First Look: Next-Generation Chevrolet Colorado Show Truck

First Look: Next-Generation Chevrolet Colorado Show Truck

GM takes the covers off the Chevrolet Colorado Show Truck at the Bangkok International Auto Show in Thailand, and the rugged concept previews the next-generation Colorado midsize pickup that officially goes on sale in Thailand later this year — and eventually will arrive in North America, our sources say.

The Colorado Show Truck is a body-on-frame, all-wheel-drive extended cab that sports sleeker styling than the current 2004-2011 Colorado sold in the U.S., Asia and Australia (as the Holden Colorado). The stout front end shares a strong family resemblance with other recent bowtie-badged vehicles, like the Chevrolet Equinox and the upcoming Orlando. There’s a two-tier grille with wraparound headlights, LED running lamps and small heat extractors on the sides of the hood. An aerodynamic "cab collar" ties the cab and bed together. Integrated steps in the cargo box make accessing the business end of the truck easy, and for security and improved fuel economy there’s a hard tonneau cover. Twenty-inch aluminum wheels are paired with Cooper 285/50R20 Zeon LTZ all-terrain tires to give the Colorado a tough-looking stance.

Inside, the Colorado Show Truck's twin cockpit design is more stylish and sculpted than the Colorado’s current basic cabin. The instrument panel and dash flow into the doors, and motorcycle-inspired three-dimensional gauges use ice blue lighting for sporty effect. Dark wood trim with chrome highlights provides an upscale feel with plenty of soft-touch surfaces instead of hard plastic. There’s also plenty of storage space and cubbies inside to keep items secure at night on the street or while bouncing around off-road. High-tech features include a 7-inch flat-screen display for audio, navigation, hands-free phone and web access. There’s also a dual-zone climate control system to keep the driver and front passenger comfortable.


“Although this is a show vehicle, the basic proportions and form convey the vision for the next-generation Colorado that we will bring to market,” Brad Merkel, GM's global vehicle line executive, said in a statement. “It reflects a stylized version of the new truck, one that takes into account rugged dependable truck capabilities for commercial use as well as sophisticated refinement for personal-use needs.”

While the Colorado Show Truck provides a robust look at the production pickup’s exterior and interior design direction, GM is keeping other key details under wraps. Chevy isn’t saying much about the new Colorado’s powertrain other than the concept has a 2.8-liter diesel.

Chevrolet spokesman Mike Albano told that the inline four-cylinder compression ignition power plant is all new and was developed in-house by GM. Horsepower and torque ratings haven't been released.


"This is a show vehicle, so all of the technical data will be available closer to production stage," Albano said.

It’s unlikely that a North American version of the Chevrolet Colorado would offer a diesel engine because of strict U.S. emissions regulations, even though there is demand from truck enthusiasts for a fuel-efficient oil burner. With a gas engine for the U.S. and Canada and diesels overseas, second-generation Colorado sales could exceed 100,000 units of production annually, exceeding worldwide sales goals for one of its major competitors, the recently introduced Volkswagen Amarok.

The Colorado will also compete with other world trucks not available domestically, including the all-new global Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, Mazda BT-50 and Mitsubishi Triton.

GM will also compete against a former manufacturing partner. The 2004-2011 Chevy Colorado was code-named GMT355 when it was co-developed with commercial truck and diesel engine manufacturer Isuzu. Isuzu sold the first-gen Colorado as the i-Series in the U.S. and as the D-Max in foreign markets until GM and Isuzu parted ways in 2008. The all-new Chevy Colorado, code-named GMI700, was developed in-house by GM while Isuzu is developing an all-new midsize D-Max for overseas markets that shares nothing with this Colorado.


Isuzu remains a minority partner in the production of Duramax diesel engines used in GM’s Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra Heavy Duty pickup trucks.

Why is Chevrolet unveiling the second-gen Colorado in Thailand? Globally, Thailand is the second biggest market for pickups, after the U.S. Last year, pickup trucks made up more than 40 percent of Thailand’s auto sales, and midsize and compact trucks sold in Thailand outnumber those sold in the U.S.

"Thailand’s 2010 [auto] industry volume ended at 800,000 units [in 2010]," said Albano. "Trucks are about 57 percent, or 454,000 units."

The country is called the "Detroit of Asia" because strong government tax incentives encourage both manufacturing and sales of pickup trucks to the country’s population of 65 million people. The Southeast Asian country also offers convenient access to more than 600 million people in that region.


Colorado production is expected to start by October, and more details about its capabilities will be released later this year.

What about the U.S.?

"We are not naming any specific markets outside of Thailand at this time, but we can say that this truck will be sold in several global markets," Albano said. "It will be the first truly global truck offering by GM. I can say, aside from Thailand we have plans to sell the truck in other key [Southeast Asian] markets like Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines."

We also expect the Colorado will be sold in Brazil under the S-10 badge.





@Mike Levine. You did omit the Nissan Navarra as one of the Colorado's competitors. The Navarra sits behind the Hilux in global sales. Hilux being the best selling global pickup. The new GM engine, would be as VM Motori unit , as GM partially owns the italian company
@Lou correct this is a show vehicle. What intrigues me, is the photo around the right way as most South East Asian countries are LHD , like in the US. The photo shows a RHD model, like you would get in Australia?

Not bad..but here is something funny...

GM DIESEL H.D trucks cannot be produced because the engines are cast/made in Japan and the factory is closed,so now the GM plant in the States is closed !! HA !!


I love the GM guys smack talking Toyota/Nissan,but there Diesel is Japanese from Isuzu !! LOL !!

@Rober Ryan: Not including Navara was intentional on my part - good catch. The Navara is virtually identical - except for a diesel engine - to the current U.S.-built Frontier.

I think its a bit goofy looking but still not bad. I wish Ford would bring the ranger over as thats a truck I would love to have as a daily driver. If the US does get this truck I'm sure the looks will be toned down a bit and we'll have to stick to gas motors. Ecotec/Ecoboost engines would work great for these though.

@ Bobby -
"the basic proportions and form convey the vision for the next-generation Colorado that we will bring to market,” Brad Merkel, GM's global vehicle line executive, said in a statement.

Please note - "convey the vision and form"

It doesn't say this truck is coming to NA.

"and eventually will arrive in North America, our sources say"

Please note - "eventually"

One last thing -

What is "BOWTIDE PRIDE" ??????????????

You and Bob need to work on your spelling, capitalization, and grammar.


It is the difference between "Bobby helping his uncle Jack off of a horse or Bobby helping his uncle jack off a horse".


"Neil and Bob" or kneel and bob.
The former are names the latter are actions.

Not a bad looking small truck,my daughter loves it..too bad it wont be available in the U.S or Canada !! I would buy one for her..Actually I even think its a good looking truck !

I think Ford and GM are going to be missing out on sales,when they dont bring the new Ranger or Gm small trucks in the States,guess if Dodge makes a good looking little Ram to replace the Dakota they will own the market,for those who buy domestic only vehicles,such as I..

@youyou: You should be aware that the Cummins diesel engine is paired with a Japanese-sourced Aisin automatic transmission in the 4500/5500 Ram chassis cabs. Duramax engines are not made in Japan. They are built at the DMAX plant in Ohio.

I really, really wish this would come here. I have no need for a full size pickup and won't pay the price for one. I just have a bass boat, with all my gear the whole thing weighs in at maybe 2000lbs. If I pull a trailer it just has wood from home depot or lowes, I don't think I've ever pulled a trailer more than 4000lbs.

Currently, a 2001 S-10 is my weapon of choice for this. Its getting long in the tooth and it's about had it with 240,000 miles on it. The only really good midsize pickups on the market are the Tacoma and Ridgeline, but I don't like the "sort of a truck, sort of an SUV" Ridgeline style or the Tacoma's engine.

I've been thinking about a Colorado, but the only decent powerplant is the 5.3L V8. And its a bit thirsty (though just as bad as a Tacoma).

Please bring this here. So what if it has a 4 cylinder, offer 4.56 gears or something for us.

@Mike Levine
I think we're going to have to setup a donate button on this site so we can send you to Thailand to test these trucks out! Would be interesting if it were possible to do a little comparo against the US spec trucks to show how these "global" trucks destroy them.

wow could that look anymore like the world ford ranger?

by the way the ford ranger is the only lil truck thats actually small in size.

ironic since ford has some of the biggest half and one ton trucks

anyways that lil ranger pos only sells because its cheap, any smart and experienced mechanic will tell you their only good for so many miles after that their garbage.

for lil trucks the old tacomas are rediculous in reliability, I hate Toyota no matter where they are made, but they made them pos bulletproof (almost)

Dodges fords and chevys whatever.... Its time to make a company call American Motors and combine all three, and start building tanks and highly advanced jeeps

(have you guys seen Battle:L.A.) lol

@The Tone: Great minds. Stay tuned.

It definitely has more car-like/CUV-like exterior. However, I think that works well for a small-ish pickup. It kind of gives the impression that it might actually be capable of good fuel economy. If anything, I'm sure it's more aerodynamic than the traditional box-like truck shape.

All in all, I don't think it's too bad looking. I would drop the port-holes on the hood and the cab collar for the U.S. market. It would make it look just a little more truck like, which I think would help it to sell better here.

As far as a solid axle front end goes........Gm doesn't even use that on their Heavy Duty's obvious they wouldn't use it on a truck that's essentially one step up from a car. In all honesty though, I have no problem with a coil sprung IFS in a small truck. If they do it right it can be plenty durable while still giving a significantly better ride quality. The vast majority of people that buy this truck are going to use it on road or for light off-road use anyway, so a good IFS would be perfect for that application.

I'm really hoping they will retain the manual transmission and I4 diesel. If VW can bring a non-urea 2.0L diesel here and sell it for a reasonable price, then GM should be able to do it too. I want to see 30mpg, and not just in stripped out 2wd base models either. That's where the Ridgeline really failed. It was a small truck with big-truck fuel economy.

I think we are at the point where the first domestic maker to pull the trigger on a new mid size is going to be rolling in sales. Gas prices are up and once gas hits over $4, trucks are going to have a problem selling vehicles that max out at 21 mpg.

Of all the trucks I have owned, my favorite was a 1990s S10 that would bang out 25+ mpg without a problem, haul / tow all my gear, and was easy to park and maneuver. I drove that truck everywhere and never had a problem. I went from that to a 2003 Dakota SLT V8 (with probably the worst vehicle interior I have ever encountered) to a 2007 F150 which I sold because it was a pain in tight spaces and never broke 20mpg.

I am in the market for a compact/mid-size truck and I don't feel like anything on the market is worth my $25K. There has to be more people in the same situation as me. I am a truck guy stuck driving a sedan because the market is still clinging to V8s and full sizes.

Looks like a 4WD Malibu from the front....pass, I'll take the new "Global" Ranger any day with a diesel engine.

Looks like a nice evolution for the small pick-up family. Just glad to see GM is not giving up on this segment. Maybe both GM and Ford will continue to offer their next generation Colorados and Rangers to us Yanks. Hope it will be no later than 2012.

I'm curious as to how much this truck would cost if they brought it over. I mean, the current Colorado starts at about $20k for a stripped regular cab 4x4 model and can easily hit $30k if you go pick another cab style or other options. This truck, as pictured, has to be over $30k if they were to sell it in the U.S. market. I just can't see it costing less than that.

I mean, it's still $10,000 less than a comparable full size truck, but guys that think this is going to be an inexpensive little trucklet will be sorely disappointed. I'll bet money on it that stripped out 2wd work truck versions of this will be over 20k easy on the sticker.

@ bobby

this truck wont be built in the US, so tell me how it will be the "heartbeat of america". its funny how you would say its american and i BET you'd be one of the people that say the tundra is not.

@ bob

I dont DISAGREE it looks better than the colorado that thing was HIDEOUS. I personaly still dont care for it though. the body line on the side looks cracked out, the window sills are proportionately off from the body structure, i think thats why i dont like it. Also the nose is narrow, but the wheels look really good. not great for off road but they look good for street looks. your drinkin too much kool-aid sayin its sexy though IMO.

We all have our opinions of the truck's looks; it's a love-it-or-hate-it situation. However, we all need to realize the main point here--This is a concept, a show truck. You can bet that the final production version will look different from the show car. All those fancy parts shown here will eventually show up on the aftermarket.

Personally I think this truck will sell. Perhaps not in large numbers, but it will sell. I'll definitely be looking out for it when it comes to the States.

Why compare Colorado to a Ridgeline? Ridgeline has nothing on this truck, or any truck for for that matter--Great Wall and Mahindra included. Even the old Proton Arena seemed more suitable than a Ridgeline-and that's saying a lot from me.

GM should be applauded for updating the Colorado. If anyone should be verbally flogged, then tell Ford to give us a Ranger for the US, demand Honda to turn the Ridgeline into a proper truck, and maybe harrass Mahindra until they decide to do business here or stop the charade.

I forgot-for all you guys out there who are saying that the Colorado won't be built in the states, a relative who works for GM told me that the news circulating around his plant says the trck will be built here. No one knows when or where it will be sourced, however.

A month ago a Chevy guy mentioned this may be made in Wentzville Mo. wonder if that still may happen as I seen somewhere else that they will make it in Thailand then send it to Brazil to have the US emmisions installed then send it here?


And how many pickups do I see empty out there on a daily occurance?

You can always rate your leaf springs and adjust shocks to keep the rear level and still haul as much payload!

Leveling kit is not for posers, I use it to raise the front end to have a better approach angle for off-roading and most of the time my bed is empty and I do not like the drag race rear-end a$$ up in the air look. It also translates into a lighter raer end thus more dangerous in high cornering or wet conditions.

20" wheels are for show trucks, you want to have the ability to air down your tires to gain traction off-road, so these larger rim diameters are not recommended for off-roading because you will have less sidewall and less room to air down with..

Not a fan of the design. First of all the front end looks like GM did a copy and paste job with an Aveo. And the other thing that really bothers me is that the window lines don't match even with the bed sides. Its an eyesore IMO.

I think its absolutly ridiculous that you troll about Ford...Even on your own GM Articles. Every sentence you type is designed to try and get the comment section of these articles shut down. Hey if you think this truck is sexy, more power to you, but seriosuly stop whining about everyone else finding fault with GM. I'm sorry it devistates you so bad that the rest of the world doesn't love GM as much as you do...But really your being a total hypocrite when you complain about everyone else finding fault with GM trucks. Because I KNOW the next post we get on this site about any Ford truck, you'll be there to point out all of the ''faults'' you think it has. Your the troll and your the hypocrite.

Hay Nate, don't like my posts, call 1-800 eat .... I don't care if you like my posts or not so stop wasting your time trying to correct me. and you calling me a troll is like calling a kettle black. looks who's trolling Nate it's you! If you don't think this is a good looking truck than clean the crap out of them and go see a eye doctor. great looking truck.

@ Mike Levin
I was just wondering if it has the coil over shock IFS like the Tacoma has .

If they offer 4-door Crew Cab & a V8, I might be interested!

I like it, I would get rid of the cab collar and call it good for the U.S.


"And how many pickups do I see empty out there on a daily occurance?"
Are you in south-east Asia, where this is being launched?

"You can always rate your leaf springs and adjust shocks to keep the rear level and still haul as much payload!"
Uh- rate them all you want (must be a technical term)- if you ad load, springs compress- no shock adjusting in the world can fix that. Only airbags can, but no one uses them as OE, because of the cost/failures.

"Leveling kit is not for posers, I use it to raise the front end to have a better approach angle for off-roading and most of the time my bed is empty and I do not like the drag race rear-end a$$ up in the air look."
Yeah, reduced suspension travel is awesome off-road.
"It also translates into a lighter raer end thus more dangerous in high cornering or wet conditions."
The rear of the truck weighs, what it weighs, whether it sits 30 or 32 inches up.

"20" wheels are for show trucks"
This IS a show truck (shrug)

looks like a Ridgeline! or a downsized Avalanche. I dislike both trucks. But people will buy what they like. So I am sure they will sell. Hell GM sold a few Azteks so it just goes to show you that you can just about sell anything. Just curious how the GMC grille will look on it. I prefer a GMC over a Chevy grille.

@paul810. These pickups are used to tow fairly heavy loads in South East Asia.
Not uncommon to see severelyoverloaded(4000lb +) examples going past.
Ford and GM are the "back of the pack' as far as global sales go. Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi are the "Big 3" globally. VW is testing the water, expecting a modest 100,000 sales for its first year.
It is going to be interesting and I have mentioned this before, when all the new models from all the major manufacturers arrive in the next couple of years. Interesting times indeed.

@Bob, Billy, Bobby, etc., GM deserves credit for trying at the least. Ford bailed and shame on them for that. Do they really think everyone will buy an F-150? I hope this truck is good and that it steals Taco and Ranger customers. I firmly believe that the pick-up segment is NOT a zero sum game. A good mid/compact pick-up will draw share from ALL classes of vehicle. The US needs the strongest truck in EVERY segment. After all, every other 'truck' manufacturer is UN-AMERICAN!!!

I wonder what the real global Colorado will look like?
Are they going to offer a global Canyon?
Do the Taiwanese fans of GM care about combined Colorado and Canyon sales to beat out the Hilux?
This show truck looks like it would be more at home on the highways of big city USA than the roads of the 2nd and 3rd world.
A lowered SS version with Cadillac's new twin turbo 3 litre ecoboost V6 would be cool.
@ Bob - you can trade your '94 S10 or Astro van on one of these when they come to the USA in 2 - 4 years.

@ unclebud - The US needs the strongest truck in EVERY segment.
Doesn't that automatically rule out Chevrolet? ;)

I have to admit that I like it. The tail lights are not the best looking. Maybe if the didn't have a "3-dimensional" look to them. From the press photos they show, the back seat looks to be useable & (dare I say) roomy? If someone was sitting in the front seat, I could have a point of reference.

@Lou, I found some other interesting information about all the new introductions. Mitsubishi, Nissan, Ford and it looks like GM will produce SUV versions of their new pickups.
The Colorado is the only model available(I get your NA in joke though)


Your childish insults bother me none! As you so clearly gave an example of, you are the real troll here, You verbally abuse anything not GM and praise all GM as if it were the end all of cars. And yet you get unsurpisingly upset at the fact that I find this truck less than attractive. Your such a child.

I understand that this is a show truck, but I think that the wheelbase may be a bit too short for a crew cab. Keep the bed and body the same length, lengthen the wheelbase by 3-4 inches, and then we'd be good. Otherwise, the rear of the cab will be over or very close to the rear axle. 2001-2004 Nissan Frontier CC/SB comes to mind.

@Robert Ryan - thanks for the link.
Pepperdust metallic. Nice colour.
I find it interesting that this truck,the global Ranger, and Amarok are classified as "one tonne" trucks. That would be 1,000 kg or 2,200 lb for those unfamiliar with the metric system. I'd say that is a decent load capacity.
I wonder how much of that capacity will be lost when the version of this truck shows up in the rest of the world (North America). To bad these trucks - if they ever arrive will be castrated before they arrive (no diesel or cargo capacity).
It is also interesting that this truck will have the same chassis as the Mitsubishi.
Would this truck be considered an "import" in Thailand?

I don't think that this truck will be castrated for US market, GM will just lower the payload rating to something like 1500 lbs. so consumer will opt for more capable Silverado that will be over 2k lbs. (half ton).

@Lou, between 2,200lbs for the Navarra(They also sell the old 3 Litre D40 model, concurrently with the Navarra, that has a 3,000lb payload). The Ford Ranger will have a 3,300lb payload. Hilux max for it is 3000lbs for some models, averages 2,500lb.

I like it so far, but I am often disappointed with the Thai-built stuff when I see it in the flesh. The Captiva and Hilux both looked awesome on pictures, then the lack of quality showed when I saw the cars in real life. Hopefully this isn't the case here.

@Alex, they have been selling the Captiva since 2006 in Australia. I still think it is nowhere as good as the Japanese SUV's,(sales bear that out) but a lot better than it was . Hilux has been selling like hotcakes, since its introduction. On quite a few occasions in 2010 it was the best selling "car" in Australia. Jeep the only US SUV is really flying the flag for Chrysler in Australia, but has been having a poor 2010 and now 2011. Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep may disappear from the Australian market.

@Lou- I think you may have mis-read. The Mitsu, Nissan, GM (and Toyota, not mentioned in the article), have/ will have their own respective SUV variants, not sharing platforms among brands.
As long as the rest of the truck is the same here (like on the Nissan, unlike on the Toyota), you can always get bigger leaf packs for the rear. Though not a diesel, I wouldn't call a truck with 250-300 hp and 6spd auto castrated.

nice truck .just the dash not to crazy but y no for America is difference,,, continental tire on the ford 250,350,,do you thing is more a front suspension design the problem ..

Here's a quick photoshop i did of what a regular cab version may look like with and without the cab collar / tonneau...

You can get all the leaf packs and air bags you want, it still won't change the legal load capacity.

Nate, Obviously you do care about my insults because you can't shut that sewer of a mouth you have. You can't help yourself and have to respond to everthing I post. You only don't like the looks of the truck because your lying about it to bash GM. You don't like the looks because you know darn well it looks better than any ford product or any other truck in the segment. You are being childish for saying the truck doesn't look good.

Now run along and stop playing with your mommies computer.

@Robert, I really wish Jeep offered the Wrangler Rubicon with a diesel, 2 door and 4 door, manual and auto both in America and Australia. I think it would do well, but I think only the Wrangler Sport gets the diesel in Australia, and no diesels for the US of course. A Rubicon diesel would be the most capable 4x4 you could get. At a reasonable price anyway.

@ Dafish,

Yes it will be built in the US, but Brazil is expected to take the lead on Development for the Western Hemisphere, Since North and South America will be viewed more like a single development zone.

I too remember reading about Wentzville, but i'm not sure if that's still final.

Awd?, hmm, this must be the end for Colorado offroader enthusiasts.

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