Video: Big Trucks of the 2011 Work Truck Show

Video: Big Trucks of the 2011 Work Truck Show

Didn't make it to the 2011 NTEA Work Truck Show? Don't panic! We've picked out five big trucks that we're bringing to you.



you know, the big three just mess around and waste time. first they come up with good ideas and then bad ones. ford is eventually going to get rid of the 3.5L in the cars with a 2.0L turbo I4, so why not just make a 3.7L ecoboost instead? if you can only get the 6.2L in the special edition or high class f-150, why is the max trailering package not available with the 5.0? i hope they eventually have a 3.7L (with direct injection), a twin turbo 3.7L (with direct injection), a 5.0L (with direct injection), and a 5.0L twin turbo (with direct injection). and all the super duties need is an ecoboost 5.0 ^ and the 6.7. an ecoboost 5.0 would be better than the 6.2L V8 and 6.8L V10. why don't gm make the chevrolets look like the gmcs so they can quit the gmc brand (gmcs look better but there is no need for the brand anymore when there is no difference)? gm also should quit the 4.3L and 4 speed and put the 6 speed behind the 4.8. it would probably have the best fuel economy of any V8(and the 4.3) and they would a good slogan: any truck with 6 speed tranny and vortec v8 with at least 300 horses and 300 lb-ft of torque, 2 or 4 wheel drive. it would cut costs because they would not be making a motor or a transmission any more and all 4 wheel drives would have a 6 speed and decent power. all the vortec v8s are the same basic motor too. why the hell make a stupid hybrid truck that costs almost $60,000 for 1 more mpg? i am hoping chrysler will put the 3.6 (getting rid of the sorry 3.7 and 4.7) and the 6.4 hemi (to compete with the 6.2s from gm and ford) in the ram (the 5.7 hemi can stay). there is no need for some weirdo italian vans when they can just make a utility caliber, journey, and grand caravan under Dodge and or a utility durango/ ram van under dodge/ram. chrysler should also quit the nitro/liberty and just make the next compass or patriot (only one) based of the journey. and going back to gm, are they gonna have the montana, the colorado, the el camino, the silverado, and the kodiak or what? make em' all or just make the ones that count (el camino, silverado, kodiak). will gm ever get its gen V V8 out or will 2012 get us first? Questions, but no answers and a bunch of going around your butt just to get to your hole. i know this had nothing to do with the article but someone has to say it and it goes along with what everyone else is saying in the other blogs.

@ Mike Levine- Hey Bro' love video's I wish I could go see this type of show myself. Although a little cheesy at the end very cool stuff!

p.s. Nothing wrong with a little cheese now and again...

LOL. Mike I always figured you as a runner not a power lifter.

Cool video.
How many guys out there know that Mack used a gold bulldog for Mack components in the drivetrain?
My dad used to own a bunch of Macks.
It is a cool way to show what your truck is made of.

Lol @ 2:05.

Thanks Mike!

Great video.

Ha ha! Great video Mike (and team)! Loved the trucks, loved the ending!

Mikey has been eating his spinach. Yuck Yuck Yuck

@ Mike Levine . Sadly Mack does not make its engine, transmissions etc anymore. They are rebadged Volvo and Renault parts. Mack truck owners in Australia are not happy about the "dumbing down" of Mack by Volvo. On the English Biglorry Blog, there have been a quite a few comments about what has happened to Mack. Some Mack innovations have been ignored by Volvo. Mack and Volvo re assembled in the same Wacol, Queensland site in Australia
Smith Electrical vehicles is the Worlds largest builder of electrical commercial vehicles and is based in England.

@ Robert Ryan - sad to hear what you are saying about Mack. My dad was a diehard Mack truck fan. His trucks never let him down. Too bad that legendary quality is no more.

Great Review! Enjoyed it!

Mike's having a little too much fun at work.

I was half-expecting GM to make an announcement about future commercial trucks.......

Great coverage, Mike and crew! Thanks.

I think I saw a FERD FTEENTHOUSAND in the background!!!!

@ Big Bob - the lack of news from GMC is disappointing.

Impressive. I really love this one. They are rebadged Volvo and Renault parts. Mack truck owners in Australia are not happy about the "dumbing down" of Mack by Volvo. On the English Biglorry Blog, there have been a quite a few comments about what has happened to Mack.

Mack still makes its own transmissions, axles, and the engines are built at the same plant and were designed by the same engineers that made older Mack product. Most importantly, Mack is the last truck still made 100% in the USA. Yes there is some component sharing between brands, but without that no single truck company is big enough to survive. Mack interior is unique, cab is unique, hood, refuse product...I could go on and on.

A good video as well. It felt like I was there on the event.

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