Johnson Controls Introduces Slim Stow Second Row Seat

Johnson Controls Introduces Slim Stow Second Row Seat

The Slim Stow Seat by Johnson Controls promises to save weight and cargo space in future extended and crew cab pickup trucks.

When folded flush against the cabin wall, the Slim Stow Seat occupies 33 percent less space than today's second row seats, according to a Johnson Controls press release.

Driver visibility is also improved.

"Our Slim Stow Seat enables us to set new standards in rear seats in pickups," said Dr. Andreas Eppinger, Vice President Technology Management at Johnson Controls Automotive Experience. "It surpasses previous seating concepts in terms of comfort, cargo space and appearance. It also improves visibility when stowed since the seat back is lowered [3.94 inches]."

Johnson Controls is a Tier 1 global supplier of interior components to automakers.

The seat consists of two parts. The upper part uses a tubular frame design with integrated anchors to hold a child seat and side bolstering that Johnson Controls claims provides as much lateral support as a truck's front row captains chairs. The lower part of the seat features a stable arm that holds the seat pad, which features 50 percent more foam than usual in strategic spots for extra comfort.

Overall, the Slim Stow Seat uses less materials that save 30 percent in weight over today's seats to help marginally improve fuel economy. The seats can be quickly deployed or stowed with one hand.

Johnson Controls hasn't named any truck manufacturers that it has partnered with to supply Slim Stow seating.


[Source: Johnson Controls]


Now add some ability to recline and you have a home run!!!

@ Mike Levine

Any idea whether the Slim Stow Seat might be available as an aftermarket item to fit multiple brands?

x2 on the recline, some crew cabs are just terribly upright!

@Greg B: Knowing JCI, I'd say it's doubtful. Too low volume / expensive / complex to go after earlier trucks.

if i could get this for my 08 excab colorado i would

Pretty clever!

It looks like something for a fullsize extra-cab, due to the size. Like maybe the Rapter or the Dodge with the rear half doors. Good looking seats none the less.

A good idea for extended cabs. I`m not sure if it would be worth it for most modern crewcabs.

The Toyota Tacoma Access Cab's backseat would benefit immensely from this design.

And since, as Mike recently said, he doesn't expect the truck to see redesign soon, the truck will need whatever perks it can get. Maybe now they can actually make midsize trucks' backseats useful, or at the very least roomy enough so children won't complain.

I like crew cab will become formal traditional SUV luxury interior better than regular cab,

@The Luigiian Not sure midsize extended cabs are really big enough for the 'depth' of the seat. My Frontier could use some better seating as well, but I don't think there is enough space for a seat like this. I think this kinda seat would be 100% perfect for a full-size extended cab. Perhaps for a midsize crew cab though.

The C-pillar in the display is much bigger than in all except Mega cab trucks, making the unit appear thinner than it is. I'm sure it is a step forward, but it has its limits, especially with the promise of decent bolstering.
@Luigiian- I actually like the way the Taco seat folds- makes a really nice dog space. Even though the platform of the Tacoma is expected to carry on for some time, general info suggests that the Body will be much revised, possibly allowing for a longer cab on both cab1/2 and doublecab models.

Takes away any behind the seat storage though.....

They don't look too comfortable.

I don't have any storage room behind my back seat. I don't miss it. I do think the flat floor in the F150's is a great feature.

I don't think this would be very good for extended trips. Looks to me to a very upright seating position and not enough padding. Even though they said they increased the padding.

Dave...But trucks with second row seats don't have behind the seat storage.

These look really good.
Maybe Ford and Chevy can install them in the new T6 and Colorado and send them to every stinking place on the planet except for the US?

No, I'm not bitter beyond words and pissed off to no end.

@don: I hear you bud. They wouldn't want to cut into the sales of their bloated pigs here would they? Small pickups doing that, AND getting 30 MPG or higher? No, oil hogs and the slime politics set up to protect them wouldn't dare allow such a thing... Anyways, to bring this post back to earth, those seats do look like a good idea. But then again, is there such a calling in the pickup market for better rear seat design, of all things? And to the point that a 3rd party must show the OEMs how it's done? Are we supposed to be impressed by this, or saddened? How about a third party step in and show us a small, manual 4x4 platform that gets MPG in the high 20s and sell THAT to the big 3 and toyota. LOL?

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