Ram Trucks Considering Iveco Daily Cargo Van for U.S.

Ram Trucks Considering Iveco Daily Cargo Van for U.S.

In addition to new cargo vans based on the Fiat Ducato, Fiat Doblo and Dodge Grand Caravan, Ram CEO Fred Diaz says the company hasn't ruled out selling a version of the Iveco Daily in North America.

"The Daily is something we're also looking at," Diaz told PickupTrucks.com at the 2011 NTEA Work Truck Show. "It's part of what we're considering. We just have to make the business case for it."

Overseas, the Daily is offered in cargo and passenger vans configurations and chassis cab models. Engine choices include 2.3-liter and 3.0-liter four-cylinder diesels, according to Allpar.com.


Now this is much better than Fiat Ducato. Bring it!

Ram is becoming more and more Italian by the day.

Iveco, Ducato, Doblo.
No doubt they will be under the new brand named Rammo.

@ Ford850 - funny.
In the Italian language having an "O" at the ends denotes masculine whereas an "A" denotes feminine.
Example: Mario or Maria.
That opens up a whole new nomenclature system for Ram.
Rammo or Ramma. LOL

@ Greg B agree. The current IVECO Daily has a payload of 8,600lb. These are athings in cab chassis format. There is a 4 x4 version that has a payload of 7000lbs.
In Cab Chassis Form haul 33ft 5th Wheelers.
As a car Hauler in Europe and large Caravan tow vehicle.
As a 4 x 4 Off Road vehicle with a 7000lb capacity.
They are also the basis of a MRAP armoured car.andCivilan Bank versions.
MRAP being used in Afghanistan.

Ford's recipe makes all this a little easier, with FWD and RWD vans available in the same Transit (completely different from the Transit Connect) van. The Daily is a great van, but I think the Ducato will fill much of the demand rather well. Federalizing the 3 liter for use in the Ducato makes the in-road much easier for the Daily.

Looking at these new offerings from Ram, and the others preceding this from Ford, the highways will begin to look much more European within a couple years.
I do think these are all more functional in design and will provide a more efficient "base camp" for many workers in the field and on the road. All good stuff.

@Ford850 - globalization of products is the modi operandi of many companies.
It saves on R&D.
It has done wonders for Ford's bottom line. They were the most profitable vehicle company in 2010.
We will see the same thing happen with Fiat/Chrysler.
Part of the agreement between the USA government and Fiat is bring in a range of economical engines and units. If Fiat does this they will be able to purchase/aquire up to 51 % of Chrysler.
Chrysler is Fiat's portal to the lucrative NA market.
Smart business, I'd say.

No Ford were not the most profitable, the Company that wants rule the universe by 2018, were.It was by a considerable almost half as much profit again on what Ford earned.

@Robert Ryan - thanks for clarifying. I must of misread the story I got that news from. They must of been talking about NA sales. I hate making that kind of posting error. My bad.

Rats! I had my fingers crossed (but not holding my breath) that the B-Series Ram Van was making a come back? This I-Puke-O Daily is will make want to puke daily, each time I see one.

Oh well, at least it will help put more "Chryslers" on the road.

Buy American,
When Fiat takes 51% ownership this year will buying Ram/Chrysler vehicles be buying American?


When this happens, buying a Ram/Chrysler vehicle will be like buying a 49% American vehicle.

That is still 49% more American than; Audi, Hyundai, Toyota, etc.

You're making excuses. It is not American.

In that case, people should just buy vehicles from the Ford Motor Company and General Motors Corporation. Sorry Chrysler!

According to this, Toyota owns owns 41% of Toyota.


So Italian Fiat will own more of Chrylser/Ram than Toyota owns Toyota.

all you guys making stupid comments abiut being less or more american cars but its upsetting that no one ever clomplained like this when mercedes was putting chrysler out of businees ! they did caca in their pants when peoplr were starting to say why buy a benz when you can get a chrysler for less ! you get it FIAT is givin chrysler what they need more ideas! look what has happened to american cars first with the japanese brands com on guys if this has to be the best country in the world then we should get thing that all the world enjoys like cars that you onl;y see when we go on vacation !!! hope you get in short wwords !! the message fiat has been a leader in commercial trucks !! read and see some world magazine!!!!!

@Vincenzo Delle Donne - I do agree that people in North America have a tendency no look at things from a narrow view point. Thinking outside the box is not easy for many.

I liked the times when American vehicles looked like American vehicles, when European vehicles had their look, and Asian vehicles had their own different look. There were at least three different, distinctive, automotive styles. Now, everything is looking the same. Not much distinction from one vehicle to the next from different automakers.

GM and Ford do not offer a small diesel. The FIAT/Iveco Ducato and Daily offer a 3 liter turbo diesel. Economy and enough power to pull a 5000# trailer, just like my '05 Sprinter with its 2.7 liter turbo diesel. The Mercedes Sprinters are now too big. These FIAT trucks fit the bill for me. The GM and Ford diesels are too big, and too expensive. If there was an American equivalent, I'd look at it. When I bought my Sprinter, a Ford diesel van was about $6k more expensive, and designed like the throwback to the 70's that it still is.

When Iveco Trucks first came to the U.S. a long long time ago, a fellow by the name of Jim Bostic was hired to take over as CEO. Those of us in upper management tried to get him to see the light with the Daily way back then but like everything else with Jim, If it wasn't his idea...he didn't want to hear it! PERIOD! With a little less ego and a lot more business sense he could have (should have) changed the complextion of the U.S. Light & Medium truck industry here in the U.S. forever.

Many business would benefit from a competitive market in the medium duty van segment. Personally use Sprinters for <10,000 cargo cariers so we can avoid DOT requirements over large geographic regions.

Currently we pay $43k for a Sprinter to carry 4,000 pounds and get 18 mpg instead of two $26k Chevy Cutaways that carry 2,700 pounds and gets 11 mpg.

Need an option for under 10,000 pounds and an option for over 10,000 pounds with efficient diesel power and lots of cargo capacity. When Ford and Ram enter the segment we will see prices come down and options for fleet managers improve.

The Fiat Ducato is a good model to base further developments on. Efficient and reliable.

Hurray! Someone's going to sell a minivan in the USA! Why US car-makers shun the minivan market is beyond me. They wouldn't have needed bail-outs if they gave us what we needed.
I drool over European minivan markets, they use minicargos for all utilities. They're perfect for small business. The Fiat diesel or the VW Bulli EV will appeal to the bottom line of 98% of Americans now forced to buy full size vans or expensive SUVs or "Crossover". I don't want what the 2% drive or a gay van. I want something that makes sense.

Please bring the Iveco van to the north american market. Ive heard great reviews, it has won truck of the year in europe many times, I have a 91 chevy cargo van that i've been holding on to because I hate everything that is out there. I would love an Iveco cargo van please bring it over here.

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