First Look: 2012 Ram C/V Cargo Van

First Look: 2012 Ram C/V Cargo Van

Ram Trucks unveiled its new midsize cargo van, called the C/V, today at the 2011 NTEA Work Truck Show.

The 2012 Ram C/V is based on the Dodge Grand Caravan minivan, but it’s been modified inside and out to handle the hard-life duty of a delivery and utility hauler. It’s also a quick way for Ram to tackle competition from the Ford Transit Connect while Chrysler works on importing the Fiat Doblo small van into North America.

The Ram C/V features dual sliding doors, rear quarter windows and backlight privacy panels in place of clear glass windows. It can also be equipped with several combinations of solid and glass panels, including a choice of solid or glass backlight.


Storage and cargo management is a priority inside the C/V. There’s 144.4 cubic feet of space and a rugged aluminum flat load floor that's 99 inches long by 49.1 inches wide between the wheel wells — enough to swallow a 4-by-8-foot sheet of plywood.

The load floor will be available as a flat surface with three covers or with optional Stow 'n Go bins to store items securely. Maximum payload inside the van is 1,800 pounds.

The C/V can also tow up to 3,600 pounds with its all-new 3.6-liter V-6 rated at 283 horsepower and 260 pounds-feet of torque. To improve gas mileage, drivers can “select a special fuel economizer mode that changes the transaxle shift schedule with a flip of a switch to maximize their fuel economy,” according to a Ram press release.

Ram didn't announce fuel economy figures but promised the van's driving range will be almost 500 miles with a standard 20-gallon fuel tank.


Standard features include covered 16-inch steel wheels, a 160-amp alternator, all-season extra-load capacity tires, 730-amp maintenance-free battery, commercial-duty suspension, engine oil cooler, quad halogen headlamps, load leveling and height control, power rack-and-pinion steering and fold-away power exterior mirrors with heating element.

On the outside, the C/V sports a unique blacked-out grille with a new hood and quad headlamps. In back, there’s a restyled liftgate and LED taillamps.

Pricing hasn’t been announced. Ram reps say it will be competitive with similar vehicles.



2010 Toyota Sienna Structure Service Bulletin 123274

NHTSA: Action Number: 10036906 Service Bulletin Number: 123274
Report Date:
Oct 04, 2010

Summary: Toyota: some vehicles may exhibit a condition where one or both sliding doors do not open or close smoothly. Inspect the sliding door lock assemblies and replace the affected components as needed, according to the listed instructions.

2010 Toyota Sienna Power Train Service Bulletin 123210

NHTSA: Action Number: 10032729 Service Bulletin Number: 123210
Report Date:
Jun 24, 2009
Power Train

Summary: Toyota: vehicles with 2gr fe engines may exhibit a mil on condition with diagnostic trouble code (dtc) p0505 stored in the engine control module or ecm (sae term: powertrain control module/pcm). *pe

2011 Toyota Sienna Structure Service Bulletin 172874

NHTSA: Action Number: 10039068 Service Bulletin Number: 172874
Report Date:
May 24, 2011

Summary: Toyota: the side power sliding door opens partially or makes a pop noise when opening with the outside handle. 2011 sienna. *rm

Feds Probe Unintended Acceleration in Toyota Sienna Minivan

Missing retainer pin can cause problems

NHTSA opens low-level investigation PE08025 into SUA involving 54,000 2004 Toyota Siennas, based on one report alleging unwanted acceleration on a subject vehicle. The complainant reported that he applied the accelerator pedal to accelerate the vehicle and experienced unwanted acceleration upon release. Field data collected by ODI indicates that when a retainer pin is missing from the driver’s side center stack/console trim panel, the panel can detach from the console and the accelerator pedal can become entrapped under the trim panel causing unwanted acceleration.

Toyota changes the shape of the trim panel on the 2004 Sienna after an incident during production in which trim panel interference resulted in an SUA event.

Toyota issues Recall 09V-023 for 26,501 2004 Siennas.

NHTSA closes its investigation into 2004 Sienna SUA after Toyota agrees to recall vehicles built between January 10, 2003 and June 11, 2003

Toyota does not concede that this is a defect, but calls the actions a “safety improvement campaign” that is not being conducted under the Safety Act.

@Lou - This site is for pickup trucks and cargo vans. If you want to talk Sienna minivans, go to a Sienna chat room, fanboy!

We haven't had any problems with our Sienna. I can't say the same for our Grand Caravan.

I'll keep an eye out for any oil leaks, but, then again - I do that with any device I own with an engine in it.

Like I said before - all of those high profile recalls did not apply to the one I own. It wasn't on any of those recalls.

@Buy American

I buy the best product that I can find through research.

Reasearch rules out the Grand Caravan.

The problems I had with the last one also rules out the Grand Caravan.

Last I checked (fall 2009)
Ford doesn't make one.
GMC stopped making them.

Would you buy another Power Wagon if it turned out to be the biggest turd on the planet?

Since your pseudonym is "Buy American" - that means a Ram HD is not an option for you.
Fiat 53% ownership, and 100% Mexican made.

I already know what your rationale is - so spare me.

One addendum to my last post. I used to buy based on price point. The Grand Caravan was the cheepest to buy.
I learned my lesson on that one.

I now buy based on some key criteria:
1. Durability and quality
2. End objectives - what will I be using it for.
3. Options and features I like/want
4. Purchase price.

I used those criteria and bought a Sienna.
I used those criteria and bought a F150.
In 5 - 8 years down the road - I'll use those criteria again.
I might end up with a Chevy and a Fiat - who knows!

@Sean- if you haven't noticed, the Ram C/V is a gutted passenger mini- van. I could fold down the seats, lay down a 4x8 sheet of plywood , and have similar capacity out of any gulp, gasp, mini-van.
A fanboi- ROTLMFAO.

If anything - I am a fan of any reliable vehicle.

The fact that I own a Sienna came up a long time ago in separate discussions.

Does it confuse you that I also own a 2010 F150?
I owned a GM van prior to that.
Still confused?

The Sienna is a soccer mom mobile. Not a cargo van. The only van I would buy as a daily driver would be a Dodge Ram Caravan R/T. The Ram R/T has more hp and better fuel economy and the man van theme which separates it from the grocery getter than most vans have come to be. The interior also looks and feels better than the Sienna grocery getter. For work it would be a Ram C/V or a Ford. No respectable man buys a Sienna.

The new 2011 Sienna is a huge improvement over the old Sienna. But this new Sienna is still behind the Honda Odyssey as far as driving dynamics go.

Nothing beats the Honda Odyssey in the minivan segment.

The handling, fuel economy, power to weight ratio is still superior in the Odyssey.

And I'd still take the new Dodge Caravans over a Sienna too just because the Dodges have fold in the floor seat for all rows.

@Dave - no respectable man buys a Sienna? Bwahahahahahahahaa ha hack cough hahahahahahaha.
How about a respectable family man?

I guess that my 2010 F150 Supercrew 4x4 doesn't count as a respectable man's vehicle?
Or does one cancel out the other?

not that it matters to a real man.

Run along now, before you accidentally hurt yourself some more.

Alright who is this, "Buy American or", fellow that is hijacking my handle? Show yourself! This is a set-up!!!

"...Would you buy another Power Wagon if it turned out to be the biggest turd on the planet?... " -Lou

To answer your question. Because I enjoy off-roading so much...a big resounding yes! I am a believer in; sometimes you run into bad luck with a product and it is probably not a problem with all of the vehicles. I would replace it with a newer/different Power Wagon and hope for the best. If I was burned a second time, then I would look elsewhere. I would not buy a third gamble.

@Buy American - valid point, but what if you talk to tons of people who say the one they had was a turd too?


I would take the comments/feedback with, a grain of salt, appreciation and a smile. Again though, If I really have my heart set on something, I would give it a chance and see for myself before I made a judgement call.

A lot of people claim that Jeeps are junk or that they fall apart easily. Well, I have owned three Jeeps and still own two of them.

My first one, a 1993 Wrangler Base with the 4.0L H.O. and 5-spd, I owned for eight years and 117,000 miles. Still had the original clutch, even. The only part failure it had was a catalytic converter at around 100,000 miles. Likely due to all of the bouncing and shaking off road?

My second (still own) is a 1998 Grand Cherokee 5.9 Limited. Although not as impeccable as my first Jeep, it has still served me well and it continues to bring me joy when I drive it. It has 175,000 miles on it right now. It needed the intake manifold plenum gasket replaced, under warranty, at 65,000 miles. A transmission and rear differential rebuild at 135,000 miles. The electric-radiator fan went bad and the alternator was replaced twice. I plan on keeping this Jeep indefinitely.

My third is a 2003 Wrangler Rubicon 5-spd. In the eight years of owning it, and 54,000 miles, it has only had to have warranty repairs due to a cowl leak. The front passenger floorboard would get soaked with a heavy rain. Another vehicle I plan to keep indefinitely.

Negative comments and/or reviews will not change my mind. Having bad luck two times in a row might?

@buy American - it is frustrating when someone hijacks your handle to stir up the pot.


That is for sure! I do a good enough job, I think, of making myself look bad. I do not need someone else helping me.

Buy American Or Say Bye To America!, Why do you hate Toyota? What have they ever done to you? I want to buy the best quality at the best price. I don't care where it comes from.


You have me all wrong. I have never said, at least I do not think I have, that I hated Toyota. I truly believe they make a good product. With that though, I truly believe that; Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors make good products also.

I HATE what has happened to the the economy of the United States of America. It pains me to see the U.S. economy get weaker and the Asian economy get stronger. All because of this perception that: "American companies build junk." or "Japanese companies make better quality products." Funny (sad) thing is; If an American company is building cars in America it is junk. Yet, when a Japanese company is building cars in America, with the same type of American labor that would be building for domestic companies, all of the sudden American build quality is good. Confusing to me.

You cant get mad because Toyota makes a great all around truck! Everything about the IFORCE is amazing. Its just as Econimical as a Ford F 150 with the 5.4, but has a 5.7! Toyota’s last forever. I still have my 92 4 runner with 385000 miles and it dont miss a beat. I have owned a F150, Ram 1500, and a Sierra 1500. They all let me down. weather it was the Triton V8 or the Vortec. but Toyota has never let me down!

And before you start talking about the economy and giving other countrys more money, think about where fords and chevys, and dodges are built. Yes, Manufactured in the US, but where do they get there forged metals?, there plastics?, just about everything on those trucks are made from parts which were made in other countries.

I don't care where the truck is made. I buy the best quality and lowest price and Toyota is the best and lowest price!

If this Van isn't for you, don't buy it.
What I see here is a practical form of transportation that's not bad on gas, has plenty of power and towing/hauling capacity + the advantage of a weather tight and lockable storage area that pick-up trucks just don't offer.
Great idea (and nothing new as they've always had a cargo van in their line up) and aside from being perfect for a small business owner...
It will also be great for me, my fiancee and our 2 dogs, because we don't have any rug-rats and therefore no use for a 4 door pick-ip truck.
A great niche vehicle that I'm glad Dodge STILL makes.

Definitely different looking but with the fuel economy and power that this v6 is putting out will make it a contender.

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