What We're Testing This Week: 2011 Ford F-150 5.0-liter V-8

What We're Testing This Week: 2011 Ford F-150 5.0-liter V-8

We've got our hands on a 2011 Ford F-150 5.0-liter V-8 XLT SuperCrew 4x4 that we're putting through the paces in California, Arizona and Nevada this week. That's a 9,000 pound horse trailer we're pulling behind it.

Look for the full story coming soon and teasers on Twitter and Facebook between now and then.


Can't wait to read it! But I really can't wait to get that 5.0L FX4 in my garage this summer.

Great pictures!!!!!


The suspense is killing me!

Beautiful truck!

Are you SURE you don't need an arctic tester!? :)

@Huck BB62 - offer your Raptor in trade for winter testing. LOL

I have been hoping to see you guys do a review on the f150 with the 5.0. thanks! I can't wait to read it.

I wonder if it pulls as hard as a 5.4 3v?

if that 5.0 runs like the one they put in the mustang that truck will fly.

Can't wait for the review on this. I mentioned to the Ford rep at the car show that they need to make a electronic air dam on the front so it will get thru the midwest snows better. Like when in 4-wheel drive it raises up out of the way. Myself, I would just remove it.

Looking forward to the review. Mike, are you going to go back and do the same test again with the EcoBoost V6? It would be good to read a comparison between two equally optioned trucks pulling the same load, comparing just the two engines.

Frankly I would like to see a back to back same test comparison between the Ecoboost, 5.0, & 6.2 Powered F-150's!

@Alex: We are going to pull the same trailer and weight with the EcoBoost F-150 in the same places as this test, plus a few more ;-)

@Len: I agree but it would be several weeks before I could pull all of those trucks together. This way, we're getting the review of the 5.0 ASAP for you.

The results of this test, the ecoboost test, and my own test drives will directly impact my purchase in the next 4 or 5 months. I think the XLT trim 4x4 is a good level to test; it is relatively affordable and well equipped for those of us who can't afford to step into the $42K+ Lariat. Look forward to the results!!

Bob, the recall was for 09 and '10 trucks... this is a 2011. You're dumb.

I think that Bob works for the government? That is why he is pushing so hard for people to buy from General Motors...so the government can get a return on their investment.

I am amazed with all the new engine options from ford. I hope they all prove to be reliable.

Problem: Ford allows their "Max Tralier Towing Package" option only with the EcoBoost 3.5 or the 6.2 engines. The Max Tralier Towing Package option includes the extendable tow-mirrors. It would be great if the Tow-Max option was available with the 5.0 engine.
I tow only several times a year, so the 5.0 would be perfect for me, but I want the tow mirriors.


@89CrewCab. It isn't very difficult to swap out the standard mirrors to tow mirrors. Would just have to purchase the tow mirrors after you get the truck.

@89CrewCab - You do not need the "max tow" package to get the tow mirrors. It comes as a separate option, so does the trailer brake controller package.
Max tow gives you slightly stiffer springs, an upgraded tow hitch - I think class IV to Class V, and I think there is a different frame cross member. It also comes with the integrated trailer brake and tow mirrors. Oh, almost forgot - 3.73 gears.

@ Dave - the retractable air dam would be a good idea. I bet that we will see that sort of thing in the next few years.
The F150 bumper and plastic sits a few inches higher than a comparible Chev or Ram. There is a small "dam" back from the bumper that sticks down. It is very pliable. I've plowed through a lot of deep snow this winter and haven't damaged anything. I had one retractable side step deploy after going through a headlight deep snow drift but nothing broke with that stunt either. I wouldn't get the steps if I did a lot of offroading. I've seen a few work trucks with those steps torn off, but I've seen tons of trucks of all brands with mangled running boards.
I've seen too many Chevs with broken nose plastic. It was one of the things that turned me off of buying one.

Only the Max Tow Package has the trailer tow mirrors. No Trailer Tow mirrors are available on a 5.0 because the 5.0 is not a Max Tow vehicle.

We're headed to K&N to put the 5.0 on the dyno.

They changed the package options from 2010 to 2011.
You can order a 5.0 equiped truck with the integrated trailer brake and tow package but not the tow mirrors.

nice AMERICAN truck. i still can't believe the idiots out there that still call it govrnment motors, and for the gov. to get the money back, first it is OuR MONEY, MINE, YOURS, EVERY TAX PAYER IN THIS GREAT COUNTRY. not the idiots that are running the country into the ground. buy what ever you like Chevy, Ford, Dodge. just as long as it's AMERICAN.


If I buy a Dodge Ram heavy duty or regular cab half ton that are all made in Mexico and the company becomes 51% Italian owned once the government loans are repaid, is that buying American? It's going to be an interesting next few years.


any guesses on the dyno??? I am guessing 285 rwhp and 300 tq!!!

While at the K&N Dyno, I'd like to know how the torque plays out. Specifically in comparison to the old 5.4L. The 5.0 has the guts to blast a 5.4 away in a race, but when it comes to strong towing, if the low end isn't at least very close I'm gonna say the Ecoboost is the only option I'd consider.


I'd say 306hp / 323tq.

sandman 4x4-

I am with you, brother!

@ Bro - took the words right out of my mouth.
Why don't you add Mexican Ford diesel engines,
Canadian made Mustangs and Camaro's - the list goes on.
Spare me the "Americas" argument ie. North, Central, South America.
Castro's Cuba or Venezuela's Hugo Chavez are part of the "Americas" and do not give a rats a$$ about the USA.

I think it would be cool to get a 2010 F150 with the 5.4 and max tow package to run with the 2011 Fords in the 1/2 ton shootout.
That direct comparison would be more interesting than pulling up the results from the last 1/2 ton shoot.
I do hope that every available engine configuration from Ford, GM, Dodge, and Toyota ae brought to the shootout. (excluding ones tested in the work truck shootout).
That would be more meaningful to us consumers than a shootout with just the "big guns". ie. Ford 6.2, EB 3.5, or Chev 6.2, or Dodge 5.7, or Toyota 5.7.

The 5.0 is one hellva engine for its displacement. But from what I have seen, its torque curve didn't isn't any better then the 4.6's. Kind of makes me wonder how it is going to perform while pulling.

Maybe that is something Mike can put on the next shootout, overlapping power graphs. Not ones from the manufacturer.

@ bro and lou

The fact is ford and general motors (i'm not entirely sure about chrysler anymore) are American companies. All of their products are not made in America, but these companies do more for America than any other car companies. They do try to keep production in or close to "home." If you support American companies, you WILL see more American Jobs and a better economy. If you support foreign companies(even if they do produce some vehicles in America like the Tundra) a lot more of that money is going to foreign countries. I don't think it's wrong to buy japanese or german or whatever other foreign vehicles, but the fact is you are doing more for the U.S. economy by buying from Ford, GM, and Chrysler, even though a small percentage of that money is going to Mexico and Canada.

and when I say America I mean the U.S. Most people when talking about America, they are referring specifically to the U.S.


Right on!

@beebe - my comment about the "Americas" is because many use this argument to somehow rationalize Mexican, Canadian, Brazilian or whatever as "American" and thus better for "Americans" than a foreign Asian or Oriental product.
If it is made in another country - it still is an import. NAFTA and other trade agreements do not count Canadian or Mexican products as imports even though they are.
USA money still leaves the USA to pay for workers, plants and materials if it is made elsewhere. These costs far outweigh any gains made in profit.
If I buy a 40,000 dollar truck and 30,000 leaves the country to pay for the materials, building costs, and wages. That leaves 10,000 dollars profit. Foreign owned debt and foreign shareholders eat up a portion of that profit.
How much remains for the USA?
Look up the definition of GDP and you'll see where I'm coming from.
A Mexican made Ram or Canadian made Camaro is worse for the economy than a USA made Toyota.
This debate comes up time and time again.

I fully agree that America stands for USA or Americans are residents of the USA.
I agree that buying a domestic made product from a domestic company is the best choice for supporting one's economy.
The only caviat is the quality of the product.

I'll buy the best product that meets my needs.

If it wasn't for foreign competition - the domestics ( and I use that term loosely) would still be making crappy, substandard products.

As far as your comment "They do try to keep production in or close to "home."

No, not any more.

Ford is shutting down US production of the Ranger. They will build them in the orient and South Africa.
GM is killing the Colardo and Canyon.
They are spending a billion in Thailand to build "global" Colorado's.

Why don't they build them in the USA and export them?

It is not as simple as which flag the head office is located under, or the origin of the emblem on the grill.
I appreciate your imput.

The 5.0 has more torque than the 5.4.
5.0 - 380
5.4 - 365

@Jim - where do those numbers occur in the RPM band?
The 5.4 has peak torque at 3,500. That is 750 RPM less than the 5.0.
The 5.4 has peak HP at 5,200 or 300 rpm less than the 5.0.
I'm not surprised as the 5.0 was designed for the Mustang. The fact that it was built for high performance applications and supercharging means that it is robust enough to be used in a truck.
I am looking forward to any test with these engines.

You guys are underestimating the 5.0L. It would blow the 5.4L away while towing...

5.4L with 9,000lbs is not fun. I know I've done it many times.

@ lou
you make some good points, but the FACT remains. You are doing MORE for the U.S. Economy by buying Ford and GM products than if you buy from Toyota/nissan etc. Especially in the long run. Obviously they do WANT to keep production inside the U.S. but they can't afford it! Ford and GM have HAD to outsource SOME production to other countries in order to compete with imported cars that can be produced at a much lower cost. Sure the foreign competition has put pressure on the domestics to produce better cars, but the only way for domestic brands to produce higher quality cars without going bankrupt was to outsource production to other countries. The reason why Toyota can afford to produce the Tundra in the U.S. is because of all the money they save importing so many other vehicles from Japan (for example healthcare costs for japanese workers are less than half what they are for americans). Still GM alone employs more U.S. citizens than Toyota, Nissan, and Honda combined. Most toyotas, hondas, and nissans are and will continue to be imports. The healthier GM and Ford are financially, the more likely they are to keep production inside the U.S.

Same old tired redundant arguments about "Buy American". I buy trucks every now and then, buy cars every now and then. I buy REGULAR consumables ( you know, the stuff that places like walmart stocks on the shelves) on a weekly/more often basis. I put more emphasis on those consumables being made in the USA instead of where the home office of a GLOBAL American Auto corporation is, or how much they help the economy. Made in the USA, I buy it. It really is that simple. I could care less where a car is made, very small amounts of the total price of a foriegn made vehicle actually make it back to the "home country" or how ever you people put it. Just face it, American companies got greedy, and broke it off in the regular Joe's A$$.

I can't wait to read the write up on this truck. I'm currently looking for a new pick up. I'm considering Buying my friends 2007 S.C. FX4 truck. But this could change my mind.

@Red. If you "could care less" that means you care a lot, right?
I guess you think Akio Toyoda is doing it all from the good will of his heart? Yeah, like crap all the money stays here.

American companies, with American production, keep the home fires burning!

the 5.0 peaks @ 380. i want to know what rpm the 5.0 is at when it reaches 365. you might need to keep them wound up more but that is the nature of it. a 5.4 doesnt rev out nice like a hemi but i bet this 5.0 is right there with a 5.7 hemi the way it runs like to rev freely. then put a diablo predator in it and i bet it will rev to 6500 rpm easily without straining the motor. you wouldnt want to do that with a 5.4. i own a v10 f350 reg cab and a long time ago they put 5.0l 302 in f350 reg cab trucks im hoping they put this 5.0 or the 3.5tt or a new 5.0 tt in the superduty so i can get 15 mpg instead of 5 lol

A high reving engine, such as the HEMI (Ford 5.0L?), is great for a passenger/performance car. Not so great in a pickup truck application. I have a Ram 2500 with the HEMI and yeah sure it has power...above 4,500 r.p.m. I do not like having to hold the r.p.m. between 4,500-5,500 to pull a 6% grade, while towing my travel trailer, to maintain 60-65 m.p.h.. My in-laws have a Ram 2500 V10 that can almost idle in overdrive in this same situation where I am in second gear to keep the r.p.m. up.

Quote "keep the home fires burning!"

That would be with imported oil !

@lou- nope my home is heated with Natural Gas, of which about 90% of us consumption is produced in the USA:)
Also, although you are correct that the Camaro is made in cAnAdA. The mustang is produced in the USA, in Flatrock Michigan. With the Camaro, the 6.2 engine and 6l80e trans. ars US made, and installed into the car in canada. Witht he mustang the 3.7 v6 and all auto trans. are made in the US. All manuals for both of these cars, unfortunatlly are Hecho en Mexico. GM's 6l60 is not US made afaik. I am unsure about the Camaro's 3.6 could be made in either US or canada.
My point in all of this is that although some "Domestic vehciles" are made in Canada or even Mexico, lots of components are still US made (NOT the Hemi :( ). A lot of the "foreign" cars that are assembled here use Japanese/Korean componets. Recently i went to an auto show in my area, and MOST of the Toyota's i saw had an auto trans made in Japan, even if the car was US ASSEMBLED. Many Japanese/Korean cars contained very few US parts compared with domestic cars. Even those Korean cars that they brag about being built in Alabama. Yes, i know the Tundra, Sienna, and Accord do contain alot of US parts, however, this is a small part of the Japanese and Korean automakers total offerings here

"That would be with imported oil !" -Lou

Not if you buy your gasoline from; Conoco, Flying J, or Valero to name a few. They use ZERO barrels of oil from the Middle East.

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