Video: Cool Accessories at the Work Truck Show

Video: Cool Accessories at the Work Truck Show

There are plenty of tools on display at the Work Truck Show to help you and your truck work smarter instead of harder. We take a look at 5 cool accessories for your rig.


All cool ideas. Makes you wonder - why didn't I think of that?

definately cool ideas. nice coverage, i wish i wouldve went to the show.....

Hey Mike Levine, any word on the Hino Hybrid?? I heard they would announce something about it at that show....

@hemi lol: I'll get some info on the Hino diesel hybrid up in the next day or so.

Neat stuff. Thanks Pickup!

@Mike Levine it maybe of interest to your readers, that Isuzu is going GNG in Australia rather than producing a hybrid like Hino.It is has developed a Hybrid as well, but seems to be pushing the CNG variant more. The CNG variant is already on sale here. The N Series Cabovers are sold in the US as well.

@Robert Ryan: I'm liking CNG more and more.

I am about to fall in love with this type. Thanks Pickup!

That trailer hitch one.... That was my idea! Someone told me it was useless and not needed. I did a market analysis report for the concept in one of my classes. Don't you just hate it when other people steal your thoughts! Anyway, cool stuff as always Mike, maybe some product tests in the future?

Nice video Mike - good finds.

Great thread, excellent accessory ideas.. I believe the accessories make the truck, and there are so many out there, from lights to hitches.
Thanks for the info!

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These are amazing tools of Trucks..

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