Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Sales are Jumping

Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Sales are Jumping

January was the best sales month ever for the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor off-road pickup, according to Marc Lapine, Ford F-150 consumer marketing manager, during the press introduction of the new 2011 SuperCrew Raptor in Sault Saint Marie, Mich.

"Over 900 Raptors were sold in the month of January," Lapine said. "We added another 740 Raptor sales in February."

So far, Ford has sold 1,072 Raptors from the 2011 model year (both SuperCrew and SuperCab trucks) and 8,614 Raptors from the 2010 model year.

Both SuperCab and SuperCrew Raptors are powered solely by Ford’s 6.2-liter V-8 engine (which debuted in the 2010 Raptor) that’s rated at 411 horsepower and 434 pounds-feet of torque. Pricing starts at $42,525 for the SuperCab and $45,290 for the SuperCrew.

We'll have our first drive review of the new SuperCrew model next week.


@miath - stay off the GM coolaid. A Hummer a "good puller" the towing or hauling capacities of any Hummer are poor. Even the civilian H1 was pathetic as a puller.

@ "P" - still haven't gotten over your Crown Victoria ?
For a limited edition and pricy truck - the Raptor is selling very well.

The best thing Ford can do for the Raptor is to release it as an option package on any Ford 1/2 ton and any trim level.

@Frank: All Ford says is that it's possible but undecided. I'd like to see the 5.0-liter offered.


Lol dude, Your such a Bob. ''Anyone who frequents this site knows what I mean''

I don't know what your preferance in terms of truck is. But there is no way you can deny that this truck is selling well for what it is. Sure they may not be rolling out 1/2 a million of them a year like they do the Regular F-150's. But as Lou said, this truck is a somewhat pricey special edition model. So far Ford is the only one that has had the balls to greenlight such an extream truck. Dodge came the closest with their Power-Wagon.

For a nich truck this thing is selling quite well. And I think your just jealous that you don't have one sitting your driveway.


I envy you. Thank you for buying an American truck! Congratulations on picking such an awesome truck!!!

I saw another one today. A silver Super Crew with the cool graphics package. My wife was getting irritated that I "had to" follow it for about 5 miles.

I saw two more S.V.T. Raptors last week.

To my surprise...I also saw a Ram 2500 Power Wagon last week!

@Mrknowitall - $50/month for gas in a Raptor? Maybe if you only drive it one weekend a month. I witnessed someone filling up their 2009 Honda Accord and it was $60.00 for 15 gallons of gas.

I'd say a safer bet for the Raptor would be somewhere around $300 - $400/month in gasoline.

I saw a brand new one today going down the road. It was a silver Super Crew. They look soo tough!

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