Fastlane Teases Ram 1500 R/T "Terramoto" Street Truck

Fastlane Teases Ram 1500 R/T

Fastlane, the Houston-based tuning company behind the limited-edition Chevy Silverado 427SS, has announced it's working on a new project for high-performance pickup enthusiasts. This time, it's a custom Ram 1500 R/T dubbed the "Terramoto," Spanish for "earthquake."

Fastlane intends to add a supercharger to the R/T's 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 to raise horsepower from 390 hp to 500 hp. The Ram R/T Terramoto will also feature a custom exhaust, custom bumper covers, a 4- to 6-inch lowering kit, minitub kit, 24x12-inch rear wheels and 22x10-inch front wheels by Assanti and a custom interior with R/T logo seats.

"We wanted to take a very capable truck and make it even more engaging," said Nick Field, co-owner and founder of Fastlane. "It’s rare to find a pickup that will keep up and even surpass just about anything on the street or at the track, but that’s exactly our goal for this truck."

In stock form, the Ram 1500 R/T can go from zero to 60 mph in under 6 seconds thanks to a "loose" torque converter that allows the engine to rev closer to the point where the engine makes peak torque before it locks to transfer power, via the transmission, to the wheels.

[Source: Fastlane]


Again another pickup built for straight lines!

This thing will wreck on a road course and spin out on a simple parking lot auto-x course.

22 and 20 inch wheels? That's more show and looks than performance!

How many race vehicles do you see with more than even 19 inch wheels?

This thing is all about power in a straight line, no mention of the suspension, camber adjustements, traction aiding devices, braking power, (it's probably an automatic tranny anyway, realperformance and race vehicles are not handicapped auto transmissions), no wing in the back for rear downforce so I can assume the rear will be light and loose at high speed and very dangerous and so forth...

When they speak of its brute power and straight line 0-60 second numbers, it's just a show vehicle that is one dimensional!

Be perfect for picking up girls tho!

@oxi maybe so, but people love this kinda thing. I see a ton of guys that go for fun to 1/4 mile tracks and run times for fun. Supercharged tundras, Rams, even Titan's are all over the place. Don't forget, not all races have turns...

I'd rather drive a Ram than a Tacoma. Tacomas are too big for the compact market and not big enough for the full-size needs.

Yeah, some people buy/build large supercharged trucks for the sole purpose of running them down the strip. Does it make them any better or worse than people that buy/build trucks for autocross events? Of course not, it's just that both groups have different ideas of fun.

I've heard even the stock Ram R/T is zippy, so I can't wait to see what this one can do 0-60.

Seems to me like it would have made more sense to start with a Toyota Camry V6, which is as fast to 60 as the R/T and corners better. Speeding up a vehicle that carries around an extra 1000lb+ of steel is pretty silly.

Much more "Show" than "Go" in this case.

@Michael we get similar things with Supercharged/ turbocharged Utes and BigFoot deriatives in Australia.
Still you can buy a 500hp+ Supercharged Ute for a whole raft of tuners, that can run roadcourses and even Rallys!
Drag Car,
Depends if race versions of what would be a work vehicle are your thing.
Big Foot

why would anyone dog this idea?? its cool to the exact amount of people who will enjoy it! I for one think its cool, just like i think Tundra's with the TRD Supercharger is cool, its 504HP. just about the same result power wise between the two which = BALLS TO THE WALL! whoo hoo!

No offense oxi (especially since we spend most of our time defending stupid bs comments about Toyota) but i PERSONALLY own a go fast car that despite having put $2500 in suspension on the car it still doesnt corner well BUT....... let me catch someone in a straight line with my 86 buick GN and chances are they'll be staring at my taillights. its all in what you built it for, i know you like the off road stuff but its not fair to bash guys that like a fast *ss truck..... I'm one of em ;)

@ed edson - Be perfect for picking up girls tho!

True - until you get married. LOL

I think this is a cool truck.

This is why I love pickups - they are such a versatile platform to build upon. You can tune then any way you want.

Rock crawler, mudder, desert racer, track ace, puller, hauler or just plain haulin' ass.

It is personal preference.

I've owned sport bikes so obviously I prefer cornering, and the ability to stop and go but I think this is cool just like I think a Harley cruiser is cool.


A Ram R/T is alot faster than a Toyota Camry,low to mid 5's 0-60 and mid 13's at the track,spinning on take off to get those numbers..Camry's run a best of 14.3... A Camry cant beat a Ram R/T unless the Ram breaks its tires loose,as it will.

A Toyota Camry has better traction and the Ram R/T still blows it away...

Ram's handle very good,and lowered they stick to the road better than a Camry....

But then again,the Toyota will probably not slow down at the end of the 1/4 mile,or will lose its steering or the engine will blow sky high as those are all major Toyota quality issues and recalls !!!!!!


A Ram R/T out handles a Toyota...

Obviously you think a Dodge cant handle because you own the worlds worst handling truck,Toyota !!! Toyota's are not known for handling or a smooth ride.

This Fastlane Ram is lowered,makes it stick like glue around corners,500 hp so it hauls seroius butt...

Also,real race cars do have automatic transmissions...most drag carsa are automatics..

A Dodge Ram SRT can out handle many sportscars,even the 2 whl drive quadcab Hemi Rams can out handle many cars,4x4's handle me I am young enough to drive like a mad man and I live with alot of curves/canyon roads and I can stick to the rear bumper of many import cars..My buddies WRX cant shake me when we go for a little fun canyon race !!! So much for your theory Dodge trucks dont handle...Toyota trucks NO ! RAM trucks handle just awesome !!

A 4 door CrewCab Ram..the bigger heaviest,even bigger than the QuadCab had the same 0-60 and 1/4 mile speed as a V-6 Camry...
So a Ram R/T with a better loser torque converter and 4.10 axle ratio (only the R/T has that) is definately faster than a Toyota Camry V-6 !!
So a V-6 Camry would be a good race for a Hemi Ram 4 door,A Ram R/T will destroy a Camry,as the R/T has 4.10's,better torque converter and better shift points than the regular RAM'S.
It all depends if the Ram can grab traction,I drove a V-6 Camry as a rental on holidays last month in Florida and it always hooked up ! By the way the car surged when at idle,so If was in gear I bet I would of had the random excelleration issue,took the beater yota back and got a Furd Flex,another pos rental !

@ Toyota LOL - It scares me to think that you'd be driving that aggressively on the street. We've all done it but it doesn't make it right.
Your friend in the WRX must be a real mellow driver for a p/u to keep up - maybe he was wize enough to keep it a 6/10th of max because he was on the street?

I think luke's comment was to push some buttons. looks like he succeeded. LOL.

it's acutally spelled T e r r E m o t o... not Terramoto

Fiat owns several exotic car companies - maybe they willl come up with a Ramborghini.
Fast, cool and unreliable ;)

Haha! Lou a Ramborggnini, I love it! Its to bad they would get sued if they took that name.

@seeelle: I'm spelling it the way Fastlane has in their press release.

Dodge = #1 van and #1 truck. Bar none.

@ Dodge tec - just kidding!

@Fordguy1988 - Fiat owns Ram and Lamborghini. It might fly... LOL


A R/T can out handle a Tacoma?

Oh really! The Tacoma X-Runner can pull 0.96g STOCK on the skid pad!!!

That is the best numbers ever for a production pickup. Even the Cyclone can barely pull over 0.80g stock...

I wouldn't try and turn the steering wheel too much above 100 with this rig! You will most likely crash and burn!

@ oxi

yes but the cyclone is twenty years old.....


I am sure they don't mean terremoto which is also know as "Earthquake" in Spanish.

Their is absolutely nothing earth shaking about this other than it being another Bad-A$$ ride from Ram.

@Lou Fiat does not own Lamborgini. They do own Ferrari and Maserati, though.


What I mean is why no speak of the chassis setup. Is it stock, what about the brakes, weight distribution and so forth...

With a coil linked rear, this Ram has massive potential but all we get are straight line numbers.

Chrysler bags social media firm after tweet rips Detroit drivers and dropped the F-bomb.

From The Detroit News:

Cool...A Tacoma X-Runner killer!

Your friend in the WRX must be a real mellow driver for a p/u to keep up - maybe he was wize enough to keep it a 6/10th of max because he was on the street?

@Buy American or say Bye to America,

Not on a road course or parking lot auto-x.

The X-Runner would kill it in handling the turns and tight spots even with just a V6...

While I'm sure putting a blower on the 5.7 hemi is the cheapest way to go faster, the 6.4 SRT would just have a lot more more cool factor. Leave blowers to shops modifying partial trucks- the Recipe for the 427 Silverado just seems better for a complete package.
Frank- weather you think this thing is earth-shaking or not, I think that is exactly what they were getting at (as opposed to all the window-shaking Rams in my area, with their exhausts slipping apart).

@ed - My bad. I thought they did.
A Ferrami ????

@Taco Junkie - when I read your post I thought Ford not the other F word. LOL

Trucks like this are pointless. Utterly pointless and stupid. What good is a RWD drive truck that is slammed to the ground, has virtually no towing ability, and had little payload?

If your desire is for a vehicle that can go quickly in a strait line, then buy a muscle car. In fact today's offerings can not only smoke this goofy "street" truck in a strait line, but they can also stop really damn fast, and go around corners at speed. What a novel concept.

Oh well, I suppose since I don't sport a mullet, or live in a trailer park I will never understand the allure of the "street" truck.


While I agree somewhat...just because a truck is lowered doesn't make it pointless. I had a lowered truck with air assist kit and still towed a 5000 pound boat with ease. Not everyone uses trucks to go mudding and get to their camp sites (most don't even have camps). Some people just like having something different that will run with a sports car.


You an X-runner owner? You sound like one. Who cares about how a truck will handle on a track?? Who the heck would race a truck on a road course in the first place? If you want to race on a road course, buy an S2000 or some other low slung two seater...not a truck...not even an X-runner (which, IMO, was a much stupider idea than this truck by Fastlane).

A sport truck like this is a nice option for someone that wants a sporty rear-wheel drive V8 vehicle and does not need a pickup for commercial type use. For someone that does not have the means to buy a Corvette or want to pay the higher auto insurance rates of a Camaro Super Sport, Challenger Road & Track, or Mustang Gran Turismo. It sure beats being stuck in one of the endless choices of front-wheel drive wannabe sports cars.

I am not a fan of lowered pickups by any means. I am a 4X4 pickup fan. I can though, appreciate the appeal of these things to people that want a muscle truck instead of a muscle car.

Nothing like crapping on the article in post 1. Why is oxi not banned? Freaking Toyota troll.

@Oxi: just what kinda numbers are the Tacoma X Runner made in? I would think they are a very low prodution? Just asking...

you better hope that a toy is faster then a ram 1500 or you could be run over being a ram onwer i dont think it will miss abeat

they take credit for a customers ideas talked him into adding a name to it then try to sell it as a limted deal just as the ss chev truck they did the body shop that did all the paint work made it look as if it had kick butt frt air ducts they are all air brushed.they never gave any credit to the body shop they never build anything first then try to sell is all customers cars/trucks that they use.i and a few others used to work there,and past customers.they are broke almost and been sued for lack of rent and keeping customers parts.most of what they do is bolt on other builders parts.anyone can do it.other wise summit would be they have some great welders.they fired most of their employees so they can become mail resalers.dont be fooled

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