Can Your Truck Haul This Much Stuff?

Can Your Truck Haul This Much Stuff?
Photo by Robby DeGraff

Former PUTC intern Robby DeGraff is studying overseas and caught up with this overworked and overloaded Toyota Hilux Mighty-X in Cambodia. It appears to be a mid- to late-1990s model with a 2.8-liter four-cylinder diesel.

Robby calls this the Phnom Penh heavy-duty payload torture test. We agree and we're wondering if the new Ford Ranger and Chevy Colorado will be able to do the same.


Time for a Rumble In Cambodia with the this Hilux and the new Chevrolet Colorado and Ford Ranger T6!

Here is a pic from the Toyota War between Chad and Libya:

Here is another pic from Pakistan:

Toyota pickups are used for so many missions around the world from escaping war and disastor's, general work and used in combat to the majority of the United Nations fleet of vehicles, safari vehicles in Africa and Austrailia and service with many militaries around the world!

If you want to mount a machine gun onto your pickup, Toyota's are the preferred pickup over any other the world over.

Just look at how many Toyota pickups are on the front lines on both sides in Libya with even anti-air guns mounted in their beds.

Heck even Toyota Tundra's:


Forget the compact truck rumble in the rockies... I want to see that Hilux up against an F350.

Mexicans come into Arizona to buy stuff at yard sales and then truck it back to mexico to sell. You should see how they overload trucks and single axle trailers. You cant drive on I10 going through phoenix without seeing one. Its as bad as the middle east photos here but it will be a full size truck going 75 mph.

Wth, it looks like its gonna tip backwards.

Just for clarification US Toyota's aren't anywhere near as capable as the Toyota trucks the rest of the world get AKA the Hilux (vastly superior in every way including looks) to try and compare a Tacoma to a Hilux is like trying to compare Rosanne Bar to Zhang Ziyi .

But no matter how superior it is, laws of physics say that truck is on the verge of tipping back on it behind.

Big volume, but not a big weight.


The Tacoma has one advantage:

Coil sprung front and not torsion bars!

Tacoma's are bigger if you seek more cabin room, etc...

@Joe- even if it's just fiberglass insulation, that much stuff will have some weight. Seems like the rule they go by is "if it rolls, its not overloaded". Or if it isn't overloaded, you're just wasting a trip. Outside NA, small trucks really are called to do the work we expect from a 1/2ton, often more. Most have twice the payload as the NA counterparts.
I'm sure, once all the new entries show up stateside (refresh Taco, new smaller Frontier, new Colorado, Jeep, and dare I hope Mitsu Triton) Mike will put together a full battery of tests for us.

Is the guy on the very back having his lunch?!? I am impressed!

We can't talk too much we are the ones putting 17,000 on a 2 inch ball.

mexican small nissan`s 1000kg
mexican ford rangers 1200kg
mexican f-150 1700kg
ford f 350 chasis chevrolet 3500 chasis dodge 3500 chasis 3500kg 5000kg
ford f 550 chasis 8000kg

The reason Toyota's are in the middle east/africa there is no other brand selling trucks in those countries..
Not because toyota's are good..its the only truck..

What is so great about this ?

A Chevette could haul this much junk stacked on its roof..

Doesnt mean Toyota's are good or tough,just careless owners !

It looks to be all light weight materials..

@ oxi,

Why have you changed..
Months ago you were saying how the Tacoma is small and it could fit in all the trails,until I pointed out to you the Tacoma is the BIGGEST so-called compact truck even bigger than a Dakota,now you seem to be bragging about how big the Tacoma is..too bad its too big for the trails ?

Thank Me,your welcome !!

@ Oxi
From what I understand all Toyota 4x4s now including the Hilux use coil springs in front , its the cheap ass rusty frame and fugly bodies that are the problem with the Tacoma's , if Toyota would put the USA back on the world based and vastly superior Hilux it would be great improvement .


The Toyota frames were made by Dana, a U.S. company!!!

The Tacoma is light years ahead of the Ranger, Dakota and Colorado here...

@Dodge Ram,

I went on a trail ride last fall and I got close to trees and scraping the side clibming an incline with gully's and guess what, I suffered no damage.

Yes the Tacoma I have is bigger than my old 86 Toyota pickup but it still can go into the deep wood trails with little or no body damage at all.

I saw no full-size out there and the few that dared were hybrids with no panels on them because of the damage they would get on a simple deep woods trail.

Is this what you call a "trail", and getting "close" to trees?

I did not have a photographer at the time and that blue trail gets very tight as you climb the hills...

Agree with joe light weight materials.

@Lair - please don't give into the wanna be troll/posers/dorks

Can those guys pack!

I really don't think the fact the truck in this picture is a Toyota has anything to do with how well it holds the load. I see pictures like this all the time of trucks in other countrys that are WAY overloaded. Some are Toyotas and some are other brands.

I know one things for sure though, you don't see this in the USA, Not because our trucks can't handle it. I'm sure any idiot could stack this much or more crap into an F-150 or Silverado...But if you even so much as pulled out on the road with such a stupid overload here in the States the cops would be on you like flies on a dead cow.

That's what we have trailers for.

Here's a few pictures of some more Overloaded Vehicles and suprisngly not all of them are even trucks.

@All you guys suggesting a "rumble in the rockies"
have any of you ever driven a Hilux...
drove rental one for 4 mo. in Australia -piece of $#@ with very little power. Everywhere else in the world, people are used to getting by with less power. fuel is more expensive and vehicles are smaller.
Americans still want their big V8s -thats why all the auto companies still offer totally different vehicles in the different markets.

The tacoma's that are any good where made by GM at the NUMMI plant, now that it is closed they are making it in Texas right next to the Toyota Junkdra, the most recalled POS ever made. Only a complete idiot would waste 5 cents on a Toyota but America is ripe with people who fit that bill.


Toyota built those Tacoma's at NUMMI, get your facts straight.

With the hatred you have, your credibility just went out the window!


Don't be jealous the worker's chose my Tacoma at Road America as their best vehicle on the track!

soft toyotas suck. all that stuff is light weight big whop not even 1500 pounds there.

@Dodge Ram- in current form, the Dakota is 10" longer and 1.4" wider than the Tacoma. It also weighs over 360# more. The old Dakota was also longer and heavier, but a little more narrow. Info is from THIS site

I spy two dudes in the back! Perhaps the missing haul section of the Titanic is in the back too!!

Thankfully the U.S. has a government: funded greatly by taxes paid by American corporations with American headquarters, American designers, American engineers, American labor, and American investors; that prevents this kind of blatant dis-concern for the safety of everyone on our roads.

That's not payload, it's pillows.

@Buy American or say Bye to America!

You sure about that after reading this article:

Seems many foreign nations including #2 on the list that funds our federal government, Japan all play huge roles to keep our government alive and well.

@Buy American or say Bye to America!

Just because they have a U.S. HQ does not mean they make them here!

Look at how much GM, Ford and Chrysler IMPORT into the U.S. from China, Mexico, Canada and Europe!

Now look at other industries...

They reap profits but do not trust U.S. workers to make products here, thus the explosive growth of China's manufacturing sector.

Not many products are totally made in this country anymore.

I've seen some stupid loads but nothing like in those countries.
Human rights, safety, and dignity take a back seat to power, profit, and position.
I was watching the TV show "Ice Road Truckers" in India and they were saying there is a traffic fatality every 3 1/2 minutes. Something in the order of 140,000 people a year.

Funny how the Toyota HiLux is the prefered truck of terrorists and insurgents all over the world ;)

a dakota would haul that no prob.

@ Lou Terrorists like every one else have the impression that Toyotas are bullet proof :). IRT is a pretty crazy show. Watch out for green and white buses.

@ Oxi
"The Toyota frames were made by Dana, a U.S. company!!!

The Tacoma is light years ahead of the Ranger, Dakota and Colorado here..."
The frames were made to Toyota specs , I am sure Toyota whined about it to Dana though , as to the Ranger , Dakota and Colorado it would not take much to be better than them .


"Funny how the Toyota HiLux is the prefered truck of terrorists and insurgents all over the world ;)"

One's terrorist is one's freedom fighter!

Toyota pickups are also the most preferred among militaries around the world!

Just look at how many are in action in Libya and now Bahrain let alone Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Heck even the U.S. military is still buying up-armored Toyota pickups for Afghanistan.

Then you have the global UN fleet of pickups and so on...


The Toyota specs are fine, its up to the suppliers to make them to those specs and that is where the problems are!

The parts supplier plays a huge role in this equation and I am wondering if the Texas built Tacoma's still have Dana frames as a result?

@ oxi - Relax. it was a joke hence the smily face.
@ Jordan L - there are always the "green and white bus" type posters on this site.

@TOYOTA-LOL ! and because theyre cheap


The U.S Military use's Ford, GM and even Dodge too...Most all car companys play a degree in the military.

funny !

the new generation FORD Ranger has a payload of 3340 pounds = 1.5 tonnes. About twice the payload of a Toyota Hilux and abot 50 percent plus over a Volkswagen Amarok

Wow! Do pillows and comforters really weigh that much?

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