First Look: Next-Generation Chevrolet Colorado Show Truck

First Look: Next-Generation Chevrolet Colorado Show Truck

GM takes the covers off the Chevrolet Colorado Show Truck at the Bangkok International Auto Show in Thailand, and the rugged concept previews the next-generation Colorado midsize pickup that officially goes on sale in Thailand later this year — and eventually will arrive in North America, our sources say.

The Colorado Show Truck is a body-on-frame, all-wheel-drive extended cab that sports sleeker styling than the current 2004-2011 Colorado sold in the U.S., Asia and Australia (as the Holden Colorado). The stout front end shares a strong family resemblance with other recent bowtie-badged vehicles, like the Chevrolet Equinox and the upcoming Orlando. There’s a two-tier grille with wraparound headlights, LED running lamps and small heat extractors on the sides of the hood. An aerodynamic "cab collar" ties the cab and bed together. Integrated steps in the cargo box make accessing the business end of the truck easy, and for security and improved fuel economy there’s a hard tonneau cover. Twenty-inch aluminum wheels are paired with Cooper 285/50R20 Zeon LTZ all-terrain tires to give the Colorado a tough-looking stance.

Inside, the Colorado Show Truck's twin cockpit design is more stylish and sculpted than the Colorado’s current basic cabin. The instrument panel and dash flow into the doors, and motorcycle-inspired three-dimensional gauges use ice blue lighting for sporty effect. Dark wood trim with chrome highlights provides an upscale feel with plenty of soft-touch surfaces instead of hard plastic. There’s also plenty of storage space and cubbies inside to keep items secure at night on the street or while bouncing around off-road. High-tech features include a 7-inch flat-screen display for audio, navigation, hands-free phone and web access. There’s also a dual-zone climate control system to keep the driver and front passenger comfortable.


“Although this is a show vehicle, the basic proportions and form convey the vision for the next-generation Colorado that we will bring to market,” Brad Merkel, GM's global vehicle line executive, said in a statement. “It reflects a stylized version of the new truck, one that takes into account rugged dependable truck capabilities for commercial use as well as sophisticated refinement for personal-use needs.”

While the Colorado Show Truck provides a robust look at the production pickup’s exterior and interior design direction, GM is keeping other key details under wraps. Chevy isn’t saying much about the new Colorado’s powertrain other than the concept has a 2.8-liter diesel.

Chevrolet spokesman Mike Albano told that the inline four-cylinder compression ignition power plant is all new and was developed in-house by GM. Horsepower and torque ratings haven't been released.


"This is a show vehicle, so all of the technical data will be available closer to production stage," Albano said.

It’s unlikely that a North American version of the Chevrolet Colorado would offer a diesel engine because of strict U.S. emissions regulations, even though there is demand from truck enthusiasts for a fuel-efficient oil burner. With a gas engine for the U.S. and Canada and diesels overseas, second-generation Colorado sales could exceed 100,000 units of production annually, exceeding worldwide sales goals for one of its major competitors, the recently introduced Volkswagen Amarok.

The Colorado will also compete with other world trucks not available domestically, including the all-new global Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, Mazda BT-50 and Mitsubishi Triton.

GM will also compete against a former manufacturing partner. The 2004-2011 Chevy Colorado was code-named GMT355 when it was co-developed with commercial truck and diesel engine manufacturer Isuzu. Isuzu sold the first-gen Colorado as the i-Series in the U.S. and as the D-Max in foreign markets until GM and Isuzu parted ways in 2008. The all-new Chevy Colorado, code-named GMI700, was developed in-house by GM while Isuzu is developing an all-new midsize D-Max for overseas markets that shares nothing with this Colorado.


Isuzu remains a minority partner in the production of Duramax diesel engines used in GM’s Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra Heavy Duty pickup trucks.

Why is Chevrolet unveiling the second-gen Colorado in Thailand? Globally, Thailand is the second biggest market for pickups, after the U.S. Last year, pickup trucks made up more than 40 percent of Thailand’s auto sales, and midsize and compact trucks sold in Thailand outnumber those sold in the U.S.

"Thailand’s 2010 [auto] industry volume ended at 800,000 units [in 2010]," said Albano. "Trucks are about 57 percent, or 454,000 units."

The country is called the "Detroit of Asia" because strong government tax incentives encourage both manufacturing and sales of pickup trucks to the country’s population of 65 million people. The Southeast Asian country also offers convenient access to more than 600 million people in that region.


Colorado production is expected to start by October, and more details about its capabilities will be released later this year.

What about the U.S.?

"We are not naming any specific markets outside of Thailand at this time, but we can say that this truck will be sold in several global markets," Albano said. "It will be the first truly global truck offering by GM. I can say, aside from Thailand we have plans to sell the truck in other key [Southeast Asian] markets like Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines."

We also expect the Colorado will be sold in Brazil under the S-10 badge.





Does it coil spring front suspension ? if it still has torsion bars its DOA .

Looks great! How long before we find out if this is the same truck coming to North America? Also, is there any time frame as to when gasoline powerplant info will be released?

looking good

@Taylor: Like all small and light-duty pickups in the U.S., it has an IFS. The Colorado is not a heavy-duty.

Wow. GM made a Ridgeline!!

And idea when we'll see regular cab and crew cab photos Mike, if both trims will be available?

Looks like a useless bed

@Keith: It's body-on-frame. And if you're calling this a Ridgeline, I'd expect you'd consider the Ranger a Ridgeline too.

@Greg: I'm guessing we'll see production versions of all the cabs this summer. Can't wait.

Thanks Mike, keep us posted.

Can you say SEXY!!! This truck bar none is the best looking truck in the segment. Way better looking than the ford ranger or dodge dakota or toyota tocoma. WAY TO GO GM!

Looks great but not a fan of the cab collar. Hopefully you could get one without it.

Love the truck!!!! Just hope it comes to the US soon!!!!!
Maybe Ford will wake up and join the fun!!!

I believe the reason you see the ridgeline comments are because of the avalanche-like styling details behind the cab integrated into the bed.

I for one am curious to see this thing in person. Size wise it looks a little like it isn't much larger then its replacement which is a great thing! I'm sure their will be no V8s, but the US will probably get a version of the 3.6l V-6 (280-310hp/260-280LbFt) and a I-4 (maybe a larger Ecotec Turbo.)

I'm sure the 2.8l Diesel is not headed our way.

Too bad they are not saying it will be sold in the U.S. and if it ever will be sold in the U.S. it won't be until the end of 2013 or 2014. 3 years from you may get your new truck. Big whoop! New trucks from Dodge and Ford and Toyota will also be out by then.

It looks like the illegitimate offspring of an alcohol fueled night of Tundra/Ridgeline relations. I guess they could have made it uglier. Good thing the reliability will be crap so most will be off the road by the next redesign.

@Taylor- I would expect it to be coil-sprung, like the rest of the field. It definitely won't come to the US with torsion bars. I really like the styling of this. Can't wait to see what it will look like in the morning (w/o all the make-up). Wheel base looks a little short, with the axle forward of center on even this extra-cab, but that should make it turn tighter.

It has front styling cues from the Equinox and the 'cab collar' is reminiscent of the Avalanche... GM all the way. As previously mentioned by Mike, it is body-on-frame with seperate cab and box. How is that in any way similar to a Ridgeline? To say so is purely uneducated.

- tail lights are horrible

- wheels too gaudy

- solid cover on the bed makes the bed useless

- bed too short, but good for hauling flowers or potted plants

- depenability and reliablity needs to improve more than the looks

- don't get your hopes up GM fans. steering wheel on wrong side and them saying anywhere but US and it being released in Bankok means it won't be sold here anytime soon.


It is a stylish truck. Nice body lines. Too bad they couldn't figure out a way to offer a economical ( to purchase and run) diesel for North America.
I wonder if the next generation full size trucks will have similar lines?
Nice to see some GM news - unfortunately it's not domestic news.


Burn it with fire.

the end.

This truck is sexy! I sooo want one. I like the Collie and the Range. That "Ridgeline" rollbar/tonneau cover thing on the back is a removable accessory that if you don't want it, just take it off. It's a popular accessory overseas. Underneath is a straight pickup. They debuted the Volkswagen SAR Amarok in similar fashion. If they do offer this in the US, 2.4L I4 and 3.6L V6, and a twin-turbo 3.0L V6 in the future. Hope to see a "TrailBlazer" SUV version too down the road apiece. Let's hope the production version looks just as nice, and this could be the trendsetter!!

Why do people compare these trucks to the Ridgeline in looks? It makes no sense. That design was first out with the Chevrolet Avalanche, which launched years before the Ridgeline did.

Way to go Bob, Trolling on a GM related post. Somehow even though it is not about Ford you still find a way to Bash Ford and then just to cover up your Ford hate you throw in a few other brands which you never mention in your Ford Bashing posts...very mature of you. On the other hand even for a "Show" vehicle I like this design...Hope the real version looks this good.

What hypocrites, when the Mazda BT-50 truck debuted, everyone hated it because it looked too aerodynamic and "un truck like". Now that GM brings out a similar looking truck everyone loves it. Give me a break brown-nosed GM worshipers.

Looks a lot like an Avalanche (that Honda copied for the Ridgline). If the milage is better it should do well.

Nice show truck!

Honda copied the Avalanche. Tut this looks more like the Ridgeline copy than the original Avalanche. That's why people are saying it looks like the Ridgeline and it does!

hey look you chevy guys finally have a honda ridgeline of your very own! Congrasts!

I was referring to the body lines and proportions looking like the Ridgeline. Not the mechanicals. Round over the edges on the Ridgeline and you have this truck in appearance. It will look horrid as a 2wd stripped down model as well. It looks good in these pics because it appears to be a 4X4 with nice rims, big tires and lots of chrome. The swept back headlights make the front end side profile look very long in the nose as well. Not hating. Just saying it does nothing for me.

@ Mike Levine:

I think its safe to assume we'll see a 2.4L I4, and likely a 3.6L V6, but what I want to know is will they offer the 2.0L turbo? That engine has diesel like torque of up to 340 lb-ft at 1800 rpm in other applications. If the EcoBoost can work for Ford...

you know what guys it is a start for small trucks, now maybe Ford and Chrysler will have to follow and it gives Toyota and Honda some competition,

Why does the media keep allowing GM and the other manufacturers to call it a "global" platform, when they won't even bring it to their home country?? Come on guys, call 'em out.

And no wonder small/mid-size truck sales are down, when you keep giving poor alternatives (cabin, engine choices, price) to full size options. The big 3 just don't get it.

Ford doesn't have to follow anyone as they realsed their version last month....

And Chrysler will have their new Dakota out before this Colorado ever hits the U.S.

"A new unibody truck called the Ram Rampage is expected to take the place of the Dakota in 2012."

As for Toyota, "In 2012, like many of its competitors, the Tacoma is expected to be redesigned and re-engineered."

So in reality, Chevy/GM is going to be doing the following.

@ Dave
I must say you are right, and the ranger looks a lot better

@Dave: The Tacoma may get new sheetmetal for 2013 but it's expected to be the current platform underneath - not all new.

Not feeling it. From the front, it looks like all the new Chevy cars coming out, which in my personal opinion is not a good look. The dash (gauges & bottom portion of the center stack), reminds me too much of the Camaro, and the Camaro interior is horrible. The taillights are way overdone, and the tailgate is to bland, so the combo doesn't work well together. In the center console, it looks like there is a "Terrain Management" system knob/switch, similar to what Ford recently released in the 2011 Explorer, which I'm not fond of. And 20" rims/tires on a compact/mid-size truck with no real sidewall on the tires makes for a posers truck. Truck simply does not appeal to me, except for the 2.8L diesel. Which if this truck is brought to the states, I don't foresee it bringing the diesel with it.

Honda Ridgeline!!!

Why is the rear so high up in the air when compared to the front?

Not good for off-roading, better have a leveling kit or it will flop in the off-road world.

20" rims? I sure hope Toyota is not that silly with the new Tacoma in 2013!

It never fails. someone always finds fault with ANYTHING gm comes out with. The people that are saying this looks like a ridgeline have s for brains. First of all if anytihng, the ridgeline looks like a Chevy Avalanche. Second of all the people saying it looks like a Ridgeline are only saying it to bash or attack this great looking truck.

And Yes, I find ways to bash ford every chance I get and if you think that saying this truck looks better than the ranger and you think it is trolling to point my opinion out, than that is your problem not mine. I personally love the look of this show truck and hope it represents the what the New Colorado will look like. Darn good looking truck and if you don't think so get your eyes checked or go see a doctor.

Great looking truck and better looking than the ranger and as of right now won't be offered in the US.

@Bob: No bashing, just being honest, from my personal perspective. Never said this looked like a Ridgeline, but I dislike the style of this truck nearly as much as the Ridgeline. Will have to see the truck "in-person" before I make a final judgement. You may think it's a hot truck, more power to you. But that doesn't make you "right", as to each their own. If someone thinks it's an ugly truck, then that is their opinion that may disagree with you. If you like it, then buy it when it's released. For me, I think the T6 Ranger is more appealing. Again, to each your own. And by all your posts from various threads, you seem to only bash other products and prop up GM and call others names for their opinion. Here's an idea. Grow up and accept your opinion isn't the only one the matters.

"It never fails. someone always finds fault with ANYTHING gm comes out with." - Bob

"And Yes, I find ways to bash ford every chance I get and if you think that saying this truck looks better than the ranger and you think it is trolling to point my opinion out." - Bob,

Nobody listens too you. Go away!

Forever please!!!!

@Oxi (can't believe I'm actually responding) The rear is high in the air, because thats how they expect a truck to look- able to carry a few thousand pounds w/o sagging in the rear. Leveling kits are for posers. As for he wheels? It's a show truck- and even so, there is still a reasonable section of sidewall.

Interior looks nice.. exterior looks hideous.

It's a truck.. you have to have a front bumper.. not a facia..
20" rims.. really?
Like the manual tranny, too bad it wont make it to the US that way.

Swing and a miss for Chevy AGAIN in the midsize truck market.

@Lou - Nod domesitc? First of all, what are you talking about? This looks better than anything in the segment and is made by GM a domestic company. Ever hear the heartbeat of America? That's today's Chevrolet! And second of all, Ford fans wanting a Ranger will have buy something else unless of course Ford changes it's mind on selling it in the US!!!!!!!!!

Dump the bed cladding, tonneau cover, and hood louvers, and it is still a good looking truck.

Problem is, I won't be compelled to buy one unless there is an SFA option for 4x4 (highly unlikely) or small diesel offering (also unlikely).

Waiting to see the "Jeep Truck".

@ Bobby -
This is not "Domestic news"
exerpt -
GM takes the covers off the Chevrolet Colorado Show Truck at the Bangkok International Auto Show in Thailand, and the rugged concept previews the next-generation Colorado midsize pickup that officially goes on sale in Thailand later this year.

exerpt -
Why is Chevrolet unveiling the second-gen Colorado in Thailand? Globally, Thailand is the second biggest market for pickups, after the U.S. Last year

exerpt -

What about the U.S.?

We are not naming any specific markets outside of Thailand at this time

Other news threads talk of 2013 - 2014 North American release date.
Like I said - not a domestic news story.
Same goes for any Global Ranger story.

Will this exact vehicle come here?


This is a show truck for the Bangkok International Auto Show in Thailand.

You and Bob are s-l-o-w.

D-o....I....h-a-v-e....t-o....s-p-e-l-l....t-h-i-n-g-s....o-u-t....f-o-r....y-o-u....t-w-o ???

Nice copy and delete job Lou. you deleted the part that says will arrive in North America. You Ford fans are not fooling anyone.

GM takes the covers off the Chevrolet Colorado Show Truck at the Bangkok International Auto Show in Thailand, and the rugged concept previews the next-generation Colorado midsize pickup that officially goes on sale in Thailand later this year *WILL ARRIVE IN NORTH AMERICA*


Meh, disapointing. It does seem "carlike" with very soft lines. Maybe the Ram Rampage (dakota) or the new Tacoma will fair better redesigns. So far Ford is in the lead in the looks department but it wouldnt take much to lose my vote.

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