Recall Alert: 2010 Ford Ranger, 2011 F-Series

By Dave Lee

2010 Ford Ranger Recall

Ford is recalling 23,688 Ford Ranger trucks from the 2010 model year because a protective cover on the fuel line may not be properly installed, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

In the affected vehicles, which were built between Oct. 15, 2009 and May 19 2010, the edge of the throttle body shield may contact the fuel line, causing chafing that could lead to a fuel odor and a leak. If an ignition source is present when this happens, a fire may result. You can check your car’s build date on the label attached to the driver’s side doorjamb.

The recall is expected to begin Monday. Dealers will trim the throttle body shield away from the fuel line, check the fuel line for any signs of wear and replace it if necessary at no charge. Owners may call Ford at 866-436-7332 or NHTSA’s hotline at 888-327-4236.

2011 Ford F-Series Recall

In a separate action, 8,022 Ford vehicles from the 2011 model year are being recalled, including certain F-Series pickup trucks. An electrical short may develop in the body control module and cause a fire, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The vehicles in the recall are the 2011 Ford Edge, F-150, F-250, F-350, F-450, F-550 and the Lincoln MKX. The vehicles were built from Oct. 25 to Nov. 20, 2010.

The affected vehicles were previously inspected as part of an earlier recall campaign using a diagnostic system to check whether the body control module needed to be replaced, based on the serial number. However, the system’s custom software was not reading the correct set of characters and could not determine if a body control module needed replacing.

Ford says the faulty BCM was manufactured by Lear Corporation in Mexico. The problem was discovered after two F-150 pickups caught fire during manufacturing at Ford's Dearborn Assembly Plant in Michigan. An investigation found that a newly hired operator failed to properly clean a soldering machine during four production shifts from October 25, 2010, to October 30, 2010, resulting tn a small number of printed circuit boards with contaminants that could result in a short circuit in the BCM.

The recall is expected to begin Monday. Dealers will inspect the body control module and replace it if necessary at no charge. Owners can call Ford at 866-436-7332 or NHTSA’s hotline at 888-327-4236.

[Source: NHTSA, Ford via]


Where's Bob?
So can we take that manufacturing out of Mexico now, and send it back to Detroit?

No comment!

I rest on Toyota Tacoma's stellar reputation and highest retained resale value after 5 years, the best among ALL pickups!

Allow me to speak for Bob:
Wow them are sure some goooood ol' trucks them there Ford boys are making! By god, just the bestest of the bestest! No one can really come close to Ford when it comes to making a quality vehicle, no sir, not anyone!

Given his recent comments to Ford recalls, I think that's pretty darn close to what he'll say when he reads this. Not by any means am I saying he's wrong, but this is a comedic world whats the point of living if you can't have a laugh or two at someone else's expense?

That is a bummer.

I have always known that Ford vehicles were HOT. This confirms it.

Sounds like the new operator better call his union steward for help.

I would say Toyota is the best of all JAPANESE pickups only (if you exclude Nissan and Mazda).

@Karl - It happened in Mexico.
I doubt he has a shop steward. Most likely non-union.
Stands a greater chance of knowing a member of a drug cartel.
Well.....that is close enough and probably as effective as a steward ;)

The Ford "F"-IRE series. It's got a ring to it

Of course the F-Series is Hot. There are more F-Series trucks on the road than any other brand.

The old saying " It's better to burn out than fade away" comes to mind.

Simple fix. Ford will take care care of it surely.

@ Mike Levine

I think you meant to say F-550, not F-50, when you listed what vehicles were being included in the recall.

It is amazing how such a tiny error could cause problems. My only concern with new trucks is the complexity of the electronics.

@Andrew: I did! Thanks. Fixed. :-)

I just want to point out that recently most crap made in America is by far class leading or high quality; the america in the past is gone and the new era has no pride and are lazier than in the past.

So, I highly doubt that by bringing production back to detroit will solve anything; If anyone is responsible it is the tech gurus behind the design and implementation. A line will produce as instructed like hamsters on a wheel; So, I believe if we bring back production to Detroit, we will have more than just a fire.

Possibly blowing head gaskets, blowing up motors... etc

Somewhat interesting, (if non-scientific) observation. It seems a lot of automotive electronics are being made in Mexico. I have seen it on Toyota Ford and GM vehicles recently. I bet many come from the same suppliers regardless of the name on the grille.


yes i agree, many manufacturers parts r made by the same company.

this all does work in fords favor....

trucks catches fire, driver freaks n crash, airbag deploys n doors flies open, n driver gets out..... see, it all works out ok in the end.... lol!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow. lol wow. more fires from ford........ i mean f-series.....
buy american products you say, hhhhhhhmmmmm this is what can result from moving production to mexico so your bottom line is smaller. i think ford should reconsider their suppliers in ole mexico. 55% US parts content, yet the american "sheeple" are still dippin their chips the Ford sauce. (the ones who think its most american and supports more american jobs) no offense to anyone else who by chance owns a ford for valid reasons, not just the "american" BS you read on here so much.

Let me be CLEAR HERE. EVERYONE has recalls, this just clarifies that you shouldnt throw stones in a glass house. i HOPE noone gets hurt from it, fires suck.

Wow, when I heard that the US Ranger's future was going up in smoke...I didn't think they were literal!

Both cases in the recall are a result of human error.
Ranger: protective cover on fuel line not properly installed.
F-150: Failure to properly clean a soldering machine.
Darn humans can't depend on them at all!

OMG, not 8,022 units!!! 8,022 units!!!

Wait a minute, Ford sold 37,549 units in the shortest MONTH of the YEAR.

How many of you Bozo's ride the same short bus?

My dad's truck is better than yours! IS NOT! IS TOO! IS NOT! IS TOO!

@uh huh - You forgot that he then gets run over by a run away Toyota and that guy gets in a crash with a Chevy with a rear end failure while he is trying to get OnStar to call for help. LOL

@Southern IL Man,
The F-150 recall is the second check on the same trucks so it was caused by 2 human errors. First error was not cleaning the machine when building parts in Mexico. Second error was when American workers checked all 8022 trucks but used a diagnostic system that had incorrect software. Talk about a double whammy!

Toyota recall involves 2.17 million U.S. autos

Toyota has recalled more than 14 million vehicles globally to fix gas pedals and other safety problems since 2009.

The automaker said it would add three models to the 2009 pedal-entrapment recall: about 600,000 4Runner SUVs from the 2003-2009 model years; 761,000 RAV4 compact SUVs from the 2006-2010 model years, and 17,000 Lexus LX 570s from the 2008-2011 model years.

The recall also includes 372,000 RX 330, RX 350 and RX 400H vehicles from the 2004 through early 2007 model years and 397,000 2004-2006 Toyota Highlander SUVs and hybrid versions to replace floor carpet covering and retention clips on the driver's side that could interfere with the accelerator pedal arm.

Toyota also recalled 20,000 2006 through early 2007 GS 300 and GS 350 all-wheel-drive vehicles to change the shape of a plastic pad embedded in the driver's side floor carpet that could cause pedal interference.


As the saying goes...I would rather drive an American vehicle than push a foreign jobber.

Clearly this is a supplier problem and not a design problem. I am sure though, some will say, that it is Ford's fault for electing to use this supplier? Blah-blah-blah.

@ Cory - you are only allowed to slag Ford on this thread. LOL
There are many experts who believe the whole Toyota "unintended accelleration" mess was unwarranted.
It amounted to a "run-away-train" of unfounded hysteria where the lemmings in congress got in on the act.
There are building protectionist ideals growing in the US. Toyota was a convienient target.
Every manufacture has complaints of "UA". Do some research on the topic.

@ Hemi LOL - true about the 55% F150 domestic content. The irony of it all is according to definitions any component made in Canada counts as USA domestic content. I suspect this is due to NAFTA or the earlier "Auto Pact" .
Theoretically you can have a F150 made in Dearborn Michigan and have "0" zero American parts.
55% Canadian and 45% Mexican for the sake of arguement.
That is really no different than a Mexican made Ram HD or Chevy Avalanche.
The way I look at it - if I am going to spend 40,000 on a pickup, I'm going to buy the one that research says is the best, for the money I am willing to spend, and with the features I want.
The badge on the hood or the flag it flies doesn't even enter the equation.

Kudos to Ford for getting a jump on this and trying to fix it right away instead of trying to hide it like Toyota... 8,000 units only instead of millions.

Way to go Ford!

Discover a potential problem.
Confirm problem.
Fix problem right away before it gets out of hand.

Thank you Ford for watching out for Americans, unlike foreign companies that try to hide (in America) from their mistakes/problems. I am sure that foreign companies take care of their own people, react quicker, better than they do Americans.

Typical Ford, point the finger somewhere else. What's next, they going to file a lawsuit?

Put it in perspective, the amount of vehicles recalled here. It's 23k on one and 8k (maybe a weeks worth) on another. First one is MAYBE a cover not install correctly, maybe it is. Second one 8K a fraction of what's made in a year and most importantly caught early.

Boy, sure beat millions recalled by others.


No, Ford does not have your mentality.

They do fine without. If you would know anything about Licensing and Trademarks you wouldn't sound like such a dolt.

I owned a Toymotor once. Worst vehicle I have ever owned! P.O.J. Never again.

holy hell fire fire ford must really like fire pretty much every recall has to do with chance of fire im go buy me a ford and drive it till it bust into flames so i can go down in flames of glory yay ford lol

there is nothing wrong with trucks made in Mexico, i am on my 2nd Avalanche, 1st with 210,00 trouble free miles, LS 5.3, 4X4 traded it for 2010 LT Z71 no trouble so far 45,000 miles. Plus PUT.Com said just yesterday about the Avalanche getting that award. The Avalanche is made in ?? oh yea Mexico. Not bad huh? and the best thing is that everyone of those Mexican workers has a good job, lets see what does that mean, oh yea no reason to come up here sounds like a win win to me. American manufactured, American company makes $$$, American company pays is taxes, win win win win How any American could buy from Jap inc. is beyond me.

@sandman 4x4

I think your lost.

I will give you directions. Click on home page, scroll to Avalanche Consumer Reports Article. You have now reached your destination.

"holy hell fire fire ford must really like fire pretty much every recall has to do with chance of fire im go buy me a ford and drive it till it bust into flames so i can go down in flames of glory yay ford lol" Troll

What took you so long Bob? Tail got wedged in a hole.

Maybe if they built the vehicles in the USA, there would be less of this stuff! Do you hear me FORD!!!

i aint bob lol im the chevy guy got to agree tho the bob guy is annoying sometimes

Guess Ford is turning into TOYOTA,recalls,bad quality,that is the Toyota way,and Ford is following them !!

@ lou

I agree with you, you should pick whats best for your buck. i also agree that US parts content should be JUST US parts content, but who am i?

what I was referring to mainly is the pointless banter of the fools above this comment with the continued "Jap crap" comments that have zero clue that the Jap truck they talk about employeed more americans than the truck they are driving no matter what brand. its funny to me how people still dont understand we live in a global economy where Nothing would exist the way it is IF we didnt have a global economy. at least a few people understand.


FOR GOD SAKE DO SOME RESEARCH, THE ONLY THING WRONG WITH THE VEHICLES CORY LISTED ARE THE DRIVERS! IF YOUR FLOORMATS ARE ANCHORED PROPERLY IN YOUR CAR/TRUCK YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. this was what the "VOLUNTARY" recall was for, to save people who really shouldnt drive from themselves and YOU who also will driving on those roads! if ANYTHING you should applaud Toyota for keeping YOU safer from other drivers!! and ANYONE who says they've never had something get stuck in their pedals just havent much driving experience in their life PERIOD. or your just young and never drove a car with a carbureutor and a REAL throttle cable! nuff said

@Shawn and Buy American or say Bye to America,

"Discover a potential problem.
Confirm problem.
Fix problem right away before it gets out of hand."

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Under government pressure, Ford Motor Co. said Wednesday it will recall nearly 150,000 F-150 pickup trucks to fix air bags that could deploy without warning.

The recall covers trucks from the 2005-2006 model years in the United States and Canada for what the auto company calls a "relatively low risk" of the air bag deploying inadvertently.

The recall, however, is much smaller in scope than what the government had requested. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, citing 77 injuries, told the company in a November 2010 memo that the recall should cover 1.3 million F-150 trucks from the 2004-2006 model years.

1.3 million trucks from 2004-2006...

Hmmmm double standard. NASA and NHTSA found nothing wrong with Toyota's electronice, so go away!

The floor mat's and so-called sticky pedal was the power of the federal government that owned GM and trying to help their sagging sales and image. Everyone on the street knows that, why can't you guys connect the dots?


I can't believe you are arguing over this. Can't we all just get along.

They said Toyota's random excelleration is mechanical..
They only ruled out interference from cell phone towers,radio waves ect..
Fact is,Toyota is the worst manufacturer to date,4 million sludged engines,and new Lexus Toyota engines are recalled and continuously failing daily,along with rust,bad welds ect..ect..ect...Toyota is the worst of the worst !!! Toyota lovers have their heads so far down in the sand...

Hey Listen up! Yeah Ford has another does Toyota, GM, and Dodge/Ram...what ever. A General Dynamic F-16 Fighting Falcon that costs 24 Million has more chaffing problems than any car out there so go over to the F-16 Blog and complain there, After all its YOUR tax dollars buying/keeping those POS's in the air.

"...The floor mat's and so-called sticky pedal was the power of the federal government that owned GM and trying to help their sagging sales and image. Everyone on the street knows that, why can't you guys connect the dots?" -oxi

Even if this were true, which I highly doubt that it is...I am okay with that. Our government has to look out for us. Other country's government's do the same.

Ford is starting to play the blame game like toyota.
I'm just waiting for Ford to blame the drivers like toyota did.
It would be a good way to chase away your customers.


77% of ALL accidents are driver error!

And how many drivers that cause accidents actually want to blame themselves or the flavor of the day which is Toyota?

And do not forget about all of those hungry lawyers out there for a buck in a tight economy.


Your credibility is lacking with a name like that.

Nobody will take you seriously...

@Buy American or say Bye to America,

"Our government has to look out for us."

Not buying that logic when they just took over control of sagging GM and were trying to help their new brand by going after Toyota.

Been said thousand times, all mfg's will at some point have recalls, (some WAY more than others), but it's the scope of each I think that matters. The amount affected and the severity of each as well as how soon did it get caught. In current case, Ford recall was caught quickly so small amount affected.
If you all look at the many, many other recalls RECENTLY put out, Honda, Chrysler, BMW, GM. Some make the press some not. It's who keeps making the news based on amount affected is a problem, not the 10k/20k recalls so much.

They all got some.... calm down now...

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