Top 5 Mopar Accessories for the Ram 1500 Tradesman and Adventurer

Top 5 Mopar Accessories for the Ram 1500 Tradesman and Adventurer

Mopar has announced a ton of appearance, performance and work-oriented accessories for the newly introduced Ram 1500 Tradesman and Adventurer half-ton pickups. Here are our top 5.

No. 5: Sport Performance Hood and Decal

This stamped aluminum twin-nostril hood (above) replaces the stock hood and makes the truck look more aggressive. It also provides a bit more headroom to mount a supercharger on the Hemi 5.7-liter V-8 underneath. Got horsepower?

An optional vinyl decal with a carbon fiber pattern adds to the custom truck vibe. We could also see it cutting glare on the trail if you move up the food chain to turn your truck into a Ram Runner.

MSRP: $978, Part No. 82211065AD – Sport Hood / MSRP: $166, Part No. 82211882AB – Vinyl Hood Sticker


No. 4: Remote Start

In the middle of a Michigan winter or an Arizona summer, a remote start for your truck can help warm up or cool down the interior before you jump in the cab. We've used it. It works.

MSRP: $235, Part No. 82212424AB


No. 3: Uconnect Web


Uconnect turns your truck into a WiFi hotspot so you, your friends or employees can connect to the Internet at the job site or cruising around. No cell cards or software required, just a WiFi-enabled laptop, tablet or smartphone. Subscription required; sold separately.

MSRP: $499, Part No. 82211856AB – Uconnect Router / MSRP: $383, Part No. 82211918 – 1-year subscription


No. 2: Mopar Electronic Vehicle Tracking System

If you're a business owner adding several Ram Tradesman pickups to your fleet, Mopar's EVTS will help you track where your trucks and drivers are 24/7. This GPS-enabled real-time tracking system includes a $1,000 theft warranty. Optional upgrade plans provide emergency services and a "panic" button. Features such as setting speed and distance parameters with text alerts, unlimited online tracking, and full concierge service are also offered.

MSRP: $459, Part No. 82212457 plus separate monthly subscription fees per truck depending on tracking plan


No. 1: Sliding Toolbox


Who doesn't have stuff to store in the back of a truck? Now you can keep that gear safe and dry in an aluminum toolbox that can slide anywhere you need it in the cargo box.

MSRP: $557, Part No. 82211356

[Source: Mopar]


Great to see Mopar is offering great add ons..

These are some neat ideas! Good work Mopar!

I like the sliding tool box!

The sliding toolbox is a great idea. Obviously for better access during the job but also can be kept at the back for added weight during winter months for better traction. Also looks like a tonneau cover can be installed over it.

Ram is a great looking truck. Looks alot better than the ford that's for darn sure.

Anybody know if the mopar car starters are better than the gm. Im not a big fan of the scoop hoods on any other truck but this one on the Ram truck looks good.
@ bob way to troll about fords even in a Ram article

I don't mind hood scoops as long as they are functional.
Hood looks good.
I don't like the looks of the fake carbon fiber hood decals.

The sliding tool box is one of those "why didn't I think of that" ideas.

Well The Ford is alot better lookin thats for dam sure but I like the Ram too and I love that hood but GM needs some help...can you say FUGLY.

I was thinking about uconnect web but $383!? -- don't think so

@ Ryan & Lou Agree on the toolbox comments...

awsome toolbox

@bobsled80> For the price I would look at a name brand remote starter/security system. It will have alot more features than the house brands...that goes for all manufacturers not just Dodge.

"The sliding tool box is one of those "why didn't I think of that" ideas.
Cool. "

Nissan had this for the Titan since 2004.

I don't like hood scoops on a truck, just looks tacky to me.


I'm guessing you are blind. In my opinion, the Ford is the worst looking out of all the trucks, except the Titan.

1. Ram
2. GMC
3. Chevy
4. Toyota
5. Ford
6. Nissan

Looks are subjective, I personally thing the Ram is ugly, it looks like it has an underbite with a bumper that sticks way out and the grill hanging over that.

didnt chevy come out with their own sliding toolbox in 07? not pickin a fight, just wondering, doesnt sound like a new idea to me

@ ed

Oh wow did you just really attack my opinion...? I beleave that a few other people stated before me about how much better the Ram looks than the Fords but I didnt personnally attack their opinion. You have just about the same lack of respect as one of the worst trolls on this site. You are the one who is "blind", you overlooked the first rule of this Blog "Try to be civil to your fellow blog readers". I still stand by my opinion but now I know you are an have definately showed it.


Ive had one on my 08 Ram since new, and I have never had a problem with it. It works from at least a block away.

The only thing I don't like about it, is there is no feedback on the key fob letting you know it started. A report beep or blinking LED would be nice.

Any ford fan saying gm trucks are ugly definitely need their eyes checked. The Silverado and the Sierra look alot better than the ford f-anything. Ram is also a good looking truck.

So let it be written, so let it be done!

With price of fuel climbing, wouldn't expect #4 remote start to be huge seller. Would it be cheaper to get done at a local shop later on???
As far as #2 Ford has already out with this at least a year ago with not only the truck but all it's tools. If I/m not mistaken a truck was showcased loaded up with DeWalt tools on a job site.
As far as tool box, what if your on job site and bed full of stuff, will box open from either side? Or would you have to empty bed just to open?

looks like SNOB is back never heard of one person being so one track minded

@Bob Nice try LMAO...Thats your opinion though and unlike you with other peoples opinion I can understand why you like Chevy trucks which I think are Ugly...GMC's are much better looking but overal I will stick with Ford cause thats what I like. Personnaly the only truck with a bowtie I like is the HD line of Sierras but the regular Sierra 1500 looks like an ugly kid just took a bite out of a lime. You can go ahead and spread your Hate around if you like but your not gonna change anyones mind.

I would rather have a factory approved remote start system than just any old random product. I prefer the vehicle manufacturer to work out all of the bugs and make sure that the modifications) properly interface with the vehicle's systems.

As far as the ugliest looking truck goes...Ford is not at the bottom. Toyota is number 6 and Nissan is number 5. Ford and Chevrolet (owners) can fight for the number 4 spot.

I think the GM trucks are ugly, they look like something out of 1985, If they'd put the Tahoe/Avalanch front end on them they would look a lot better.

I also prefer a factory remote. At least in the new Fords it is an all in one key - no need for an extra key fob. It will also start the heated and cooled seats and rear defrost. And no aftermarket wiring that disrupts the operations of other components.

Viper makes a good remote start, I want to get one installed in my ride eventually. But the convienence of a factory one that is already installed is hard to pass up.

Nope! them ford trucks are darn ugly. they look like overbuilt tonka trucks. GM trucks are the BEST looking and then the Dodge ram.

Ford does have the man step though and they have them big oversized grilles.

Hey Mike, I try rams website but, I didnt see adventurer option.When is it coming up?

Best looking truck ever been made is 2001 dodge ram 1500 quad cab off road truck.
gm z71 is a joke...front bumper so close to is a joke.
now ram gotta trx4 crap... give me a break.My subaru got more ground clearence than trx4.
They just dont build trucks anymore...they all just a SUV with a pick up bed.


How do you attack somebody by stating their own opinion? I clearly said, In my opinion...

I'm a troll?

Your the one coming into this thread, and going on about how the F-150 is the "best looking truck" and that the GM twins need some help.

Please, go into ANY other post about ANY other manufacture other then Ram, and find a comment of me, "trolling".

That's right, I stay out of the other threads.
Unlike you...

And now, I will civilly stay out of this conversation because I am the bigger person.

why is everyone arguing about which truck looks best? there is no way you can prove which truck really looks best its just an opinion, quit arguing about stupid stuff

@ Ed Did you read Bob's Comment that was BEFORE mine? I basically took his "Ford Bashing" comment and turned it around, giving him/her a taste of their own medicine. I could have cared less about your comment but when you said I "must be blind" it became personnal. Dont try and CYA you already did way worse than me. I stated my opinion and didnt rag on anything you why did you attack my opinion? you should have left my name out of it and just posted what you think looks good with out dragging anyone (ME) into your opinion. I like the fact that you tried to turn this around on me but better luck next time. FYI Bob is the one who started the bashing on Ford...I did start anything, I stated me opinion first and then you attacked it and used my name which was a wrong move on your part.

@supercrew02 - good point on the tool box - can it be opened from one side only? I hope so.

How did a Ram thread turn into a bashfest?

Looks are subjective. Kinda like a bunch of bro's arguing over whether a blonde, a brunette, or readhead is the best looking.
Based on looks,I'd rate 1/2 tons as follows:
#1 Ram
#2 Ford
#3 Sierra
#4 Tunda
#5 Titan
#6 Silverado
We already know Bob's preference for Yul Brynner in the 10 Commandments : Let it be written. Let it be done.
(that is where his quote came from)

@ian: I guess the big differance in the old trucks and new is the spoiler in the front, you can remove if you choose, otherwise the rear axle which has been the same for Dodges for YEARS and maybe the frame actually comes lower, but if the .01" of ground clearance is that big a deal, maybe you ought to hook a trailer to that Subaru to a trailer

I like my factory ram remote start one fob needed for everything 350 for it and alarm and you dont need some luxory package like ford, my TRX is SLT based

@ trxtom> Factory installed is nice and convenient, just a few more features available in an aftermarket VIPER 5901 for example. Two way system with ability to control with iPhones and Berry devices. About $500. Its the same arguement as to factory audio systems, some will argue aftermarket is so much better. Cheers

Does the comment section on every article on this site have to become a fan girl slap fight?

One does need to be careful in pricing out or comparing aftermarket to factory devices.
Sometimes aftermarket is better other times factory.
There is always the concern about messing with factory warranties.
I'd personally stay away from any accessory that might void the warranty. That isn't an issue for some buyers or if your truck is off warranty.
I've seen a few trucks with the hood. Looks good.
The tool box eats up a lot of box. It makes sense to offer 1/2 ton crewcabs with a 6.5 foot box option. I had shortbox truck and with the tool box in the back - I might as well of been driving a Hummer SUT. there was barely enough room for my 2 dogs.

@trxtom: Difference is how they design theese new trucks.I might be little old school,Today I would take 2001 ram off road quad cab or 1997 chevy Z71 ext cab.
Problem with ram design is not the air dam,it is the front bumper.That bumper is bigger than the grill.Raised up belt lines and deeper bed,7.5 inch ground clearence.Sir.. you gotta a suv with pick up bed.

in my opinon i think FORD makes the best looking truck. the best seller for over 30 years. they must be doing something right.The only company that changes there trucks every few years.i love mt f-150 keep up the good work FORD

That's a great idea. But, I know of a better one. It's a motorized tool box that moves past the truck bed, half way over the tailgate. Check out the video on The name of the video is, "Truck Trunk-Tailgate tool box"

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