First Look: 2012 Cadillac DRW Platinum Heavy-Duty Pickup Truck - April Fools!

First Look: 2012 Cadillac DRW Platinum Heavy-Duty Pickup Truck
Rendering by Jon Sibal for

When it comes to trucks, you can never have too much torque or, apparently, luxury. Cadillac is expanding its vehicle lineup with its first-ever heavy-duty pickup, the DRW Platinum, which will debut later this month at the 2011 New York Auto Show.

"The all-new 2011 GMC Sierra Denali HD has been extremely successful, but we heard from our buyers that they wanted even more luxury," Cadillac spokeswoman April Fursten said. "[GM CEO Dan Akerson] said if they wanted luxury, then we needed to make the Cadillac of heavy–duty trucks."

The DRW Platinum shares the same one-ton platform as the Chevrolet Silverado 3500 and GMC Sierra 3500 pickups with a few key differences that make it worthy of the crest and wreath emblem.

The DRW Platinum will only be available in a dual-rear-wheel crew cab configuration with the 6.6-liter Duramax V-8 diesel engine, but the Duramax is getting a power boost that’s exclusive to Cadillac. It will be rated at 410 horsepower and 810 pounds-feet of torque, making it the most powerful oil burner available among heavy-duty pickups. The Duramax will also be paired with an all-new eight-speed Allison "1000-8" transmission.

"We’re going further than anyone has ever gone before," Fursten said. Towing and hauling details will be provided at a later date, but we’re told to expect "galactic-sized numbers."

To differentiate the Cadillac DRW from the Silverado and Sierra, the DRW gets a unique front end, side doors, rear taillights and Cadillac-specific wheels, but inside the truck there’s an all-new interior that includes seats skinned with leather from organically fed free-range Texas cattle and a touch-sensitive control panel similar to the one in the Chevy Volt. The button-free controls will work even if the driver is wearing heavy gloves. Another industry first innovation is a push-button automatic tailgate. There will also be an in-dash docking port for an iPad, which will come standard with every DRW in a unique partnership with Apple Computers.

"The iPad will have a special Cadillac-exclusive towing app that Apple is co-developing with our truck engineers, called iTow," Fursten said. "We’re taking advantage of the iPad’s internal gyroscopes, GPS chip and cellular connection in a magical new way that will make towing a trailer very easy. We’re still trying to decide what it will do."

The DRW Platinum will also feature the first application of adaptive cruise control in a heavy-duty pickup truck. Drivers will be able set a speed on the highway like conventional cruise control, but the truck will automatically adjust its speed to maintain a proper distance between vehicles in the same lane.

Pricing details are expected to be announced at the New York Auto Show, but we expect a starting price of around $80,000.


Now this will bring bragging rights! This power boost should have been, should be, standard with the G.M.C. Sierra Denali HD. We have some pretty wealthy ranchers in this country? Sheesh!

April fools!

April Fursten. Ha ha! Should've known you guys were up to something! Great job though, nice looking truck, even if it is only in our dreams!

Im gunna say it cause i know alot of people are thinking it.
WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT the most powerful HD pickup would come from cadillac (essentially its still a gm), but still, who would have thought it would carry the cadillac logo.

Pretty cool though, like to se more of it.

I am glad this is an April Fools joke cause that is UGLY. Almost makes the Tundra look good

hahahaha crap.

never would have occured to me itd be an april fools

Damnit Mike, you are amazing.

so will they combine the sales to beat ford or will this be another number seperate from gmc and chevy

Yah. Quite amusing April Fools. No market for this. Luxo trucks are dead. Off road tough trucks are all the rage now. More market for GM to make the All Terrain HD. GM BUILD IT ALREADY.

Hey,its still March 31 here !!!!

That would be a sweet truck though !!!

Another good one Mike! ;-)

Now I sort of like the idea of it though!

looks like another re-badge. specifically of a gmc denali. looks interesting but man wow, didn't see that coming, now I want my Lincoln pickups back! Ford come on! the lincoln and the ranger, bring em back!

Dang it! I fell for it. Good work crew.

2nd note "Platinum" anybody see more copying off of Ford, specifically the f-150 Platinum?

NM, dang I fell for it, looks realistic though. now I feel like a moron, totally forgot about april fools

sure hope its a joke that thing is ugly makes the denali looks 10 times better

I wondered what Miss Fursten was up to today. She has had quite a few employers over the last few years! :) LOL @ iTow!

It's a joke guys--didn't you catch the source that was quoted in the article: "April Fursten" or in other words "April First"

I almost fell for it, but that name came back to haunt me shortly after reading it.

Good job Mark!

@mike levine -good job! i fell for it until i read the commets below :)

The front and rear rims are different in the picture and the chrome trim on the doors dosent carry onto the box. Very good photo shop and article though. Lol

Awsome!! Mahindra is really worried now!
The Cadillac HD is almost a case of life imitating art.
Isuzu Dmax Pickup.

You guys forgot to photoshop the front wheels, oh and nice taillight.

Nice one Mike! April Fursten... LOL

Mighty fine Photoshop work.

@EagleXYZ- 'Slades have been available in PLatinum trim for some time. I think BFT would be a better moniker.
All jokes aside, this is no dumber than the Caddi-lanche. I think the Limo-bus market might actually appreciate an Escalade or Denali regular cab/chassis for more bling factor.

It's Aprils fools, but it's damn interesting looking truck!

I don't think this is an April Fools, I actually saw what looked like a Denali HD with camoflage on the front end near Detriot, I'm guessing this is what it was.

Very funny, Mike!

I was buying it until "push button tailgate" and all the iPad stuff put it too over the top. A valiant effort, but clearly an April Fool. A diesel Power Wagon would have been a better story imo...

Like any decent yacht, it comes with it's own dinghy (Colorado).

Great job mike. lol

Good one. Got me big time. I was actually thinking it was a good idea at first, push button tailgate, interesting, organically fed Texas cattle? Hmmm, I thought.... That's a little strange....

lol if it werent for the blurrinesss by the head light area it would have passed for real nice joke!

Nice job with the April Fool's day Mike. Fell for it until I started reading the comments below. Then I re-looked at it and saw that the photoshop didn't really mesh with the reflections lol. Would be sweet if they actually took this idea somewhere hahaha. Funny work!

Well Played!

@melissa: Thanks! :-)

Glad it's a joke. Otherwise it's just a step towards GM's next failure/bailout.

I like the new 'iTow' app the best - very good gag.

nice april fools joke mike NICE. lol i was curious if this was april fools but really caught it a spokeswoman April Fursten LOL LOL


Looks worse then the Lincoln L-150. Grief!

How's the PowerMax diesel joint venture coming along? Or was it a DuraStroke? ;) Love it!

You spoiled the surprise Mike - we'll have her there for your next shootout - Tully

@Mike Levine
Darn, Mike! I cant believe I fell for that! Good AF joke.

Took me a few seconds to realize what day it is.

I wonder what the officail name will be. Probably be under the escalade name.

If they made this truck, it would never see a trailer or a payload.

LOL!!!! Actually I like the picture, might be a good lucking truck. The push button tailgate? Now that's for really lazy people. Of course that could come in handy if you were being chased by someone (personal enemy or police)!!! Have it full of barrels, manure, or whatever, then when they get close, hit the tailgate button and unload the truck right on the highway!!!

Cadilac used the platinum name before the F-150 Platinum came out on the Escalade. Great truck though, GM should build it, though very few to start to make sure there is a market for it, but they need larger differences to help distinguous the trucks, and the Platinum Grille

@Wayne agree it does not look that bad. Bit like a beefed up Isuzu DMax pickup.

Grreat photoshop work. This rendering actually looks good. This looks much better than a standard Silverado.

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