New Ram 1500 "Adventurer" Aimed at Sport Truck Enthusiasts Announced


If the new Ram 1500 Tradesman grabbed the attention of contractors and small businesses with its low price, high capability and standard V-8, another new Ram model — code-named “Adventurer”— is set to turn the heads of sport truck enthusiasts.

The two-wheel drive, 390 horsepower Hemi-powered Ram Adventurer builds on the Ram 1500 Tradesman’s key attributes.

According to a press release, the new truck will feature a monochromatic paint scheme, body-colored grille with black honeycomb inserts, body-colored front fascia and body-colored rear fascia with chrome-tipped dual exhausts shouting “high-performance.”

The Ram will also get fog lamps and 20-inch aluminum wheels with locking lug nuts. There’s also a locking tailgate, cargo lamp, rear-bumper step pad, 6-by-9-inch side-view mirrors and rear wheel-well liners.

Standard features also include a 160-amp alternator, 26-gallon fuel tank, 3.55 rear axle ratio (optional 3.21 or 3.92), 700-amp maintenance-free battery, four- and seven-pin trailer wiring harness, heavy-duty front and rear shock absorbers, front and rear stabilizer bars, power rack-and-pinion steering, halogen headlamps, heavy-duty engine and transmission cooling, and a full-size spare tire.


Inside, the new Ram half-ton model will get a heavy-duty vinyl 40/20/40-split bench seat, and buyers can choose vinyl or carpeted floor covering. Other features include air conditioning, a 120-mph speedometer, 12-volt auxiliary power outlet, six-speaker media center with CD and MP3 player, as well as audio jack input for mobile devices, automatic headlamps, behind-the-seat storage bins, driver and passenger assist handles, power accessory delay, rear dome lamp, rearview day/night mirror and tinted glass windows.

Safety features include advanced multistage front airbags, supplemental front curtain and side airbags, antilock four-wheel-disc brakes, electronic stability control, height-adjust shoulder belts, sentry key theft deterrent system and tire pressure monitoring warning lamp.

It will be available in bright silver metallic, bright white, Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl, Deep Cherry Red Crystal Pearl; Deep Water Blue Pearl; Flame Red, Hunter Green Pearl and Mineral Gray Metallic.

“This is going to be a great-looking sports truck,” Ram trucks CEO Fred Diaz said. “A buyer will be able to drive off in a new Hemi-powered Ram truck with money left over for other things, like Mopar accessories. There’s nothing in the market – and that includes other trucks, as well as cars – that can compete with this truck’s blend of style, exhilarating performance and value.”

The eight-cylinder Adventurer (until it gets a formal name) will start at $23,830 (including a $975 destination charge). That’s $1,050 more than the Tradesman’s starting price. It will arrive in Ram truck dealerships in second quarter of 2011.



Let me guess: Reg. Cab 2WD only?

Both of these trucks are great deals. Would be even better if a 6 speed manual OR auto was there.

@A.J. Reg cab, 2WD to start. 4WD is an option.

Several guys, myself included have posted that the "Tradesman" would be a good hotrod platform.
Looks like Ram thought of that as well.
Good work Ram.

Nice to see some stories about trucks that don't have a blue oval on the grill.

Dang....gonna have to add yet another Ram to my already overflowing driveway. Awesome!

I wonder if Dodge is going to keep the Ram R/T model after introducing this truck.

@Mike Thanks for the fast response! Love the site!

@lou or a bow tie...

The axle ratios should be switched. This should have the 3.92 and the Tradesman should have 3.55. I think 3.55 is the best middle ground ratio. Anyone else agree?

For truck use here in Co 3.55 are on the lite side IMHO 3.73 are one of the best all around gear ratios no matter what you drive. The 3.55 is to tall for towing esp with the 45RFE trans.

Ram is getting ruthless.

Fiat: How can we sell more Ram Trucks?

Diaz: Slap a Hemi in it?

Fiat: Let's do it.

Diaz: Yay!

@ A.J. Did you look at the last pic? (the blue ram) It has some letters and numbers on the tailgate... lol

4X4 emblem not big enough?

The title of the tradesman and adventurer articles should be Dodge lowers Regular Cab prices - because these special editions are just smoke and mirrors. There's really nothing new to these trucks besides a lower price. This one is just 20" wheels on a Regular Cab w/ a Hemi. Dodge has done sport trucks many times in the past. The monochromatic pieces have been offered by Ram and the competition (F-150 STX etc) for years. The tradesman is kind of the same thing. A cheap regular cab. Nothing really new on that truck - just a lower price.

@ Kbowman Blue and black truck pics were not there when I posted.

What an awesome deal! All it needs is the 3.92:1 gear ratio.

It is good to see all this news coming from Ram (Chrysler)!

Is there anything new coming from the Ford camp?

Looks cool for a regular cab. But what's with all of these regular cabs? Very few want, need, or desire regular cabs nowadays.

I know a year or so ago the experts said that Ram will have nothing new to offer as far as technology goes. That they will only slap packages togeter with options already there to create the illusion of new products. Looks like they are doing it but at least they are trying hard and working with their strong points. It's great to see slightly lower pricing for MSRP, but I wonder how that will translate on actual selling price when compared to the others. Seems the brands can only sell if they can inflate the price and then give huge discounts to everybody and their brother.

Guys, thumbs up if you agree...The RAM Tradesman would sell better if it had the RAM box, i.e. the special box was offered on regular and Quad cabs and not just Crew Cabs.

OK this topic, I like it...except it would look better with the quad headlamps. But then you may mistake it for the R/T LOL!

"The RAM Tradesman would sell better if it had the RAM box..." optional equipment of course.


In my opinion, Ram Box should be standard on the Tradesman.

@Alex ,
The Ram R/T is a more expensive performance truck than the Adventurer..The Adventurer has a bench seat,vynal floor,carpet optional.The R/T is full out a loaded truck !

The Ram R/T has a better torque converter for better off the line pick-up and 4.10 rear gears !

If the "Adventurer" with a Hemi is to target young buyers, good luck with them affording the fuel. The young folks I'd guess would have a heavy foot. We did when we were young but not with gas going to $4 bucks.

@supercrew02 Why would anybody buy a truck if they didn't have money for gas? It applies for all full-sized trucks.

@ A.J - even less news about bowties.

This is just packed full of value, I'm really considering one. I have a 2005 Ram 1500, it's a regular cab short bed 4X4 with the 5.7L Hemi. It's been a great truck, I was going to keep it another five years but the price on these trucks is pretty hard to pass up.

I agree...kinda. It's narrower, though. But that's where the storage bins shine...OK I totally agree!

The Ram Crew Cab uses a different bed length then the Ram Regukar Cab. The Regular Cab is 5'7, while the Crew Cab is 5'6. I have no idea why they did this. They also produce Regular and Crew cabs at different places. I think. I'm not sure, but from the get go, the RamBox was a Ram Crew Cab option only.

at billy i agree on the ram box also think it should be offered on the 2500s in the 6 foot and 8 foot bed as well

You know, I had my doubts about FIAT running Chrysler, but it looks like they are going to be good for the company.

My hat's off to them.

You know...a vinyl bench seat it not very appealing to a Sport truck enthusiast. The exterior options like the monochrome paint and dual exhust are but really the rest of the truck just sounds to plain and this article makes it sound like its got all this fancy stuff but really its all standard equipment on all their trucks and not that new. Anyways the Dodge dealer here says there is not a market for reg cab's and they dont stock any except for the work trucks.

My mistake, the Ram Regular Cab has a 6'4 bed. Not a 5'7.

what happen to the R/T

This AND the Tradesman needs to come with the extended cab and both with rubber floors and the vinyl or cloth seats at the base price point. That would be a deal that would be smokin' and probably really cut Ford at the knees.


It's still here. This is 7k cheaper.

RamBox should definitely be standard on the Tradesman!

Looks like what Ford did with the Ranger, Tradesman = Xl Adventurer = Edge , ect

I really dont want to make it seem like im just another loser, but it looks like they're taking one truck, changing the rims, slapping another name on it, HOWEVER this can be the start of something fun, a reg cab ram with their biggest engine they offer... Maybe ford can follow putting in the 6.2 in a reg cab and we can kinda sorta have the srt10 & lightning... Good to see ram making an effort...

Until I went to the Ram truck site to try to build some, I didn't realize how limited the selection was. Ram has added 50% to their model selection by adding these last 2 models. Looking at options, you have very limited choices when building a Ram truck. Ford buyers have been spoiled and they still complain about not enough selections and choices. Ford has 11 models to choose from and then many times the options including powertrain and the multiple packages within each model. Seriously, if you are a Ford fan you need to look at the Ram site to appreciate what you have to choose from today. It is easier to build a Ram truck with fewer choices though. So, adding these models is a big thing for them, and it's giving their buyers some better choices like other brands. No wonder Ram truck fans are so excited.

I had a Dodge Adventurer back in the 1970's, it was the first "club-cab" out there. Had the 360 with auto-matic, put a lift on it, roll bar and 36 inch ground hawgs.

Looks pretty good. Am I the only one thinking the "adventurer" name may not be the most suitable name for this sporty looking truck?

Maybe it's just me but when I'm thinking adventure, I'm thinking off roading and this truck more then likely won't be spending too much time off off the beaten path with 20s and Goodyear wrangler HPs. Adventurer would've been a better fit for the TRX-4 replacement in my opinion.

Nice to see Ram drumming up interest with a special edition trucks but I doubt I'll see any of them on the road anytime soon. I can't remember the last time I've seen a regular cab, non work truck around here.

RE: FORD850's comment.

I think it's fairly easy to build your ram truck the way you want it.

For instance, my boss and I both have 2010 RAMs. Both are SLT quad cabs but the way they're optioned makes em quite different.

We both have Hemis, 4x4 and 20" wheels but he's got bucket seats, quad headlights/fog lights and dual exhaust whereas I've got the regular lights, premium bench, tow hooks and skid plates, the single exhaust and the towing package.

Doesn't make mine a stripped model either. It's got bluetooth, remote start, power everything and trailer brake controller.

2 different guys, 2 different truck. Same SLT trim level.

@Ford850: The problem with Ford is that if you want X, you also have to pay for Y and Z whether you like it or not. It seems like I can more easily configure a Ram the way I like it than I can a Ford.

Rambox does not work for most contractors. You can use cargo boxes, hard tonneaus or caps with Rambox.

You canNOT use cargo boxes, hard tonneaus or caps with Rambox.

Adventurer sounds like something you'd give to like an offroad version or 4x4, not a 4x2 sport.

I bought a regular cab 4.7 b/c it was cheaper and easier to build on. Granted I'm not hot rodding it just making something good for off road and daily driving but I could see where this is. Goin and would love to have this for a daily and my current ride as an mudder build

"The Ram Crew Cab uses a different bed length then the Ram Regukar Cab. The Regular Cab is 5'7 (later corrected to 6'4), while the Crew Cab is 5'6. I have no idea why they did this. " -ed

It's a trend really among half-ton full size and smaller trucks. They share virtually the same wheelbase length, so the regular cab long bed (7-8') is the same wheelbase as the extended cab standard bed (6-6.5') as well as the crew cab short bed (5-5.5'). The regular cab short bed has a shorter wheelbase than those and an extended cab long bed has a longer wheelbase than those. Yes, currently the RamBox is a Crew Cab thing, but as PUTC fans we (and Mike Levine) need to urge Ram to extended the availability of the RamBox.

@Mike (the commenter, Feb 16, 2011 1:46:33 AM)
This Adventurer package is an aim at the STX Ford F150, more or less.

TY "K" Meant can't. Just saw my typo :)

@John The Adventurer name was given to the 2wd trucks of the 70's. I do agree but they should give the 4x4 the Prospector name

That's a fair price to me. Good job RAM. Add a Quad Cab for under 25k and let's talk.

@D57H: it's a 545RFE 5 speed which really has 6 forward speeds, but the regular 2nd gear and prime 2nd are so close together, 1.67 and 1.5 and you can only use the two together when in tow haul or electronic range select.

wrong,wrong,wrong.....ram will be a winner,when they came out with a truck that under 20k and gets 23mpg.Wright this down,this truck (advencrap) willbe over 28k when you add some options.Base price dont mean anything.

Ram Sportsman.
It goes with the current naming scheme.

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