Ssangyong SUT 1 Concept Debuts at 2011 Geneva Motor Show

Ssangyong SUT 1 Concept Debuts at 2011 Geneva Motor Show

Korean automaker Ssangyong is using the 2011 Geneva International Motor Show to reveal its SUT 1 sport utility truck concept before a similar vehicle goes on sale in Europe and other markets next year. We've got the first photos courtesy of our friends at Jalopnik.

The SUT 1 looks just like the preview illustrations we showed you last week. Styling and proportions remind us of a sleeker version of the Honda Ridgeline pickup with a bit of Mercedes' styling influence in its flanks. The SUT 1 appears to be based on Ssangyong's new Korando C midsize crossover. Its wheelbase is 120 inches, just 2 inches shorter than the Ridgeline's.

Power will come from a 2.0-liter four-cylinder clean diesel rated at 153 horsepower and 265 pounds-feet of torque. The powertrain will be available with a choice of either a six-speed manual or automatic transmission.


The SUT 1 concept even has a ball hitch to tow a small trailer or caravan around Europe's back roads.




Great vehicle for second and third world countries.

Not a good idea for the first world (U.S.A.) country. It does not have an established name here or any real pickup qualities.

The Ridgeline is a failure and this will be a failure here too .

It looks way better than I thought it would, but then the Korando C looks pretty good too. Is there a market for it here? Not sure. Like any new-to-us overseas brand, you have to start somewhere.

If Mahindra would crib some of Ssangyong's Italian-outsourced styling, slap it on their new Genio pickup, then bring it over as a new TR20/TR40, they might have something really promising.

Its a minivan with the last third chopped off..

Again...where is the Truck in this Truck? The word has been changed to mean whatever the maker says it means. This is not a "Truck". SUT? OK, whatever that is.

Looks better than the Ridgeline. Seems like a bunch of guys here feel threatened by it and are crying foul.

It looks good. I like the nose and body lines.
This would be good for city folks who want to put their dogs in the back or carry the odd load of garden supplies.
To meet the definition of a pickup all you need is a flat, open bed floor, and a tailgate.

Finally some fresh design on this stinky, square market.
Give me a 3L diesel and I will buy Korean car maybe.

@Taylor, SSangyoong mainly sells in Asia and it looks like they are trying to sell in Europe. I would say they are not going to sell in the US. Mahindra now owns them after a Chinese company sold the company to Mahindra. We all know about the saga of Mahindra and their PikUp in the US.

Man, that's a tiny bed. If I can't even fit a bicycle back there, then there really isn't much use for this other than looks or hauling a few bags of pre-packaged mulch from Home Depot.

@Alakablamo. I think that is just a design study. They do produce the strange looking Actyion Sports pickup with an efficient 2 Litre diesel.

@Buy American. not a great vehicle for 1st , 2nd or third world countries.No idea who they are trying to impress with this.

This thing would be a flop in the U.S.!

Look at how few 2003-2004 Frontier Crew Cabs, from a well known company like Nissan, were sold. A pickup with a bed this short will not make it here!

@Robert Ryan - you'll loose a lot of people with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd world remark. LOL
One can argue that it no longer applies in a post cold war era.

@Alakablamo: Check out these out these pictures. The TRUCK is 17 feet long, so the bed is at least 5 feet.

@Buy American or say Bye to America: So what about the F-150 with the 5' 5" bed? I guess that didn't make it here either?

@Taylor: Personally, I believe the Ridgeline isn't a failure, it's just to overpriced like all Honda products. That's whats wrong with that product and the fact that is is more then stale by now.

I think the SUT-1 looks nice enough and would make a good vehicle for some people, namely the once that would like a Ridgeline type vehicle, but won't pay the price for that.

Chris R-

The F-150 with the 5' 5" bed is on the best selling truck/vehicle in America. Even poor sales on an F-Series model equates to a lot of sales. Ford is king!

Like I said in the other comment, I like variety. The question is...will it find a place in the hearts of traditional truckers? It may take a while, if ever. But I will admit the Honda Ridgeline had some success. It was 2006 Motor Trend Truck of the Year, as well as North American Truck of the Year, while the Accord Crosstour failed to capture Car, or SUV, or even a Crap of the Year all as far as I know. Heck I've seen more Ridgelines than (Ford) Sport Tracs. I have yet to see a Suzuki Equator (a Nissan Frontier by any other name)! Like Chris R. said, price was the nail in the Ridgeline's coffin, as well as limited varieties. Although I cringe at a FWD truck, maybe the Ridge would have gotten better fuel economy if it was straight-up 2WD (add 4WD as option, of course). If this trucklet does find a market in the US, it should undercut the Ridgeline price...I hope.

I predate political correctness LOL. Seriously a lot of Asian, Middle Eastern and African countries need something that is fairly long and can carry from 2,500-3000lb. A Lot of the pickups tend to have the ability to carry a lot more than their designed limit as well.

@Robert Ryan - Funny. I predate lots of things too.

@Chris R

No offense but your crazy if you think that's a ''usable'' 5 foot bed on that truck. Maybe with the tailgate DOWN it might equate to 5-1/2 feet or so in length.

This vehicle is a re design of the Actyon Sports, not the Korando C. I know cause I own one. Very good vehicle.

Ridgeline is the only pickup truck that I think actually looks "cool" (I call it the non-hill billy pickup) but i'm not sure how I feel about this Ssangyong vehicle. Looks like a Murano with a bed. But i'm not truck expert. I drive sports cars 8)

i think car made by South Korean automaker is good...

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