This is What the New Ford Ranger Super Cab Looks Like

This is What the New Ford Ranger Super Cab Looks Like
Photo: Ford Australia

Ford has updated its Australian website with new photos of the upcoming 2011 Ford Ranger "T6" pickup, giving truck buyers Down Under a preview of the Super Cab model.

The Ford Ranger Super Cab pictured here is the two-wheel drive XLT Hi-Rider.

News about the Ranger Super Cab was announced at the Bangkok International Auto Show in Thailand. It's the same show where General Motors provided a sneak preview of its overseas Ranger competitor with the debut of the Chevy Colorado Show Truck -- also in extended cab form.

Ford says the T6 Ranger is the most capable small pickup it has ever built. It will go on sale next year in 188 countries but not the U.S. and Canada.

Three engines will be available, including a 2.2-liter inline-four-cylinder with up to 276 pounds-feet of torque and a 3.2-liter inline-five-cylinder with a robust 346 pounds-feet of torque. There’s also a new 2.5-liter Duratec four-cylinder gas engine that Ford says will have more power than its major competitors and is flex-fuel capable.

We'll try to get hi-res copies of these photos in the next few days.

This is What the New Ford Ranger Super Cab Looks Like



Not Bad! The lower valence is a bit much. Kind of looks like a Hilux.

Love it, too bad ford won't sell it to me.

Once again, Ford teases us with another vehicle that we won't be getting, unless they're planning to surprise us with a huge unveiling at the New York or SEMA or Los Angeles or Texas State Fair shows.

looks like a good off roader

Did they get rid of those stupid and low hanging torsion bars?

@ oxi- I believe the head engineer said that he hated torsion bars and refused to use them. As it stands I have never had an issue with mine on my '06' ranger. But you are right I would prefer a coil set up myself...

Looks Good, but not as good as Colorado.

I'm impressed, this truck looks really nice as a super cab although if it were sold in the US I would opt for the crew cab. Looks much better than the Colorado imo but it was hard to tell with the goofy accessory setup GM had on it.


At least the Ford has a pleasant looking side view,the Tacoma is hideous,the wheel well body line looks like a drunk monkey designed it,awkward looking and just plain horrible riding truck.I owned a Lexus it was the most unreliable vehicle I ever had,I know people who own Toyota products and they spend a ton on repairs.


Unlikely. The US plant where they build Rangers is closing, meaning that these trucks have to be imported, and therefore would be subject to the 25% "Chicken Tax".

Ford needs this truck in America,it would be the best selling mid size truck around.

Tacoma is an ancient design,ride and archaic handling,anemic performance and the worst gas mileage !
Any full size American V-8 truck is better on fuel ,better riding ,better off and on road capability than a Tacoma ! Plus any American full size looks better than the unporportioned Toyota Tacoma !

I think that's the highest riding factory pickup I've ever seen.

And in Fords infinite wisdom we wont get one because they want to pawn off a gigantic gas guzzling f150 on us instead , real brainiacs them Ford boys with four dollar gas coming !

How can Ford make five different SUV's and only one size truck? They say the market is not there for small trucks but has any new truck come out in the last ten years.

I like the 08 Super Duty-inspired side air vent. Ford should sell it in the US, but remember that Ford also doesn't sell the F-series in the markets they are selling this new Ranger. Personally, I think they should sell both everywhere.

@Alex if there was a business case for the F-series outside of NA(that includes Mexico) they would they done it along time ago. Ford sees a very strong business case on the other hand for European Vans, in NA and is very actively pursuing that avenue.
@Ryan, correct it does look like a Hilux and Ford wants you to get that connection, seeing that the Hilux is probably the nest selling pickup on a global basis.


Although I too would like to see the (American F-Series) and the Global Ranger be sold on every corner of the ocean, I don't think that will happen anytime soon...If ever.

For more than one reason, first of all let’s take a look at this Global Ranger and how it’s built...Comparably it’s smaller (Even if not by much) than the American F-Series. And then look at the engine options, a 2.2 4cyl a 3.2 5cyl and 2.5 4cyl. This truck is clearly designed for European countries with gas that cost between 8.00$ and 12.00$ a gallon.

By comparison the American F-150 is larger, heavier and (As of 2011) comes with two V6's and two V8's as an option the smallest engine displacing at 3.5-liters the largest being 6.2-liters. The smallest engine in the American F-150 is still 0.2 Liters larger than the largest offered in the Global Ranger. The F-Series as you and I know it is designed for the American market which for the most part demands an almost totally different vehicle than Europe.

But lets do a hypothetical, Say Ford does bring the Global Ranger over to the states. You have to ask yourself this...How well will it really sell? I mean yah, you hear people all the time on sites like these claiming they would buy if Ford would just sell it to us...But the truth is, those people are in a minority. Because when you look at the stats...This truck is pretty 90% the size of the American F-150, and I have no doubt that based on that fact alone it would cost just about as much as the American F-150 in the American market. Thus you pay the same for a lesser truck (Or at least that’s how most will view it).

One of the biggest complaints I have heard from people about Ford killing off the (US Ranger) is that the F-150 is to big for them...See Ford believes that most people who currently own a Ranger will opt for an F-150 or Transit Connect when its time to trade up. And as much of a Ford as I am I have admit this is flawed logic. The Current F-150 though gets roughly the same mileage as the Current U.S Ranger, is still a much larger truck by every account. And many people just don't want something that big...Even if it gets comparable mileage. Then you have the Transit Connect, which in all honesty will do the same amount of work any Ranger will. But it’s absolutely no frills and no enthusiasm vehicle. Much of the U.S Rangers fan base is people who like it because it has style and appeal to it...Something the Transit Connect doesn't have, so that pretty much marks it off the list to.

What I personally would like to see (For the U.S at least) is a redesigned Ranger or F-100 whatever Ford wants to call it, designed for the U.S, Something that's about the same size as the Current U.S Ranger, Offer it with a 2.0L Ecoboost and the 3.7L Mustang V6 and a 6-speed Automatic AND Manual on a lightweight chassis and boom! I'm pretty sure a setup like that could squeeze out 30mpg or better and still be quite capable for a small truck. But that's just a thought at this point in time...Nothing more nothing less.

@Nate M, it would uneconomic for Ford to do so and the market for a F100 would be doubtful. They will stick with an Ecoboost F150, to recover development costs.
You are right the market outside the US/Canada is very different and varies from country to country. Different counties have differing needs and regulations. Getting a product that can sell reasonably well in a lot of countries is the hard part.


Owning a Lexus does not make you a Toyota pickup expert!

You just do not like Toyota (racism, what's next Japanese people?) so I can pretty much say your comments are NOT factual!

@Bob - If I said I want a Ranger now, would you hold it against me? If I said I wanted a F150, would you hold it against me?

The new Ranger is not 90% of the F150, it's 75% the size and weight, only slightly bigger than the current Ranger.

Without the chicken tax I'm sure Ford would have loved to import these, but that 25% just makes them too expensive and they probably think another 'fool the feds' scam like they pulled with the Transit and its shredded seats on arrival would be pushing it.

@PJungnitsch they are 90% of the basic F150. The Ranger on the Ford Australia site is the older smaller version.

No, the issue is 90X90X90 = 729000
100X100X100 = 1000000

Reduce something by 10% in three dimensions and it is 25% smaller.

IE the existing NA Ranger (4X4 extended cab) is 87% the length, 88% the width and 89% the height of the same spec F150.

Ford could have said the old Ranger was 90% the size of an F150 but it didn't serve their purpose as it does now.

But 87X88X89 = 68% of the size
Coincidentally it is 68% of the weight, 3600 vs 5333

I believe the new Ranger is Tacoma sized, just slightly bigger than the old Ranger, a 75% truck vs a 68% truck.

What Mike Levine doesn't like:

"Long box Tacoma crew cab almost as big as a full-size pickup"

Hence the problem if the new Ranger is Tacoma sized. People will just pay a little more and get the F-150.

@PJungnitsch it is 90% smaller than the OVERALL size of the F150, not 75%.That 75% would be inline with earlier 1980's Japanese Pickups . it is roughly the same as the Tacoma in size. It is not 68% of the weight, you are looking at 4,300 to 4500lbs, same as the Navarra.

@PJungnitsch Navarra should be 4700lb. Would not be surprised ALL of the pickups here start getting a lot heavier.

Looks great, NOW SEND IT TO THE USA!
Ford is all about giving the imports a real challenge in the car segments, but in the midsize truck category they're going to just give the business away to Toyota or Nissan...doesn't make sense to me as a Ford shareholder.

I like the design of this truck. It looks well thought out and carries the same style from S-crew to S-cab. some of the competitors small trucks look like they slap a bed on an SUV and they don't have the rifined "package" feel to them.
This is what made the original Ranger a success. They marketed them as a mini version of the F-150 and it stood out as having the look and feel of a truck.

@John: Agree. I think this would be priced too close to the F-150 if it came here.

Here's how Ford could import the new Ranger into the U.S. and avoid the "chicken tax."

I was on the "it will cost the same as an F-150" bandwagon earlier, but not anymore. I still think it will cost the same, but so what? When I bought a Sport Trac I had the same thought... same cost so why not opt for the bigger truck. At that time I decided a slightly smaller vehicle was a better choice for me, and it had many benefits over a F-150 for my needs. I do think they could sell a fair amount of these here especially since the Sport Trac is gone too.

Here's the Ford Australia web site with several videos of the test courses in various countries. Looks like a tough little truck.

Not to thread jack but I own a 2010 tacoma double cab long box and yes it is just as long as a full size. However it is not nearly as wide. And that means you can actually open the doors when parking at the mall and still have enough room for five.

@Taylor "And in Fords infinite wisdom we wont get one because they want to pawn off a gigantic gas guzzling f150 on us instead , real brainiacs them Ford boys with four dollar gas coming !"
WHY do you blame Ford for selling so many F150's??? They're not buying them, the people around you are!!!

Much better looking than the new to be GM small pickup that looks like a Ridgeline wanna be.

Who knows nothing is forever. Maybe selling US will change. Time will tell.

The Ranger looks like a Toyota Tacoma. The Colorado Show truck looks like a beauty queen and the ranger like a ugly betty. I have always said beauty is in the eye of the beholder or beer holder.

Dear Ford:

Nice Toyfordota...

if it doesnt have a small diesel in it, im not interested.


No where does it mention suspension...

It only states water fording. Off-roaders tend to get snorkles for when the water goes over the hood, so bragging water fording when most serious off-roaders in Australia will be installing snorkles, heck oem's installing them from the factory is not a big deal.

I just want to know what type suspension, wheel travel and ground clearance numbers...

It's not built as a off road truck as it's primary concern. It is built to be a good all around truck that gets good MPGs, handles well, hauls a lot, and is still tough enough to handle 95% of off roading needs. The market for people who buy a $30k+ truck to primarily off road is small compared to 'all-around truck' market. Pick your battles.

Reminds of the late 90's Dakota. Great looks.
American manufactures seem to be able to screw up this market segment, S10 = Colorado, Dodge = redesigned Dakota.

you Ford guys always throw around how the F-Series is the best selling truck well that's why Ford is killing the Ranger. Ford loyalists WILL go to F-150 and most compact buyers have already gone Foreign.

They say this truck is only 10% smaller than an F150, but it looks smaller than that to me. That and the checken tax are keeping it out of N.A. If it gets 25-30 (or more) mpg with a crew cab, I want it.

way better than any chevy or toyota junk great job ford!!!!!

Ford would bring this truck to NA if there was a business case for it.
I doubt it would sell in sufficient numbers to make it worth while. What are total compact truck sales? 175,000 units a year?
VW said they'd have to sell 100,000 a year to make justify bringing the Amarok to the USA.
Guys want smaller truck? for what price?
Rangers are dirt cheep to buy if you catch a good dscount.
People point out this truck is similar in size to the Tacoma.
Well, guess what? Tacoma sales have flattened out.
This truck will be similar in price to a Taco. You are looking at a price overlap with the F150.
2 things will neeed to happen to make this truck sell:
1. 8.00/gallon or higher fuel prices
2. Ford puts a USA legal diesel in it.

What are the dimensions of the T6 Ranger models?

Want to compare the dimensions and weights of the T6 to comparable F-150 models.

Repeatedly see "Ranger is 90% of the size of the F-150" stated without any data. And even if the T6 Ranger is 90% of the size of the F-150, then so what?
Current North American Ranger Supercab is 203.6 inches in length, which is 87.8% of the length of a comparable F-150.

A Ranger sized 90% of the F-150 would be PERFECT for my needs!

Dimensions of an F-150 Supercab with 6.5' bed are: 231.8 inches length, 79.2 inches width, 75.2 inches width and curb weight 4500 lbs and up.

There is a market for this truck in the U.S. and even more so in Canada. Call it an F-100, call it a Ranger, offer it and I predict it will sell north of 100K units per year.

Ford has invested a significant amount of time and and money to import the Transit Connect from Turkey for sales of less than 35K units per year when the current outdated Ranger sells 50K units per year with neglected marketing and nearly no investment during the past 10 years.

Fuel costs will continue to rise. F-150/-250 cash cow bonanza will diminish as buyers look to more efficient vehicles with capability they need instead of capability they want. Offer the T6 now and plan for the future now instead of scrambling to catch up as Ford has had to do with small cars like the Fiesta and Focus where Ford failed to invest in until Alan Mullally arrived and Ford changed to a global strategy.

And bring the diesel, electric is not going to work for trucks.

@ Robert Ryan

The old NA Ranger is 68% of the weight of an F150
Current NA Tacoma is 75% of the weight (3975/5333)
Navara is heavier but still would be 80% (4283/5333)

Awesome. Love it! Looks tons better then truck Chevy just put out.

The reason I think it could sell here with a profit, is because the R&D has already been done for the design to sell around the world. Minor changes and they could sell here too without the typical startup cost they would have had by redisigning the old Ranger. They could sell it here, lower numbers, but retain Ford loyalty.
It's their call though, and only they know how the numbers work out. I am certain if there is money to be made, it will be here in a few years.

I just don't get it but I would get it if ford offered it, hey Ford it would be #4 Ranger for me....for the love of GOD Ford let us have it already.

@PJungnitsch, the Navarra 's basic weight varies from 4000lb to 4700lb. The current small Ranger 3600lb. The Hilux 4120lb, Mitsubishi Triton , 4300lb.
So the new T6 Ranger is going to be in the 4100 to 4500lb range, not any less. What Ford means by "90%" is anyones guess, overall length, weight? I doubt they meant a general 90% less.
@Mike Levine. The importation of knocked down versions of the T6 to the US for final assembly and finishing , would be the logical way to g.
It is how GM Holden and currently Ford Australia do. Holden has to rengine the Colorado as well as do a lot of other changes to produce a finished vehicle in Australia.

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