Grown Ranger: Measuring the All-New Global Ford Ranger

Grown Ranger: Measuring the All-New Global Ford Ranger's Size

If you're wondering just how big and strong the all-new "global" Ford Ranger pickup is, we're here to help with a handy chart comparing its size and powertrains to the 2011 Ford F-150 and 2011 Ford Ranger that's sold in North America (and ending production later this year).

As we've previously reported. Ford says the new Ranger won't be available in the U.S. because it's 90 percent of the size of the F-150. We'll let you do the math and ponder the following: Compared to the global Ranger, the 2011 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab's overall length is three inches shorter, its wheelbase is the same and it's two inches wider. Toyota sold more than 100,000 Tacomas in the U.S. last year.


@Mike Levine the Hilux has become the benchmark and all the new Japanese Pickups will be around the same dimensions.

Seeing these actual dimensions in direct comparison to the old Ranger and F-150 is great. Thanks Mike. I think we can now kill the addage that the new World Ranger is too close to the size of the F-150 for it to come to North America. It's essentially a mid-size like the Frontier / Tacoma / Dakota / Colorado / Canyon.

So Ford, never mind spewing your crap about it being too big for NA... just bring it!

@Robert Ryan: The latest I hear is that the current Tacoma platform is going to be around in the U.S. for a long time to come. I'm digging for more info.

@Mike Levine the Hilux should be updated in 2013. There has been talk of a hybrid/diesel? who knows.

@Mike Levine according to this article 2012. I have read 2013 elsewhere.

I think ford may have created the perfect truck right there for the majority of US buyers.

After doing a few quick calculations, it appears Ford wasn't lying when they said the T6 Ranger is 90% the size of the F-150. The Tacoma is roughly the same size as the T6 Ranger, and given Tacoma sales, it appears a market for the T6 Ranger exists. The real question is what T6 Ranger sales would do to F-150 sales. Obviously Ford is convinced F-150 sales would suffer, and it doesn't want to do anything to jeopardize those sales.

Sorry greg B, out of all the trucks you listed ONLY tyhe Taco has sold close to a respectable number. The rest suck.

Hey Ford, here's a teeny tiny pie, why don't you want to try to cut out a teeny tiny slice?

Typical online horse crap: if they build it we'll buy it! YOUR NOT BUYING IT NOW! You haven't been buying them for quite a while!

Cut the BS, get off the internet and buy those vehicles so sales will go UP and a reason to offer the global Ranger will actually exist.

The 2011 Global Ranger looks a lot better than the 2011 F150 porker IMO .

Ford could name it the F100 and the sales would still count towards the "F-Series". What's the problem here?

@Martok: people are not buying Rangers now because they do not want a truck that has had the same chassis and drivetrain for over 2 decades.

The T6 is the size of a Sport Trac.

I'm with LukeinCo, I think Ford is worried some F-150 buyers would be swayed into the T6, and that could possibly hurt total F-150 sales. But it would certainly be nice to have more competition in the midsize truck segment, which seems like it's entering a one-company race.

Based on the measurements on the existing NA Ranger it is 87% the size of the current F150 so the claim they are not selling the Global Ranger because of the size is BS the ranger has not really changed its dimensions in 20 years but the F-150 keeps getting bigger and bigger. Im curious to see how size comparison of a 1999 F-150 and ranger compare to the 2011 F-150 and Global ranger.

Hmm, use the edge front end, tacos cab n frontier bed n call it a ranger. Yep, thats it...... pretty nice but the front end is too soft looking.

Does anyone know if a person could buy one in Mexico, and then drive it back to the states? Is it legal?

Ok, so linear dimensions of the T6 are close to 90% of the F150. As far as maneuvering though, inches make a big difference. Further, drag and weight dictate fuel economy, so its a function of ~.81 drag + .80 weight should work out to about 80% fuel consumtion. that should put it at 26-27mpg with the same 3.7V6/6spd auto., poss. a little better with the 2l ecoboost.
I suppose the calculation needs to be whether the few F150s canibalized by the T6, while gaining some legitimate market in the compact-midsize market. is worse than giving away most ranger sales (the F150 CANNOT replace the Ranger), along with whatever Sport-trac sales were left.
If you look at year-on-year sales of the Tundra, as Toyota upsized the Tacoma, sales were not significantly impacted, and that of course was to the "inferior" Tundra. Certainly, a supreme vehicle like the F-teenthousand, with its Chuck Norris-like abilities, should feel no ill effect.

I am wondering if one reason the truck isn't being considered for the US is the infamous "chicken tax" (25% tarrif on foreign built trucks)? This truck is not being built in North America correct?

Just a thought.

@Craig: One of the countries where Ford will build the new Ranger is S. Africa, which *isn't* subject to the chicken tax.

@ MJF: No, you can not legally bring a vehicle into the US unless it meets US emissions and safety standards. Even if you somehow get it past the border, I doubt you could register it. There is a one time exemption for vehicles over 25 years old, but that obviously does not apply here.

Mike - great charts. I would be interested in seeing the differences in curb weights too. If the T6 was going to rob F-150 sales, it would be from the base V-6, so a comparison of payload and towing capacities for the T6 vs. the V-6 F-150 would be very informative.

Ford claims that they won't bring the GR to North America because it's 90% of the size of the F-150. Since that's BS and it's Tacoma size, why don't they just admit that they won't bring it here because they'd have to price it at 90% or more of what the F-150 sells for...

How big is the long bed version of the T6?

Is it 7'?

Something tells me that Ford could put the 3.5 liter and a 2.0 liter engine and the 1.6 liter EB into the T6.

3.7 V6 285HP 26 mpg Performance
2.0 4cyl 155HP 30 mpg Inexpensive
2.0 EB 4 cyl 240HP 28 mpg Delicious Cake?
1.6 EB 4 cyl 170HP 32 mpg Delicious Muffin?

Ironically, the current model Ranger shown compared to the new one shows how old the current Rangers are...mine is the exact same as the model in the photo...damm. For gasoline engines Ford has a few good options with their current motor line-up. It's the perfect size as many are mentioning. Hopefully Ford will see the light on this one.

i agree that with more than 100k+ Taco's sold and the T6 being the same size, there is a market. The media needs to call "BS" on Ford.

the reason we want a T6 is for a smaller, more fuel efficient engine in a package (not available in the F150 unless you get the most expensive engine package) that is a cheaper, lighter, and a capable utility vehicle. the larger, heavier, thirstier F150 can do more, but 100k buyers apparently don't want that. and the decade old ranger needed a bullet put in it long ago, along with ford getting it's hand slapped for trying to 1990's merchandise.

Even if Ford did sell the new Ranger here, you still won't get the diesel engines.

well then.

I'd like to see top gear review this

Another thing you need to consider, this Ranger would only come here around 2013/2014 if it did come here at all. At that same time there is an all new F-150 coming out.

The new Ranger would be going up angainst one of the most anticipated F-150's of all time and the "new" Ranger as presently constructed would be outdated once it hits the lots again going up agains the all new 2013/14 F-150 that will have an all new lighter frame, smaller more fuel efficent engines and everything else you can imagine that will be in the next gen F-150.

It's significant;y smaller than the F-150. Bring it, Ford, and you have 2 best-sellers on your hands in the States.

Whoa whoa...... Wait a minute....... past discussion was that the tacomas was too big, ranger owners don't want something the size of the tacomas......... what happen here...... looks like mentality has change now that their beloved ranger is midsized.... hmm.... hypocrites.....

The fact is, no one wants a compact truck. Peeps complain constantly about need more of this n that, that's y trucks r getting bigger. Y in the world would a manufacturer take a step backwards to making a smaller less capable truck?

On another note n kinda a few months old: after seeing Toyota reduce the tundras tow rating with their much more powerful 5.7 v8, Ford delayed conforming to the new towing standard bcuz their 5.4's towing performance fell quite a bit short of their claimed best in class towing when tested under the new standard. Whether Ford will conform now that Ford has their new engine lineup is not known. Ford wanted to keep their title as best in class. The new standard is not mandatory.

I like Ford, but their math sucks. Doesn't make them unique; nobody here seems to be any better at it. A vehicle that is 90 percent as long, 90 percent as wide, and 90 percent as tall is a little less than 73 percent the size of the comparison vehicle.

An honest comparison would also factor in the weight. Trouble is, I don't think Ford was looking for an honest comparison. The current supercab version of the Ranger is 68 percent the size of a supercab F150. So the increase in size is not all that significant. Efficiencies gained by carrying around a third less weight and frontal area, on the other hand, could be quite significant.

I think Ford is going to have to bring this truck here for CAFE reasons alone. As a current Ranger owner, I'm totally OK with that.

If Ford doesn't replace the U.S. Ranger with the global version, it looks like I'll be buying a Toyota. I can't beleive Ford is dumping the small truck segment in the U.S. The global version would be a hit here, but, as usual, their "experts" are reading the market wrong.

Amen, Greg B.

This is a lot smaller than I thought it would be.

-3.5 inches wider than current Ranger... but 6.5 smaller than F-150.

-7.5 inches longer than current Ranger... 21 inches less than F-150.

-1 inch more wheelbase than Ranger... 18 inches less than F-150.

That might be 90% the size of the F-150 when you just compare Euro-Ranger with F-150, but when you put it like this, it's quite clearly not that much extra size, and it's still a lot better package for the vast majority of people, regardless of country.

If I needed a heavy work truck, was a farmer/rancher or pulled a Bayliner, I would need a full-size F150. The reality is, I live in the suburbs and don't need a whole lot of truck. I expect decent mileage (have you seen the gas prices, lately?) and I don't need a big footprint taking up driveway space. There are a lot of us out there

If there had been a market for this or any other ranger then people should have done so before Ford axed it due to low sells. You have a handful of people saying they would buy it if Ford built it, but a handful of people does not satisfy a case to build a vehicle that will sell for a year or so then become stagnant in sells again, ( Re: current Ranger).

If the current ranger had been a great seller then there would be no doubt it would be coming back. The sells of the Ranger has been declining for years, but the sells of the F-150 continues to climb.

The only thing Ford would do by bringing the Ranger to the U.S. would be taking a big step back from all the foward progress they have been making with the new and improved Ford.

If you guys want that truck so bad vote with your dollars and buy the competitors, if Ford things there is a real market they will explore it.

In a couple of years, the only choice in the compact/midsize market wil be Toyota & Nissan... like the late 50's early 60's all over again.

also, once those buyers start with a Tacoma or Frontier, they'll likely be looking at the Tundra and Titan when the time comes to move up to a full size.

BTW, i'm a life long Ford fan and a fan of domestic makes in general, but I'm beginning to see what the other side has been preaching for years... may have to look at a Toyota Tacoma...sadly.

Also, the volume argument is BS too. I'm sure the big three have plenty of vehicles in their curent line-ups that struggle to see 50,000 units / year. Their arrogance will cost them sales and possibly brand loyalty.

Bring the competition here!

It is boring being on top!

The Tacoma needs competition!

The next Tacoma due out soon will probably offer a hybrid motor...

Needs to be more compact, Ill keep my tacoma I guess. Next!

I am a huge Ford fan! My Grandpa worked at Ford in Cleveland. Love the new T6 Ranger, unfortunetly I just bought a new Chevrolet Colorado because the current Ranger Sucks! There is my help to pursuaid Ford to bring it here!

I like how the old ranger has the longest bed out of the three.

No one really knows what Ford is planning with the next generation F150. Mike Levine has dropped a few hints in relation to light weight frame materials and also hinted that Ford may "shrink" the F150 slightly.
If Ford does come out with "space aged" or "supercar" frame technology, a downsized and/or more aerodynamic profile, lighter weight, and improves the economy and power of their 4 new engines - the global Ranger will be an imported waste of time and money.
I suspect those reasons I listed are why Ford would rather come up with nebulous excuses for not importing the global Ranger.
I am willing to bet that in 2012-14 or when ever Ford releases the new F150 it will be a segment bombshell. Why give the competition any clues when none of the other auto makers have finalized their next generation trucks.

At this point I don't care anymore screw ford, this Ford man is tried of this whole thing. Either (A) Chevrolet will give us a new Colorado which I will buy or (B) Toyota will do something to the taco so I can look at it. So there you have it a owner of 3 Rangers through the years, current 1998 4x4 step side will take my business somewhere else, thanks Ford it was a good run.

Is Ford owned by Toyota?
Because they are really driving people from the US
who like small trucks towards buying Toyota trucks!

Towing a bobcat that is pretty impressive. I would never do that with the current ranger and even most 1/2 ton trucks this pushes their limits.

I'll lay odds that we get a truck smaller than the global Ranger at some point - not the Ranger.

@oxi This is a conversation in which you definitely have the upper hand, haha. I would whole heartedly agree the Tacoma stands on top of the midsize truck world. The one big, huge, epic fail it has, along with all midsize trucks, is that they barely beat full sizers in fuel economy. Midsize trucks should crush full size trucks in the MPG race!

@Mike Levine: What is the measurement between the wheel wells on the new Gobal Ford Ranger?

@Lou, I get the impression the Australian team also worked on future F150's. A Ford Australia spokeswomen said , that the project team"worked on other projects for Ford, that will not be sold in Australia". Looking at the new Explorer which is very much like our old and new Ford Territory.
@Mike Levine if the base weight of the new "lightened"F150 could be roughly the same as the Global T6, to meet Cafe rules. The F250'-F450's could be left on heavier chasis. Supposition on my part.

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