Recall Alert: 2008-2011 Toyota Tundra and Toyota Tacoma

Recall Alert: 2008-2011 Toyota Tundra and Toyota Tacoma

Toyota is recalling 22,000 vehicles, including Tacoma midsize and Tundra full-size pickup trucks from the 2008-2011 model years because the tire pressure monitoring system may not be calibrated properly and won't illuminate to warn drivers when tire inflation falls below minimum standards.

Failure of the TPMS to warn of low tire pressure could lead to tire failure, increasing the risk of a crash.

According to Toyota, vehicles included under the recall notice left their factories with TPMS sensors properly calibrated to their original wheels and tires but at regional distribution centers (prior to dealer delivery) the TPMS sensors were transferred to different Toyota-approved Toyota Racing Development accessory wheels and tires with different load ratings. The TPMS sensors were not recalibrated to the new ratings.

Toyota hasn't said yet when it will notify affected owners. Toyota dealers will re-initialize the tire pressure monitoring system in affected vehicles free of charge.

[Source: The National Traffic Highway Safety Administration]


We have to have a stupid light tell us that our tires may be low on air. Retarded.

@Tucker, I immediately thought of Oxi's comment too. Though I will give credit to Toyota for actually acknowledging a problem this time, rather than sweeping it under the rug, as they tried with the accelerator problems.

Hide what under the rug? Since when did incorrect floor mat application by idiot drivers become Toyota's problem?

Don't just read mainstream crap news and think you know everything. But again, that kind of people are exactly not the kind of customers you want to have. This may be a good way to screen out black-listed customers like you to buy your product.

This is what Oxi gets for throwing stones in the glass house he lives in.

I agree with the first comment.
Do we rely on a sensor to tell us when a tire is low?
I find these tire sensors a huge pain in the ass. If you live in a climate that requires winter tires and mounting those tires on separate rims mean that you have to spend 50 - 100 per tire for new sensors.
The recall is because the sensors were put on a different set of tires and wheels without re-callibration.
That could happen to anyone without a recall.

Toyota already had a few recalls so far this year !

Have some common sense.
Toyota caught a problem caused by distribution centers swapping rims and sensors without recallibrating them.
Great for Toyota.
Ford has had a few recalls lately too.
Do I have to post the links for you?
Recalls happen for all sorts of reasons.
There was a recall recently for spiders getting into gas tank vents.
Vehicles are complex machines operated by 33% of people who should not have a driver's licence.

I hate TPM systems. I would estimate 5% of owners know what the light even means. It comes on and the first thing they do is come down to the dealer for warrenty. Nothing I like better than adding 5 psi in to a customers tires that wants the light off but doesn't want to pay for a flat repair.

Maybe I should have said Toyota was sweeping the problem under the floor mat! hahahaha! Funny how that problem was only happening with Toyotas, hey? Yes, how dare drivers use floor mats! Toyota fans are also saying a flexible chassis is a good thing, because it provides extra suspension. Never mind that the body is taking all the stress, instead of the frame.

@ Alex - my F150 has floormat hooks like Toyota. Why would Ford add those hooks if there wasn't a potential problem?

Ford has the floor mat hooks and they work. On the Tundra forums, several have reported the hooks popping out of the floor which caused the mats to move around. Others have holes for a clip on style but no clips were provided.

Lots of unflattering comments on Oxi.

I understand the dude preaches about Toyota quality and all that, and honestly I could slam him right now if I wanted too, but it’s not worth it. Starting fights over the internet just ruins the fun of coming to sites like these.

Hell I'll admit I preach about Ford sometimes, I love talking a little smack to the Chevy/Toyota/Dodge/whoever guys, but generally its all in fun with no hard feelings intended.

As for this article, I agree with The First Comment and Lou as well. These TPM systems are next to useless. I mean for god sakes we spent the last 100 years without them. I know automakers put these things in because its suppose to be a ''convince'' but really the only people I would imagine to even use this would be upper class ''no offense'' housewives’ that have never had to change a tire in their life. For the most part I think most others agree with me when I say that TPM isn't much more than an annoyance.


You cannot blame every recall one suppliers,owners ect..Toyota is well known not to take personal responsibility !!

When Toyota has a recall it is for major issues 90% of the time,blowing up engines,suspension,rust,fire problems..Misplaced stickers or tire sensors those last 2 are forgivable,but the lack of quality Toyota has is amusing !!

The just released truck recall plus :

Sienna recalls so far for 2011 :

Lexus IS/GS recalls for 2011 :
faulty fuel pressure sensor, Brake Fluid Leaks and Steering Shaft Problems.

Toyota is recalling 1.7 million vehicles worldwide, including 245,000 Lexus IS and GS vehicles in the U.S., as it continues to struggle with reliability issues after record recalls, a congressional investigation, record federal fines, and ongoing lawsuits over sudden unintended acceleration in the U.S.

P.S I dont like Ford's either,except 1970 and older Mercury's and Galaxie 2 door hardtops !

This recall is as USELESS as the floor mat one!!!

I have a tire guage and routinly check mine once per week!

It's like having a GPS system or a map. I vote and will use the map and compass over a system that can fail, especially when the Chinese will shoot down all of our GPS satellites anyway...

For all of you Toyota haters, Mike will post a recall on the 4x4 stickers being crooked on the right rear mudflaps next!

I do not have TRD wheels, non-issue with me and this really is NOT the OEM fault. Toyota Tacoma's are STILL the BEST among pickups period when it comes to quality/reliability and retaining resale value over 5 years!

With this thread still open, I can see a bias in Mike's reporting, after all this is a site that favors Ford!

I still recall the recent F-150 Ferrari recall:

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Under government pressure, Ford Motor Co. said Wednesday it will recall nearly 150,000 F-150 pickup trucks to fix air bags that could deploy without warning.

The recall covers trucks from the 2005-2006 model years in the United States and Canada for what the auto company calls a "relatively low risk" of the air bag deploying inadvertently.

The recall, however, is much smaller in scope than what the government had requested. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, citing 77 injuries, told the company in a November 2010 memo that the recall should cover 1.3 million F-150 trucks from the 2004-2006 model years.

Under government pressure! Hmmmm...

The NHTSA wants 1.3 million of these pickups recalled and yet only 144,000 is the number? Who is scratching who's back here?

Why should Ford have any say in the number? Hmmm I see a payoff under the table for Ray LaHood again. He just got one for falsely accusing Toyota by Obama and the UAW and now Ford has joined Obama and the UAW in giving to Ray! This is getting worse than campaign contributions. It's like Ray LaHood is running for office!

Sure Toyota is a bit gun shy these days when it comes to recalls but since last year they are not hiding nor paying off anybody to control recall numbers.

This is what happens when the federal government owns a manufacturer. Unfair advantages and so forth...

And with unions being targets in state capital's these days, you can bet Ray LaHood, Obama and the UAW is not finished with going after Toyota like they did last year!

Sad indeed! How about just competing head to head insteade of the cheaters way of using politics and the power of the federal government to your advantage!

It is interesting that Ford is only recalling 144k trucks even though NHTSA wants 1.3 million recalled, but what evidence do you have that Ford is paying off LaHood? That's a pretty damning accusation to make of LaHood and Ford, especially when you have absolutely nothing other than inference to back it up. You're saying LaHood and the administration are ignoring the recommendations of NHTSA to protect union jobs. Where was this alleged heavy-handed government protection over the past 30 years of steady UAW job losses?And you bring up the government owning a manufacturer causes a conflict of interest, but the government has a stake in GM, not Ford. You're jumping all over the place and it really damages any points you're trying to make.

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