What We're Testing This Week: 2011 Ford F-150 5.0-liter V-8

What We're Testing This Week: 2011 Ford F-150 5.0-liter V-8

We've got our hands on a 2011 Ford F-150 5.0-liter V-8 XLT SuperCrew 4x4 that we're putting through the paces in California, Arizona and Nevada this week. That's a 9,000 pound horse trailer we're pulling behind it.

Look for the full story coming soon and teasers on Twitter and Facebook between now and then.


You people are sad with your "patriotic" consumerism. I buy used trucks, so I buy what I like, be it a Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Dodge, or GM. Don't get all butt hurt you "patriotic" consumreism pansies. It is no pun intended if I buy a Toyota, Nissan, or other foreign brand. I am practicing "captialism" just like the rest of the big businesses. Best product for the price bar none. If a Ford is better price, I buy, asme goes for the others.

Capitalism, I love it. It gives me choices, what you don't like choices? Move to another place then. You "patriots" are starting to sound....socialist to me. You must be paid union thugs or something.

@GM88 - you bring up some interesting points about where parts are made. That is where the "American made" proponents usually do not look beyond the emblem on the grill.
Parts come from all over the palce.
The F150 used to be the perennial top 10 "made in the USA" truck. Number 1 - 5 years in a row.
It didn't even make the top 10 for 2010.
Quote "Blame a decline in its domestic parts content, which dropped to 55 percent for the 2010 model year. In past years the F-150 has held steady around 80 percent domestic parts content; even last year's redesign, which had the potential to change the figures, returned a respectable 75 percent rating."

The Dodge Ram 1500, whose Quad and crew cabs are assembled in Warren, Mich., has 76 percent DPC for 2010. That’s up from a lowly 53 percent for the 2009 model year

The automaker's full-size pickups — the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra — were once regulars here. Production of both trucks is split between the U.S. and Mexico, however, and today's models have only a 65 percent domestic parts content.


Top 10 "American Made"

1. Toyota Camry
2. Honda Accord
3. Ford Escape
4. Ford Focus
5. Chevrolet Malibu
6. Honda Odyssey
7. Dodge Ram 1500
8. Toyota Tundra
9. Jeep Wrangler
10. Toyota Sienna

Grand Total

4 Toyota
2 Ford Corp
2 Chrysler Corp
1 GM Corp
1 Honda Corp

This whole "buy American" thing when it comes to pickups is laughable at best.
The top domestic truck is the Ram - Fiat will soon have controlling interest of Chrysler.

The most "American" trucks on the list are foreign owned!



Break out the alka seltzer or tums.

Full review will be up by Tuesday. We've got tons of performance data to share.

For Mike Levine or anyone else that might know: I'd like to know if Walmart's Super Tech full synthetic oil (5W-30) would be acceptable to use in either of the 2011 Ford's Ecoboost or 5 liter pickup engines? Thanks for your answers to come.

You can do what you wanna do, but when you buy from toyota/honda/nissan... you are hurting Ford GM and Chrysler. So Ford GM and Chrysler will close more plants in the U.S. and there will be tens or hundreds of thousands less jobs. Capitalism is great but it's far from a perfect system. This is just an example of that. You might want to keep that in mind. You continue to buy foreign and These "American" brands are going to continue to outsource. All you are doing with your list Lou is demonstrating that. You are hurting the U.S. economy by supporting foreign companies. That is a FACT. Look at the big picture genius. Take an economics class. I didn't know about this until I made it my major in College. I can't believe I got sucked in to an argument with people that are either uneducated, unintelligent, or both.

I guess I can hardly blame you. Most people don't have any kind of grasp of economics. Especially politicians. It's a crying shame. It's a very important subject.

Ever notice how government-owned vehicles are almost always "american" brands? this is why. At least somebody in the government knows it's better for our country to support American brands. It's really not that complicated.

Capitalist's- Enjoy your (few) choices now. With your idealism's you are just driving American companies, American jobs, and the American economy deeper into the ground.

I am NOT a "paid union thug or something"! I am not in favor of most unions. I am a born and raised American (U.S.A.) that wants America to have one of the world's leading economies once again.

I am an unemployed American, because the American manufacturer I used to work for was struggling trying to compete with cheaply made imported products. The company chose to not sacrifice on quality, by outsourcing and/or lowing standards, choosing instead to lay off a dozen people in my division (sales) and many more people in production. I commend them for not bending over and for holding on to the meaning of Made In The U.S.A.!

If you want the best for your money...how about you bring in some Japanese (for this example only) immigrants; that are not citizens of America, not part of any unions (will mean lower standards), and do not care about your best interests, to build your next house for you? I bet you would change your tune if it was YOUR house that was in question? You would want it built my Americans that have to follow certain standards, regulations, and accountability.

Well here is the deal: The United States of America is OUR house! I want it built, remodeled, restored, etc. by the best of the best! That sirs, means by Americans looking out for America. Not people from other countries looking to make a quick buck off of blind Americans.

@beebe - I bought a 2010 F150. 55% USA content. Where did the other 45% come from? Europe, China, Japan, Mexico?
Canadian content counts as USA content.
You are not the only guy on this site with post secondary education.
I do not make uneducated comments.
One can blame foreign companies for problems in the USA or guys who buy "foreign" products but the biggest problems stem from within.
Baby boomers are in the 45 - 65 year old range. The biggest demographic and their purchacing power is starting to wane.

Most economic gains in the last few decades have been made through credit. You remove borrowed money from the picture and a true economic growth would be around 3%.

The middle class in NA is rapidly dwindling. We are going to end up with the "haves and have nots".
The working poor is becoming the norm.

Is that the fault of foreign companies?
No - try internal corporate and/or elitist greed and the "great unwashed" being sucked into the trap of unfettered materialism.
"Your worth as a person is based on your possessions".

Closing the borders to foreign products will make it worse.
China and India most likely will be the next economic "super powers".
Not much the USA will be able to do about that, other than try to take advantage of it. There are idiots in power that want to start a cold war with China. Not too bright. China is much too wealthy to fall apart like the USSR.

It is convenient to blame your neighbor for driving a Toyota or BMW.

How many bankers and CEO's went to jail for the Wall Street collapse, the Banking collapse, the auto industry collapse, even the "dot.com" collapse?
There lies the source of most of the USA's problems.


Capitalism brought this about when greed ran rampant. Until Americans are willing to compete on the wage level with Chinese or other third world nations (where OUR god damned American companies shipped our JOBS when that little thing called NAFTA came about) then companies will continue to ship jobs there....genius! So what you majored in economics...I majored in Chemical Technology and I don't act pompous and arrogant like you. I think I have a great understanding about what is going on in this country (that being when Americans willingly take less pay and a lower lifestyle, then we will compete with third world nations on products because it will NOT pay off to ship production from America to third world nations)

Our American companies shipped our jobs overseas when NAFTA came thru in 1994, thanks to DemocRAT "slick willie" and a useless re-thug congress. Look it up, "economics major". Also, look up CEO pay which directly correlates with company profits increasing in the same time period, and while your at it, look at the number of jobs that went over seas in "W"'s term and shortly before that, all correlating with the introduction of NAFTA.

I know what is going on in this country, and it is solely ran on wall street. You can think what you like, but I fully understand what is going on. Our Govt and Big Business raked the middle class across the coals with NAFTA, and we will never recover until it is repealed....."economics major". Chinese goods came when the likes of Walmart put mom-and-pop businesses out and started importing chinese junk to bolster profits (that is what Capitalism is all about, except it is now exploiting our nation buy sending jobs overseas to bolster profits). Now that production has moved OUT of the country, and Americans are forced to take lower wage service sector jobs, they cannot afford anything but the Chinese made goods....."economics major".

Look, I take the word of several WW2 and Veitnam vets over your bought-and-paid-for education. They have explained to me what has happened, and told me years ago it would fail due to greed, and look what is happening. Capitalism demands the lowest prices for the greatest profits, American labor cannot compete with Chinese comanies, therefore American Companies move production there to improve profits....the most important thing to Wall Street thugs and overpaid CEO's.

Buy American: the other side of the story, is that Americans can no longer afford to buy american because while their backs were turned, greed sold our manufacturing base out for a few dollars in labor and they didn't even know it. Yeah, that is the reason. Your company is to be looked upon fro trying, but look how many Americans now work for less than stellar wages, how can you expect them to pay...say 35K for a XLT F150 4x4 when they can simply buy a Nissan Titan for 26.5 OTD? I mean, to the average American, 10K is a HUGE difference. I am that American that I used in the example BTW, but I choose to stay with my F150 for a while longer because I am not like the average American in that I try and pay CASH for my cars not some bank.

When I see greed of wall street running oour country and govt, well, then I have lost all hope for here...sorry cheif. I am facing reality. You will too one day my friend, then you will understand why this "Average Joe" has the attitude he does.

@mike levine and others who read the posts
Sorry we got so far off topic

well thanks lou I'm glad you posted something that I completely agree with. I am truly sorry for my accusation. I'm sure a lot of the people that post on here are uneducated though. That's why I try not to comment on the posts too much.
I personally don't blame people for driving foreign brands. But I will probably never buy one. I just think people ought to be aware that it is generally better for our economy to buy american brands. And just because some foreign companies produce some of their products here, it does not necessarily do our economy good by supporting those companies. It is not a bad thing for an individual to choose to buy a product from a foreign company, but it does hurt our economy when Americans in general start to turn away from American brands. That has been happening in this country. Too many people turning away from Ford, GM, and Chrysler towards toyota/honda/etc has contributed to our economic problems. I don't blame foreign companies for our economic woes, but in times like this it is best when people turn to American companies for our products. If we are more supportive of companies like Ford and GM, we will see the percentage of their products being produced in the U.S. go up. Otherwise they will likely continue to outsource and that percentage will go down more and more so that there really aren't any true American brands anymore.
I'm done with the off-topic posts now.


I forgot, everyone not "educated" in an economics/civics classes is considered unintelligent, or uneducated or both.

I forgot, it must have been a figment of my imagination when I seen that 3.7 GPA on my transcript when filling out the application and resume for my 90K/yr job in the Chemical Technology field.

BTW, just to prove how "unamerican" I am to you and "Buy American", I also work for a company based out of "Socialist" Sweden, that would be in the northern part of Europe or in the Scandinavian part, or near Norway (to the left of Sweden), Finland (to the Right of Sweden), and ,Denmark (SouthWest of Sweden, south of Norway)....due North (just about) of Germany. I hope I got that right.

Damn, thanks for the correction Mr. "Self Righteous" notifying how ignorant folks are since they are misinformed on how important it is to take into account greedy wallstreet and CEO's when they purchase products in a capitalist market. I will remember what kind of education it takes to post about trucks and economics on PUTC from now on.

Clarification akcknowledged.

Gentlemen, our country has obviously had a major correction, but I am unwilling to believe for a moment that most foreign economies will continue to compete with us in the long run. America's tough work ethic, pride, superior quality and more favorable environment will prevail. The best days are not behind us.

Now, can we talk about trucks again? I didn't come to pickuptrucks.com to listen about government and economics...


@ red 4x4
Haha everything you said pretty much just supports everything I said. Sorry if I offended you in any way by saying I have a pretty good understanding of economics because it is my main area of study. I didn't mean to be arrogant. I was just trying to say that most people don't understand economics until they study it some. I was one of those people that didn't really understand until I studied it in college.

Beebe, undertood. For the record though, I do buy ONLY Wrangler jeans, RedHead socks made in Sheboygan, Wis., Justin brand boots made in the USA because they are better quality and try to buy only American made trinkets like pots, pans, tools, furniture, etc fro the same reason. I consider all these just as vital to our economy as vehicles.

I hate seeing educated Americans, good people for the most part, employed in retail because manufacturing has shipped out due to NAFTA. Our corporate hedgers and Govt screwed us over big time and now our fellow citizens cannot afford to buy American all the time even though they wish they could. If I was to buy a new truck today, I would be hard pressed to go Ford due to the price, I would have to go with the cheapest because I pay cash, and that would be Titan 4x4 unfortunately because a vehicle is very expensive and sadly, bigger dollars talk my friend when money may be thin. Many Americans think like me due to the way our economy is turning. I hope the best for America, but have prepared for the worst. Good luck int eh future and I hope the Big3 do well as I have nothing at all against them, just cannot pay 10K more for a smilarliy equipped truck on a middle calss income.

Have a good day sir,


@beebe - I, like you or Justin would rather stay "on topic" but guys making comments that brand bash, country bash, head office bash or what ever you chose to call it (patriotism, capatilism, protectionism, socialism, conservatism, xenophobia etc.) take the conversation into a realm that in my books cannot go unanswered.
I prefer to buy closer to home!
My wife has started to buy eggs and other foodstuffs from local farmers, I make an attempt to see where a product is made.
I make my decisions based on what is best for my family. If a home grown product does not meet my needs, I have no qualms about buying it from whomever does at the price I'm willing to pay.
I do not care that my F150 is American (well, 55% of it) . I care that I paid considerably less for it than a competitive product of comparable quality.
The flag that the product flies under matters little in a capitalistic world and the source of money to pay for it matters little as well.

@ beebe - keep posting - on topic or not!
I love an intelligent conversation.
Your side of the debate is noted and appreciated.
It is easy to get emotionally wrapped up in one's point of view.

That is a great picture. The truck looks awesome and I can tell that you are outside of Bullhead city, Az which is my hometown. I wish I was you right now!

Sneak preview on Facebook; quater mile time empty for
2011 f150 screw 5.0 is 15.53 @93 mph. Impressive!!!

0-60 empty is 7.18 sec. No 5.4 liter has even come close to
those numbers.

"0-60 empty is 7.18 sec. No 5.4 liter has even come close to
those numbers." -Todd

Not unless it is a supercharged 5.4L such as; Harley Davidson/Lightning, G.T., or Shelby G.T. 500. Ha-ha!

I am impressed with the new 5.0. Ford's new lineup should keep even the most jaded fan happy.

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