Where to Test Drive the 2011 Ford F-150 in Canada

Where to Test Drive the 2011 Ford F-150 in Canada

If you live in Canada and haven't had a chance to sample the 2011 Ford F-150's all-new powertrain lineup in a single pass, here's your chance. The Built Ford Tough Roundup that toured the U.S. last year is coming to The Great White North this spring.

The Built Ford Tough Roundup is a comprehensive drive program for consumers, fleet customers and dealership sales staff. It will travel to seven cities across Canada between now and April.

Saturday, March 19 — Vancouver, BC at Driving Unlimited
Saturday, March 26 — Calgary, AB at Race City Motorsports Park
Saturday, April 2 — Edmonton, AB at Castrol Raceway
Thursday, April 7 — Winnipeg, MB at Red River Exhibition Park
Saturday, April 16 — Toronto, ON at Mohawk Raceway
Saturday, April 23 — Montreal, QC at La Ronde
Saturday, April 30 — Halifax, NS at Scotia Speedway

Sounds like a great opportunity to get behind the wheel of the most popular vehicle in Canada.

For more information or to reserve a spot, visit www.drivef150.com.


I participated in the event in California. I highly recommend it to people that are still on the fence not sure of the new engines. I even recommend it for the anti-Ford crowd that base their negative comments on opinion versus experience/facts.

Awesome! Good time to flog some F-150's

Power Kid is going to love this.

Nice to see a few news stories for those North of the 49th parallel .

For the winter we're having up here, I would rather sample a selection of winter tires than a test drive a Ford with a motor I would never buy!

I'm not a Ford man by any stretch but I wouldn't mind giving them a chance to see what they have. I may have to see if I can check out the Edmonton show. I just wish we could test other makes at the same time to see the differences.

I may have my own by then...

Needed this last fall. ;)

But still good to drive em with the other makes there.

I dont know if April will be late enough in Alberta with the winter weve been having. Another week of -30 C. Yay.

For those interested be sure to book soon. The site gives you the option to cancel an appointment too. At least here in Edmonton there were only few spaces left. Cheers.


I work on behalf of Ford of Canada and competition vehicles will be present at the Built Ford Tough Tour. You can view more information at: https://www.drivef150.com/overview.htm

I think Ford is really out of touch reality with there truck prices here in Alberta Canada lol 66000 for a crew cab raptor or 1400 a month !!! the Harley f150 is 64000 bucks i was looking to replace my 2008 harley with a new one i was like hell no what the hell do they think this is !! For a new f350 super duty king ranch 82000 add interest on the loan tax ext warrenty be over 100000 bucks Game over Ford !! I will be looking at GM and Ram when i buy my next truck

Harley in Canada is $64k minus $7k delivery allowance = $58k MSRP

And that's with 4wd. In the U.S., the 4wd Harley is $52k. MSRP.

Add interest on that harley loan 6.6 percent sales tax 5 percent be over 70 000 bucks lol what a joke 7000 off i bought my new 2008 harley f150 for 43500 loaded nav awd it had everything . I make great money and my wife does but i would never pay that kind of money for a half ton !!!

It won't be that much unless you are dumb enough to buy at MSRP, not put any deposit down and carry a loan for 4 years.

You're comparing different things. The price you paid with whatever dealer discount or incentives you got in 08 without tax/interest versus MSRP for 2011 with tax/interest/no incentives. If you want to have a true comparison you have to compare the same thing.

I know MSRP on the last gen 08 Harley was over $50k in the US so there is now way a loaded 08 Harley was only $43k MSRP in Canada.

MSRP on a 2011 4x4 Harley is only$52k so there is only a couple grand difference for the new gen 2011 and you get the 6.2 instead of the weaker 5.4.

Interest......If you can't do a loan in 4 years or less and put a large deposit down you are not ready to buy.

'It won't be that much unless you are dumb enough to buy at MSRP, not put any deposit down and carry a loan for 4 years.'

Excuse me, you said 5 years. Big no no.

Realistically it may be a few grand more than the 08. But not the $27k you're talking about.

I got my Harley 12500 off the price so there it was 43500 bucks i am saying there prices are getting way out of control and there sales will be in the toliet . lol Jon you no jack about the prices we have here in Canada Ford can cram this crap down your throat plz by all means go buy a new harley and have a house payment on wheels !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lol lets say 58000 for the new one interset rate on the loan 6.6 percent we have a gst sales tax here 5 percent that truck is over 70000 bucks !!! I rather buy a denial !! at lest it wont drive someone into bankruptcy!!!

@ Bill - that is a pile of money but any high end truck is expensive. Price out the competition and they are comparable.
The last time Canadian money was rated higher than USA currency the Canadian auto and motorcycle divisions had to drop their prices because Canadians were crossing the border and buying vehicles out of the USA. Canadian dealers were refusing to honor warranties but that did not stop purchasers.
I read that 80 % of the Canadian population is within an hour's drive of the USA. I think you'll start to see cross border shopping occur again.
There is no reason for Canadian vehicles to be more expensive than US ones.
It may indicate that the Canadian economy is stronger than the US but I don't totally think so.

I am just trying to make a point on here of how out of control ford prices on all there models are ! The denial is way better deal than the Harley f150 here . And everybody around where i live owns a harley truck they will never beable to replace it with a new one because ford is getting very greedy here !! O well more ppl will be going to Ram or Gm for new trucks !

@ Bill
go price a Denali you will be in the $60,000 range

Already did 54000 that has everything in it ! 790 a month 2000 grand down 72 month loan compare that to 5000 down 72 month Harley loan at 940 a month I Bill rest my case!!

@ Bill
wish you the best of luck with those have been GMC trucks

Finally, I am not a Ford guy but drive an 09 F-150 company truck and am very interested in the new powertrains. Why is it that Canadian events always seem to be an afterthought for the manufacturers. Cant wait to drive the Eco-Boost but what i really want to be driving is a half ton Diesel.

These test drive events always seem to be located in larger centers. I'd love to try any group of new trucks head to head but not if the event is 500 miles away.

Just signed up for 9am at Castrol Raceway Edmonton. I live 10 mins from the track and looking forward to it.

Anybody know where I can test drive a Ram?

The last time Canadian money was rated higher than USA currency the Canadian auto and motorcycle divisions had to drop their prices because Canadians were crossing the border and buying vehicles out of the USA. Canadian dealers were refusing to honor warranties but that did not stop purchasers.
Maybe we should now turn to China.

Just my 2cents...but if you can afford a $790 a month payment then whats a $150 more? really you "need" a harley, why cant you get a Larait or lariat platinum? wouldnt those be cheaper and just as nice? With the Harley you are paying for a stupid badge that says Harley and only two paint schemes. I dont understand how you can complain about this when there are people out there that only wish or dream they could afford the kind of truck you are driving or planning on buying. I wish I could afford half of what you want to pay for the Denali.

@ Bill - you are not looking at a fully loaded Denali. I was looking at GM Canada's site and this is what i found:
MSRP*: $56,740
Freight, A/C Tax & Dealer Fees:
Destination: $1,450
Colours & Options: $10,455
Total∞: Total MSRP:
Total◊: $68,645
Cash Credit^: $7,500
Custom CashΦ:$1,000
Total Less Cash Credit and Custom Cash: Total MSRP Less Cash Credit and Custom Cash:
Total Less Cash Credit and Custom Cash:


Ford.ca website

Harley F150

Starting at MSRP $64,099
Options Total $950
Freight Fee $1,450
AC Tax $100
Delivery Allownace - $7,000

MSRP including
price adjustments $59,599

Basically - a fully loaded Harley is the same as a fully loaded Denali.
A Limited Edition "white" Lariet is the same price as the Harley.
A Platimum would be slightly cheeper.

Stop whining.
I can't stand guys that make 1/2 assed comments.


Like Daphnee C said, the competition is available for test driving along side of the F-150.

At the event they have the; 2010 Ram 1500 5.7L V8, 2010 Silverado 1500 4.3L V6, and 2010 Silverado 5.3L V8, for comparing. On a test track they have a short drag racing sprint with a "Christmas Tree" & all.

My quickest time was in an F-150 with the 6.2L V8. My second quickest time was in an F-150 with the 3.5L V6 EcoBoost. My third quickest time, just barely edging out the 5.0L Ford, was in the Ram with the 5.7L. My fourth quickest time, so close to getting the third spot, was in the F-150 with the 5.0L. My fifth, and slowest, time slot was in the Silverado with the 5.3L. I can assume that the Silverado with the 4.3L would have the slowest time.

They have a trailering section, only with the Ford though, that is a real eye opener also. Have fun!

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