GM Releases Teaser Picture of Next Chevrolet Colorado

GM Releases Teaser Picture of Next Chevy Colorado

Take a good look at this photo. It's a preview of the next-generation Chevrolet Colorado that will be sold around the world.

As we first reported last month, the next-gen Colorado will debut at the Bangkok International Motor Show in Thailand, which runs from March 25 to April 5, 2011.

"Thailand was chosen as the site of the global debut because of the popularity of pickup trucks and the growing importance of the Thai market to Chevrolet," a GM press release says. "In 2010, the pickup truck segment alone accounted for 43% of vehicles sold in Thailand. The new Colorado will go on sale in Thailand later this year."

The next Colorado will be assembled at a GM plant in Thailand for global markets, but we also expect the next Colorado will be sold in the U.S. and Canada, according to our sources. It's code-named 31xxn for North America and is being updated to meet U.S. and Canadian market regulations and consumer tastes by GM's offices in Brazil.


Call it an S-10 and I'll buy it.

And price it around $8000.

I'm not a big fan of the way the window line doesn't match the bed. The rear doors look smaller than I had hoped. My biggest hope is for the 2.0Turbo with a 6speed auto (no chance for a handshaker) and that the whole thing comes in under 4000#. It just doesn't need to be any burlier than that.

Appearance/fit and finish are important, however in my opinion function, reliability, and durability are paramount. It looks aggressive which is nice, but I want to see what the horsepower/torque/fuel economy/ are going to be rated at.

Looks like an Equinox/Traverse lol

Make a regular cab long bed (AKA real truck) 4x4 with coil spring front suspension and it might be a winner .

I first thought the new Ranger looked more car-like than truck-like, but after seeing the rest of the new truckettes, I think the Ranger is the most truck like of them by quite a bit. The Korean and now this GM look like the bed is an afterthought and the lines from the hood, windows, and bed are all on different levels. But since the designs are all looking similar, other than the Ranger, that must be where the market is headed and probably what the market demands. Interesting. Maybe that's what the small truck market needs, something that doesn't look so much like a mini truck.

Look at how low and the angle of the bed! It looks like it took some ques from the Honda Ridgeline. I'm not a fan!

Another question is why is GM going to take so long to bring this truck to the USA ? is this going to be another case like the Cruze where the rest of the world gets it before we do .

I think it looks good. But I'm interested in the drivetrain.

I hope they replace the old-school gutless 5 cyl engine.

Very Tundra like rounded bodywork. I wonder if the next gen full size body will take on similar styling?

It looks good.
The box and back doors/seating looks small. Mind you, if it had a cab and box like what I want - it would be a full size truck. LOL
I wonder if the North American version will be exactly like this truck?

If it is buillt on the same lines and chassis like a Traverse it would be a great little light duty pickup. My sister bought a Traverse and its a really great SUV, blows the Honda and Toyota's out of the water. She even has a friend with a BMW SUV that liked it better.

Thinking it does not needs tons of power, because I cannot remember the last time I saw any small pickup towing anything.

With the price of gas I wish I had pedals in my full size to help it along for better mpg.

Will this be imported from Thailand?

I hope General Motors moves production of this this thing to the U.S., or North America or South America, before offering it here.

Americans buy Chrysler, Ford, or General Motors products because they represent America. If it is going to be imported, then why wouldn't a person just buy a Nissan or Toyota? Vehicles from Japan have already been proven. Vehicles from India, Thailand, Turkey, etc....not so much.

General Motors Corporation-

What happened with your television commercial slogan: "This Is Our Country"?

I found a few concept pictures. Looks like it will have a decent sized crew cab but a small box.

It looks like they chose not to use the bed hooks on the outside of the box.
The front end does look like the sketch we saw a while back.

Looks cool

If the next-Colorado goes on sale here -- and we expect it will -- it will be assembled in the U.S., probably at the same plant where GM builds full-size vans today.

So, any specs on this new Colorado yet? And why close the Shreveport plant that makes the Colorado anyway if they're going to be building the new one in the US? It looks like an Equinox/Colorado mutt thing.

Looks better than anything in the segment. Ford fans wanting a Ranger will have buy something else unless of course Ford changes it's mind on selling it in the US.

Mike Levine-

Thank you for the update.

I am a die hard the Ford Motor Company & Chrysler Corporation fan (fanboi?). Not a big fan of the General Motors Corporation other than they are American. If I were ever in the market for a mid-size pickup, which I never plan to be, and my choices were the American built Chevrolet Colorado or a a Turkish (Thai) built Ford Ranger...I would get the Colorado.

My loyalty begins, and ends, with the people from my continents first and foremost!

@Mike Levine
Great information and I'm glad GM isn't abandoning this market like Ford is doing by eliminating the Ranger.
I’m very curious, like your other readers mentioned above as to what we can expect for drive train. Ecotec (Direct Injection)? 6 speed auto I surely hope. I’m assuming the rest of the world except North America will have the option of at least one diesel engine.

Will we have any information on the US spec Canyon and Colorado before the Thailand show?

@Mike Levine, assembled is the word. To decrease the price of so called midsize pickups relative to full size ones in the US, it is better to make the parts cheaply in Thailand.
@ Taylor, @Lou @ford 850, the Colorado comes in a flatbed /ute bed 7ft or longer.

As well it will be the same size as the Tacoma(current Asian one is Hilux sized) and have a VM Motori diesel outside the US.

Looks like a Traverse with a bed. Is it going to be uni-body?

"Looks better than anything in the segment. Ford fans wanting a Ranger will have buy something else unless of course Ford changes it's mind on selling it in the US. " - Bob

The Ranger is also sold in the US and can be bought right now. The new Ranger? Yes, you would be correct they will have to buy something else.

Chevy Fans wanting a new Colorado will also have to buy something else. Maybe in the first half of 2014 (as Mike Levine first reported) it will be available IF they decide to sell it in the US. My point is 2014 is a long way away, Bob. You can't buy a new Ranger or a new Colorado yet.

"What happened with your television commercial slogan: "This Is Our Country"?"

False advertising. GM is (or was) a private corporation and has NOTHING to do with the Constitution nor the U.S. flag.

GM does not put the Constitution nor national security as their priorities. Shareholder value and profits for their shareholders and fat cat upper management is their priority.

One thing they do well with the federal government is running it into the ground and bankrupt...

Once again Joe, your wrong! You can go down to your local Chevy dealer and buy a Colorado right now. If your talking about the new Colorado, you will have to wait until fall of 2012 when the 2013 model Colorado debuts.

Chevy isn't letting the public down like Ford is. No new ranger in the US.

@Paul, they are BOF. In Thailand pickups are used as Taxi's and normally overloaded

Bob, You Chevy fans can't buy this Colorado either.

Just when I thought the Colorado could not get any worse.. Why doesn't GM just offer it in FWD and paint it pink.

How far GM has fallen since it stopped making S10 ZR2's

Loks good to me. Makes Ford's decision to not bring the new T6 Ranger here look even dumber.

How is it dumber? All this says is the new Colorado will go on sale in Thailand later this year. Chevy has not said it will be sold in the US and if it was sold in the US Mike said it wouldn't be until 2014 at best.

@Robert Ryan - I doubt North America will see anything other than a short box crew cab or a medium length extended cab truck.

@ Bob - can you make a comment without turning it into a troll-fest?

Ford feels that the global Ranger isn't appropriate for NA.
There is a rumor that Ford will slightly downsize the next F150 and use space aged sports car technology to lighten the truck.
If that is the case - a lighter F150 with the power, and fuel economy of a compact, and the capacity of a regular sized truck. No reason to sell a compact.

Bob, Mike said most probably 2014 for the new Colorado IF they decide to sell it in the US.

You have no idea what Ford's lineup will be like in 2014. That is 3 years from now.

If they are both not going to do anything until 2013/2014, Ford was smarter for keeping their plans a secret.

The sources at Chevy were dumb for letting the cat out of the bag that it was coming 2014. Now Chevy fans in the mid size market are not going to buy now and will wait 3 years. Dumb move. This is why Ford doesn't talk much about future product.

I don't think GM has the US market set to be one of the key markets for this pickup, otherwise they would debut it AT AN AMERICAN AUTO SHOW. Ram is building the next gen Dakota to be primarily for the North American market, hence why there's so much information about it, like its a unibody, its smaller, blah, blah, blah, and we havent seen any pictures yet! This on the other hand, i haven't seen any information about it up until this article and theres pictures AND(best of all) they're choosing an auto show on the other side of the world to debut it on. Outside of you fellow PUTC bloggers and readers, who's gunna find out about this?

Looks really nice from that pic, since Ford has screwed their loyal Rangers owners I hope you are reading this Ford, I will be at my local Chevy dealer when it becomes available. Bye Bye Ford !!!!!!!!!!!!!

As others have noted, it takes some cues from the Traverse. Not that that would be a bad thing. I valet Traverses all the time, and they..

1. Are extremely roomy and comfortable. The first time I saw one in the flesh, I was surprised GM was calling it a crossover, since it's 90% the size of a full-size SUV.
2. are zippy with a surprising amount of low-end torque.
3. have been well-appointed even in the most basic trim.
5. have a very plush and comfortable interior with high-quality materials more reminiscent of a European car than an American.

Will their be a step-side version??

@ Tim - this truck might not surface until 2014. That most likely would mean fall of 2013.
I'm willing to bet that Ford took a long hard look at the compact market before pulling the plug on the Ranger.
Ford, GMC, Ram, Toyota, and Nissan all are on record for releasing new full size trucks for model year 2013 or 2014.
Ford will have 2 years minimum to refine the current engines in the F150.
Even the next gen Silverado/Sierra will probably have comparable if not better fuel economy than this truck.
Size - for some people that is a problem.
If that is the case, a small CUV or SUV and a utility trailer with an 8 ft. bed would do the job.

Bob, but Mike said this and Mike said that. Give me a freaking break! Yes, the New Colorado WILL BE SOLD HERE IN THE UNITED STATES YOU DIPSTICKS! I guaran dang tee ya that the truck will be here before 2014. So stop your fricken crying about it.

Atleast GM isn't dropping the Colorado all together like ford is the ranger. Now shut your yaps you crybabies.

This is a Chevy post and you still bring up FORD.


What Is A Troll?

The term derives from "trolling", a style of fishing which involves trailing bait through a likely spot hoping for a bite. The troll posts a message, often in response to an honest question, that is intended to upset, disrupt or simply insult the group.

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Why do trolls do it?

I believe that most trolls are sad people, living their lonely lives vicariously through those they see as strong and successful.

Disrupting a stable newsgroup gives the illusion of power, just as for a few, stalking a strong person allows them to think they are strong, too.

For trolls, any response is 'recognition'; they are unable to distinguish between irritation and admiration; their ego grows directly in proportion to the response, regardless of the form or content of that response.

Trolls, rather surprisingly, dispute this, claiming that it's a game or joke; this merely confirms the diagnosis; how sad do you have to be to find such mind-numbingly trivial timewasting to be funny?

Remember that trolls are cowards; they'll usually post just enough to get an argument going, then sit back and count the responses (Yes, that's what they do!).

Just thought I'd give the background.

@ Frank - kudos.

Frank, calling me a troll is like the pot calling the kettel black.
I don't give a rats behind what you think of my posts, but I sure do enjoy getting your girly panties in a bind ever time I post something you have to react and say something.

Fact, GM isn't dropping the Colorado and Yes it will be sold here and built here in the United States. Ford will not offer the Ranger in the US. Those are the facts as we know today.
Knowing how jealous Ford is of GM, I am sure that eventually the Ranger will be brought to US shores to compete with Colorado. Right now, ford says no ranger for US.

So let it be written, so let it be done!

@ Frank - his response fits the definition exerpt " For trolls, any response is 'recognition'; they are unable to distinguish between irritation and admiration; their ego grows directly in proportion to the response, regardless of the form or content of that response "

Bob quote "I sure do enjoy getting your girly panties in a bind ever time I post something you have to react and say something."

I don't see him commenting on what I posted. That is probably because he has no idea what I just said. LOL


My thoughts exactly, hahahaha lmao!!!

I suspect that GM is looking at this market in hopes of cashing in on the probable departure of Ford fron the NA compact truck market.
GM coming out with a BOF compact will be in stark contast to the rumored Dakota unibody truck.
Too bad there isn't any news about the Dakota.
A unibody truck may not be the liability that many guys think it is if it is properly executed.
Gm needs to ditch the I-5.
The Cadillac twin turbo V6 would be a cool performance addition.
I suspect that engine will find its way into the next gen Sierra/Silverado.
I cannot see how GM plans to make any money with this truck unless it agressively adresses all of the shortcomings of the current Colorado/Canyon.


I don't know your background story, but I'm sure its quite similar to mine, although i'm the Chrysler version of you. I, too, have a big mouth. I want to point out one thing right now. You, sir, are every bit as arrogant as the company you represent. IT IS A PICKUP, not your wife, not your history, not your hometown, not your grandmother. It is a machine built to do work. For God's almighty sake, why do we argue so damned much over a fricken machine?????? This is like arguing over rocks!!

One final thing. This is probably the most outrageous thing you have said to date. FORD IS NOT JEALOUS OF GM. I would believe the converse to hold far more truth, and you can tell that by the style of advertising GM uses vs. what Ram and Ford use. GM must feal very threatened by other makes if they continually must compare themselves to everyone else. I don't think I've come across a Ram or Ford ad for quite some time that nitpicks having a bigger cupholder than another brand like GM is so famous for doing. Ford and Dodge talk about themselves in their ads, like they should, and it must work quite well as the mighty silverado surrendered the sliver medal winner in the HD market to Ram.

Ford has no reason to be jealous of GM. They didn't take any government loans(yes Chrysler did too, shut up) and have constantly let everyone know that.

Bob, just from me to you, please tone it down. If you do everyone will just leave you alone and we can all go back to enjoying this website instead of this constant juvenile bickering that always ensues no matter what the fricken article is about!

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