January 2011 Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales

January 2011 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales in January 2011

Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2010
Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales Last 12 months
1 Ford F-Series +29.6% January 2011 35,806 Fseries
35,806 January 2010 27,630

2 Chevrolet Silverado +23.7% January 2011 28,172 Silverado
28,172 January 2010 22,772

3 Ram Trucks +22% January 2011 12,197 Ram
12,197 January 2010 9,957

4 GMC Sierra +46.2% January 2011 10,627 Sierra
10,627 January 2010 7,271

5 Toyota Tacoma +5.8% January 2011 7,140 Tacoma
7,140 January 2010 6,747

6 Toyota Tundra +55.9% January 2011 6,087 Tundra
6,087 January 2010 3,904

7 Ford Ranger -31.3% January 2011 2,848 Ranger
2,848 January 2010 4,143

8 Nissan Frontier +43% January 2011 2,796 Frontier
2,796 January 2010 1,955

9 Chevrolet Colorado +13.7% January 2011 2,204 Colorado
2,204 January 2010 1,939

10 Nissan Titan -4.1% January 2011 1,431 Titan
1,431 January 2010 1,492

Notable Items:

- Ford Ranger, Nissan Titan and Toyota Tacoma hit 12-month sales lows


GMC Sierrra took a big jump. Is it because you can now get a Denali in a HD?

Tundra took a big jump too. Are people getting over the whole recall mess?

Ford Ranger - to read all of the Ranger worship on this site you'd think they'd be selling a million units a year.
Old platform that doesn't meet anyone's needs well.
Are Ranger guys crossing over to Nissan Frontier? or buying F150 V6 trucks?

Any word on how many of those F-150 sales are the new engines, versus the old 2010 models? Still amazing the old outdated ranger is outselling the Frontier, Colorado and Titan!

Isn't that a 12 month low for Taco too?

The Tundra is up over January from last year. But from December 2010 they are down 40%. 10k sold in December 2010. 6k sold in January 2011.

@ford850: You are correct, sir. Updated!

You're going to be very, very happy.

GM Sierra + Chevy Silverado outsold Ford F-series!

Will it continue? Somehow I don't think so with the new F-150 engines and the EB F-150 hitting lots soon and the Harley Super Duty to arrive later this year.


@Lou & Dave,

Just wait till the Ecoboost and new engines hit the market. We will see a huge difference. Why buy a '11 when the '12 are tons better.

This kind of reflects the Camaro vs Stang sales. Who in their right mind would buy a '10 Stang when the '11 Stang is tons better.

Congrats GM, you outsold FORD for the month Jan '11.

A Ford F-Series Truck is bought every 1 minute.

Ford sells 48 F-Seires Trucks per Hour.

Well, another F-Series truck got sold as I just typed this.

could ram drop to 4 because of the GMC sales 46% ??? to the rams 22% thats more then double growth it would only take a couple of months for gmc to beat ram not just that but chrysler has not turn a profit and heavy discount of all of chrysler's car and truck have been the only thing pushing up sales.

I hope this signals a turn around in the western economies.
Problem is it will also mark a turn around in the bobsie boys BS.
I bet it is Silverado and Sierra HD sales that are taking off not LD truck sales.

Ford has been top selling vehicle for longer than I've been alive. My question is, what was the top selling vehicle before F-Series?

the f-150 ecoboost cost $700 more 16/22MPG
the f-250 diesel cost almost $10,000 16/19MPG
ecoboost turbo life is estimated 200,000 miles
diesel turbo life is estimated to last 150,000 miles i can you this from experience of owning a diesel yes the ecoboost will have to prove that it can last 200,000 but factoring the one thing that kills turbos is heat and the ecoboost has a water cooling system.
factor that 50% of people that buy trucks will never to more then 5,000lbs tailer 75-80% never tow more then 8,000lbs
the ecoboost is more then what most of the people that drive trucks could ever need 11,300lbs towing
thats like 95% of truck buyers

gm need to bring the new gas engine,,y thing this is only coming in 2012,,,wy not a diesel in half ton....

Great job; Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors!

Look a that little, eighteen year old (same truck since 1993), Ranger still holding it's own. Ranger, you will be missed!

2nd month in a row GM trucks have outsold Ford, hopefully this is a trend.


Give it a few months and it will be lost. Hence, ECO-BOOST.

People want the ECO-BOOST & 5.0L

Ford Ranger and Ford F series combined outsold all of the trucks made by GM Corp for 2010 year.
(Canyon, Colorado, Sierra, Silverado, Avalanche, and Cadillac EXT)
Ranger 53,363 + F Series 528, 349 = 581,713

Canyon 7,992 + Colorado 24,642 + Silverado 370,135 + Sierra 370,135 + Avalanche 20,515 + Cadillac EXT 2,082 = 555, 115

Ford sold 26, 596 more trucks than GM Corp. in 2010.

Will GMC turn it around?
I hope so.
They need to pay back the taxpayers of Canada and USA.

Actually, Chrysler is backing away from incentives, and the reason for the increase in sales is actually product improvement. There's no chance a GMC Sierra can outsell a Dodge Ram.
Fun fact: Ram sold more Heavy-Duty pickups than Chevrolet in 2010.
Also, GMC is just a Chevrolet rebrand.

gm sold more hd's in 2010 then ram did

Ram: $5000 Total Incentives. $4250 + $750. pkg discount = $5000. total incentives on 2011 Ram Big Horn and Lone Star Quad Cab.

Sierra: $1495 powertech discount + $1000 bonus cash + $4500 when you finance = $7000. total incentives on 2011 GM Sierra 1500 Ext and Crew Cabs.

F150: $500 + $1000 + $1000 if you finance = $2500. total.

Ford has not advertised the Ranger very much in some time in an effort to boost F150 sales. Dealers do not advertise the Ranger because they are not getting Co-op money from Ford. What do you expect sales to do lacking advertising and marketing? They will drop like a rock.
The Ranger will be sold in 188 countries around the world, they know a good truck better than Ford. Buy the Transit? Really now, that is a lame response. A pickup truck is an American icon and a lifestyle choice, the Ranger was a great truck that fit many folks needs exactly. Still does in 188 countries. Too bad not in America


Are these figures USA only or combined to include Mexico/Canada for overall North American sales?

@Wayne: U.S. only.

I thought I'd throw this out there as well....

"Ford’s Econoline and Transit Connect vans captured more than 60 percent of the commercial van market in 2010. In January, Econoline sales totaled 7,979, up 29 percent versus a year ago. Transit Connect sales totaled 2,072, up 78 percent."

Are commercial Ranger buyers of the past going for the Transit Connect vans and Econoline? Maybe. I am seeing a lot more Transit Connect vans running around by businesses.

Ranger down 31%. Transit Connect up 29%. Coincidence?

Correction. Transit Connect up 78%! Yep, I think the commercial buyers are going for the vans rather than the open box Rangers which are open to the elements and don't have as much cargo space.

Buying my Tundra last month no doubt helped...


The economy is not turning around.

11% of homes are not occupied, home values have dropped as a % lower than the depression, unemployment is still very high.

The Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury solution is to print more money like QE2 and that will prolong the situation. The national debt sits over $14 trillion!

So the media and the Fed will argue the economy is turning around, but in reality the numbers do not add up.

Nice to see GM regain the best selling pick up truck segment after letting Ford claim it for a year. With additions of manpower in Flint and Ft. Wayne GM will be able to meet demand that has exceeded capacity. Ford better consider adding their semi's as pick ups again to keep their best selling facade ad propaganda going.

Exactly Oxi, "phantom $$$, printed out of thin air, backed by nothing..." it works as long as the US dollar is the world's reserve currency, if/when its dumped, then the world will be rocked. More cooked #'s is the fact that long-term unemployed ppl and part timers are not counted in the official unemployment #'s. Also, food and fuel are not counted in the inflation #s!

Ford is selling really well considering there are virtually no incentives on the 2011s and the EBs are just now hitting the lots.

Ford Motor Company will be regaining their reign again soon.

General Motors Corporation better enjoy their short-term sales lead.

@ oxi - I do have my doubts about the economy. I do hope it is a sign of improvement. Governments do need to reign in debt just like people do. I hope that people buying new trucks is a sign of extra cash not extra credit. I suspect the latter.

Sales have been artificially high due to manufacture rebates.

We are finally starting to see 2011 trucks more and more in car lots where I live. It was scarce to find any 2011 Ford trucks, all the car lots were 2010 left overs that no one wanted. I have no doubt that once the newer trucks get on the lots and the Ecoboost gets on the lots (which is what I am hearing a lot of people want from talking to friends) that the sales will no doubt outsell both the GM twins for the year. Ford has what people want in power and tech, GM not so much...

Oh and one more point. I think you are seeing a sales bump for GM from all the GM fanboys who held back on buying another GM until they saw that GM was not going under...

Wow, GMC and Chevy sales are going to kick but with the best in class HD trucks. GMC Denali HD, now thats what i,m going to get. So again more Duramax sold than Powerstroke,. Ram giving away trucks right now so that is why sales are up. Big problems with Dodge tie rod ends snapping on the 2010 trucks and very poor fuel economy on the Cummins.

Every diesel magazine, rv magazine that i read now has the duramax winning all categories. Ram is falling way behind, and ford just likes to add bigger numbers on paper to try to be best in class but in real world tests the Duramax is King for sure.

the only reason dodge sells any trucks is because of the Cummins, the rest of the truck is crap.

Mike, Whats the news on the Tacoma redesign? Are we going to see anything new soon?

I don't know. In my area, the best incentive you can get on a Ram is $3,000. Customer Cash Allowance $2,000 +
Bonus Cash $1,000.


Actually, I can see where you got the $5,000 figure, but if you go down and click on the Big Horn/Lone Star option, the most you can get is $3,000.

The maximum you get get on a GMC is $5,000 in my area.
$5,000 Cash Allowance


For Ford the maximum rebate in my area is $3,500.
$500 Retail Customer Cash + $1000 Ford Credit Retail Bonus Customer Cash + $1000 Promotional Retail Bonus Customer Cash + $1000 XLT Retail Bonus Customer Cash


Keep in mind that incentives are different everywhere.

@Ram Man, any proof to back that up?

@Matt: The latest *rumor* from sources - 2013 model year major refresh. Same platform. New sheetmetal, electrical architecture and engines.

GM outsold Ford Nice :) I wanted an F-150 when I bought my truck in November but they just couldn't compete price-wise with GM. I wasn't going to pay 3500 more for a Ford. Now that I have the Chevy i love the onstar and the look has grown on me so I made the right decision

@Mike11silverado - there have been some killer deals to be had. Thats why I chose to buy a 2010 instead of a 2011. The new motors from Ford are nice but I'd rather keep 12,000 dollars in my pocket.

The 2011 GMC Sierra Denali HD prevailed in Edmunds Inside Line’s latest tough truck testing, vanquishing the 2010 Dodge Ram 3500 and 2011 Ford F-350 Super Duty to take the top prize. Each diesel-powered, four-wheel-drive crew cab pickup was subjected to tow testing on the 11.5-mile Jacumba Grade in Southern California, and a battery of track testing.

Dan Edmunds, Inside Line’s director of vehicle testing, praised the Sierra Denali HD for having “plenty of power, torque and poise.”

“The 2011 GMC Sierra Denali wins because it does the important truck things well,” Edmunds wrote on Inside Line. “It accelerates, brakes and just plain drives better in just about any situation, towing or not… On top of that, it costs significantly less to buy and it drinks less fuel.”

Also, Ford Motor Co. is recalling nearly 281,000 F-150 pickup trucks in the United States because of a potential problem with the door handles not working properly, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported today.

Model years 2009 and 2010 F-150 trucks produced from January 2008 to November 2009 are being recalled because in the event of a crash, "the door handle spring can fail causing the door latch to open," NHTSA said in a filing.

Yawn... another DOMINANT win for FORD.

government motors and Ram aren't even competitive.

@Snowman "So again more Duramax sold than Powerstroke"

If the GM HD twins generally account for ~20% of GM's truck sales and the diesel take rate on the GM HD's is ~55% that means that out of the 38,799 GM trucks sold in January 11 ~4300 were sold with D-Maxes under the hood.

If the Ford SD lineup generally account for ~38% of Fords truck sales and the diesel take rate on the Fords SD's is ~65% that means that out of the 35,806 Ford trucks sold in January 11 ~8850 were sold with Powerstrokes under the hood.

The Dodge HD has a historical diesel take rate of ~85% and HD trucks generally account for the same 38% of truck sales as Ford which puts the Cummins in the Ram at pretty close to the GM twins with ~3950 sold in January 11.

By my math it looks like the PS outsold the D-Max by over 2:1 in January 11, similar ratio with the Cummins and Ford still sold more diesel powered truck than GM, Chevrolet and Ram combined.

Are GMC Sierra and the Chevy Silverado the same pick up?
If so, then they have out sold Ford for the last several years. The true fact is that they aren't the same pick up, hence the reason why Ford is the best selling pick up and has been for the last 34 years.... The F-150 was the BEST SELLING VEHICLE OR PICKUP in the US last year. Some of you guys sound like little prideful children about their toys.... The numbers don't lie. Get the vehicle you want, but don't cry like little kids and come up with fibs and lies and try to justify your lies.

Oh yeah.... Last year Ford F-150 outsold both GMC Sierra and Chevy silverado combined.
2011 Ford - 528,349 Chevy and GMC combined - 499,929
2004 Ford - 939,511 Chevy and GMC combined - 894,524

Every other year between 2004 and 2011 GMC and chevy combined sold more than the f150, but once again guys.... Are they the same pick-up???? Get rid of one of them and see how it goes.

No doubt gm trucks are getting better and better. One can only wonder if its because they are using less and less of their own parts. Isuzu engines and allison transmissions. How hard can it be to by parts from other places and put them under one body style then give it a name like gmc or chevy. Lets face it when they were using their own trannies it was no problem to go through 4 or 5 trannies before you got 150000 miles on them and these engines were guttless.

First off i want to say that Ford has never sold more trucks than GMC/Chevy from now to the beginning of time. Ford has always had slick advertising, It's best in a division. Factor in GM and Chevy together, which the trucks are identical except for grill work and badging, and they out sale Ford. And where you get tranny trouble is beyond me. GM's old th350 and th400 trannies were bullet proof while Fords C series trannies were constantly troublesome. The current 4 speed autos are still vastly superior. Ford or Chrysler neither one has anything to compete with the Allison tranny. As far as GM's past woes with getting government bailouts, they needed to get rid of at least half there divisions years ago. That and the fact that the union was way out of control, led to the downfall. You wonder why companies go out of country to get labor? 2 things: taxes and $35.00 an hour labor for jobs that are basically non-skilled.

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