Mahindra TR40 Rated at a Disappointing 19/21 MPG

Mahindra TR40 Rated at a Disappointing 19/21 MPG

If you were still hoping that Mahindra would end its long delay in bringing its small diesel pickups to the U.S., you might change your mind after seeing the fuel economy ratings of the TR40 model that’s intended to be sold stateside.

According to, the four-wheel-drive TR40 crew cab model with a four-cylinder diesel engine and automatic transmission has been rated by the EPA at 19/21 mpg city/highway. By comparison, a 2011 Toyota Tacoma with a gasoline V-6, automatic transmission and four-wheel drive is rated at 16/20 mpg. The TR40's disappointing highway mileage can't even measure up to Ford's 302-horsepower, 3.7-liter F-150 4X2, which is rated at 17/23 mpg.

A spokesman from Global Vehicles USA, Mahindra's distributor in the U.S., told, "Good fuel economy will be an important part of the truck’s appeal, and we’re eager to see the fuel economy for all of the models, especially the two-door, two-wheel-drive model, which Mahindra told us to expect would achieve close to 30 mpg."

Mahindra's mHawk four-cylinder oil burner was developed for global use with assistance from leading global diesel engineering firm AVL and using a high-pressure common rail fuel injection system supplied by Bosch. It's rated at 120 hp and 240 pounds-feet of torque, though the power ratings for the U.S. version will be higher. Its six-speed automatic transmission will be unique in the American midsize/compact segment.

Mahindra executives have said they have no exact date for a U.S. launch. The Indian automaker and GV USA are in arbitration and in U.S. federal court over delays getting the pickup trucks certified for sale in the U.S.

[Source: Mahindra Planet]


yea but when you start tapping into that diesel motor you can get the mpg and horsepower to jump quite a bit.

A bit disapointing I was hoping the 4wd 2 door would be at 30mpg..

At this point who cares! Due to business pratices Mihandra was dead to be, These new CAFE ratings gon't mean this would be a slaes flop if it were introduced

I'd rather drive Chevy 3500HD and get 23 MPG on the highway.

Mahindra are a bunch of shysters , it could get a 100 MPG city but if we cant buy one what does it matter ?

Lets see now -
1. Mahindra executives have said they have no exact date for a U.S. launch.

2. Mahindra TR40 Rated at a Disappointing 19/21 MPG

3. in arbitration and in U.S. federal court over delays

4. Why would any sane person want one of these things??????

If their legal troubles just to START selling the truck is any preview of what one can expect when dealing with the company, I'd likely stay away.

Oh wow! Seriously LOL!
I was intrigued by this truck just because it was so different from anything sold here, but those mileage figures are just pathetic.
I was just thinking today it had been a few months since I had gone to the website, but why bother. They should just give up and keep this thing in India, Australia and where ever else.

Absolutely pathetic.

The 2011 F-150 5.0 gets 16/20 i believe the numbers were, and this tiny DIESEL only gets 19/21? That is extremely sad! I think I will stick with Ford and get the new 5.0.

Yet another reason to stop all the wishful thinking about a small diesel, in any brand. They can't perform with the new regs like we thought they could a few years ago.


In regards to #4. There is a sucker born every minute.

So the truth finally comes out. I was wondering why it took so long. I feel sorry for the investors in that scam.

@mike levine
The ford v6 4x2 is rated 17/23 according to their website.

the mahindra pickup is already a huge fail. The only way I see people buying them is if they are dirt cheap.

I can't believe you guys are all in an uproar over these ratings. Last time I checked, most of these EPA ratings aren't what they seem. I am a big Ford fan, but I sure don't believe that the new V6 can get the "claimed" rating of 16/23. The big thing is, it's all done in a lab not real world. I believe you have to be very easy going to get the 16 mpg for the Ford in the city, where it is a lot more likely that the small diesel is closer to its rating. Look at the small difference between city & highway on the diesel, that is a telltale sign.

I forgot to mention to those of you who quoted the 17/23 mpg for the Ford, that's own test of the lighter Ford V6 only netted a 21 mpg average, that's already 2 mpg below the rating, so the 17 mpg in the city is not likely going to happen either.

Nissan Frontier 4x4 Crew Cab: 14 city/ 19 highway
Toyota Tacoma 4x4 Crew Cab: 16 city/ 20 highway
Ford F150 SuperCab (3.7L) 4x4: 16 city/21 highway
Mahindra TR40 Crew Cab 4x4: 19 city/21 highway

So, the Mahindra does get the best fuel economy of the bunch. However, being it runs on diesel fuel which is presently more expensive than regular gas, it's most likely a wash at best.

I'm curious as to how the Mahindra is geared. If it is geared ridiculously low, that could be part of the reason why the fuel economy isn't as high as it could be. I'm guessing this is the case since the Mahnindra's payload exceeds even the F150's by a staggering 900lbs.

and with price of diesel fuel climbing, not such a bargin anymore.

Chris, the reason the city and highway are so close are because it's a small diesel, most likely with high gearing so the rpms will be revving relatively high on the highway. This would be normal for this type of car with a tiny engine. The American ones will be pushing a lot more weight around town, but have an advantage of the engine being lazy at low rpm for cruising. Very typical I think.

21 mpg average for the ford is as good or better than the epa rating. I don't believe they did just unloaded highway driving in the test. The epa estimates aren't always exactly right, but they are usually a pretty good indication. Do you realize that they changed their testing procedure to more closely represent real-world mileage results? In many cases you can get a little better than the epa rating. If the epa says 19/21 then there's no way a stock mahindra is going to get anywhere near 30 mpg in regular use.

I love it! I knew all along that this thing was a big piece. Where did all of the fair weather friends of Mahindra go?

"Mahindra is the answer for small truck buyers... Mahindra will show America how to build a small truck with a diesel..." Blah, blah, blah.

Ford's F-150 fuel economy numbers are looking good now, huh? Thank you Ford for giving us; a full-size half-ton truck, with three quarter-ton capability, and only quarter-ton truck fuel economy. Well done Ford, for developing kick-but gas motors.

With today's emission regulations a small diesel is not the answer! The little Mahindra that couldn't proves it!!!

"I forgot to mention to those of you who quoted the 17/23 mpg for the Ford, that's own test of the lighter Ford V6 only netted a 21 mpg average, that's already 2 mpg below the rating, so the 17 mpg in the city is not likely going to happen either." - chris

It's higher. That test was 4x4. You're using 4x2 numbers for comparison. got 21.4 mixed driving in the worktruck V6 shootout in 4x4 which is actually better than the actual rating of 16/21 for 4x4 by the EPA.

: Buy American or say Bye to America,

You are so right. This is truck is a joke. Always has been. Always will be.

To those who said you were willing to give up creature comforts, styling, safety, reliability and performance for a that gets 30+ mpg, it's over! It's not such a wonderful idea now, is it? See we told you so.

What did you expect from a company thats still making 1956 Austin & Morris cars.

Have a good laugh over crazy rhetoric that has posted over the last few months:

I want one of these.

I'm not ready to panic yet.

this report is half baked with no details. when you go to high school they don't give you a diploma.......

stop comparing it to the Ranger. the difference is 30+ mpg!

this truck is worth considering

mahindra is coming in the spring and will blow away the f150

a small diesel is just what we "need"

if it is anything like the small diesels they run in their tractors it should get 70 mpg

I am sick of hearing "no market exists for a small 30 mpg pickup".

Wake up US auto execs. Do a simple market survey......

whats amazing is that U S auto makers do not understand that there is a market for a smaller diesel

I have been watching this truck for years. Watch what happens when it comes to market

it would get 35 mpg

America will be behind the rest of the world again

Meanwhile an unknown (to us) from India decides they want to rejuvenate it with A DIESEL that offers offers F-150-like payloadand 30 MPG. I give them a lot of credit. Give’em a break

There is a market for this thing.. nothing else comes close

Ugly? Who cares! Who are all these "Truck lovers" that care about looks so much? isn't the point if it can perform or exceed expectations of a compact pick up? 30 mpg...7.5' pan..what more do u want from a compact truck

30+ MPG while getting 140 horsepower and 236 lbs.-ft. of torque. I'm eagerly awaiting seeing a USA-spec vehicle up close!

If you are looking for truck that has great mileage, it is worth a look.

Am I the only one who understands this truck? I guess I could pick up a small truck from Ford, Dodge, or GM that gets 30mpg and has much better aesthetics than the Mahindra...oh...wait a one else sells a small truck in the US that gets 30mpg.

30mpg and 2700 payload Yeah baby...that is what I am talking about.

Who cares if it's ugly. Not 1 US built pickup gets that kind of fuel mileage......I want one due to fuel economy......GM and Ford eat your hearts out.

With that number in mind, who care about looks! Bring it on Mahindra – showing the Big Three the right way: building simple, compact and rugged pickups that deliver.

since it doesn't have 8,000 horsepower and gets more than 8 mpg, I expect US truck buyers to shun it.

they are on the right track.

You wouldn't buy one of these for looks, its a small work truck with "good mileage"

it will sell like hotcakes and make the other manufacturers rethink their options regarding diesels and small trucks.

Yes, it is ugly. So am I! BUT I recognize a good bargain (even at $25 k) and this truck is likely to put money in my pocket.

4wd , crew cab, 30mpg. I would glady pay $30K. What other vehicle can do that?

I want one. I drive about 55000 miles per year....I think it would be perfect. I get paid .50 per mile. This truck should pay for itself pretty quick.

I think you are missing the point. It has NO competition in this country.

I think this truck is a wake up call for the big 3 and Toyota and Nissan. The gas mileage is better than anything we see

She ain't too purdy, but I don't see any other company making a small diesel Pickup. IMO, I think this thing will sell well, a compact diesel that can get 30, good luck getting that in a gas truck.

Watch this thing sell out in no time and then you'll see all the other companies scramble to make or bring a compact diesel, at least Mahindra has some balls

I think it is beautiful. you can keep the over priced fuel hogs. this truck and Mahindra products are going to sell sell sell sell!!!!!They will show us how and what we should of been doing along time ago.

3.7-liter mpg ratings updated to 17/23 mpg. Sorry about that error.

i personally dont even like this thing, BUT....

19 MPG city is about a 20% GAIN in MPG over the BEST 4x4 pathetically geared (3.15) F150 with a V6.

You CANNOT deny that this vehicle is MUCH more fuel efficient than ANY pickup built in city driving unless you include the 4 cyl. tacoma which does the same in city MPG without the capability the mahindra should have.

Just playing devils advocate here but IF this were a Ford, Chevy, or Dodge there would be a HUGE amount of people hootin and hollerin about 19 in the city and 2700lbs payload. give credit where its due at least ladies and gents.

Wow the fail keeps rolling. Some HD trucks can get that! This is a joke they should proably just stop it.

The F-150 runs on regular gas. Mahindra runs on diesel. Diesel costs more than regular gas and with diesel prices soaring there isn't much difference even in the city.

The highest payload won't be for 4x4 - it will be a 2wd regular cab model.

You get credit when you actually do it and have it for sale. Just talking about it is a dream - just like the 30 mpg was a dream.

As the years tick by this 3rd world truck will get further and further outdated than it already is.

Good day.

This truck is a wake-up call for the big 3?!? I'm dyin', The thing's a POS. It's foriegn. It can't get out of it's own way. It probably rides and handles like a wheelbarrow. Seriously, Ford, Chevy or Dodge could build something better than this any time. The market for illhandling junk just isn't there. Americans expect more. Most people expect comfort, handling, room, accessory packages, tech, good quality surroundings. Take an F-150, GM1500 or Ram and throw a one ton leaf pack under the rear end, strip the guts out of it, put a four cylinder Cummins in it with a stick and it'd be all the people slobbering all over the Mahindra would want and more.

The market isn't there. They'd sell a few thousand and the market would be saturated. Ford knows it. Chevy knows it. Dodge knows it.

I welcome the junk in here. I welcome any trade with foreign countries as long as the trade barriers are equaled out. And there lies the problem. They're NOT.

Speaking of payload:

Ford F250 diesel crew cab (4x4 6 3/4' bed) maximum payload: 2,430lbs

Mahindra TR40 diesel crew cab (4x4 5.31' bed) maximum payload: 2,413lbs

As of right now, this thing has a listed payload only 17lbs short of an F250!

Note to Mahindra: We don't want your 'lil stinkin' truck!

Read the fine print on Mahindra's site right below the payload info: "All information presented is based on data available at the time of printing and is subject to change without notice. Vehicles shown are not to U.S. specifications."

I would bet dollars to donuts payload won't be that high once it comes to the US, just like the mpg wasn't truly 30 mpg.

The problem with the Mahindra is its sheer crudity. UFO' sightings are more common than Mahindra's on Australian roads.
Payload is normally about 2300-2600lb for any Asian sourced diesel pickup. That is with acceptable ride and road holding. A Lot of Asian Pickups have 3000lb or near enough payloads.

What the hell do these people think??
lemme see....
medoicre fuel economy-check
runs of more expensive diesel fuel-check
company constantly lies about release date, seems un-trustworthy-check
$30k price-check

Gee where do i sign up for one???

Yeah, i will beleive that 2400 lb payload rating when its been out for 5 years. Its prolly a load of BS like everything else this company is spewing. Hell, i bet its more like a realistic 1000 lb load rating. Sure, its got enough power (you can haul 34000 lbs in a FL70 with 190 hp/410ftlbs tq) but i bet that flimsy frame will twist quicker than a Fridgeline hittin a speedbump

@Gm88 I would believe the payload rating. 1000lbs payload for an Asian Pickup? No way. These things are built to be overloaded, it is not uncommon to see several sows loaded on to the back of a pickup in Asia. In many cases they act as "buses" for 8-9 workers coming back from the fields.

Typical of how small Pickups are used on South east Asia, India, etc.

@ Robert Ryan-

Yes, i do beleive you as far as true Asian pickups go (Toyota HiLux is only one i can think of off the top of my head). But from everything Mahindra has promised so far and not delivered, i think this claim is dobutful as best. BTW, if there was 9 guys in there and each one weighed 200 lbs (doubtful many Asian ppl weigh this much) thats only 1800 lbs.

just curious do they have these in Australia?

The fuel rating tells us something about the truck. My best guess is that the engine is too small AND that the 4x4 is geared too low. If you take a really small diesel and gear it low (numerically high) enough you will see a small difference unloaded between city and highway fuel economy. The benefits are that the truck can move more weight or tow more. So I'm going to hold out my final opinion until I see if either the engine is not capable, or the 4x4 truck can move a ton of weight.

Lotsa negativity in here!

I'm kinda disappointed on the MPG but I'm also not ready to give up on this little truck. It puts a lot of the capability of a full size truck in a smaller package! And hey, it seems to me that putting more power/capability in something smaller and smaller is all the rage now days!

I think I would chose this over a full size because I just don't want something as big and bulky as a full size, no matter how you slice it! But the even bigger problem with full size trucks (and this Mahindra) is no manny = no sale.

Simply put, It's a turd.

if this thing cost $17k i could see them selling a lot of em, but at 30k it cists wayy too much for the power + fuel economy it has, not to mention the small size. Small is ok, just make the price match the size+ features

You can't even blame the government for that. Making a mistake on fuel economy ratings would what, take a few MPG off? Its almost a a third less than we were hoping.

How does a 4 cylinder with 120 horses and 240 foot pounds get that terrible of gas mileage? My 1997 Chevrolet Blazer with a 190 horsepower V6 was rated at 17mpg city, 23 mpg highway. Yes that was before the EPA attempted to make a more accurate prediction of MPG, but in the real world, I averaged 20mpg until about 150,000 miles.

I mean... god. So much for that.

@Gm88 few people here would waste their money on them. Yes they can carry reasonable loads fairly well. The problem is their fit and finish is a bit better than a International Harvester Scout. Not really suitable for 2010

Hmmm, with that paltry fuel mileage on the freeway, I'd venture to guess that this truck has some seriously short (numerically larger) gearing. I remember some sort of tiny diesel that pickuptruck or somebody did a review on, and if you were going 40 or 50mph, the think got fuel mileage in the high teens or low 20's, and it was due to the really short gearing. I'm thinking that it may be under-engined and over-geared. Kinda like how an S2000 get's the same fuel mileage as a base Corvette on the freeway. I would really like to know the fuel mileage on the Thai-built Ford Ranger, and compare that against this Mahindra.

@kurt the current 2009-2010 Ranger, NOT the new T6 Model,
gets 8.9 liters/100 km = 26.4286049 miles/gallon(US)
Review below. Forget the towing statistics , they are much more conservative and done on a different basis here ,than in the US.


Please when you guys get your hands on one of these. Do a test with 2700 # in the back. A train will have a better stopping distance and front wheels wont be on the ground. Junk

Mahindra small diesel pickup = Epic Fail!

Hi again and good bye.
@ Alex: Yes, you are right, about the little diesel, hence my comment.
@ Rick: Check again before you post, the V6 shoot out was a 4x2 not 4x4, it was a the smallest F-150 (size & weight), so it didn't get better then EPA.
@ Hemi LOL: Amen to you

@ the rest of you. Get a life and be happy with your gas guzzling "Full Size" trucks. I am not an advocate for Mahindra, as I think they are a little shady in their business dealings, but I welcome a small truck, especially when it's fuel efficient and it is. Btw. the Mahindra only comes with one rear end gear ratio, so what you see is what you get. When you read the EPA numbers for the big three you get what they sent to get the best possible EPA rating with no indicator of what rear end was used. I believe the Chevy/GMC owner of the 2007 - up models can sing a song on that one. Relatively good EPA, piss poor real world, because most trucks come with a higher gearing then the once use for EPA certification.

@ John Nevard: Lol! That was funny!

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