What We're Testing This Week: 2011 Ram 1500 Outdoorsman

What We're Testing This Week: 2011 Ram 1500 Outdoorsman

We've got our hands on a 2011 Ram 1500 Outdoorsman with a 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 that we're putting through the paces in California's Mojave Desert this week.

The Outdoorsman is aimed at truck owners who like to venture into the back country when they’re not working hard with their trucks. Yes, our tester has the optional gun rack holster that fits in the truck’s RamBox sidesaddle cargo storage bins. The Mopar RamBox Holster can secure two rifles or shotguns, or it can be rotated 90 degrees to hold up to six fishing rods.

Look for the full story coming soon and teasers on Twitter and Facebook between now and then.


How many six packs can the Ram Box sides hold?
Finally, some real cup holders.

Seems the only test required would be the compartments, otherwise get a raptor

The RamBox would be a great place to store telescopes for your adventure!

@scott: I'll give credit where it's due, the Raptor is good for just playing; that's where it ends. It's an overpriced truck with a big engine that must be revved up to get power and cruddy mileage. Atleast an outdoorsman can be of most peoples 4x4 uses yet still get decent mileage, and can still tow a decent amount

Scott would be correct. The "Outdoorsman" is just a Ram with AT tires and a couple stickers on the side. People were bashing this pretty hard when it was introduced.

Since when does the 6.2 have to be "revved up" to get power?

It doesn't need to be revved any more than the Hemi does.

@trx4tom - the Raptor is aimed at a different buyer than the TRX4/Outdoorsman.The SuperCrew Raptor can tow 8,000 lbs. This truck with the exception of the Rambox is comparable to a FX4. I haven't seen too many pickups with the Ram box option as it is pricy. I've only seen it on some Laramie trucks which are far from "work grade" or 'outdoorsman" oriented people.
The Ram box is a great idea - it just needs to come down in price.
That is also how I feel about the Raptor - great idea that needs to come down in price.

How much would it cost me if I wanted the Rambox with gun rack holster?

@ Jon - according to Ram website (USA) the Ram box is $1895 and the gun/rod holster is $205.
Total = $ 2,100.

Holy friggin crap.....perhaps truck manufacturers can offer these trucks with a "sticker delete" option? The sticker makes that truck look like some generic crap sold at Bass Pro Shops. Hey there's another way the auto manu's can save money.......cut the sticker on trucks departments. Ford "FX4" are you listening?

These Outdoorsman models cost more than people think. They start at $28k but that's 2wd and a regular cab. Build a 4wd crew cab with a hemi and it's $42k. You can build a Ford Fx4 with Ecoboost in 4wd crewcab for $38k and it has many more options included. Or jump up to the Ford Lariat in 4wd crewcab with tons of options, Offroad, Tow package, leather, etc for $40k.

What is this nerd fetish with the Raptor this year in every post? The outdoorsman isn't a special SVT model equivalent in Ram's line-up, it is a replacement for the TRX.

Jesus Christ, I was once too all excited over the Raptor like all of the internet nerds out there who keep posting this stuff, but then I saw two in person. They don't look that big, they don't look that imposing and they're pretty damned Ford UGLY from the back. It is not a good looking truck in person. Only in the pictures online.

@ Chris

You opinion which you are 100% entitled to about the in person looks of the Raptor is not shared by.... well anyone I've talked to thats seen one.

I'm talking loyal Chevy and Ram guys too. They find it EVEN more impressive in person.

Whats with no leather on the outdoorsman, or for that matter the Power Wagon?

At least make it an option.

Power Kid:
Yah, no, not so much. The very fact that you speak in broad invective like "anyone you've ever talked to" tells me your full of you-know-what. Having seen it in person, it's really not a good looking truck. Looks like a typical flimsy plasticky modern truck with those rather ugly modern truck lines trying to look "bad" with height.

Seriously, ALL, it's been over a year, GET OVER THE RAPTOR NERD FETISH. Especially in posts that have nothing to do with the Raptor. Or atleast until you see one in person. I have and let me tell you I wouldn't spend $45 grand on that thing in this LIFETIME.

Yah I'm "trolling" because I'm responding to people talking about a truck that's not even the subject of the article. This article is about the Outdoorsman. In response, we get the typical Raptor garbage again. Look I didn't comment the first 100 articles where I noticed this going on. Now I do, and I'm considered a troll. *rolls his eyes*

Ford 850:

Both have similar options, and your flat wrong about the pricing. Did you honestly think a person wouldn't check such a ridiculous statement?

-Outdoorsman Crewcab Ram Hemi and 4x4 is $39,830; including destination.
-FX4 Ford Supercrew EcoBoost and 4x4 is $40,710; including destination.

Just because somebody doesn't agree with you doesn't mean that person is a troll. Get a life, and quit acting like a child.

Now lets keep this thread about the Ram and shut up about the Raptor.

Hey Mike Levine-

Maybe you can get your hands on a Ford F-150 S.V.T. Raptor for a similar test as this Ram 1500 Outdoorsman? It would be fun to read and compare the different levels of fun you had with each vehicle. The Mojave desert is prime Raptor country. Thanks!

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