February 2011 Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales

February 2011 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales in February 2011

Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2010
Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales Last 12 months
1 Ford F-Series +21.2% February 2011 37,549 Coming Soon
73,355 February 2010 32,895

2 Chevrolet Silverado +40.6% February 2011 31,728 Coming Soon
59,900 February 2010 19,822

3 Ram Trucks +52% February 2011 18,644 Coming Soon
30,841 February 2010 10,267

4 GMC Sierra +64.5% February 2011 11,696 Coming Soon
22,323 February 2010 6,296

5 Toyota Tacoma -0.4% February 2011 7,879 Coming Soon
February 2010 8,325

6 Toyota Tundra +39.8% February 2011 7,012 Coming Soon
13,099 February 2010 5,468

7 Ford Ranger -15.6% February 2011 3,780 Coming Soon
6,678 February 2010 3,706

8 Nissan Frontier +40.9% February 2011 3,527 Coming Soon
6,323 February 2010 2,532

9 Chevrolet Colorado +51% February 2011 2,606 Coming Soon
4,810 February 2010 1,247

10 Nissan Titan -9.8% February 2011 1,467 Coming Soon
2,898 February 2010 1,721


And the F-Series Sales keep growing!!!

Wow, big jump for Ram.

Good job GM.

But how many Suzuki Equators were sold?!? If more than 305 were sold the Nissan Frontier/Equator was the 2nd best selling small/midsize truck in the country for the 2nd month in a row having dethroned the finally fading Ranger...

@dan_spalinger: 127 Equators were sold.

Tacoma sales going down due to a 2013 redesign?

I can't believe how long the Titan is hanging on. Is it even worth it to look at refreshing this model?
I like the competition but is there a point?
I'm not a Titan or Nissan fan but I feel kinda' bad for them.

Good job, RAM!


I wouldn't think a 2013 redesign would slow down 2011 sales. Especially considering they're only down .4 percent

F-series will lead, then GM trucks, then Rams, then the Toyota trucks, then Nissan will bring up the rear, like usual.

Ryan, Silverado and Sierra are due in 2013, Colorado is also due near the time, F-150 prob 2014.

Tacoma sales have been going down since 2007.

Tacoma sales

2000 147,295
2001 161,983
2002 151,960
2003 154,154
2004 152,933
2005 168,831
2006 178,351
(drop starts here)
2007 173,238
2008 144,655
2009 111,824
2010 106,198

gm did good just imagine the new model coming soon..not soon enuf

As usual, these stupid sales charts list the Chevy and GMC trucks separately even though it's the same truck just to make the Ford look like the best seller.


Also with the new High Output Cummins, those RAM sales will go even higher.

That's what happens when GM throws a ton of cash on the hood.

Same old GM.

AGAIN... this misconception that Ford outsells GM in pickups. When will these people ever learn? Make the list how you want but the facts and numbers speak to GM as the number 1 seller. And I dont even like Goverment Motors, but obviously, most Americans do.

Looks like ram gained the most. 52% WOW! Watch out

GM > Ford by 7,000. Ram trucks?, does that include the Dakota?

Sweet! The Frontier went up quite a bit! Here's to hoping those sales numbers continue to grow!

Great job Chrysler, Ford, and General motors for holding the top four positions...and for not having one in last place!


Now lets hope oil prices dont hurt the momentum. Everyone needs to keep it going.

Si como no! Es la verdad.

Wonder if Tundra sales are cannibalizing Tacoma...the only year where the Tacoma really shined in terms of sales was 2009, and that was largely because of cash-for-clunkers.

Ironic - once GM combined sales climb, the whole Sierra/Silverado outsells argument surfaces.

Have you guys wondered why GM Corporation does not combine sales to beat Ford in the arena of bragging rights?

Legally they cannot.

Ford owns 1/3 of Mazda. When Mazda was making a pickup - could Ford combine sales with the Ranger to say they sold more trucks than Toyota?
Ford used to own Range Rover. Was Ford able to say they made more luxury SUV's than GMC.

Sierra is a division of GM Corporation.

Silverado is a division GM Corporation.

Separate legal entities under the mother corruption of GM.


GM incentive spend increased 0.5% in February from January.

So GM did really nothing different yet now that you bring it up the others did increase more than GM. The amount of increase incentive spend from January to February:

Chrysler 7.7%
Ford 6.8%
Honda 4.7%
Hyundai/Kia 13.6%
Nissan 7.8%
Toyota 8.8%

GM also carries the highest average transaction price for any major full line automaker. This means the

GM sells a considerable amount of trucks and SUV's, much more so than any other full line manufacturer, maybe excluding Ford from time to time. Trucks and SUV's which traditionally are high MSRP vehicles compared to cars, and across the industry trucks generally carry large incentives, and at the same time multiples in profit when compared to again cars.


Manufacturer "A" sells 10 vehicles in total. 7 vehicles sell at $45k (trucks/SUV's) with $5k in incentives and nets $8k in profit each, then follows up with 3 car sales at $30k with $1,500 in incentives and $2,000 in profit on each.

Manufacturer A
...has spent in total on incentives $39,500
...averages $3950 in incentives
...has a transaction total of $405,000
...average transaction price of $40,500
...total profit $62,000

Manufacturer "B" sells 10 vehicles in total. 3 vehicles sell at $45k (trucks/SUV's) with $5k in incentives and nets $8k in profit each, then follows up with 7 car sales at $30k with $1,500 in incentives and $2,000 in profit each.

Manufacturer B
...has spent in total on incentives $25,500
...averages $2550 in incentives
...has a transaction total of $345,000
...average transaction price of $34,500
...total profit $38.000

In Conclusion:

Manufacturer A has a greater spent on incentives in total, and carries higher average incentives. Yet manufacturer A also has greater total revenue from the same sales volume, higher average transaction price, and greater profit in total and per unit.

Simply quoting a sole number isn't representative of anything without the supporting context, as the sole number isn't a determination of anything. It's merely a statistic in a vacuum (ie incentive spend).

Well all just continue to ignore the fact GM has some really good product today, it's selling, and their making money.

Whaaaaaaaat????? GM sold more trucks than Ford????? I thought ford was the bestest selling truck??? I thought that Ford was so great that nobody even thinks about other truck makes?

The way these ford fans talk, ford makes the bestest, most root tootin trucks on the road. Am I missing something here??? I don't get it, Ford claims to have the best selling truck for 30 plus years??? Well, if this keeps up, ford will have to change their advertising. Nah, they'll keep saying the same old lies.

Chevy and GMC trucks are built by GM in the same fricken assembly lines. So anyone that wants to say the trucks shoudn't be added together is not accepting the truth.

I will admit Ford out sells Chevrolet trucks on it's own, but add the GMC trucks with Chevy and GM sells more trucks.

So let it be written, so let it be done!

General Motors needs to combine the sales of two brands (Chevrolet & G.M.C.) to claim outselling the one brand of Ford.

If G.M.C. did not exist Ford would kill Chevrolet sales even more so. The few people that buy G.M.C. trucks obviously do so because they do not really like the Chevrolet trucks. I bet these G.M.C. buyers would turn to Ford or Ram if General Motors decided to axe G.M.C.

Will be interesting how much GM makes when gas hits $4+ a gal. All those hight profit truck/SUV sitting on lots, while they try to pay back loans on low profit cars. Interesting that the highest MPG car they sell will lose many thousands for them as each rolls off the line, along with further losses due to subsidies form taxpayers.

I have no doubt that the taxpayers will not see their billions for a long time, if ever. Recently GM's stock fell back to it's IPO initial value. Yet GM employes are going to get around $4000 in bonus's.

For those of you who like GM products, buy away, enjoy in good health. I think i'll wait till they do the right thing and pay U.S. back.

Just because GM doesn't lump them into one catagory, doesn't mean they don't build the most trucks period end of story. GM builds them both and anyone with any brains would be able to figure that out. GM isn't getting rid of GMC or Chevy trucks, so wish on GM haters because GM will continue to produce the most trucks sold on the road today.

So let it be written, so let it be done!!!

Tundra and Tacom outsell GM Sierra.

I thought GM won the Shootout and the Rumble In The Rockies?


Good job Toyota!

I hope that General Motors planned ahead, when they laid Oldsmobile, Hummer, Pontiac, and Saturn to rest, by buying another plot next to the others. I am sure G.M.C. will want to be buried next to it's family.

Maybe Chevrolet can pick up the slack...then again maybe not.

I absolutely love all the manufactured "GM Outsells Ford" stories that are being laid down by GM fan boys. It is comedic. Bob is the worst. And his favorite slogan is "So let it be written, so let it be done" well Bob, if you were to follow that motto, you would understand that it is written everywhere by people who actually know about the auto industry that Chevrolet and GMC trucks are sold as separate entities. No matter if they share the same assembly Pickuptrucks.com and all other entities that do not follow the fanboy faith do the work right when they have them separate from each other because that's the way your favorite motor company does it. SEPARATE.

GM Fanboys are as bad a politicians. They manufacture information to fit their needs and then present that information as the only true information out there while hiding the real truth behind them.

third month in a row GM trucks have outsold Ford, keep up the good work GM.


This is why I laugh at people like Bob, Bobby & Jake.

Hahahahahahahaha lol!

what happens when you put chevy and gmc together then look who is on top


It does not matter, Ford F-Series is the #1 selling brand in the Country. More Ford F-Series than any other brand on the roads today.

So let it be written, let it be done.

I had a Chevy once and will not cross that path EVER again.

PILES OF CRAP after driving them 5+ years!

same thing with a ford for me more like the first year to many problems

Car engine in a truck = POS

Low-end torque = Real Truck!


This is why the 3.5L V6 EcoBoost stomps the 5.3L GM and 5.7L Hemi.

Low-end torque!

yall crack me up.

especially one of the first comments of "ford number up again" well.................

Thats true, HOWEVER they are up LESS % wise than Chevy, GMC, Ram, and Tundra. this means THEY ARENT GAINING THEY ARE LOSING. there is now just a bigger pie, that ford is getting a smaller piece of.

also this is just the first two months guys (and gals). what does sales REALLY mean to us anyway? see, when this counts ALL sales, including fleet. Mike Levine, I WOULD LOVE TO SEE #S BASED ON RETAIL ONLY? is there anyway to generate such a report?


How much cash is on the hood?

Sure percentages look good, but it would take a 150% rise in incentives for some automakers to make up for the difference between them and GM.

The EB is only superior until the HEMI puts a new trans behind it. Dont you worry, Ford will be sniffing "but wholes" again in no time.

Only a Ford guy would think, after spending a decade at the bottom, that one new engine revolutionized the industry. All Ram needs to do is add one new trans to equalize the billions Ford spent on that waste of an engine. :)

Better to buy from Obama Motors then Tokyo Motors.

And who ever thinks that GMC buyers would switch to Ford or Dodge is crazy. My father bought both brands all his life. Would depend on what dealer give the better price. I would have no problem trading in my Silverado for a Sierra. Yes I know other then a little sheet metal trim option the same pickup.

Never bought a Ford or Dodge, but I know they are all good trucks and offer way more features and towing then 99% of us city people will ever need.

What peopple don't understand is gm is outselling ford now, however, the new engine lineup is only now starting to roll in. so this will only be for a brief period

I really don't care who sells more. I am just stating facts.

I will keep what has been working for me for years, enough said.

y'all enjoy yourselves.

Yah, I really don't care who sells more either. I buy what works for me. I bought a 2011 Tundra DoubleCab 5.7 in January and it is the best truck I have ever owned. I owned several F150 trucks and a couple Silverado trucks over the years, but IMO the Tundra is clearly the better, more refined truck. But the Tundra is not for everyone. For starters, it cost me $7-grand more than a 2011 Silverado ExtCab and $6500 more than an F150 SuperCab, neither of which have that magnificent all-aluminum, DOHC, 32-valve, 5.7-liter V8; the Rolex of truck engines! The Tundra rides better, too. I speak from my own experience, not someone's bought and paid-for write up in an automotive column.

I am willing to bet the reason why Sierra saw a huge spike in sales is because of the Denali package in the HD's as well as the new chassis.
The beefed up front end is probably helping as well.
Hard core GM guys are upgrading their old trucks.
Basically a case of pent up demand.

@ CreigMac - I agree with you. I was going to buy a Sierra when the economy tanked. Luckily I chose to wait.
Taxpayers may see some of their 60 billion back from "New GMC" but 200 billion in debt was defaulted upon by "Old GMC".

I love how the elites protect each other.

I doubt very much that I would have much success going to the bank or courts and declared:
"The Old Lou owes 130,000 on his mortgage but the "New Lou" doesn't owe more than 30,000 and on top of that - I get to keep the house.

The denali makes up less than 3% of heavy duty truck

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