Video First Look: Western Star 4700

Video First Look: Western Star 4700

The Western Star 4700 vocational truck is the first new commercial rig from the Daimler-owned company in over a decade. The company calls the 4700 "badass." It debuted Monday at the 2011 NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis.

The 4700 is aimed at the construction and municpal markets. It can be configured for six primary job applications: plow truck, dump, mixer, crane, rolloff and sewer vac.

Body-builder input was critical to the 4700's development. It led to new features like a dedicated in-cab "wiring raceway" through the cab floor to run cables through during body installations, and wiring bundle harnesses that are raised away from the frame rails to reduce the chance of abrasions or shorts.

Three diesel engine options are available, including the Detroit Diesel DD13 (350 to 450 horsepower and 1,250 to 1,650 pounds-feet of torque) and Cummins ISC and ISL oil burners (260 to 380 hp and 660 to 1,300 pounds-feet of torque). Transmission choices include Allison 3000/3500 and 4000/4500 gearboxes and Eaton's Ultrashift Plus.

"Both Detroit Diesel and Cummins engines are perfectly suited to meet the specific performance and efficiency needs of the vocational market," Western Star CEO Mike Jackson said. "Together with the Allison and Eaton transmission options, we're providing a premium powertrain package that will deliver every time."

The Western Star 4700 goes on sale in early 2012.


Western Star makes pretty good tractors for the Australian market. The fact they were initially used as logging trucks in Canada, helped in providing the rugged DNA of the trucks. Western Star has a bizarre relationship in Australia. It is not distributed by Daimler in Australia, but by a local Australian franchise that bought the Canadian Western Star company in the 1980's, floated the company on the Toronto Stock Exchange, then Daimler bought the company from them.

There used to be a Western Star factory in Kelowna, BC, Canada. I do believe it was shut down. I'm not sure where the NA trucks are now made.

They are made now in Fort Mill, South Carolina. The Trucks are sold only as tractors only in Australia, they are not used as Vocational vehicles.


Western Star trucks are built in Portland, Oregon. The sleepers are still built in Kelowna. Fort Mills is the engineering and offices.

@CLS thanks on the website they listed Fort Mills.

I'd like to confirm that every Western Star is built in Portland, OR. Including sleepers. The Sales, Marketing, Pricing, and Executive Offices are located in Fort Mill, SC. The Engineers are located in Portland, OR.

I'd like to confirm Western Star Trucks is a brand and subsidary of the Daimler AG, a German corporation headquartered Stuttgart, Germany.

Nice rig.

One person's badass is another person's fugly....

When I was a kid there used to be a big heavy equipment and truck expo every 2 years in my home town. My dad used to take my brother and I to them. Watching the video brought back some fond memories.
Nice to see stories on these trucks too.
Keep up the good work Mike.

Western Star builds a solid truck.

Oh yeah, Mike.

This is a good truck to report on for PICKUPTRUCKS.COM.
I don't get this website half the time and the other half, I wish I didn't.

@ Don - many truckers read this site. Most guys like trucks of all sizes. If you don't get this site or don't want to, there is a simple solution = don't log on!

@Chris, Freightliner, Mitsubishi Fuso and Mercedes are also part of the Daimler group.

Western Star is the best in the business

Here in Australia Western Star trucks are used as in many applications including interstate linehaul B-Double Prime Movers ( Tractors ) up to 68 tonnes gross and in local roles such as a Rigid tipper pulling a 3 or 4 axle dog at up to 55 tonnes gross

@Mixer Tim the same Australian group, rather than the Daimler group distributes Western Star and MAN in New Zealand. Although NZ's over the road weight limit is similar to the British (44.000kg) and a lot lighter than Australia. Still their Logging trucks ( Scania, Australian Kenworth, Western Star, UD and MAN) run similar weights to ours from 140 to 170 tonne(308,000lbs to 374,000lbs)

@Mixer Tim : Correction 90 to 100 tonnes.

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