Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Sales are Jumping

Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Sales are Jumping

January was the best sales month ever for the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor off-road pickup, according to Marc Lapine, Ford F-150 consumer marketing manager, during the press introduction of the new 2011 SuperCrew Raptor in Sault Saint Marie, Mich.

"Over 900 Raptors were sold in the month of January," Lapine said. "We added another 740 Raptor sales in February."

So far, Ford has sold 1,072 Raptors from the 2011 model year (both SuperCrew and SuperCab trucks) and 8,614 Raptors from the 2010 model year.

Both SuperCab and SuperCrew Raptors are powered solely by Ford’s 6.2-liter V-8 engine (which debuted in the 2010 Raptor) that’s rated at 411 horsepower and 434 pounds-feet of torque. Pricing starts at $42,525 for the SuperCab and $45,290 for the SuperCrew.

We'll have our first drive review of the new SuperCrew model next week.


Gas hit 3.60 here today so much for that !!

What is on the ground under the truck?

What is on the ground under the truck?

I have 5 feet of it along my driveway...... snow.

Its either Black plastic that is buried halfway under the sand or its some burnt up drift wood.

In the last 2 weeks I've seen 3 Raptors. A blue one just like the picture, a white extended cab, and a silver supercrew. All 3 had the "splash" graphics.
Up until that point, I had never seen one.
The dealership in my town says they are not licenced to carry SVT vehicles so they cannot order new Raptors or Shelby's. What a bummer.
I think the SuperCrew will sell well dispite the price and increasing fuel cost.

My bad. I see what you mean. I'd guess burnt drift wood as well.

@ Lou

Yeah I live in a little town of about 4K population and I have seen three Raptors(Blue, white, black). I think that no matter what the gas price goes up to Ford has got a winner on their hands and it will sell even in this little town where Kmart is one of the best places to work.

Meanwhile at GM the crickets are chirping furiously .

Don't feed the troll. We are doing fine without 'em.

Are these sales added to the F-Series lineup?

those trucks are bad ass nobody can conpete with them not even the dodge i mean the ram power wagon or the new gmc hd all terrain go FORD you are the best to do the job done

@Baileys-To someone who can spring for the $45 large for an off-road toy, the difference between spending $60 and $80 on a fill-up is rather inconsequential- or at least it should be (if an extra 20 hurts you at the pump, you might rethink a $900 truck payment). Overall, a 2% share of total F-series sales is pretty good for a specialty model. Then again, the Border patrol is getting their S-crew Raptors, so that accounts for a few.

Surely there is a miss-print in the sales for 2011 models. The article states "Over 900 Raptors were sold in the month of January," Lapine said. "We added another 740 Raptor sales in February." It also says that only 1072 have been sold from the 2011 model year. I find it very hard to believe that they were still selling 2010 models in 2011. From what I have seen and heard there is no inventory anywhere on these things that could have been carried over.

In spite some of the comments I would be more interested in it if it had better fuel economy. I would like to see one with the Eco-Boost myself.

I like the Raptor and Fords in general, but I disagree with some of the comments about who can afford them.

In my experience, people who buy 45K-50K trucks or 30K trucks with 10K worth of mods are not wealthy or even upper middle. They're normally working class Joes with 1K a month car payments who just want a bad ass truck more than a balanced budget.

A well off person with a Raptor is probably the exception, at least based on my observations. For example, a guy at work has one, and he just finished the intern program, making about the MSRP of this truck in a year. Similar is other dudes in my 4WD clubs over the years.

Marc Lapine and Mike Levine...similar names, audibly speaking LOL...

Anyway, it'd be cool if Ford made a Raptor regular cab, in addition to the extended and crew cabs, of course! It'd be the only one with a six-plus-foot bed! That way one can take home the fallen tree branch after crossing it like a gazillion times XD!

@Walter: Marc Lapine said Ford has sold nearly all 2010 Raptors but there are still a few left. You can search PUTC for remaining trucks.

@2011Tacoma4x4- It wasn't a statement about who is buying the trucks, as much as it was a statement that compared to the $900 a month, plus ~$150 a month for insurance, putting an extra $50 in the tank each month is pretty miniscule. We've all seen $5 gas, so there's no real reason to think that we wont see it again. I guess I just have no patience for people who cry about the stuff they can't afford, after they bought it.

An update on Raptor sales numbers from Marc Lapine:

The February YTD Raptor sales are:

2010MY:  8,755
2011MY:  1,671

@Mike Levine
any word on how may Power Wagons are sold? Nice to compare something with the Raptor. I see more Power Wagons up here. I know someone who owns a Power Wagon and loves it.

They would sell a lot more if they built a 2wd model with the ecoboost. The truck would be thousands cheaper, weigh at least 500lbs less, and would get substantially better mileage. The truck would be just as capable not to mention the tuning potential of the turbo engine.


I paid a bargain price (premium unleaded) of $3.89 last night. Everywhere else has it for $3.99 to $4.06 a gallon.


Nobody can touch the Dodge/Ram 2500 Power Wagon in it's element (rock/log/ditch strewn, etc. trails). The Ford F-150 S.V.T. Raptor is a beast in it's own (different) element. Both are AWESOME trucks. I want a go with my Power Wagon!


I am on the lookout for Power Wagons all the time. I have only seen, in the six years they have been out, only about 12-15. That is including mine. Four of those Power Wagons were on dealership lots. In have seen that many, and maybe a few more, Raptors in the year that they have been out. I am seeing one a week almost.

Great job Ford! Please keep building S.V.T. Raptor for at least three more that I can by a brand new one in 2014/2015.

@Buy American or say Bye to America!

Considering most of the Raptor owners won't take them off-road, I'd buy a used Raptor in good condition. No doubt.

I will never buy new, worst investment.

@ Mrknowitall - Then again, the Border patrol is getting their S-crew Raptors, so that accounts for a few.

Why does the fleet queen arguement always surface when it comes to sales? LOL

I don't see too many Power Wagons. Most 3/4 ton or 1 ton Rams I see are diesels with a moderate lift kit. Ram should put a "baby" Cummins or Iveco diesel in the PW and it would sell like crazy.

I have to agreee with "Buy American" both trucks are good for their intended purposes. It isn't a direct comparison other than they are offroaders.
There is an excellent test on the two trucks on this site.


That is probably an accurate statement for at least half of the Raptors. It would just require a crawl underneath the truck, to look for signs of dirt/rocks...or the factory labels/markings as clean as they the truck was made?

@ Buy American or say Bye to America!

My creeper is always on deck and ready to go. According to your statement their is a 50% chance that I will find a good/decent Raptor.

I'm selling the 7.3L soon. Keeping the 6.8L. I want that Raptor!

A Cummins motor in the Power Wagon would make it a hot seller. I doubt that the Iveco would be that popular?


Go for it! I would love to hear your review/report.

@Buy American or Say Bye to America!
The only way you're going to have a Cummins Power Wagon is if you remove the winch (if that's possible) because it would block the turbo vent. That's why all PW's are gas-powered Hemis. If there's a way to make a specialized bumper that can have a vent for the turbo and have a winch on it at the same time, then maybe. As of now, it's impossible because the electrical works near the engine..


Another factor, on why there is no Power Wagon with a Cummins, is because of all of the torque from the diesel. With lockers, they would really have to beef up the axles and universal joints. There is also the extra weight factor (extra 500-plus lbs.) working against the Cummins. There would be a lot of Snap, Crackle, Pop, when a tire or two is wedged against a rock or ledge and the turbocharger starts spooling up and the torque begins to climb...BANG! Thank goodness that this has not happened to my HEMI powered Power Wagon. It has happened to others though with just the HEMI.

@ Billy - I've seen many Ram diesels with winchs and offroad bumpers.
I just think that Ram is using that as an excuse for not beefing up the rest of the truck to support a diesel and still have good articulation offroad.
I remember when intercoolers were first being used on heavy trucks. My dad's friend had a few Mack trucks with a hood scoop on them for air to get to the intercooler.
There are ways around it.
Dodge just doesn't want to build it.


Your sales numbers for the 2010 SVT Raptors are INCORRECT.

Ford built 10,437 2010 Raptors according to the Ford Special Vehicle Team.


Very cool on how it is broken down. :)

@ Buy American or say Bye to America

I need to persuade the Wife first.

@Frank - Just tell her if you buy a Raptor it will just keep you out of her way ;) and Sync will mean that she can contact you for the odd time she actually wants you around ;) LOL.

Why would somebody pay that much for a truck which is much less capable/fuel efficient, then it's non modified brother?

It completely blows my mind.

@Ex: That's how many trucks were produced. I'm reporting how many were *sold* in the U.S.

Some of the trucks produced were sold outside the U.S. or used for testing, media, etc.


It is just like the people that by a two-seat sports car. A Chevrolet Corvette for example: only room for one passenger and a couple of duffel bags. You are paying for the fun factor.

If ur doing articles on sales, how about a break down of why GM trucks are now outselling F-series. Not in a bashing way, but that story would be much more interesting and a better read than just Raptor sales, in my opinion of corse.


Your posting on the wrong article.

GM considers those two brand different entities, thus GM does not count them together so neither will Mike L & PUTC.

Do the math yourself, have fun!

if you guys want the real scoop on Raptors visit

The dirt on that truck makes it look like the truck is getting ready for a nice shave. Sand+snow, gotta love it.

@supercliffy: Truck manufacturers typically don't break out model sales, like Raptor or Power Wagon. We'll see what we can find out.

Another good Ford F-150 S.V.T. Raptor site is:

I always love the sour grapers who say "Most of those guys won't even take 'em off road" and "Most of the owners are just stupid because they can't afford them"

As if that matters. It's an amazing truck and everyone with one in the driveway grins like a politician on election night every time they get in it every morning.

Good point.
How many guys/gals buy a truck for work ONLY?
Most trucks arer bought for lifestyle or personal reasons. Towing a camper, or toy hauler, getting firewood, or do-it-yourself trips to Home Depot is a lifestyle choice. Offroading is a life style choice.
Do you consider being a "poser" a lifestyle choice?
It is after all a choice.
You buy the truck you buy because it puts a smile on your face and meets your needs.
If you think a Raptor or Power Wagon is a waste of money then don't buy one. Same if you think you can't afford it.
I'd love a Raptor or Power Wagon (actually both) in my driveway.
I'd also love an Aston Marton DB9 in my driveway.
One can dream..........

I already have the Power Wagon in my if I can just sweet talk the wife enough to get a Raptor in the driveway in a couple of years? I would have the best of both worlds!

@Buy American or say Bye to America

I saw two Raptors in LA today near the Petersen Museum Building in LA.

I sped up just to catch a glimpse!

Molten Orange & Tuxedo Black.


Hey, if the wife don't let me have this Truck, i'm divorcing her. J/K Honey!



That is too funny. Break down your wife's resistance with kindness. Weaken her ability to say no.

OK...just giving some insight. As long as I can comfortably bring the kids to school and their sporting events, haul an elk home from the field and drive on snow and ice covered roads with confidence 6 months out of the year, I'm happy. Why NOT drive a Raptor? Oh, and not that it is any of your business, I wrote a check.

ok what is the difference between the hummer and the raptor.wy you get this king of truck...the look,for years people cry about the hummer,whit all the bad publicity ,they stop to build hummer,and y no the hummer is a good puller,compare to the raptor,so the raptor is good only in the wood maybe....right

What a joke of a truck.

And really Ford? Crowing about such pitiful sales numbers for your JC Whitney special?

@ Mike L What are the chances of an Ecoboost Raptor?

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