Ford Raptor Off-Road Experience this Weekend


If you want to try a Raptor before you buy or if you own a Raptor and want to learn how to use its full capabilities, the Vegas Off Road Experience Raptor Tour is for you.

VORE is conducting their second Raptor Owners two-day off-road tour this weekend near Las Vegas. It's not a "driving school" but an "off-road driving experience". VORE has two Raptors that can be rented as well as tricked out VORE Challenge Race Trucks -- Ford V-6 powered race trucks with 25-inches to 30-inches of suspension travel.

Raptor Owners can also bring their own trucks, at a reduced rate, and learn everything their truck is capable of with the security of chase trucks and guides.

For more information, contact the off-road experts at VORE: 702-622-7770.


Awesome! Calling right now.

Thanks for the tip!

I wonder if they would let me come out and play with my Dodge Ram 2500 Power Wagon? Just so I could get spanked up and down the desert.

Very, very nicely done!

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