Ford Ranger Wildtrak Debuts at 2011 Geneva Motor Show

Ford Ranger Wildtrak Debuts at 2011 Geneva Motor Show

We're not at the 2011 Geneva International Motor Show, but our friends from Jalopnik are, and they just sent us photos of the new 2011 Ford Ranger Wildtrak double cab making its debut there.

The Ranger Wildtrak is Ford's top-of-the-line midsize truck for markets outside North America. It's a stylish version of all-new Ranger "T6" that goes on sale later this year.

There's no official word yet on the Ranger Wildtrak's powertrain, though we expect there's a five-cylinder 3.2-liter diesel with a robust 197 horsepower and 346 pounds-feet of torque under its hood. It's rated to tow up to 7,385 pounds (3,350 kilograms).


The Wildtrak rides on unique 18-inch alloy wheels and also receives a roof rack and "sports hoop which enhances its profile," according to a Ford press release.

Inside, the Wildtrak features a special "hydrographic finish" on the centre console surrounding the audio controls that looks similar to carbon fiber. The seats are trimmed with a combination of leather and woven cloth inspired by athletic clothing with ventilated sections. Contrast stitching and a discreet strip on the seat upper and bolster, in distinctive Wildtrak Orange, accentuate the premium feel of the interior.


The Ford Ranger Wildtrak also comes with Bluetooth audio streaming, USB and iPod connectivity and an optional rearview camera (similar to the Ford F-150's) to help with visibility when hitching a trailer.



The small pickup truck is a dying breed! Get used to it.

I want a compact truck that I can commute with. It doesn't have to have tons of towing/hauling capability, just something to haul a load of mulch, a dirtbike, and take the trash to the dump on Saturday morning. I don't expect to pull stumps out with it either.
24 city/27 highway MPG would be nice. I keep thinking an Escape-sized Sport-Trac would work.

Tommy what are the numbers in brackets by the years? Also, it would probably be more meaningful to look at these numbers in terms of market share as opposed to straight sales. My point is that the Tacoma surely has been gaining share in this segment, even on a large base. I would also argue that Tacoma hasn't lost sales over the last few years as a direct result of people leaving the segment, but rather because like Ranger, the design is dated, and because people are willing to put quite a few more miles on their vehicles these days before they trade in. I'm not saying that everybody is going to run out and by a Tacoma now, only that it is the best today in the segment because Toyota seems to be the only one that gives a dang about this market. Overall my only point is that Ford should have never let this happen. Just my opinion.

@Toyboxrv- for comparison to what you can see in the link from Chris, check this out for reference-
The global ranger had a significant face lift in 2009, but is still the old truck. I got to play with one in Mexico a few years ago- miles better than our ranger, but same size (rougly).

A few quick calculations to help with the size of this truck.
I did a few small round ups so could be a couple of millimeters off but close enough to give a good idea of what is what.

11 F-150 Scab 6.5 Bed Aussie XL Scab 2011 Ranger Scab

Length 231.8 203.6 203.6
Width 79.2 70.4 69.5
Height 75.2 68.4 66.3
Wheelbase 144.5 117.6 125.7
F.Track 67 56.4 58.5
R Track 67 56.4 57.3

All are from the Aussie Ford site and the U.S. Ford site. So the 90% the size of an F-150 argument seems shall we say misguided! So Ford it looks like a brand new F-100 Ranger is a no brainer, with some promotion and 4+ dollar a gallon gas an eco-boost I-4 and V-6 would be a killer combination. I know a lot would like a diesel but for unfathomable reasons there is a lot of resistance to that idea. I am an unabashed bleed Ford blue type so come on FoMoCo!!!!!

First of all, let me start by saying to those who have expressed the thought that this isn't a "work truck", go to Ford Australia's website. You can configure everything from a 2wd diesel manual 2-door chassis cab up to the Wildtrak, which is the "pimpwagon" version. The Wildtrak isn't a work truck, it's a toy, but most worldwide Rangers are real work trucks. You can have them from the factory with your choice of: no bed, an aluminum flatbed with three folding sides, or the familiar steel tub in single cab, extended cab or crew cab. The same is true of the Hilux.

The "size" reason is BS. It's simply not true. Other commenters above have shown that very effectively.

But that's not the reason we won't get this truck. We won't get this truck in the U.S. because Ford closed the Wisconsin plant where they made Rangers. The T6 Ranger is assembled in Thailand and in Europe, which means it would be subject to the Chicken Tax of 25% imposed on imported light trucks. The Chicken Tax is a throughly irrelevant relic of the Cold-War era, but it's still on the books.

To everyone who said they want a small or mid-sized diesel pickup in the U.S., me too. I think most trucks (basically all trucks actually used for towing or hauling) should be diesel. Very much preferably diesels that don't need DEF. But I guess there are not enough people of that opinion in this country.

I would love it if the Big Three would have a war for customers over diesel pickups ≤4000lb curb weight the way they're currently fighting each other with monster pickups that you can't even max without a CDL, but I'm not holding my breath.

OK, first the current Ranger doesn't sell better for a lot of reasons. (19mpg in a 4x4 truck this small? Really?) The one thing that would boost sales in any vehicle regardless of it's size,age etc. is increased fuel economy. I would bet money I don't have that if Ford would have updated the current Ranger with a EcoBoost that got 26mpg Hwy on a 4x4 it would have doubled it's sales. And that is on a truck that's too small and outdated for most people. I get really confused with the argument that "Ford doesn't sell this new truck because it would take sales from the F-150". OK, but, what happens when Toyota actually gets an updated powertrain that yields mid-size fuel economy out of the Tacoma? Let's say they get it up to 24-25HWY in a 4x4. You gotta remember they are selling a ton of them and the V-6 gets the same milage as v-8 fullsize trucks even tho it weighs substantially less. Does it make sense to lose those F-150 sales to the Tacoma? Not in my mind...........

Ford, let someone else get the first diesel pickup here. Let them take our money. I would hate for the huge transfer of wealth to actually stay here in the US where I live. Lets keep sending our money to manufactures over seas. Why not, we are making the Arabs happy with the massive amounts of oil we buy from them. Lets just stick with the status-quo and be average and let others make the vehicles we really want. Volkswagen will take over the market due to their investment in diesel, not eco-boost technology! DIESEL already.

Knowing some of the higher highers at Dearborn, there is no explanation for why the ranger is done. When you ask an actual product development manager or any kind of manager, they don't have a real reason. They just dont want to put money into it because they say there is no return. How then do they justify the Flex or the Taurus, or all of lincoln for that matter? Do you know how frustrating this is? I am on my second ranger and will need a 3rd one soon. Guess its the new GM or Nissan for me

The moment that hits the showrooms (where ever that might be) it instantly becomes the best looking truck on the road. With those diesel numbers and the usual fuel economy associated with an oil burner I would finally pull the trigger on a truck. I don't need to tow a house (full size) and I'm not buying something smaller that gets esentially the same MPG and costs the same (Taco, Frontier, Dakota, Ridgeline) and of course the current Ranger is a grossly outdated platform.

@ Don - it is a falacy that the USA is dependant on Arab oil.
40% is domestic the remainder are as follows (top 10)
1. Canada
2. Mexico
3. Saudi Arabia
4. Venezuela
5. Nigeria
6. Angola
7. Iraq
8. Algeria
9. United Kingdom
10. Brazil

@lou your point is well accepted, but it doesn't change the fact that we are in a bad position to negotiate our energy supply. As it relates to the trucks available today in the US, it is a shame that our government, in the face of this, makes it so dang difficult for American truck manufacturers to give us a reasonable alternative in the short term. Let's not forget that there is no reason for diesel to be so expensive to begin with.

@ Unclebud - I read somewhere that Exxon makes over 80,000 dollars per minute in profit.
That plays into government decision making.
Governments also make more money from high gas prices.
I don't think they really care about fuel consumption.
They use killling "dirty diesels" as a pacifier, a bone for greens to chew on.

@lou, exactly. Follow the money to find real motive. How much has Al Gore made on this BS? He should have to preach his global warming in his underwear out in this cold ass weather.

@BJ as been said before what is on the Ford Australia site is the current smaller Ranger, not the new Global Ranger, it has not been released yet.
Yes there is a Wildtrak version of te current Ranger, but the new Global Ranger will have considerably more variety.

OOPs! I should have checked closer, Thought you had the new one. Guess I was misled by the guys pulling the locomotive with the updated version. Thought you were already enjoying the new truck down under.

@UncleBud - that is a visual I do not want to think about. LOL

This thing would sell better than hot cakes in the US. Especially with the Diesel. But for some reasons all three automakers and even the japanese brands are afraid to add diesels to the US market in mid-size vehicles. I like the two divits in the steering wheel. Reminds of Fords bar grille which it seems Jeep tried to imitate on there 2011 steering wheel.

For Bobby

Uhh you dumb ass. The Ranger is a copact, the Colorado is a mid-size. Boo Chevy. (sucks ass)


It is not that the manufacturers are afraid to add diesels to the U.S. market. It is more like the U.S. consumers would be afraid to pay the stiff high prices it would cost for a clean diesel option. The small fuel mileage advantage of these new emission choked diesels is not worth it.

@Buy American, exact opposite here. Diesels are being bought in larger and larger numbers here, to the point that some manufacturers have dropped their Petrol(gas ) options. They like the pulling power of the diesels and the extra mileage they provide.

well i can say 1 thing i have owned rangers all my adult life with exception of a few years
i had the old diesels ford needs to listen
give us the new ranger and put a diesel in it test the market for 2 years then decide to ditch ranger at that point
What the Hell u got to lose it will be all tax write offf if it fails
and a few jobs and profit if it takes off
also give real people drive time to test it for you not your engineers we will show where the short comings are

Ford would love to sell this car in the USA....the goverment EPA and DOT wont let them. Talk to your goverment.

It's a good looking truck, but does that thing in the back do anything? I mean I like how it looks, but it would be great if it could be used as headache bar.

Also, will the midgate colapse?
Can the entire rear window slide down?
Locking Storage under the bed?
Robust 190HP? Only if this thing can Avg 25MPG real world avg. I think the sweet spot is 280HP and about 23MPG real world AVG combined. Don't need to tow 8000lbs either, good with 4000lbs.
Bed could be smaller if midgate and back seats turn into bed space.

Are we even getting this in the US? And if we do can we expect to pay the same as full size truck that can do about the same MPGs?

With the small trucks It's all about design and fuel economy, and I think on this one Ford might have missed it the target.

Ford is afraid this will "steal sales from the F-150??" Huh? If they had both vehicles in the lineup, regardless of which I bought I'd still be buying a Ford, no? On the other hand, if Ford has no smaller pickup and I don't want a big-azz F-150, then I will have to look to Nissan, Toyota, and Suzuki. Not having a smaller pickup will cause many folks to turn away from Ford. I know... It's almost time to replace my '03 Sport Trac.

i am driving this vehicle ford and i really do love it because of its fuel consumptions is to gud.

ID love to see this ranger here with a tdi , small diesel great towing and good torq , but in a smaller package then what we have now with a Diesel engine, and at 30+ mpg that's great!, with my regular truck, s10blazer when I tow my boat I loose almost half my mpg , and when I drive my truck it's always got the boat or something behind it , diesel is a no brainer for me . But right now I don't have the choice , I need smaller trucks then what we have now with Diesel engine options, ....

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