GM Midsize Truck Plant Shuts Down Over Japanese Parts Delay

GM Midsize Truck Plant Shuts Down Over Japanese Parts Delay
By David Thomas

Our colleagues at have just received the first official word from a U.S.-based automaker that the aftereffects of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami could significantly alter production here.

General Motors announced it would suspend production at its Shreveport, La., assembly plant – where the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon small pickup trucks are made – for the week of March 21.

The specific parts that are causing the shutdown weren’t released.

Other U.S. plants have canceled overtime shifts but haven’t suspended all production.

The pipeline of parts to the U.S. relies on shipping across the Pacific Ocean. We may start seeing the incoming parts simply not showing up and disrupting U.S. operations.

The Shreveport plant is scheduled to be shut down in 2012 as part of GM’s restructuring plans, and the two trucks made there see minimal sales.

An all-new Chevrolet Colorado will debut this month in Thailand for overseas markets and a version of that truck is expected to replace the current Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon.

[Source: Kicking Tires]


I bet Toyota has something to do with this. Sabotage!

So..............American trucks can't be built because of a lack of JAPANESE parts.


So much for the "By American" argument!

So in other words, GM trucks are full of Japanese parts.

Ok, I got it.


@Frank: Almost every manufacturer does to varying degrees. The Ram 4500/5500 chassis cabs use Aisin transmissions made in Japan. Stay tuned for almost certain delays to other vehicle production.

Very interesting Mike L. Thank you very much!

Ram better open up the storage unit that contains all of the machines/equipment to make the trusty old TorqueFlite transmissions and start cranking these things out again.

That will teach them to ship jobs overseas & out of the USA! LOL


Perhaps, first we need to teach the cheapskate Americans to pay a little more for American made products, rather than buying the least expensive (usually made overseas) products. Then American companies would not have to seek lower labor costs in other countries in order to compete with the foreign products pouring into our country.

@Buy American - the USA isn't exempt from natural disasters. I do recall a story where domestic production was affected by winter storms.

@ Lou- As long as one of the Bobs is not involved you are very nice and gentle about how you treat people... Just tweaking your nose... kinda.

@gabe logan - very astute observation. So bugger off. LOL

@ Lou- I have always wondered what "bugger off" meant. I have a good Idea, however could you please explain the exact term? Just for the record...

Do I need to explain again how we live in a global economy and the fact companies like GM HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH OUR CONSTITUTION!!!

Do I need to explain again how the "global economy" is great for the rest of the globe and how it hurts the U.S. economy?

If every American bought foreign products, and no longer bought American, what kind of economy would the U.S. have? We would surely owe everything to Asia and such as America would be broke!

@gabe logan - touche' LOL

Bugger Off! is the second album by Stack Waddy, released in 1972 on Dandelion Records.

@ buy american or bye america

Precisely why I drive a TUNDRA, it supports AMERICANS working in AMERICA.

As shitty as it is a natural disaster happened its almost poetic justice that your esteemed "american" company is SHUT DOWN because of Japanese supply, guess what.............. Toyota Tundra and Tacoma assembly are running FINE with parts suppliers HERE IN THE USA. HMMMMM just a little more proof for YOU to see ALL manufacturers support US citizens and your arguments are with yourself about a "jap truck" are in YOUR head. and to further it, the next Colorado and Canyon wont even be assembled here in the US. wow.

Its also ashame that i have to CONTINUOUSLY point out facts so that other readers arent brainwashed by the NONSENSE you type at a constant. good day all.

@ Hemi lol
@ Buy American

What happens when an immovable object meets an unstoppable force?

At all you ignorant people commenting on the ram earlier, I would like to say that only 2-5 percent of all chryslers parts are from japan, most imported parts are from Mexico or canada if not USA, and lastly ram's an american truck based on it's 75 percent american content and assembly in USA!

The tundra is the same sadly, but still ignorantly I hate it because I'm a mopar guy.... Ironic I know


You get America's continual financial woes rescued by Asia's ongoing wealth. Is that close?

@hemi lol,

Yup, that's why I drive my Tacoma, supports many U.S. jobs and their lines are still running...

Tell them not to buy used.

I'd rather have Japanse parts than parts from many other origins.

@Robert: So all those Dodge/Ram/Fiat trucks with a WMI in the VIN of 3D does not mean that it is "Hecho en México"?

You better get in contact with the SAE and let them know of their mistake...

If you turn the truck over, it states, "Mattel, Patent Pending."

I heard the only parts needed were asin manual transmissions. and how many of those do they even build?

Now GM is shutting plants and shifts in Germany and Spain...

The Colorado was developed with Isuzu who sells their own version of the truck (not here). That is a likely connection between these trucks and Japan.

@ Buy American - You get America's continual financial woes rescued by Asia's ongoing wealth. Is that close?


Using our strenths to provide what developing countries need is one way to improve things domestically.

This story shows some of the complexity of world trade and the inter-relationships of countries.
You can pass laws and close off USA to all foreign products.
That would be far worse to the USA than a guy buying a Toyota.
Look at Cuba and some former communist block countries. They do not have a very great way of life.

Adapt or go the way of the dinosaur. That is the challenge of the 21 century.

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