Spied! BMW M3 Pickup Truck Runs the Nürburgring

Spied! BMW M3 Pickup Truck Runs the Nürburgring
Photos by KGP Photography for PickupTrucks.com

Update 1: March-15 2011 12:09 p.m.

Our friends at Jalopnik report this M3 ute is a one-off parts hauler for ZTechnik, BMW's motorcycle accessories arm.


In the motoring world there's perhaps no tougher test of a vehicle's power, handling and finesse than Germany's Nürburgring. The so-called "Green Hell" features almost 18 miles of track that wraps around 73 turns. It's where the world's supercars, like the Nissan GT-R and Porsche GT2, duke it out for bragging rights and smack-talking claims of who's fastest 'round "The Ring."

The Ring is also the last place you'd expect to find a pickup truck, which is why these shots of what looks to be a BMW M3 super ute are so ... um ... so ... interesting.

What is BMW up to? Could an M3-amino be headed to the lineup? Is it a one-off project car/truck? Or do the wacky engineers at BMW have cabin fever after a long, cold winter?



The front is a car and the back is a truck
The front is where you ride and the back is where you...

Perhaps its a convertible work in progress and the top and folding mechanism have not been finalized yet?

Two things I think it could be:

1.) They haven't decided upon or aren't ready to reveal the coupe's rear styling.

2.) They are messing with the spy photographers.

Looks like Bimmer forgot to add the C pillar.

I can't believe it is April 1st already.

It's like a mullet: business in the front, party in the back.

I bet that a Tacoma could spank this B.M.W. off road!

Seriously though, I bet die hard B.M.W. motorcycle owners would love to have one of these things.

That's one bad ass looking car!


It's a ute. Look at the Ford Falcon or Holden utes sold overseas.

Is this a joke, I hope so.

Lol. I would love to see what the Euro loving, truck hating guys have to say about this. They prob think its the coolest thing since sliced bread. Off topic, apparently people back in the day were easily amused as I dont see how sliced bread could ever have been cool. *puts on shades* and thats my witty comment of the day.

It's Der Weg!

(El Camino translated. :) )

I take it back.

Actually someone caught BBC filming another episode of Top Gear.


that is just BMW's superior prototype camo in action. It is so good you can't see the back of the car!

Cool. Meets the definition of a truck. Open bed, flat floor, and a tailgate. Nice to see BMW thinking outside the box or perhaps inside the box?

what would be the market for this truck? it ALMOST reminds me of a blackwood

It is a pickup truck, but it is better defined by calling it a "coupe utility" or "coupe pickup." Did you know they were popular with florists?

"The coupé utility automobile body style, also known colloquially as the ute in Australia and New Zealand, combines a two-door "coupé" cabin with an integral cargo bed behind the cabin—using a light-duty passenger vehicle-derived platform."


"Coupé utility (or ute) is a variant of the well-body where the rear body (truck-like bed) is joined to the front body (usually a coupe, hence the name). The coupé utility body style is a light-duty truck, based on an automobile platform — either a unibody platform or coach or auto body and chassis — and usually (but not exclusively) with a two-door passenger cabin and an integral cargo bed. They often share sheet metal and instruments panels from their passenger car antecedents — and are more carlike in appearance and performance than pickups based on rugged frames. In the USA, they were known as a coupe pickup or coupe express, and were manufactured from the 1930s to the 1980s. They were very popular with florists as a way to transport flowers and potted plants."


Pickup truck - Definition
A pickup truck is a light truck with an open-top cargo area with fairly short rigid sides and an opening rear gate. They are known in Australia as a "ute" or "utility" (from "utility vehicle") and in Israel as a "tender".

Noun 1. pickup - a light truck with an open body and low sides and a tailboard

USA law-
According 40 CFR 600.002-85 [Title 40 Protection Of Environment; Chapter I Environmental Protection Agency; Subchapter Q Energy Policy; Part 600 Fuel Economy of Motor Vehicles; Subpart A Fuel Economy Regulations for 1977 and Later Model Year Automobiles General Provisions], Pickup Truck means "a nonpassenger automobile which has a passenger compartment and an open cargo bed."

Regardless of the source - the common thread among definitions is a separate passenger compartment, a flat load floor, low rigid sides, and a tailgate.

Your post was interesting.
I'm not a fan of Wikipedia.

i wonder if this would be lighter than the coupe/sedan? it would make sense that it is...a lot lighter...so much faster?

@Dave and @Lou.
The difference between a Pickup and a Coupe Utility is body type. A Coupe Utility, does not have a separate section for the payload. Delayed post as just back from New Zealand.
Ford Australia built the first Coupe utility in 1934. Coupe Utilities have been built on full /partial BOF frames as well as being unibodies.
They are are used for two main purposes: Lifestyle vehicle.i.e.the Holden Maloo a Corvette with bed and for plumbers, electricians , landscapers etc as a car with a very low loading and off loading platform and a reasonably substantial load(2,800/lb for the Ford Falcon), with very much car like driving attributes. Competition has been coming from the very much cheaper, Japanese "Tin Cans" pickups. Even the new Ford Ranger is still considered a cheaper alternative to the Coupe Utility. Actually the current Ford Falcon utility can be classified as a pickup as its loading bed is separate from the cab.

so, the american domestic car makers keep looking to europe and japan for inspiration and the germans rip off the el camino. wtf?

@Johnny Minyani. Coupe Utilities (El Caminos) originated in Australia. First one in 1934. Ford was thinking of building a "Ranchero" based on a design study by Australian Lewis Brandt in 1940. but World War 2 killed that idea. Lweis came up with the original "Ute" in 1934


How cool is that. I used to love watching the Ring Mini pick up slide around the Ring. Well done to the company who made that.

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