Callaway Silverado C19 SportTruck Revealed

Callaway Silverado SportTruck Revealed
Photos: Callaway Cars

The Callaway Silverado "C19" SportTruck has arrived. Callaway Cars, the legendary American tuning house known for powerfully modifying Chevrolet Corvettes and Camaros, has released photos and info about its first-ever high-performance full-size pickup truck.

Based on the current Chevy Silverado 1500 half-ton, Callaway is amping up both the 5.3-liter V-8 and 6.2-liter V-8 haulers with Eaton's Twin Vortices Series roots-type superchargers. The same superchargers are used to boost power to stratospheric levels in the Chevrolet ZR-1 and Cadillac CTS-V.

Callaway's powertrain tweaks also feature an air-to-liquid intercooler system plus high-capacity fuel injectors and a high-flow air intake system.

The bottom line is 450 horsepower high up the curve (at 6,200 rpm) and 450 pounds-feet of torque (at 4,000 rpm) in the 5.3 and 540 horses (at 6,200 rpm) and 522 pounds-feet (at 3,800 rpm) in the 6.2, according to Callaway's website. That's an increase of 135 hp and 115 pounds-feet of torque over the stock 5.3 and 137 hp and 105 pounds-feet over the stock 6.2.

Despite the huge performance gains, Callaway promises the trucks will keep the same fuel economy ratings as the standard Silverado, which the EPA rates at 15/21 mpg city/highway for the 5.3 4x2 and 13/18 mpg for the 6.2 4x2.


Other Callaway improvements include carbon-fiber injector covers, a low-restriction exhaust system, embroidered headrests and floormats and Callaway badging and key fobs. A three-year, 36,000-mile warranty is standard.

Optional upgrades include chrome-coated supercharger housing, Callaway nine-spoke alloy wheels paired with BFGoodrich tires, Callaway suspension and LeMans GT brakes, a sport interior package, tonneau cover, a five-year/100,000 mile extended warranty, and you can pick up your Callaway pickup at the factory.

The Callaway Silverado package starts at $15,995, before options. It's available for  two-wheel and four-wheel-drive trucks in any cab style or bed length.

We'll take a regular cab short box C19, please.

[Source: Callaway Cars]


the answer to a question no one asked...

Can you still buy a regular cab-short box? That'd be my choice, too.

Too bad they aren't offered with a handshaker.

Callaway really should have swapped out the front bumper for, well, anything else, to give this Silvy half a chance of looking good. A Sierra regular-cab-short-box definitely would have been the better choice.

Will this Callaway Truck have the standard 90MPH GM governor in place?
My 2010 Z71 would not outrun my old 6 cylinder 66 model Chevy Truck.
Can you convert this truck or do I need to send a new Chevy for this upgrade?

I'd take one in crew cad long box and 4x4 w/ the 5.3, it would be great against a 6.2 from Ford F-150with much better mpg, why don't they do this with the old 4.3 v6, it makes no sence now.


It does indeed look like a government job.

I have a question for ford fans, does any of fords V6 engines, 3.7 liter or 3.5 ecoboost beat GM's 5.3 liter V8 in fuel economy? The answer is is a emphatic NO! Don't believe me look it up yourself on

I keep hearing ford fans brag about fuel economy up to 23 mpg. Of course the dirty lityle secret ford fans dont want to say is the ecoboost 22 mpg and the 3.7 liter V6 23 mpg is onky in TWO fricken wheel drive! In 4 wheel drive the ecoboost and the 3.7 liter only match gm's 12 year old 5.3 liter V8 at 21 mpg. So ford came out with all new engines and ford fans beat there chest comparing them vs gm's old engines.

Are fords new engines impressive? Yes. But there V6 engines on there 4 wheel drive models do NOT get any better gas milage than gm's 5.3 liter V8. I just wanted to point that out for everyone every time you see a ford fan brag about there fuel economy it's a two wheel drive they are talking about and how many girly men want a two wheel drive truck?

@ america good luck getting a crew cab long box
@ bob so is your 5.3 a two or four wheel drive
I think this is a pretty cool truck but find it sad that you have to go to an outside company to get it. why doesnt gm do this and worry about there half ton trucks not just hd trucks and camaros and corvettes

Silly and expensive wheel/tire choice, but I guess it's ok because not a single one of these vehicles will ever see a pound of load or a foot of dirt road.

@ bobsled80 - The consensus amoung bloggers is that Bob doesn't own a pickup.

@Bob - Wack-a-mole time.

You can brag that GMC engines make better or equal fuel economy to the new Ford engines, but you are overlooking one obvious point.


What is the HP rating of a GM 5.3?
315 hp

What is the HP of Ford's EB 3.5????
360 hp.

So...... a twin turbo direct injection 3,500 cc engine puts out 45 more HP and gets similar MPG to a 5,300 cc engine?

How is that a bad thing????

Since you like to point out the 3.7 Litre V6, that engine puts out 300 hp.

Your almightly 5.3 has 15 HP more than a normally aspirated V6.

Ford almost bested the 5.3 with an engine that has 2 less cylinders and 1,600cc less displacement.

Kinda sad.

@ Bob - one last thing..... I deliberately left out torque, but then again, so did GMC with the 5.3!

@Bob - The 3.7 is rated at 17/23 and beats GM's 5.3. Don't believe me? Look it up on

@ Bob - You do not own a truck so simmer down now.

15,995 for what?

That doesn't even include the suspension mods.

What could I buy for 15,995?

Camper trailer
Side by side quad
Sport bike
Dirt bike and 5k worth of accessories
An econobox car
A Ford Ranger

Who is this Bob tool, anyways? Is he just a troll, or are is he legitimately that stupid and ignorant?

I used to work for Bob at the Chevy dealership. Bob's Chevrolet.


Bob is the resident troll of this website. If you plan to frequent this site you best get used to Bob. I've been frequenting this site for a little over a year now and Bob has been here at least that long.

If you'll take notice in his comments though, you can clearly see his inferiority complex show threw. He goes to ANY Ford news thread and pretty much ANY news thread in general on this site and consistently compares Ford to GM. Of course his comparison are narrow minded and one sided. He will tell you every plus (No matter how few they are) about a GM truck but he will ''forget'' the negatives about his beloved GM. Then he'll do a complete 180' and point out everything he doesn't like about Ford trucks, and yet fail to mention how to beat his GM trucks.

But as you'll find out as you read more and more of these threads...Lou ''Another frequenter of this site'' makes a complete ass out of Bob every time Bob leave's one his half baked comments. Here lately, I and others have been chipping in our own thoughts about Bob. What’s really funny is even other GM guys don't like he's a total embarrassment to them.

But yeah...In a nutshell...that is Bob.

All that performance, and they use the work truck interior?

Nate and Lou, sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me. You can call me a troll all you want and try and bash my posts but you can't argue the facts of my posts and thats why you resort to name calling and try to minimize the argument of the posts them selves.

I said that fords new engines are impressive, but they do NOT get better fuel economy than gm's 12 year old 5.3 liter V8 engine. The ecoboost 3.5 liter V6 and the 3.7 liter V6 only match gm's tried and true 5.3 liter V8 at 15 city and 21 highway. These are the facts and they are the undisputed facts. How many sissy men on this site own a two wheel drive truck anyway??? I mean really, who would want a two wheel drive truck especially if you live in the snow belt in the midwest?

Nate, Lou, Frank, you cannot dispute the fuel economy EPA ratings so you have to resort to name calling because you can't win the argument. Yes, I know the ecoboost has more hp and torque than gm's 5.3 liter and I am impressed with this ecoboost engine, but again it has TWO FRICKING TURBO'S on it so it better have some power and torque. My only point is that while it is a impressive engine especially in the hp and torque department, it does NOT get any better gas milage than gm's 5.3 liter V8 with active fuel management and six speed transmission.

So once again to you girly ford men, stick to the subject at hand and if you cannot win the argument, than don't start with the gm bankruptcy talk, or name calling because it makes you look like little girly men.

@ Bob
what for truck do you drive, i seem to have missed that part

What difference does it make what truck I own or drive??? I didn't know that you had to own a truck to be a member of this site? Where in the rules for members does it state you must own a truck to have a opinion on a truck or to post on this site??? I love driving you girly ford men nuts because I won't divulge what truck or trucks I have owned.

Once again the ford girly men want to change the subject at hand because they can't win the argument. You know who you are, like when you bring up gm's bankruptcy talk or call it govt motors or bash gm's interiors and say they are cheap or that the trucks rust or easily dent the sheetmetal.

Another thing the ford girly men like to do is say that gm's 5.3 liter has no power and can't go up a hill without downshifting. How did gm buffalo all those 5.3 liter engine owners and sell all those trucks with the 5.3 liter engine?

Who does gm continually sell these underpowered engines you ford girly men like to say? 315 horsepower and 338 pounds feet of torque is pretty impressive especially being the only V8 engine that is rated over 300hp and gets over 20 mpg at 21mpg for the four wheel drive models and 22 mpg for two wheel drive models. No other manufacture's V8 engines are rated by the EPA at 20mpg or higher for their 4wdr models. NOBODY!

Fords new 5.0 comes close at 19mpg, Dodge's 5.7 liter hemi is also rated at 19mpg. To top this off, GM'S 6.0 liter 4wdr hybrid models are rated at 20 mpg city and 23 mpg highway and have a combined rating of 21 mpg!!! So what manufacture makes the best fuel economy trucks??? Well none other than GM of course. GM wins another battle and will cost less money to operate than the competition. So let it be written, so let it be done.

let see, i can spend about half that $$ and still get the stillen supercharger, for my 5.3 and get more hp and tq than the EB and still get the same mpg? nice. I like all American trucks to each there own. what i don't like are imports very much, but still tet-own, I mean an American cook can make Japanese food or Chinese food but it is STILL THAT- JAPANESE OR CHINESE FOOD not American food. so don't tell me about Japanese trucks made in this country, they are still not American....

nice to see street pounders from the North American manufacturers. i've never owned a "street tuned truck" but they look good, and if people want 'em, more power to 'em.

I there a way to block this Bob guy? I like GM's too but this guy is really bringing down the comment section.

I nominate Bob as "Tool of the Month"...oop's or is that "Troll of the Month".

Again out of nowhere Bob comes in talking about Ford V6's vs. GM's V8's and for some reason this thread is only about a GM truck tuned by a third party...Wow! holding a grudge or something. Oh and V6 is rated at 19 MPG Highway but I actually get 23 mpg's go figure.

23 mpg hay synergy? Is that driving down hill or driving at 55 miles an hour? Hay Sparky, I'm not going anywhere so I suggest you quit wasting your time and crying like a baby trying to make it so.

My fuel economy rants are because many ford girly men like to tout the fuel economy on the ecoboost and 3.7 liter trucks but what these ford girly men don't want to tell everyone that reads these boasts is that those fuel economy ratings are only for TWO WHEEL DRIVE TRUCKS! Who wants a two wheel drive truck? Two wheel drive trucks in Michigan are less than 10% of all the trucks sold in the state.

So if you don't like my posts I suggest you don't read them, otherwise shut your pie holes because no amount of complaining will make me go away. I never once tried to convince people to like or buy GM. If you like ford or Dodge than buy what ever you want. I just can't stand the GM bashing and I will respond when it happens and false information is spewed on this board. I don't even bash ford or Dodge, I only respond to the false claims about fuel economy from ford fans about their new engines. 16 city and 21 highway for the 3.7 liter and 15 city and 21 highway for the ecoboost and these are 4 wheel drive models.

on a side note, the Duramax did get better fuel economy than the powerstroke in the testing.

I hate to break it to you, but Ford's 3.7 V6 has better fuel economy than the 5.3 in 4x4 as well.


I also hate to break this to you. Combined Fuel Economy and DEF usage from the HD shootout:

1 ton
14.63 mpg Ford
13.67 mpg GM

DEF consumed
2650 ml Ford
2760 ml GM

3/4 ton
15.90 mpg Ford
15.85 mpg GM

DEF consumed
360 ml Ford
1750 ml GM

What did this do to the towing and hauling capabilities? Can it out run a stock Camaro S.S., Challenger R/T, or Mustang G.T.?

I like Ford S.V.T.'s new view on sport trucks. Why they went with the Raptor instead of the Lightning...a sport truck is a compromise two ways. It can not do the work of a standard pickup anymore and they do not perform nearly as well as a dedicated sports car. The birth of the Raptor became of this shift in thinking.

i would MUCH RATHER have a regular cab 4x4 Tundra with the TRD Supercharger on the 5.7.

504HP/550 lb. ft.

Oh, and the truck will do 12.8's in the quarter covered under factory warranty and ONLY cost 6k instead of 15k.

you could add the TRD big brake kit too, which will give you 16" rotors and 6 piston calipers if you wanna add 2500 to the cost.

not even the dodge SRT-10 catches this Toyota combo, pretty nasty for a 5.7 liter V8.

@ Bob
you know what i have four of my friends who have 5.3 chevy's or Gmc not one of those guys can muster 20 MPG and one is 2011 and he is lucky to get 19 don't give me that EPA BS drive one and find out what the mileage is and don't go by the computer fill it up and when the tank is empty fill it up again and divide the gallons by the miles and do it 4 time then tell me what your fuel mileage is PS the better people like there trucks the fuel mileage it gets and the last Chevy commercial i seen it was rated 22 4x2 read the fine print

Sheesh! GM is juicing an already powerful engine that is the 6.2 when they need to haul in a new V6?! Dang! The fastest V6 to the slowest: Ford, Toyota, Ram, and dead last -- GM. GM has a slight edge in fuel economy over Ford with their respective 4WD 6.2 engines while being down only eight horses. I guess that's the tradeoff, but if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Dan Dan Dan.. i have told you once b-4 that I get 17.5 average off the hyw. in town, yes iI drive rather sanely (slow), cruize controll constantly, anything above 25mph, my foot never touches the foul pedal. an on the hyw I get 21-22 on lefel roads, both times the motor is in 4cyl mode, until I hit a hill. 2011 Chevy Silverado 4X4 Z-71 3.42. 265/65-18 all terain Bridgestone tires. never have a problem with not having enough power, also get 12 mpg pulling 20' Airstream like its not even there.

well bobby, your flat out lying and dead wrong about the 3.7 liter fuel economy in 4wdr models, source 17 city and 23 highway are 2 wheel drive models only you moron. 16 city and 21 for 4 wheel drive models and the ecoboost is 16 city and 22 highway for two wheel drive and 15 city and 21 highway for 4 wheel drive models.

as far as the durmax goes, every stinken test including own testing the duramax gets the best fuel milage in testing. So bobby your fuel economy claims are false and I am calling you out on your lies. So your 3.7 liter V6 engine does not get better gas milage than gm's 5.3 liter V8 engine.

I will say this again, just because you know so and so and he doesn't get what the ratings say doesn't mean squat. It's all how you drive the vehicle you ninkimpoops. Anyone can get better or worse than what the ratings say based on how they drive it and anyone with half of a brain would know that.

On top of that, thats why the EPA puts a combined city and highway milage rating on all vehicles. The 5.3 liter V8 has a combined EPA rating of 17 miles per gallon. So suck on those facts you ford girly men.

@ sandman 4x4
i understand you may drive the speed limit an that is fine i am just saying with all this talk about the 5.3's fuel mileage i have yet to see it it is not that i have a problem with 5.3 it is a good reliable motor so what you are telling me it that a full tank of gas (25 Gallons) your are getting 525 miles out of that tank, the reason i ask is i took a ride with my wife's cousin's 5.3 4x4 extended cab good guy and he was telling me how he gets 21 MPG's so i ask him how many gallons he puts in when he fuels up he said 25, so i ask him how many miles he gets to the tank he said 350 miles to the tank hey if i am wrong let me know i know with my truck the computer can read at the present time 17.5 or 18.5 but when i run a full tank of fuel thru it (city driving) 28 gallons 430 miles to the tank i don't know just saying i guess

No, Bob, you are wrong. The 16 city and 18 combined for the Ford 3.7 is better than 15 city and 17 combined for the GM 5.3. Look it up on fuel economy dot gov.

These numbers for the Duramax and Ford are right from the HD shootout. Are you calling Mike Levine a liar???

1 ton
14.63 mpg Ford
13.67 mpg GM

DEF consumed
2650 ml Ford
2760 ml GM

3/4 ton
15.90 mpg Ford
15.85 mpg GM

DEF consumed
360 ml Ford
1750 ml GM

sounds like some people are a little hurt from people comparing there "tried and true" V8 vs. fords V6 i know i would be!! Why dont we talk about something that makes more sense gms 5.3 vs. fords 5.0....oh wait theres no contest there lol

@ built ford tough


Cool Truck!

RE: The Bob trashing that’s going on here.
We are all entitled to having our opinions and preferences. I like Ford trucks but I come to this site to learn about all trucks. Bob comes here to learn about trucks too. He uses GM trucks as his reference to understand the good and bad from other manufacturers. Bob seems to be a passionate person and he has his own style when it comes to making arguments. Lou, Frank and others also put forward their opposing points and together add a lot of value to this site. It’s called debating, not trolling. It is not right to call Bob a Troll or wish him gone. It is wrong to call people names, period!

@ Bob

You have a lower popularity rating than Obama. Oh BTW, I could take you in a race anytime anywhere and still get better MPG's than your Girlyman 5.3L V8.

@ hemi lol...

The Dodge Ram SRT-10 does 12.9 with a 2 wheel drive and traction is a major problem....was the fastest off the 2 trucks published by magazines.

The SRT10 is quicker than a Toyota Tundra TuRD supercharged !! The Ram SRT 10 got a 12.9...They tested a Toyota it ran 13.5 !! So the Dodge is faster/quicker at a 12.9 !!!!

Sure,I do believe the Tundra can run 12.8's but the Ram also will run 12.2's,under better conditions,better traction !!

They are both fast/powerful trucks,and the lack of traction for the Dodge slows it down, the Dodge is quicker !!

Toyota uses traction control on its trucks,people hold the brake get the rpm up and the Tundra launches ahead not spinning the tires !!!

The Dodge just spins the tires because of no traction control and only rear drive !!

And remember the Dodge does it with no add ons...all motor,no turbo,no supercharger !!!

So the Dodge is really the real winner,all motor,no supercharger just cubic inches,and the only true factory performance truck,not a dealer add on !! I could get the dealer to add a bunch of performance Mopar parts and its all covered by Chrysler factory warranty !!

Just the other day, a Chevy fan was commenting how Ford needs to supercharge and turbo charge their engines to get them to perform... Actually, Chevy doesn't even give you this option. You need to pay $16,000 to get someone else to do it. Ford charges $750! I think I can do a lot with $15,250.

wow bob you ruined the comment section for this news thread. Why talk about other news topics on different news topics? Seriously......

Oh bob I have a 2wd Ranger and I live in Michigan, quite frankly you dont always need 4wd, just snow tires and a bunch of kitty liter. 2wd is lighter, so therefore you get better mpg. 4x4 is for girly men lol

Back to ORIGINAL TOPIC, cool truck, but I think a Callaway Colorado sport truck would be cooler and faster. If Ford can fit a 5.4 Cobra motor in a Ranger then Callaway should have no problem getting an LSA motor in a Colorado.

What is with all of this "Chevy's 5.3L gets better m.p.g. than Ford's 3.5L EcoBoost...blah, blah, blah"?

Who actually buys a full-size pickup with m.p.g. as the most important factor?

When I am buying a pickup, for work, hauling, and/or towing, I have two things on my mind...horsepower and torque. Fuel mileage is towards the bottom of my list. Fuel economy is not going to prevent me from getting run down on the highway pulling a trailer, on a 6% grade, when a Peterbilt is closing in behind me. I do not want to be a traffic hazard as everyone is having to go around me. No way, give me horsepower and torque over fuel economy, in a pickup, any day. People buying ECONOMY cars can worry about getting the best economy. I want the best power in a pickup!

Buy American or say Bye to America!
then don't buy a 5.3 chevy or GMC the only thing that truck has going for it according to Bob is fuel mileage
by the way it does have a nice ride

10-4 what he said ^

"Despite the huge performance gains, Callaway promises the trucks will keep the same fuel economy ratings as the standard Silverado".

Nice truck, but if I owned one the millage would be more like 10 MGP. SMOKE 'EM IF YOU GOT 'EM!

How about you just get a Titan ? I get better fuel economy than your garbage 5.3 dinosaur so hah !!! Not to mention ill be many car lanes in front of you.

id rather put in an lsx 454

@ Bob.... Pretty sad GM needs to use "Active Fuel Managment" to arrive at those MPG's.

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