Ford Expanding F-150 Recall for Airbag Problem by 1.2 Million Trucks


Ford will recall another 1.2 million F-150 half-ton pickup trucks from the 2004-2006 model years, plus certain 2006 Lincoln Mark LT trucks, to fix a problem that can cause the driver-side airbag to deploy without warning.

The expanded recall is the result of an investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

In February, Ford agreed to recall 144,000 2005-2006 F-150s.

According to NHTSA's investigation summary, the inadvertent airbag deployments are most likely caused by a sharp edge on the airbag's horn mounting plate that can chafe an airbag wire leading to an electrical short that may trigger a deployment. More than 1.56 million trucks from 2004-2006 were part of the investigation.

Ford made an interim design change to the horn mounting plate in January 2006 and redesigned it, along with the airbag module and wiring, in June 2006 for model year 2007.

F-150 owners should seek service immediately if the truck's airbag warning light is illuminated, Ford said in a statement.

[Source: NHTSA]


wind them up and turn them loose

Here we go.

Hey Mike Levine,

Maybe you ought to close the comments before it gets out hand?

Oh my God!

We better drag Ford executives in front of Congress, have NASA start an investigation...

Whaaaaaaaat????? The most rootin tootin truck, the almighty ford f-150 has another recall??? This is just unbelievable no?

I just can't belive the most rootin tootin truck (aka) f-150 has any defects of any kind. I am told by ford fans that them dare f-150's is the bestest and badest trucks on the road. I was told the f-150 can leap tall buildings and that there sheetmetal never dents and that they never rust and they get the bestest gas milasge, oops thats only V6 two wheel drive models so scratch best gas milage.

How can the most rootin tootin truck the f-150 have any recalls? Airbag problem? who needs a airbag when you have a f-150 that can defeat any vehicle in a head on crash.
I thought quality was job 1 at ford? Oh well, some things never change.


Nah, America needs the Ford Motor Company to survive. Toyota not so much.

and government motors has steering wheels falling off their cars. May want to resist flapping your gums until a time when chevy doesn't have recalls as well.

I know Bob its hard to believe

Atleast you still have control of the steering and brakes if the airbag deploys unlike a stuck gas pedal without a brake override control or a jammed floor mat that causes more serious injuries and deaths. Good job Ford for issuing a recall in a time manner and not pushing it aside and hoping it will go away!!!

Bob, You need to stop making yourself sound like an idiot, You are making all Bobs sound bad. Grow up

You ford fans are so funny, their argument is so and so company has recalls to. Steering wheel? One steering wheel because it was not properly attached is not a defect or that millions of vehicles will be recalled. I have noticed that ford doesn't use quality is job #1 anymore.

I guess even ford knows that quality isn't their top priority anymore. No, fords top priority is bragging and claiming best this and best that and when it doesn't equal real world results and you lose in head to head competition well then you just claim the test was slanted or the test was rigged.

bob you ruin the comments section of every single article. Is there anything you do in life besides try and find reasons not to like ford vehicles? That is extremely lame. When you gonna accept reality boy? Ford is on the road to success. Ford vehicles are very comparable to GM vehicles in quality. Overall ford vehicles are rated better than GM vehicles as of right now. Even with quality as the number one priority mistakes like this happen for all manufacturers. These are facts. Accept them and move on with life. Grow up.

Guys, stop replying to the comment trolls, like bob, and he will go away. Do you not understand that's why he keeps coming here? You're feeding him. Ignore him and he will go troll elsewhere.

Didn't think Ford was going to get away with the small recall, all those steering wheels probably have identical wiring. Not a big quality issue, but definitely something to get fixed. An airbag going off could ruin your day pretty fast!

Most of those comments were rediculas... I came on here to learn more about the recall as I drive a ford f-150. I started to read the comments to see if they had any PRODUCTIVE feeback, and it was all just aggrivating.

Every car company has recalls.
Every car company claims to have the best this and best that.

leave the posts for people to discuss real issues, not to prove how dumb you are.

I think i would be glad (not saying i want a load of recalls) to have ford recall on parts that are sure beats replacing it using your own money plus you get brand new parts:). Ford not doing anything, that in my mind would make me loose loyalty to ford. So ford isuing a recall is in their best interest and every ford owner out there.

I bet Mike Levine hates having to post these recall stories knowing what inevitably happens next in the comment section. As for bob, according to your logic Gm can engineer a quality vehicle but they shouldn't be allowed to assemble it. Good thing ford is doing well big recalls are expensive.

Ford should of issued the larger recall right from the start.

A machine as complex as a car or truck are bound to have problems, especially when none of the manufacturers do 100% QC inspections or double checks. That would be the only way to minimize recalls or eliminate recalls.
JD Power releases problems per 100 vehicles. Ford and Toyota are usually near the top of the list for the least amount of problems.
Looks like this site should issue a windbag recall.

the recall was orignally thought to be linked to one factory... more research is what triggered the bigger recall

@Bigger Bob,

I would like to apologize to you for getting at you in another thread. I mistakenly labeled you as a troll due to the connection with our current resident troll.

Please accept my sincere apology.


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