Toyota Pickup Trucks Top J.D. Power Dependability Study


Looking for a reliable used pickup? Toyota trucks from the 2008 model year rank highest in the latest J.D. Power and Associates vehicle dependability study.

The study measures problems experienced during the past 12 months by original owners of three-year old vehicles. It includes 202 different problem symptoms across powertrain, body and interior and feature and accessory dependability. Overall dependability is determined by the number of problems experienced per 100 vehicles (PP100), with a lower score reflecting higher quality.

In 2011, overall vehicle dependability averages 151 PP100 — the lowest problem rate among used vehicles since the inception of the study in 1990 — and improves from 170 PP 100 in 2009.

In the “Midsize Pickup” category, the 2008 Toyota Tacoma was ranked most dependable, followed by the Honda Ridgeline. No other models in this segment performed above the segment average.

The 2008 Toyota Tundra was the award recipient in the “Large Truck” category. The Dodge Ram 1500 and Ford F-150 were honorable mentions.

[Source: J.D. Power and Associates]


Do they rank each problem on a scale or are all problems listed as the same? Point is: maybe toytoa has fewer interior problems(minor), but more major problems(rusting frames). In the end, yeah toyota has a lower overall number of problems, but they could also have more major problems. If thats the case, the toyota may not be the most dependable if their reported problems were major problems. Just asking because it doesnt specifically state how each problem is ranked.

They are so good here in Canada they bought back pick up after a couple of years due to rusted frames.

That's a new defenition of reliability.

"The weak ones (truck buyers), that do not really work a truck very hard, manage to get suckered into something light-duty like a Honda, Nissan, or Toyota.

Real truck, and car, guys always stick with F-Series, Ram, Sierra, or Silverado trucks. All of the trucks that helped build this great nation for the past 100-plus years."

That's funny, when it comes to small pickups Toyota has be around since 1963 and had the industry's first 4wd in class in 1979 before the big 3 could even build their own first 2wd compact!

Toyota's have been around the block longer than Ranger's, Dakota's and Colorado's. And their attention to detail for the off-roading side is light years ahead of them.


What Toyota does with its profits is NONE of your business unless your a shareholder!

They pay their bills here, they pay their taxes, they pay their utility bills, countless other bills and pay their employees!

What they do after that is theirs! If they do a solid job and reap more profits, so be it, it's not for you to argue about or where it goes unless you are a shareholder!

The U.S. ships billions upon billions overseas in foreign aid and military bases yet you argue about petty profits that are not even yours.

Geesh, too much hatred by you folks!

Regardless of how long Toyota/Toyota pickups have been and truck buffs do not gather around the table to talk about; the Honda Civic SI/Ridgeline, Nissan 370Z/Titan, Toyota Corolla S/Tundra, etc. they wish they had.

Car and truck people talk about; owning a Chevrolet Corvette ZO6/Silverado Intimidator SS, Dodge Challenger SRT8/Ram Power Wagon, Ford Mustang Shelby G.T. 500/F-150 S.V.T. Raptor, etc.

American car companies make cars/trucks that car buffs want to drive/own. Vehicles that make you get goose bumps when you turn the key and then hit the gas.

Import car companies, not counting European car companies, make cars/trucks for people that do not care about looks or performance. They are just happy that they are not walking or having to use public transportation. People like librarians or the elderly.

Do not get me started about the U.S. spending senseless money on foreign aid and the wasted money & lives for our military propaganda for other countries.

What about the countless Americans that are jobless, homeless, or have health issues. Right here, in the U.S.A., is where these billions of dollars should be spent first. If there is anything left over then America can afford to help the rest of the world.

Oh yeah, Isuzu, Mazda, and Mitsubishi certainly did help American car companies, back in the '70s, to jump into the compact pickup market.

What happened in the '90s? Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors were making compact pickups for the above mentioned companies. The tables were turned.


I think the reason all this ''hatred'' is even being put forth is because YOU come off as an arrogant little snot. I'm sorry it’s so blunt but that's the impression you give me. I've read several of your comments and I'll admit you do back up most of your claims with source's, but its the way you project yourself...To me you come off as someone who has an undeserving sense of accomplishment, I like to think of myself as a fairly in control person, so despite the fact that you have given a relatively negative first impression I'm not going to respond with a Toyota Sucks! Comment or anything like that. But If your constantly putting Toyota up on a pedestal which YOU are guilty of (as are many fanboys), then its going to become redundant and eventually no one is going to want to hear anything of what you have to say and it will also drive people to NOT like Toyota simply because of people who act like you do.

Also what does it really matter to you what anyone else thinks? As I already stated I am a Ford guy, and believe me It really gets under my skin reading comments in articles about new Fords on this site because of people like Bob. Someone who slanders a company name just because its not THEIR favorite company.

Now all this doesn't mean I don't acknowledge Toyota for what they are. Hell I even learned how to drive a standard in an old 1979 Compact Toyota Truck. Let it be known I am a Ford guy first and foremost, but I won't deny that Toyota has made some good products, however their older stuff impresses me a hell of alot more than there newer products do.

Honestly though no one can really claim to ''superior'' in reliability and dependability these days. In my experience with ALL new cars of today, if you just take care of it and do the required routine oil changes and other fluid changes it will last you a long time.

And I direct this comment to everyone not just Oxi.






You are forgetting the USA rebuilt Japan after they nuked them.

The USA spent billions and billions of dollars rebuilding Japan,and what did the USA get in return.....NOTHING !!!!
Except Americans cannot sell a large number of vehicles in Japan but the Japanese can unload their lemons by the bucket load here !!!! Free trade ,no way !!!!!

We have to stop cattering to these people and stop this pollitical correctness garbage,that is why the USA is in the trouble it is in now !

The Japanese do not have multiculturalism,and they look down on anyone not Japanese ! Dont believe me,ask an honest Japanese,but then again The Japanese are not honest...look at the Toyota recalls,current Nuke situation !

Even the Japnanese people do not believe their own government and they are looking at the news from Europe and America to get accurate information !!

I could not live with myself knowing I support a country that hates us,by buying one of their vehicles,or working for them !! I would feel the same if the Canadians felt that way about us,but they dont..


I am all for supporting America and all, as I have never owned anything but a Ford. But you need to calm down and stop being racist. Some of the nicest people I've ever met are Japanese. My girlfriend is Japanese for that matter. You can't catorgize a whole race of people as being this way or that way.


I didnt say anything racist...

Guess what !!! I am half Japanese !!

I know Japanese people,this is how the majority of them are,its not a melting pod like America,and for a reason.In America we accept people for who/what they are,In Japan they are extrememly tough on outsiders.

Where is the multiculturalism in Japan ? There is none !! They have their way of life and dont accept the western way..

Furthermore,I never said anything racist..just the truth..that is what I mean my political correctness,cant say anything that is true..Just like a Christmas Tree it is now a Holiday Tree,see what I mean !!

To "Buy American or say Bye to America!" both the Tacoma and the Tundra are made in San Antonio, TX.

@ Chris,
The majority of the profits go back to Japan and make my Father's side of my family rich..Leaving miniscule amounts of money left for America.Most people who work for Toyota in America dont pay taxes,probably get tax monies back,that isnt helping America,only Japan we get pure profit back ! That goes into our economy.
Thank-You !

Do the figures count the Big 3's diesel powered 3/4 and 1 tons in the figures? If so, that would be detrimental to the Big 3 because of problems related to 2007 emissions standards. What would the ratings be if it were only 1/2 ton gas powered trucks being compared?


Would you be impressed if General Motors whipped up a 7.4L (454 C.i.) big block that got the same fuel economy as the 5.3L small block, yet did not have to sacrifice any of it's brute power/torque? I am going to venture to guess that you would be ecstatic about that? All of that power and torque with respectable fuel economy to boot.

Well my friend, (I do mean friend because you are so passionate about an American car company) that is where the Ford 3.5L V6 EcoBoost comes in. It has big block V8 torque, with much more horsepower, and gets the fuel economy of a thirsty V6 or of a miserly V8. Give credit where credit is due. Think of it this way...This will push General Motors to really come out with something special to one-up Ford.

@ Bob
Ford matched Gm's fuel economy and plus it has way more hp and torque so which will people decide to buy time will tell and besides for the few eco boosts that are out there i am hearing 22 to 23 mpg highway so it looks like GM is beat time to go back to the drawing board for GM FORD IS THE BEST

lol, all this spittin back n forth just bcuz of a name on a some metal box with wheels. u guys r too funny...

uh huh-

Do you mean to tell everyone here that you do not have a preferred; sports team, brand of beverage, brand of garment, etc.? It is kind of the same thing but on a much grander scale for the automotive loyalists.

A car company does more for the public and economy than a sports team. You can not catch a ride to the store, or to work, on the team bus. You need your trusty Chrysler, Ford, or General Motors vehicle for that. That is why car and truck people defend their car company of choice. The same way sports fans and such do for their cause(s).



What Toyota does with their profits is their business, not yours unless your a SHAREHOLDER!

These are CORPORATIONS, NOT GOVERNMENTS you full of "hatred" individual!

STOP comparing auto companies with governments!

You sound like a sore losing UAW member!

Toyota, GM and other companies are businesses and they do not have anything to do with their respective constitutions!

Toyota is a business that looks out for what their shareholders seek and not what the powerful Japanese government seeks.

Same with the big 3!

If you are so worried about the profits, THEN BECOME A SHAREHOLDER, until then shut the h/ll up about it. You are so ignorant.


I am not arrogant. Don't "hatred" me because I am educated and know what I am talking about!

The way I come off? Have you read the "hatred" comments from posters like "jap" or "jap crap" and countless other IGNORANT comments to even "where the profits go" and so forth.

I raced with some of Toyota's top programs, I have studied Toyota in college and toured their facilities here in the U.S. as well big 3 ones.

Toyota is a remarkable company and builds boring cars but solid smaller pickups but the consistency is they are reliable as long as the owners take care of them properly.

People in this country are literally racist and full of hatred. Not all, I said some.

They compare auto companies to governments for God's sake, how pathetic and uneducated is that!!!

Toyota builds pickups like my Tacoma (that was built in the U.S.) and supports many jobs here and that is vital to me. Just because I choose the best small pickups in the world is my business.

The fact that my Tacoma was UAW built is even more interesting when I get approached by uneducated UAW members stateside. They do not even know their brothers and sisters were building Tacoma's up to late last year.

Again, look at what we have to deal with here.

And now a GM plant that makes Colorado's is shut down for lack of parts from the quake zone only proves this auto world has changed!

Chian is the largest producer of auto's now, followed by Japan and we are now down to third DESPITE companies like Toyota investing billions and building plants here in the U.S. The big 3 tide of shipping jobs across borders and into China is leading to this decline here, not companies like Toyota that have been building plants here in the U.S. for quite some time now.

Think about that!

On a lighter note, and more on topic... On the automotive side of the J.D. Power Study: Lincoln took top honors.

The top five is as follows:

1. Lincoln
2. Lexus
3. Jaguar
4. Porsche
5. Toyota

Way to go Ford Motor Company! This study goes back 3 that means Jaguar was still owned by Ford for the first model year of this study (2008). Way to go Ford again. Number one and number three!

This is all full of LOL

Brand loyalty, what a shame. I think every manufacturer has at least one vehicle that I think I could live with. Simply crossing them off your potential ownership list because of brand is ridiculous. By doing so you are really missing out on alot of opportunities different manufacturers offer. Its almost racist in a sense...

Simply put; most Toyota/Honda trucks get used like a car; where as Ford, GM, and Ram are bought by contractors who use them to do real work day in and day out. They really need to give these tests a weighting factor for the work load of the trucks. Either that or just have two categories one for trucks that are driven with occasional towing and one for trucks that really go to work out. A football player gets injured more often the a jogger but the jogger isn't going to help you on the football field.


I agree with you. I am a hard core Ford fan (fanboy?) that owns ONE Ford (1968 Mustang G.T. fastback) and THREE Chrysler's (1 Ram and 2 Jeeps).

@ Buy American or say Bye to America,

i don't have a prefered name of anything. i do however have a preference for what has served me good, not bcuz of the name.

i think it's call freedom. hallelujah america!!!

"gmc dropped"... LOL Who knew that POS gmc's could get any worse quality-wise??? government motors just builds terrible trucks and cars. FORD will always be better. Always.

@the above post,

Easy there, you don't want to make people weep like LeBron James & Duane Wade.

Holy smokes the second generation Tacoma is the most hideous looking pickup ever made .

@Buy American, I agree on the big block performance of the EcoBoost. I even wouldn't mind Mike doing a comparison between the EcoBoost, 2006 8.1 and 2010 6.8 V10, in terms of towing. That would make a good read.

@ oxi I wish you would get a clue. You are as arrogant as they come. If you were as educated as you claim you would not have used "hatred" as a verb. Must be the arrogance I guess. You get upset when people comment on where the profits go. Why? Are you a shareholder? You had better be cause if not you had better "shut the h/ll up" as you so eloquently put it. You are so proud of the fact that Toyota builds your Tacoma in the States. But I wonder if you understand why they do. It costs a lot of money to ship vehicles all over the world. $1000-$2000 according to this story
and according to Toyota sold 1.5 million vehicles for 2010 in the US. If you figure $1000 min to ship each vehicle you can understand why Toyota builds vehicles here. They can afford to invest billions in plants here because they will save billions every year. Its good buisiness, plus there is the bonus of suckering people into thinking they do it because they care. Why do you think they picked Texas to build their factories. PR. You love Toyotas and thats fine but don't loose sight of the big picture Toyota doesn't care about you. You said it yourself they are a company and profits and shareholders come first. As for the Tacoma. One showed up our dealer to get a leveling kit installed. I can see why you like them for offroading. Its got similar ground clearance as my side by side. But I'd be too scared to offroad a brand new daily driver. I lack finese offroading. Have a good weekend.

@Jordan L - " They can afford to invest billions in plants here because they will save billions every year. Its good buisiness, plus there is the bonus of suckering people into thinking they do it because they care."

When the yen is higher then the US dollar they also profit from building cars here in the US. Its not just the shipping cost and tax exemptions thier saving (the PR is an added bonus). All japanese car makers are thinking about or have stopped maufacturing in japan because of the high yen and set up shop in other countries. So basiclly there are doing the same thing Detroit has be doing to save money (lay off workers and moving shop to another country) and worrying about themselves. Forgin automakers move production to the US to save money not because they care about us.

I LMMFAO when I hear people talk about the stock price of a company and think because its higher then another auto company it is better. The street owns toyota and will continue to do so. The street can't run Ford because Ford owns over 50% of the stock (The street hates that), so it is still in the family. Big business will take care of themselves.

Buy what you like and enjoy it. If you dig deep enough you will find alot about your favorite brand you don't like but if you like the product you will buy it anyways or you might not, its up to you. If you buy a japanese auto (thier not any better then anybody else) and only pay half of the MSRP they can still make a 20% profit!!!!!!

So when Toyota wins, its "TOYOTA PAID THEM OFF!!"

But when Lincoln wins, its "WAY TO GO FORD!!"

I can't believe the people that post on here... .

And speaking of finding things to like and dislike, I have noticed that Tacoma continues to sell very well, even as a used truck. My son recently traded his old Tacoma for a 2011 Tacoma SR5 4dr 4wd, and his old truck didn't even make it to the used car lot. Some kid bought it that same afternoon.

Speaking for myself, I have owned Silverado, F150 and RAM during the period 1988 - 2007, and I didn't like any of them. Fast-forward to 2009 and the purchase of my Tundra 5.7L and you won't hear one complaint out of me. That Tundra has them all beat. My boss ended up trading his F150 in on a Tundra, and both my brothers traded their (Silverado and F150) trucks in on a Tundra. My wife's brother traded his F150 in on a Tundra, and that's no bull. Even our handyman/gardener has traded his F150 in on a Tundra. So before any of you are too harsh on the Tundra, maybe you should take it for a test drive. The Tundra is not for everyone, true. In the first place it is at least $5K more expensive. But the Tundra has a lot going for it. I don't see any used Tundra trucks languishing on any used-car lots either. Maybe JDP is just reflecting the real world here.

If Toyota managed to sell as many Tundras; as Ford, General Motors, and Ram sell pickups, not very likely though, you would find just as many used Tundras sitting on the lots. What you are noticing is that there are not too many Tundras.

The day I see a Tundra with a Jerr-Dan bed, and an F-Series, Sierra, Silverado, or Ram chained down on back, that will be the day I will consider a Tundra to be a serious truck. Not just a conversation piece.


Their is NO connection!

They are publically traded companies!

They are not mentioned in any Constitution, these companies do not make policy, they do not creat laws, they do not have seats in Parliment or Congress thus nobody VOTES them into federal office, they do not hold seats at the UN General Assembly or have signed military alliances and on and on...


They are private sector corporations! It's only a name on the badge with parts made practically everywhere. And profits are NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS unless you are a shareholder!

Buy American or say Bye to America!,

You know how hard it is to find a used Toyota pickup without somebody else getting to it before you can make an offer?

When I drove by this old 86 Toyota 2wd longbox years ago, I called that day and bought it that afternoon. I drove it past 200,000 miles before selling it to a farmer to haul wood around the farm with.

Toyota's do not last long on the front lawn with a for sale sign on it.

I am not comparing auto companies to nations.

I am pointing out what ALL companies domestic AND foreign do for their home economies. American companies help the American economy the most. Good for America. Foreign companies help their economies (Asia, Europe, etc.) the most. Bad for America. The stronger American companies are means; the stronger our work force is, the stronger the dollar is, and the stronger the American economy is.

If you choose to support foreign companies that is your choice. Just do not get all upset when America keeps falling further and further into crisis while other countries are pouring in the riches.

America is falling further and further into crisis because it is more advantageous for American businesses, including Ford, GM and Chrysler, to outsource and assemble outside of America. For that you need to talk to Congress. Only Congress has the power to change economic policy and taxation. The UAW, as I recall, used to have a death-grip on their employers and now all their employers are moving production to Mexico and other exotic places. In return the employers are rewarded with better quality and higher profits. Even if you buy a Fusion built in Mexico, you're still buying foreign. If you buy a Camry or an Accord made in the USA, you are buying a foreign car with greater domestic content than that Ford Fusion. Things are not cut and dried. The bottom line, people will buy what works best for them and gives them the greatest value for their money.

This is going to be flamed to high hell, but screw it.

It's almost comical to look at how many comments littering the news articles on this site are guided by nothing other than obsolete, caveman impulses... While I admit that it's fun to be passionate, I'm assuming, actually hoping, that most of you realize the obvious here: IT'S ALL THE SAME GARBAGE! Another disposable throw-away item that you PAY to acquire, PAY to own and once again PAY to get ride of. Whether or not it's got a blue oval, sheep's head, bow tie or oval T on it means absolutely NOTHING when looking at the big picture. And "brand loyalty"? Based on what? The fact that we think we know where our money is really going? Bullshit. Buy the thing that satisfies you on whatever level and enjoy it. But don't opinion-police the comments of others with ignorance, it just gives the whole flock of pickup-driving sheep an even more ignorant aura than we already get cast upon us.

Good riddance,

@Debinder, funny how everyone is buying a Tundra, yet there are also none available, and somebody else commented on how Tundras are great because they are rare. I agree with T, everyone should buy whatever the heck they want. I think it would be nice if people supported American owned and American made more, and I know Toyota fans believe they are, but I also believe in freedom to make your own choices in life.

@T and DD,


I am an avid off-roader and what the Tacoma is stock is wayy better than what the Ranger, Colorado or Dakota can offer.

The money they would spend to just get to the stock Tacoma, I will have 33's on and be ahead and more capable off-road!

That's what matters to me. I do not want to spend a life savings to build my pickup up for off-roading and sadly that is what you have to do when you own a Ranger, Dakota or Colorado.

Those pickups are so low to the ground and have less ground clearance, why bother with an inferior pickup for off-roading to start off with!

Alex, I also believe people should buy what they want. And if they are smart they should compare, compare, compare BEFORE they buy. Then buy whatever gives them the biggest bang for their bucks. As I said earlier, and based on the original thread of this article, I have owned F150, Silverado and RAM, all in the half-ton series, and I did not care for any of them. All of them had problems. So I switched, and I am very happy I did. No problems. No warranty claims. No parts falling off. No misaligned body panels. I get a kick out of those smart guys who compare the 3/4-ton and 1-ton trucks from Detroit against a Toyota since Toyota does not market either a 3/4-ton on 1-ton truck in the US. It really goes to show how naive some of these posters are, to make such comparisons. D

Just like when a poster compares a Tacoma, to a Ram Power Wagon or an F-150 S.V.T. Raptor in off road situations.

Not possible that a 2 year old truck can be considered a reliable truck from any manufacturer, it's too new to evaluate that. Considering this truck has been recalled 5 times in the last 3 years it only qualifies for a poor quality rating. Considering Toyota's mid size Tundra has severe issues and the T-100 has a 80% off-the-road rate after only 12 years it might be a smart idea to wait 10-15 years before anyone talks about a reliable truck. JD Power is as foolish as CS in this regard and has lost my respect as a quality publication. Ther are 100's of thousands of Fords and Chevy's made in the 1970-80's that look rough but run well after 40 years. Yet no one wants to talk about the ugly rusted truck with a engine that starts every time.

Judd, anyone can keep any truck running as long as you keep replacing the failed or worn out parts. That's not what's at issue. As I pointed out in all my comments before, when I owned Detroit trucks I had to take all of them in for warranty work, or adjustment, or whatever. I was self-employed at the time and my truck was my office, in the line of work I was in. With the truck in the shop I did not get paid because I could not work. To illustrate how different my Tundra was from my Detroit trucks, I have never been back to the dealer for anything since I drove it off the lot. And then there is that magnificent 32-valve, DOHC, all-aluminum 5.7-liter V8 engine! And Tundra was first on the block with a six-speed automatic transmission with shift-paddles. Sure made the boys and girls in Detroit sit up and take notice.

Hm so rusted out frames and bodies after 2 years makes you the most dependable truck? my ass..... The Tacoma I can believe but the Tundra is a turd.

No, Toyota tried to do something different with the first Tundra. It flopped. So they went back to redo it. A formula that was already proven by the American manufacturers. They used a styling that was "heavily influenced" by (I'm just a bit short of saying copied) the Ram styling. They made it the same size as the American trucks, and used a 5.7L V8, which is about the same size as the typical 350, 351, and popular Hemi - a size that people were already familiar with. Then people started to take the Tundra more seriously. Toyota has done nothing innovative, but copy. Remember the first Lexus, how it was a copy of a Mercedes? Now they have switched to BMW styling (search Hoffmeister kink). Toyota is the imitator and not the innovator. DeBinder, if all it takes to make you happy is flappy paddles then that is great. I don't know who is comparing the Tundra to the Super Duty, when it's not even as tough as the F150. (frame flex).

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