PUTC Guests On The RoundAbout Show


Over the weekend, the car-loving crew of the RoundAbout Show asked us to come on and talk about trucks, the Chicago Auto Show and much more, including the new Ram 1500 Tradesman.

Check out the podcast devoted to the weird, under-reported and often humourous side of automotive news and car culture. It was a blast!

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This show was brutal! The little you spoke, Mike L., was great to listen to. The rest was torture! Sorry. I am fanatic about watching Autoline Daily but this RoundAbout was too much to handle.

I agree with Buy. Appreciated your input Mike, but the rest of the show was only mildy entertaining. Honestly, the rest of the "talent" seemed like the last people that would be interested in trucks. In any case, you made the show better than it would have been otherwise. Let us know when/if you get asked to do it again.

Yeah hard to listen to. Mike, see if you can be a guest on Top Gear! US or UK version, I don't mind. :)

I'd have to say it was pretty interesting. Sounded like it was a pain to talk at times because some of those people would just keep talking.

@ Mike - good job.
News on a new compact truck - Monday? cool.

@Lou: Thanks! It was the Colorado / Canyon story we published.

I just noticed the comment about it being on the weekend past.
I was hoping that perhaps more compact truck news was going to surface.
I am really intrigued by what Ram and Jeep are working on.

Any news from GM or Chev?

Mike is that rare case where genius IS recognized before death

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