February 2011 Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales

February 2011 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales in February 2011

Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2010
Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales Last 12 months
1 Ford F-Series +21.2% February 2011 37,549 Coming Soon
73,355 February 2010 32,895

2 Chevrolet Silverado +40.6% February 2011 31,728 Coming Soon
59,900 February 2010 19,822

3 Ram Trucks +52% February 2011 18,644 Coming Soon
30,841 February 2010 10,267

4 GMC Sierra +64.5% February 2011 11,696 Coming Soon
22,323 February 2010 6,296

5 Toyota Tacoma -0.4% February 2011 7,879 Coming Soon
February 2010 8,325

6 Toyota Tundra +39.8% February 2011 7,012 Coming Soon
13,099 February 2010 5,468

7 Ford Ranger -15.6% February 2011 3,780 Coming Soon
6,678 February 2010 3,706

8 Nissan Frontier +40.9% February 2011 3,527 Coming Soon
6,323 February 2010 2,532

9 Chevrolet Colorado +51% February 2011 2,606 Coming Soon
4,810 February 2010 1,247

10 Nissan Titan -9.8% February 2011 1,467 Coming Soon
2,898 February 2010 1,721


@Highdesertcat - good choice of truck. I know many guys with Tundras.
I boiled down my final choice to the F150 or Tundra.
I liked the features and options of the Ford better. The 6.5 box was a major positive for Ford.
Unlike you, I wasn't willing to pay the huge price premium for the Tundra.
The 5.7 is a good motor.

Yup, 5.7L is an excellent motor.

@ Franky- Even if a new tranny does allow the Hemi V8 to beat the Eco V6, Dodge would still have the 6.2 to best. Which I dont think even a new tranny will do.

Yes FORD has been the number one selling truck for 33 or so years..the key word there being YEARS....Generic Motors finally outsells Ford for one month in god knows how long and all the gm bafoons like bobby get all excited..the year is young yet and far from over ...still cant believe that many people would spend their hard earned money on that junk when they could have the BEST...if Ram had the latest safety features and power of the other two I would even buy one of their HD's over a gm any day...but there is still no substitute for the comfort, longevity, safety and features of a FORD truck be it half ton or an HD....let that be said and done...

hey benchimus, the 6.2 is a boat anchor. its extremely inefficient (not that the hemi is) and is a silly engine for them to produce. the 5.0 is a much better engine option than the 6.2. i believe the 6.2 was a marketing idea more than a true viable option for a choice powertrain. maybe they kept it around so the people that would never believe in the ecoboost will have a choice in higher towing options than the 5.0 provides. furthermore GM's 6.2 and the Toyota 5.7 walk all over the ford 6.2. its not superior in any respect other than advertising propaganda. no disrespect but true.

@hemi lol -
The Ford 6.2 is by all accounts an "old school" sort of motor. I am inclined to think that Ford produced the 6.2 as a "Plan B" just in case the EB 3.5 was not accepted by truck buyers.
With that being said - the 6.2 is a overhead cam design and it would be easy for Ford to update with twin cams,VVT, and DI.

I was one of those sales this month!

@Bob - The denali makes up less than 3% of heavy duty truck sales.

Yep the 5.7l is an excellent motor, more then that, it's superior, it was the best small block ever build as long as it was built by GM. And the other 5.7's don't even come close.

For the last time, Ford as a company sells less trucks then GM as a company, Ford as a brand sells more trucks. How hard is that to understand?? and for people the say GM combine 2 trucks to outsell ford, so does ford f150 and f250, 350, 450, 550 are different, and for does combine them for the sales. Also GM had 8 brands and now 4, guess what? GM sells more vehicles with 4 then it did with 8. So the theory that if GM was to shut down GMC ( it wouldn't make sense since GMC was the manufacturer to built a truck) and that all the GMC buyers would go to ford is complete BS.

@hemi lol

I don't think anyone can viably say that the GM 6.2L or Toyota 5.7L ''Walk all over'' the Ford 6.2L. All three of these engines make comparable power/torque and push a vehicle of roughly the same size and weight. So if you are speaking in purely in terms of redlight racing then between these three it would come down to things such as Cab Size, Gear Ratio, And Driver Reaction.

In Towing, well Gear Ratio would play the biggest role there. But from what I have seen for myself and read in the test articles, the Ford 6.2L is right there with GM 6.2L and Toyota 5.7L and Ahead of the 5.7L Dodge.

Looks like Ford with it's highest cash back offers still sold less trucks than GM did. Toyota also had some of the highest cash back offers to help their truck sales. Looks like Ford may have to raise their offers to the $7k range to keep up with GM"s Motor Trend truck of the year!

I really wonder about the Tacoma. With (almost) all truck sales up so steeply, staying flat is really falling way behind, especially compared to the Frontier and Colorado. The update is still 18+ onths away. I wonder what the new engine will be- just an updated 1GR, like in the Tundra? Would make sense not to build both versions to be installed in one plant. I would hope the A760 trans makes it behind the GR. perhaps they'll ad the smaller 2GR. Of course we can dream about a Tacoma with a 1KD Diesel and A760 trans. Hell, I'd buy that in a Tundra.

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