Brewery Turns '58 Chevy Apache Into Electric Hot Rod

By Dave Lee

Steam Whistle, a brewery based in Toronto, is home to a fleet of classic rides used to promote and deliver its pilsners, and among them is a 1958 Chevy Apache that runs on green power.

The Apache, part of the brewery's Green Initiatives project, has been retrofitted with 24 lithium batteries that provide a driving range of about 93 miles, according to the brewery’s website. A high-efficiency motor supplied by Azure Dynamics (which also supplies motors for Ford’s Transit Connect small cargo van) can produce 465 pounds-feet of torque at only 200 rpm.

An ongoing video series documenting the creation of the green-powered Apache — nicknamed “Retro Electro” — is posted on Steam Whistle’s website here.

[H/T to Steve for the tip]


Watched all 3 episodes currently available. Who won't want to part of a project like that... Looks like some good people put together one hell of a truck.

Hey PUTC thanks for doing this article keep up the great work. Just a note to readers:
The beer is great too!

Love the Truck! Always interested in new beer, where may I purchase a sixer?

Please do advise, anyone?

Making an electric pick-up is logical from the torque you'd get off the line. Bet if they put the Fiskers electric motors into a Chevy HD, it would be the best pick-up ever, all it would need is a battery and small engine to charge the battery

sweet-o electr-o... Nice story sweet concept.. Awesome truck

Wow ...very sweet. repeat

Cool out of the box thinking!

Love that colour.

Incredible restoration job. Cool truck. Definately makes me want to try their beer.

Neat truck! Nice to see something old done in a new way. By the way the beer is not bad. Anyone going anywhere in Ontario should be able to buy the beer in any of Ontario's Beer and Liquor stores.

Hey guys! You can get Steam Whistle in Ontario, Alberta and BC (for now) - check out the Steam Whistle lcoator here:

Cheers! So glad you like the truck.

-Marina @ Steam Whistle

Definitely a super cool pickup truck from a cool brewery! It dropped by our store, and I've posted a few photos on our Facebook page here:

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Electric truck is a dumb idea. Look no further than the hybrid GM twins.

oh, and most like the beer. didn't see that coming. Steamboat on your paycheck?


I think this is a great idea. You dropped your GM Flag when you walked out the door that hit you.

I will ensure never ,ever to touch that Beer !!

They probably use recycled toilet water,the beer will be full of discusting foul long hair,lefty body odors..

What a waste of an old truck !!!!

Why do people think electric vehicles are good for the environment ?

They are not !!

Funny,when people say we need to get off foreign oil they say we should have Electric vehicles...Well,the lithium for the batteries comes from CHINA,they have most of the Lithium in the world,then Argentina !! None in North America.

Furthermore,Mass production of lithium carbonate is not environmentally sound, it will cause irreparable ecological damage to ecosystems that should be protected and that LiIon propulsion is incompatible with the notion of the 'Green Car'

Drilling for OIL is greener,cleaner than electric vehicles..Canada drills and restores its land to better than before condition,plus with new technology you dont even know they are drilling as it is done underground and up top you cant tell !!

Plus if we drill for oil,we will have more jobs and lower fuel,electricity rates.

People are extremely mis-informed and uneducated and love to be b.s'ed by the left,do everyone a favor and wake up !!

Electric cars harm the environment,10,000,000,000,000 more times a gas powered vehicle !!

Pull the electric junk out,put in a 502 Big Block Chevy !!!

Nothing beats the sound of a lumpy cam V-8 !!

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