger.


It does have some nice features looks too foreign. It looks like something you would find in Africa or Turkey?

Make it look more like an American truck, and downsize it a bit, then bring it (manufacture it also) here to the U.S.

Ford could sell this truck in the US, regardless of engine, and name it the F-100. Doing so would also put the truck under the F-Series umbrella, continuing to be #1 in sales. It's a no-brainer.

This new Ranger is nowhere near the size of an F150. According to Ford's UK site it is around 9 inches narrower and at least a foot and a half less wheelbase. Between wheelhouses it's 7 inches less.

That's bigger than a current Ranger, but smaller than a Tacoma and way smaller than an F150.

Many more details of the Global Rangers capabilities here(much more than the Jalopnik site).

@Toyboxrv- the UK site still shows info for the "current" global Ranger- one we also never got in the US. I'd bet my lunch money hat the T6 measures out very closely to the HiLux- the benchmark for all that is pick-up truck outside of the US of A.

@Mrknowitall you are right. The new Global Ranger, will be Hilux/Tacoma sized and that is the benchmark for these vehicles. The Global Ranger as yet is not on sale in Europe.

Bad business decision Ford for not selling this in the U.S. I would much rather have this sitting in my driveway, but I guess I will have to settle for the Nissan Frontier that I plan on buying now.

@Russell, one reason the current Ford Ranger does not sell as well as its contemporaries, is its limited Off Road abilities. Hopefull Ford Australia has addressed that in its design of the new Global Ranger.

Maybe all of you who lust after these trucks should have kept buying them? There is a reason Ford is leaving the market here.

It would be better for Ford to lose F-150 sales to this truck than to Tacoma.

You are assuming all Ranger customers are going to buy Tacomas. That isn't going to happen.

What a bunch of whiny Ford fans. Right now they don't plan on bringing the Ranger to US shores. That may change, but in the mean time if you want a Ford Ranger, you have to buy the current version or buy a pre-owned ranger.

To the guy that said he is going to buy a foreign truck because of Ford not offering the vehicle here in the US, that is your God give right to buy anything you want. Its called the free market system. The only thing Ford fans can do is write Ford motor company to change their mind. If they don't change their mind, than buy something else. it's really that simple.

Unfortunately, we consumers don't always get what we want the manufactures to offer.

What is that thing sticking up from the floor between the seats? Wait could it be a Manual Transmission?

It will be interesting to see if Tacoma or Frontier have a spike in sales once the Ranger dies.
I think Ranger clients will be absorbed by F150, Transit Connect, and Ford small SUV's. The remainder will go to the competition.
I can't see the competition getting more than 5,000 new clients from the Ranger demise.

Wow... Bob actually wrote something I can finally agree with.

If we can not get this truck for the U.S. market, maybe Mattel will give us this truck as a Hot Wheels! It will look good in my collection, along with the F-150 Raptors I have.

Sorry to rain on your parade Alex, but I'd rather push a Chevy than drive a Ford! Ford is in panic mode right now because their new Fiestiva isn't selling very well. The Chevrolet Sonic which will be built here in the United States, the fiestiva isn't, will beat the fiestiva and every other car in it's class.

The car you should check out Alex is Chevy's Cruze. This car will make the focus green with envy. Chevy just has Ford beat, but then again, ford is used to following Chevy.

Chevy, the car more champions trust!

I like Rangers. I got one for my son.
When I got myself a new truck, I got a Tacoma.

I think we (in the US market) will skip right over the small diesel bridge and go right to whatever hybrid/electric/propane/natural frack'd gas/solar/magic dust that powers routine transportation in the future.

Sadly if the N.American market had embraced diesels in the last fuel crisis, we'd have some nice HiLuxes and EuroDiesel trucks to tool around in now. But that's a pipe dream.

Boo hoo, Ford fans.

Here are just the facts.

Chevy has more standard hp than Ford Ranger. More power to make your heart beat.

Chevrolet Colorado offers the best standard fuel economy of any midsize crew cab pickup.

It has Onstar.

Onstar is not available in Ranger, Dakota or Toyota.

The Crew Cab offers more front and rear-seat legroom than Toyota Tacoma Double Cab.

"The Colorado has always been a favorite among cross-shoping consumers because of its extensive lineup and numerous options." -

@Tommy, you can bet the farm that ALL the Ranger drivers won't be stepping up to an F-150 either. In fact, most Ranger/Canyon/Colorado drivers have gone to the Tacoma! That's because the Japanese are the only ones listening to this segment's buyer.

That thing looks as big as an F-150.

Sales prove that the Power Stroke is the: bestest most root tootin truck out there!

"In fact, most Ranger/Canyon/Colorado drivers have gone to the Tacoma!" - UncleBud


Ranger sales:
1999[24] 348,358
2000 330,125
2001[25] 272,460
2002[26] 226,094
2003 209,117
2004[27] 156,322
2005 120,958
2006[28] 92,420
2007 72,711
2008[29] 65,872
2009[30] 55,600
2010[31] 55,364

Tacoma sales:
2000[12] 147,295
2001 161,983
2002[13] 151,960
2003 154,154
2004[14] 152,933
2005 168,831
2006[15] 178,351
2007 173,238
2008[16] 144,655
2009 111,824
2010 106,198

I don't know where the Ranger buyers went but most surely did not go to the Tacoma. Buyers left the compact/midsize segment altogether because even Tacoma sales went down.

I agree with Lou. Any Ranger sales lost will be a lot more spread out than just simply going to Toyota.

F-150, Transit Connect, E-series vans and the Transit (when it arrives, cheap transportation buyers can go with a Focus or Fiesta. Some will go with other Ford CUV's, SUV's and cars. Some will go with left over new Rangers or buy used.

Some will go with other trucks from Chevy, GM, Ram, and not just Toyota. The old Colorado and new Colorado will also be a choice. The new Dakota is coming, etc.

Some will go with cheap cars from other manufacturers, CUV's or SUV's from other manufacturers, buy used cars or trucks from other manufacturers, .

So there is a lot of choice out there. Saying most will go to Tacoma is short-sighted.

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It looks like an Avalanche with an updated design.

@Mrknowitall the Ranger shown on the UK site is the new global Ranger and the dimensions come from the brochure. If you can show some specs that differ, by all means enlighten us.

The Ranger shown on the UK site is the new OLD Ranger. As far as I know, there are no dimensions for the new new Ranger.

Mike can you get actual dimensions of the new Ranger and the current F150 ? this whole size thing is BS if you ask me and throw in Toyota Tacoma dimensions too .

So Bob...explain to me how you know Ford is in "panic Mode" over the Festiva? I see more of those driving around than the Cruze...and I have seen more Cruze trade-ins than Festivas. And what does the Festiva and Cruze have to do with the Global Ranger? nothin right.

I do not think the Ranger/Colorado/Dakota buyers have left, they are probably like me, holding on to my old truck waiting for one of the Big 3 to upgrade one of these or come out with something new, Ranger has not been updated since 1994, Colorado 2004 and Dakota since 1994, all Dodge has done is change the body style, same engines and transmissions

@Taylor: As soon as they're released, I'll do exactly that. Still waiting for the official numbers.


In 1997 a new Dakota was introduced. It was developed at a cost of $500 million. Same engines as the 1991-1996 models but with a new body-style.

In 1998-2003 a 5.9L Magnum V8 was available, in the R/T.

In 2000 the Quad Cab was introduced and the 4.7L Power Tech V8, with a new multi-speed (4-spd.) automatic transmission, replaced the 5.2L Magnum V8.

In 2003 a 4.7L H.O. Power Tech V8 emerged as did the 5-spd. (multi-speed) automatic transmission.

In 2005 another new Dakota was released.

As you can see the Dakota has changed quite a bit. Dakota was the first mid-size pickup. Dakota was the first mid-size pickup to offer a V8. Dakota was the only pickup to ever offer a convertible (1989-1991).

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