Mahindra TR40 Rated at a Disappointing 19/21 MPG

Mahindra TR40 Rated at a Disappointing 19/21 MPG

If you were still hoping that Mahindra would end its long delay in bringing its small diesel pickups to the U.S., you might change your mind after seeing the fuel economy ratings of the TR40 model that’s intended to be sold stateside.

According to, the four-wheel-drive TR40 crew cab model with a four-cylinder diesel engine and automatic transmission has been rated by the EPA at 19/21 mpg city/highway. By comparison, a 2011 Toyota Tacoma with a gasoline V-6, automatic transmission and four-wheel drive is rated at 16/20 mpg. The TR40's disappointing highway mileage can't even measure up to Ford's 302-horsepower, 3.7-liter F-150 4X2, which is rated at 17/23 mpg.

A spokesman from Global Vehicles USA, Mahindra's distributor in the U.S., told, "Good fuel economy will be an important part of the truck’s appeal, and we’re eager to see the fuel economy for all of the models, especially the two-door, two-wheel-drive model, which Mahindra told us to expect would achieve close to 30 mpg."

Mahindra's mHawk four-cylinder oil burner was developed for global use with assistance from leading global diesel engineering firm AVL and using a high-pressure common rail fuel injection system supplied by Bosch. It's rated at 120 hp and 240 pounds-feet of torque, though the power ratings for the U.S. version will be higher. Its six-speed automatic transmission will be unique in the American midsize/compact segment.

Mahindra executives have said they have no exact date for a U.S. launch. The Indian automaker and GV USA are in arbitration and in U.S. federal court over delays getting the pickup trucks certified for sale in the U.S.

[Source: Mahindra Planet]



Good Point. Maybe that is why Titan and Tundra don't get as great of fuel economy compared to the F150, Silverado, Sierra, and Ram. They only use one or two gear sets. The people on here re very brand loyal, so good luck at trying to speak a different POV.

Remember the EPA uses pure gasoline in the F150 tests. Its getting hard to find pure gas in Tennessee. Can get plenty of E85 and E10 . What a joke played on the people.

It's a freaking four-cylinder!!! DIESEL!!!!! Even the Hummer H3T I5 gas engine gets better mileage when well modified! SMH :-( If I get my hands on one, I'm sticking a Cummins diesel into it! LMAO

Imagine how all those dealers feel after forking out $100k or so and waited on this piece of dog doo-doo only to find out 30mpg was a bunch of BS like everything else M&M touts: next generation truck, diesel hybrids, airplanes, blah blah blah. Go back to your third world sewer spewing businesses Mahindra.

For those talking about how diesel is more expensive ... Petrol prices are above diesel in Chicago right now. :)

I personally would like for Mahindra, investors, and dealerships to keep spending more money trying to bring this junk to America. It would be funny to see their dealership lots full of dusty trucks that do not sell. Kind of like what happened to Daewoo, a few years ago, and Daihatsu many years ago. Anybody still remember those failures? No brand recognition means no sales! Somehow Hyundai and Kia managed to slip through the cracks?

I might stoop as low to buy a Datsun or Toyota (Not likely though) before I even considered buying a Mahindra. At least Datsun and Toyota have finally proven themselves a few years ago (after 40+ years in America)?

You got me.

But yes it did better than the EPA.

Even if it is 4x2, the mixed driving in the V6 shootout was 21.4 which is higher than the 19 mixed driving EPA rating on the sticker.

17 city 19 mixed 23 highway.

The 2011 F-150 did better than the EPA sticker in the V6 shootout.

2011 F-150 V6

EPA sticker: 19 mixed 21.4 mixed shows diesel higher and AAA daily fuel guage report shows diesel higher nationwide. Where I live diesel costs 16% more.

Buy American:

Hyundai makes a decent car, My wife owns one. 2009 Hyundai Sonata SE loaded 3.3L V6, good running vehicle, 10 yr/100K warranty. Bought for 20K OTD, Paid for as of a few months ago. Kia and Hyundai should not be lumped in with Mahnidra, that would be like lumping Mahindra in with Samsung for heavy equipment. This Mahindra truck is kind of disappointing I would say, the F150 gets the same mileage on a gas engine.

@Joe it is a bit like saying do Pickups have 4WD, I will not believe till I see one.
The current Ford Rangers top payloads are 2,888lbs and 3048lbs. The new T6 is 3,300lbs. These things have no problems stopping.
Weights in kilograms

@Robert Ryan
Wow, those must be alot different than what were getting over here in the US. That is what Ford should replace the current US ranger with. Only, make a gas engine avalible instead of diesel. Not a big fan of diesels for DD's simply because when they get a few yrs old they become major PITA's in the winter

i live on an island off the coast of mass. wth that said i get 17mpg in my 2009 Colorado Crewcab 4X4, when i go off island on the hyway i get 21mpg with the cruise set at 65mph, my chevy has a 5.3 V-8!!! i pull my 5,000lbs boat like its not even there. go down the beach like we the people, an carry 1500lbs fire wood not too badly, but milage goes to 12mpg. but this truck goes like hell.

@Gm88 the diesel engine in these things makes the difference, as well the Asian Ranger is pretty different under the skin to the US Ranger.. No Ecoboost 3.5 for the Ranger here. Although the FPV GS 4000lb sedan has the turbo 4 Litre straight 6(precursor to the Ecoboost), which had 415hp and 410lbs ft of torque at 1950 rpm. Figures would have been higher if US rating system used.

@Gm88 that should be HAS 415hp etc., they still make them US SAE ratings would hive it maybe 5-10hp more.

@ Robert Ryan
Thanks for sharing the link. I really wish Ford would bring some of its products from Australia and SE Asia, Even this older Ranger is much superior to the obsolete clunker of a Ranger in the U.S.. I would gladly pay the price of one of those stateside if it truly is 90% the size of a current F150 since that's all the capability I need. Alas, I ended up with a 2010 F150 since all the truck makers here are too chicken to release a diesel here.

You people are all retarded to think that this little truck will be bad. The only reason it gets such "bad" mpg is because the government doesn't want this thing here. So they commercialize everything so it looks "bad". Buy one first and I bet you will see the 30mpg or more. Its all just a scam for you to turn away and buy a gas engine pos.

Well if that is the best Mahindra can do I am not impressed at this point. Not sure why they can't manage any better fuel economy out of a turbodiesel pickup that only weighs 4320lbs according to specs. For comparison a much more powerful BMW X5 with the 3.0L I6 turbodiesel gets better mileage at 18 city, 26 highway. The BMW weighs 5111lbs, and packs 265hp and 425lb-ft of torque.

Granted the BMW is much more expensive, but the numbers are what they are. Perhaps Mahindra has actually tarted up an outdated tractor engine for their little truck, at lest it would seem so given the piss poor EPA numbers.

It's like those who were saying it gets 30+ mpg. Then it shows up at 19/21 which is nowhere near the estimated 30 mpg claimed on the North American Web site.

Read the fine print for the T6 Ranger. The 3300 payload will be for selected models only, ie regular cabs and 2wd. That's a far cry from a 4x4 Super Duty Crew Cab which was the original comparison. The Ranger is also not to US specs. The Mahindra is not US specs. I bet dollars to donuts the payload also went down significantly. How about the crash tests? Payload figures online won't be accurate because it's true payload is payload minus options. It always goes down once you see the actual sticker.

Stopping is one thing to determine payload. There is also ride, handling, stability, performance, durability, reliability, etc. F250 will go up to just over 3000 lbs. Above that you're looking at F350. And if you go with a dual wheel set up 6250. A Super Duty can also tow 12k to 25k. There is no comparison.

To quote a poster from the Mahindra forum:

"They blew their horns loudly on the 30mpg stuff. Come to find out.......they only farted...But hey.....who cares? It's not like they're sold here."

Straight from Mahindra's site.

"They have the largest payload of any compact pickup truck (2,765 pounds)* and an estimated 5,000 pound towing capacity*. "

There is that astrix again. Two of them.

What does this mean? It means.....
* Estimated — awaiting final test results


This is for all those who have been believing the lies. We call those lies hype. Don't believe the hype....

@kurt Thanks for that, the only downsize for the Asian sourced pickups,(including the Mahindra) is there is no F250-F450 model for towing a largish 5th Wheel (33-40ft) or 30ft plus Caravan. You either have to tow them with a F250-F450, or a larger Japanese truck or a European Cab Chassis variant of a Van . All seem to do well at towing but can be cumbersome and not so user friendly when used as "car"
They the smaller Asian sourced 3 Litre Pickups or Utes, Ranger, Colorado, Isuzu etc(Mahindra's engine too small) will haul a 29ft 5th Wheel if modified to increase GVM.
Otherwise these haul much heavier stuff.
Japanese Light truck
Or a Japanese MDT for 35-40ft 5Vers.

The way that the EPA tests mileage is completely off for a Diesel engine, this can be seen in the 2006 TDI Jetta with ratings of 30 city/37 Highway. Real world numbers are more like 37 city/45 Highway. I have no doubts that this will see better than 19/21 in most real world scenarios.

@Joe Payload is irrelevant to US Specs. The Asian Utes have a similar ride to a loaded F250 when loaded, unladen they are used like F150's i.e like cars . Unmodified they are better off road,extremely durable, reliable(terrorists friend) and stable.
If Ford and GM (Holden) here in Australia thought the F150 and the basic Silverado were a lot better they would have had a case for assembling them here a long time ago.Their big problem in the US as I see it is getting enough people outside Internet users to use a midsize pickup and even more so a small diesl one. Unless they do that small diesel pickups in the US are dead.

@lou, frank & joe,

Please go drive your Fords and leave us alone.

1) The "Appalachian" will have a U.S. exclusive interior that's been designed to American tastes (and sizes) by Michigan-based supplier Lear Corporation. Leather seats will be optional.

2) Sane people don't want Tacomas? Mr. Perez says the truck's size is close to that of the current Toyota Tacoma, instead of being a 'true compact' pickup.

3) Mahindra and GV-USA are planning a wide range of accessories for the truck, one of which is expected to be a snow plow.

4) EPA is biased against diesel!!!!!!!!! You will get more than the sticker.

5) It will be here in the Spring and would have been here already but for that lawsuit. It is not Mahindra's fault.

Personally, I'm sick of looking at all these cartoonist looking vehicles. Mahindra styling sucks as does the Juke, Cube etc. All I'll drive is USA brands.

It IS Mahindra's fault though that they think they are going to bring this junk into the Americas and people are going to embrace it with open arms.

oxi- Where are you? We need you right now. Tell everyone that this Mahincrap is NOT a REAL 4X4 and that a Tacoma will spank it up and down the trails and on the streets!

Recapping here, Mahindra has a terrrible track record for: quality, crash test, styling, fuel economy, business sense, credibility, communicating to the public to name a few. I don't think there's any doubt which direction to point the retard finger.

@ MahindraMatt
I drive what statistically and shootout wize is the best truck available.
By the time the Mahindra truck and its network is set up - I'll be ready to buy a new truck once more in 6-7 years time.

I will then buy what is the best truck available and it will not be one of these.

There are strong rumors that Ram will come out with a baby diesel in a 1/2 ton.
We'll see that happen before these turn a wheel on our continent.
Why be exited about a truck that doesn't even exist in North America.
You'd be better off tracking down and restoring an old Toyota Landcruiser diesel.


I could not have said it better myself!

I agree with Lou and Joe. I'm tired of the lies. It has the strength of a heavy duty! It can leap tall buildings! It gets 30+ mpg! Is 21 the new 30? It will be here blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I'll believe it when I see it. By the time this gets here F150 and GM will be on an all new platforms. Hasta la vista Mahindra.

@Lou & Joe:

Mahindra’s American venture is running into some severe rough weather with the Mahindra TR40 Double Cab Pick Up’s fuel economy rating painting the car in poor light. The EPA fuel economy figures for the Mahindra TR40 rates it at 19/21 MPG in urban/freeway cycle which means that the automatic transmission equipped 2.2 Liter CRDe Diesel engine is just being able to muster a shade under 9 KMPL. That figure falls quite short of the fuel efficiency figure of 30 MPG tht Mahindra has been claiming all along.

Now, to put things into perspective, the 2011 Ford F-150 with a 3.7 Liter Petrol V6 engine delivers 17/23 MPG and the 2011 Toyota Tacoma 4WD, also equipped with a petrol V6 motor mated to an automatic transmission delivers 16/20 MPG. The Toyota Tacoma and the Ford F-150′s engines run on petrol and are almost three times more powerful than the humble 2.2 Liter Mahindra Diesel. This simply reflects poorly on Mahindra’s technology vis-a-vis of it’s competitors.

So, serious questions will be raised by prospective Mahindra TR40 buyers as to why the diesel engine, traditionally supposed to be more efficient that petrol engines, is delivering such abysmal fuel economy numbers. More so, as Mahindra has been harping about the low running costs of it’s vehicles in the US market, into which it is scheduled to make it’s debut soon. Meanwhile, the other major issue Mahindra is having to deal with is the lawsuit is pending in US Federal Courts due to it’s problems with Global Vehicles, Mahindra’s American importer.

This latest blow to Mahindra should force it to go back to the drawing board and work things out as the American market is one of the most challenging ones to crack, especially for an Indian manufacturer like Mahindra, which currently is still a small player when compared to the likes of Ford, General Motors and Toyota.

Indian Cars

Lets see now -
1. Mahindra executives have said they have no exact date for a U.S. launch.

2. Mahindra TR40 Rated at a Disappointing 19/21 MPG

3. in arbitration and in U.S. federal court over delays

4. Why would any sane person want one of these things??????
Posted by: lou | Feb 4, 2011 3:48:52 PM

You just pushed me over the edge. I'll be damned if I believe a stinkin' word the EPA says and will be buying one of these turds (if they ever get here) the moment they hit ground.

If the Fed's hate 'em, then I'm gonna love 'em.

Mahindra builds three things: Products, services, and possibilities.

Mahindra is many companies bound together by one purpose: to enable people to RISE. We build utility vehicles and schools. Our IT solutions help some of the world’s largest companies to be more productive. We give farmers tools to help them prosper, and we give communities hope for a better tomorrow. In everything we do and in everything we are, we seek to inspire creativity and power change.

@ Buy American or say Bye to America! and friends:

Good thing we live in a free world because otherwise the future would look grim for you guys with all the verbal diarrhea you post here. Why are you even on this post if you aren't even close to being interested in this or any other small efficient truck.

An for those of you that compare these things to an F-150 etc.. Not all people want super sized rigs for their driving. It doesn't matter how efficient the F-150 is, if I want a smaller truck. Get it! If you want a big fuel efficient truck by all means go and buy that thing and be happy with it.

P.S. Buy American or say Bye to America! News Flash: Why do you thing so few North American cars / trucks are sold around the world? Because they are considered not good enough or to much of a gas guzzler to be even considered. Some of those things are stereo types just like you have against anything non American.

@Chris, I think full size American pickups aren't sold around the world because the US manufactures have established themselves as companies that have different products and different brands around the world. Unlike Mercedes where the same products exist with the same names globally. They haven't ever engineered them for global production, there was a time when the F150 was the biggest selling vehicle globally, even though it was only sold in North America. They probably didn't think it was worth globalizing the F150. Sure, it won't be a big seller in places like Europe if there is no diesel option. But how hard can it be to fit one in there? Engineer it for RHD! Offer a diesel, and it could be a global player. I just don't think they tried hard enough. There's no competition for those vehicles overseas, so maybe they feel there is no need to do it anyway, until there is competition. They were popular in Australia in the short runs that Ford has offered them. They are holding their value well too.

CHRIS--- the reason AMERICAN TRUCKS DON'T SELL OVER SEAS IS BECAUSE THERE GOV. WON'T ALLOW IT!! people in other countries love our prod. there gov. are way to protectionist to alow the sale of American in there countries. like the best selling motorcycle over 900cc in Japan is a Harley Davidson, and in many other countries too.

@Alex the the F150 was never popular here in any shape or form, otherwise we would have it instead of the Global Ranger. UK Diesel driver stated why they do not sell in the UK and generally in Europe another topic.
Different markets require different vehicles. The Trading Post article refers to a F250 7.3 Diesel not a F150, the sort of vehicle Caravanners and people who tow 5vers , would like to see in the Asian Pickups with the rare exception of the 4.5 Litre V8 diesel Toyota pickup.

someone's asking $129,000 for an F150 Harley Davidson in the Trading Post! Tell him he's dreamin'!

I just read an article from a company selling US full sized trucks, they said Australians would be delighted to be able to buy full size Ford trucks at reasonable prices. Problem is protectionism in the form of import taxes. They have a new F-150 King Ranch for only $130,000. They are selling 250's and even have a Raptor for sale, although I couldn't find a price for it.

@Tom, Yes they are interested in F250-F450's etc. as TV's for Heavy Caravans and 5vers at US prices, forget the F150. It is not protectionism, as we have a free trade agreement with the US, it is the cost of converting a LHD vehicle to RHD, you have to literlly rebuild the vehicle.They are never going to make a RHD version of these so it is academic question. Even Chrysler/ Dodge/Jeep will soon be Jeep as they are now not making RHD versions of new Models.

@Alex they are really are dreaming. If you look at their sites of the Conversion specialists you wonder if they sell any at all. You can buy a Class 8 Truck with less than 300,000 miles on it for less than that. Still others like to get rip people off on Luxury European cars as well, which actually in considerable numbers.

My, my, some people seem to have their panties twisted. This vehicle is not all things to all people, for those of us wanting a small industrial strength truck similar to the scout, scrambler, and early 60's toyota and land rover this is great. For those wanting a 'merican truck with cup holders, a cushy ride and a surplus of power this is not it. I would prefer a 600cc honda kei truck, but alas they are not DOT or CalEPA compliant. This truck might make the cut, but the whole story is suspiciously like waiting for the arro to be imported from romania back in the 90's.

@RR, I should have said import regulations. That's according to this site in Aus.

@Tom , they would have to have them converted to RHD then you have the problem of Euro V compliance for the diesels if you wanted a sizable number imported. Under restricted importation as in the case of the small importer Euro V does not apply. As well their are other aspects of the vehicles that have to meet basic ADR design rules i.e. like the colour of the turn indicators. After all that you have to worry if there is sufficient demand to keep the business running. A lack of RHD from Ford NA is a big problem to start with. That is why we have other importers doing Corvettes, Vipers, Rams etc these are US Halo vehicles that end up as "bling" statements, rather than a vehicle for general use.
This site is one of a few private importers and convertors. of US vehicles.Notice they say that Ford Australia does not back this importation and they are looking for NZ and South African clients of their converted and compliant vehicles.

@Tom Personal Import Scheme, for means you can get vehicles imported before 1989 not affected by ADR's. If you thought getting a small diesel pickup was a hard act to follow in the US, read these regulations. A Lot of the pickups they are importing are not brand new, but maybe a year old.

these little trucks are awsome

Both GM (S-10) and Ford (Ranger) make golbal, 4x4, 4 dr diesel trucks that get 30 MPG hwy but won't sell them to us in the USA
Nissan and Toyota still make the "original" size trucks in a 4 dr 4x4 diesel. But they won't import them to the USA I want my small diesel truck!

$30K for that turd?

good luck with that.

@ Matt - I doubt you needed much of a push.
I don't recall mentioning or praising government.

The compact truck market is dying in North America. Ford is killing the Ranger and GMC the Colorado/Canyon. The Ridgeline will most likely die soon as well.
Ram is killing the Dakota and the rumor is a unibody Truck (worked real well for Honda). Jeep will most likely come out with a truck. Chrysler is probably the only potential bright light in the compact truck market (kudos to Fiat????)
The Tacoma is the "biggest" compact in the market. It sells well most likely because of its "Far from compact" size.
What is left Nissan Frontier?
Will we see a Mahindra truck and most importantly a reliable service network?
Time will tell.
I prefer to buy what is out there right now.
The Mahindra has been rumored to be in the 25,000 to 30,000 range.
That isn't much cheeper than my current truck.
2,500 lb cargo capacity?
Yeah, right.
Maybe in India where 140,000 people die every year in MVC's.
In a country where a person gets a million bucks for spilling a coffee in one's crotch - I'll be amazed if law makers let this truck have 1/2 of its stated cargo capacity.
Even if it is allowed 2,500 lb - imagine all of the bitching and moaning that will occur when some smug SOB loads this thing to the max and hits the freeway on ramp with all 125 HP chattering away!
They'll get ran over by a Mack truck or get pulled over for obstructing traffic.
How many guys expect to hit the freeway and cruise at 65 - 75 mpg? Not in this truck empty or loaded.
That is why I think it will fail.
North Americans will refuse to lower their expectations.
Maybe I'll be proven wrong.
It does occasionally happen.

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