Ford to Recall 2005-2006 F-150 Pickup Trucks to Fix Airbag Problem

Ford to Recall 2005-2006 F-150 Pickup Trucks to Fix Airbag Problem

Ford said it will recall about 144,000 F-150 half-ton pickup trucks from the 2005-2006 model years to fix a problem that can cause the driver-side airbag to deploy without warning.

The recall is the result of an investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration last year. According to NHTSA's investigation summary, the inadvertent airbag deployments are most likely caused by a sharp edge on the airbag's horn mounting plate that can chafe an airbag wire leading to an electrical short that may trigger a deployment. More than 1.56 million trucks from 2004-2006 were part of the investigation.

Ford made an interim design change to the horn mounting plate in January 2006 and redesigned it, along with the airbag module and wiring, in June 2006 for model year 2007.

There is "a relatively low risk of inadvertent airbag deployments," Ford safety spokesman Wes Sherwood told the Detroit News. "Ford is committed to safety and will continue to work cooperatively with NHTSA in addressing any further questions."

[Source: The Detroit News]


Wouldn't that be a SURPRISE, driving down the highway listening to some tunes and Ka-Pow, face full of air bag. Probably wonder what in the world you hit while trying to get stopped, when you hit nothing at all.

Whaaaaaat, another Ford recall??? Well I guess air bag deployment is better than your truck burning up with fire.

Yep, quality is job one at ford. Yep, those trucks from ford are the bestest. best this and best that and now they are best at recalls to. Congradulations Ford Motor Company.

@Bob, if there were examples where it actually happened, you would have a point. But you are just trolling as usual.

Oh dear! Another recall, guess what! EVERY manufacturer has them, nobody builds a perfect truck. So don't go slamming Ford over this!

And just to let everyone know I'm a die hard Dodge/Ram guy

Bummer. Simple fix though.

Look at this way.

The 05 F150 has 5 recalls.

The 05 Silverado 1500 has 14 recalls.

I guess 5 is better than 14!

"The recalled vehicles were built at the Norfolk Assembly Plant from November 2004 through June 2005 — one of the plants where the F-150 was assembled at the time."

My truck was built after June so I'm not affected.

how about the fuel injectors that they will only replace as they fail and charge 200 diagnosic just to check. If thats not the kicker they will only cover them a limited time or mileage and they keep burner up my converters but they won't admitt to it. Two already, once at 76,000 miles and they covered under 80,000 the very next year another they would not cover because we are over 100,000.

Hmmm, sudden acceleration issue put to rest by NASA...

I would like to see a NASA inquiry into this recall, anything less proves the Obama administration with UAW campaign money are unfairly targeting non-union company's like Toyota.

This is a serious recall that demands the NHTSA and Ray LaHood to make public comments that Ford F-150's are not safe to drive and should be removed from the roads.

I expect a public inquiry in the halls of Congress and Ford's CEO to testify before Congress.

Anything less than I begin to wonder who's money trail is the NHTSA and the Obama camp is following?

oh everyone jump on the NO BIG DEAL bandwagon.

Toyota has some guy get his mats stuck in his pedal and everyone acts like Toyotas are ALL unsafe and they bash them for an ENTIRE YEAR for it.

Toyota is now "NASA APPROVED!!!!" even NASA who put a rover on MARS couldnt find a thing wrong with them but people called it junk. LOL LOL

BUT NOW..... its no BIG DEAL your airbag goes off for no reason??????????

OR........... How bout 385,000 F series recalled because the DOOR may OPEN when in an accident and THAT is somehow no big deal, IT WAS EVERY SINGLE TRUCK THEY BUILT THAT YEAR!!

NOW, just for kicks ask yourself............. HOW would you react IF this were the Tundra not the F150?

ITS A BIG DEAL! i know you wanna get out of your vehicle after an accident, but shouldnt it be by choice? LOL

IF people not being able to keep there floor mats where they belong is a reason to blast a manufacturer then SURELY 2 HUGE SAFETY problems are a big deal.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Under government pressure, Ford Motor Co. said Wednesday it will recall nearly 150,000 F-150 pickup trucks to fix air bags that could deploy without warning.

The recall covers trucks from the 2005-2006 model years in the United States and Canada for what the auto company calls a "relatively low risk" of the air bag deploying inadvertently.

The recall, however, is much smaller in scope than what the government had requested. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, citing 77 injuries, told the company in a November 2010 memo that the recall should cover 1.3 million F-150 trucks from the 2004-2006 model years.

So how is it the NHTSA urges the company to recall 1.3 million of these pickups and Ford only recalls a drop in the bucket?

So who is paying off who here?

The NHTSA SHOULD recall the 1.3 million period! And open investigations in Congress and NASA!

I do not feel comfortable driving next to these F-150's when the air bag will deploy and the driver loses control. I demand an answer from the NHTSA of why is not Ford complying and no fines levied as a result.

1.3 million or else...

@Hemi LOL, show where the airbag has gone off. I don't mean a prevention recall, I mean actual examples. Toyotas did have unintended acceleration problems, they crashed and killed people! No, all we have here is news of a recall. PREVENTION! Is the key word here. Toyota SHOULD have done some recalls, but didn't want to look bad by recalling the vehicles. This put their drivers at great risk. They risked lives to avoid looking bad! Get the difference? Nobody was hurt here!

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