Video First Look: 2012 Ford F-650 6.8-liter V-10

Video First Look: 2012 Ford F-650 6.8-liter V-10

Although Ford discontinued the 6.8-liter V-10 gas engine as an option for its 2011 Super Duty pickups, the company debuted the first application of the 6.8 for its 2012 F-650 medium-duty chassis truck at the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis.

Here's a video tour of the F-650's new engine and six-speed transmission plus a look at the truck's updated interior.


Hey Mike L,

Nice review!

Any word on Gearing?

Why did they keep the old steering wheel? The steering wheel does not look like the new Super Duty.

I've seen these trucks converted to pickups by the aftermarket. Size matters to some people. LOL

362hp and 457lbs. tq. v10 6.8l
360hp and 430lbs. tq. v6 3.5l ecoboost
not to much difference

Diesels are going to be gone in the next few years...
Strict government regulations,expensive...Ford is thinking ahead,they must know something we dont..Thats why no Diesel 1/2 tons,small trucks..Government regulations always cause problems..

correction to the ecoboost
365hp and 420lbs. tq. v6 3.5l ecoboost
or what about the
6.2l 411hp and 434lbs. tq.


The ecoboost in a big heavy truck wont last as long as the 6.8 L V-10 under hard working conditions..

Engine builders know this,remember there is no substitution for cubic inches...The 3.5 has to work hard for every ounce of power(therefore it will not last as long),where as the 6.8 just easily makes the power,without stressing the engine out..

Example,I have a 506 dyno'd hp big block car I race on the weekends,drive on the street for over 11 years and 80,000 miles,the engine is still in perfect condition,doesnt need anything.I drive it hard,my buddy has a import with a 4 cyl,done up 487 dyno'd hp from a 4cyl,and it needs a rebuild after 15,000 miles the import is driven the same way as my big block car,even easier as I cruise every week night and weekend (weather permitting)so far in 6 years he had 3 engine replacements..

Furthermore,the Ford 6.8 isnt done to maximum power,it can make tons more,but for reliability,long hard working engine life the 6.8 will out last the eco boost !

Diesel like numbers with 457 ft/lb torque??? Somebody forogot to tell this guy they new Ford diesel is rated at 800ft/lbs. This really seems like a dumb idea on Fords part. People buy these trucks for one thing and thtat is to tow very heavy loads. A v10 is not going to cut it...

@tom334: doesn't that 6.2 need to be revved to 4400 and run 91 octane to make that number? mMaybe I missed it but this big Ford prob only needs 3500 or so rpm to max torque.


Think outside the Engine. Do you really think they would do this if the engine was not up to par?

Come on now, you are smarter than that.

The 6.8L was a beast in the F2-350 which was commented on during the shoot out. With the right gearing this motor has plenty of power to tow the loads required. I'm sure Ford has put this motor to the test in the F650 and it had plenty of testing for years in the F2-350.

I have been told the main reason Ford is offering the V-10 in the F-650 is to get some big orders from rental fleets. I think this is supposed to be a low-cost user friendly medium duty truck, not a serious high-GVW hauler.

I simply fall in Love - Wow !

ford did this for uhaul. gm stopped making big trucks, and lets just face it dodge still cant build anything right so ford was the only one left and uhaul doesn't like diesel engines anymore


Good hypothesis. Not the Dodge part though!

Furthermore,the Ford 6.8 isnt done to maximum power,it can make tons more,but for reliability,long hard working engine life the 6.8 will out last the eco boost !

Sandman- you're right about it not having quite the same numbers as a modern diesel. It is cammed quite well for off-idle torque delivery, however. There are gassers that can match diesel numbers though-
Same numbers as the Cummins in the Ram 5500 (and most commercial ISB applications) If LP operation fits your needs, this is a hot ticket.

@trx4tom Nope 6.2 does not need premium for those numbers.

@Chyrsler Tech: While your point has some merit, comparing the EB and your friends "done up" 4 banger is not really apples to apples. ;)

In fairness Ford wants premium used in the EB when under heavy load/towing situations. That is what really eliminates it from this application. I also question its ability to stay cool when this truck is in a dusty work environment. Rads and intercoolders are full of dust and straw?... not good.
But devils advocate then wouldn't that be an issue forthe diesels today too?

@power kid: get yourself a power drink and wake up! I was referring to the 6.2 GM that TOM334 compared to this engine, which is no contest, as I even wrote @tom334

@Sandman the Ford diesel is in a relatively lightweight pickup body. A 33000lb GVWR, needs a derated engine for work truck reliability.

sounds like a great idea to me! diesles are getting too costly to be worth it for lots of people and fleets any more. In the '90s they were great. Today theres just too much tech stuck to em to squeeze out every last HP possible all while having the emmissions of the prius. Years ago, people used the huge 534 cui gas v8 in 100k lbs dump trucks. I dont see why the 6.8 wont work well in the 30k F650/750 md trucks

I wonder why Ford did not offer the V10 in the 650 before this? Must be that GM had a good idea afterall offering the 8.1 in their medium duty trucks back when they made them.

Reading these comments reminds me even more there are some really Dumb people out there. Really steering wheel ? Ford must know something ? ECO Boost ? you people are dumbest people that walk this earth !!

Nice job with the videos!!!

"The 3.5 has to work hard...the 6.8 doesn't"
All an engine is as big pile of metal. People talk like engines feel pain. The EB has plenty of low end torque, and more power and torque than the 6.2 V8 from idle till 5000 rpm. I'm sure it's capable enough of powering the F650, but are consumers ready for it? It's probably going to take some experience in the F150, Expedition, then Super Duty before that happens. Though I would be very impressed if they can make the V10 get within 10% of the fuel economy of a diesel! Also, what's with the old style steering wheel and column shifter? Looks like everything else is from the 2011 Super Duty except those two things!

@ Jason. The steering wheel doesn’t look much like a Super Duty wheel because the chassis under the F650 is actually an International Durastar Chassis, which the steering gear and column are International as well. That steering wheel looks like an International steering wheel but with a Ford horn button. International will have a gas engine shortly as well but it won’t be a Ford powered.

@sandman- How will the V10 not cut it in this size of truck? Back in the day there were plenty of 460s and 454s powering these size trucks and the V10 is more powerful than either of those.

I would love to drive a F-650 with the V-10 in it,,,Hopefully it's Not Governed to much,,,would be nice if it could be had with a 6 or 7 speed maual also !!

I had an 04' F-350 V-10, 6-speed, DRW w/4:30 gears,,that truck ran Great,,,

A F-650 V-10, with 4:88, or 5:13, 6 or 7 speed standard,,maybe a 2 speed rear,,What a fun truck to Drive !!

Hmmmm,, If I could only Justify the purchase Price !!

I'm a Ford patriot! I own 7 fords--including 2 f150's. I'm happy with these machines. I fully intend to exclusively own fords indefinitely. Also, I have a fine Ford dealership (Robinson Ford here in baton rouge, la.) That does whatever work on my vehicles that is beyond my skills. Much else I could write-all conpliments.

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