March 2011 Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales

February 2011 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales in March 2011

Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2010
Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales Last 12 months
1 Ford F-Series +22.9% March 2011 53,272 Fseries
126,627 March 2010 42,514

2 Chevrolet Silverado +27.6% March 2011 32,555 Silverado
92,455 March 2010 29,886

3 Ram Trucks +39% March 2011 21,898 Ram
52,739 March 2010 17,818

4 GMC Sierra +44.4% March 2011 11,622 Sierra
33,945 March 2010 9,935

5 Toyota Tacoma +1.3% March 2011 10,144 Tacoma
March 2010 9,441

6 Toyota Tundra +0.9% March 2011 7,515 Tundra
20,614 March 2010 10,785

7 Ford Ranger +1.4 March 2011 5,833 Ranger
12,461 March 2010 4,445

8 Nissan Frontier +27.4% March 2011 4,609 Frontier
10,932 March 2010 4,091

9 Chevrolet Colorado +40.9% March 2011 2,561 Colorado
7,371 March 2010 2,045

10 Nissan Titan -15% March 2011 1,920 Titan
4,818 March 2010 2,456


F-series sold more than Chevy Silverado + GMC. Both montly and year to date.

Bob, See I told you so.

Things are looking up all around. Good to see.

Toyota Tundra in 2010 they sold 10,785 units while in 2011 they did 7,515 units... yet it went up 0.9%. Mike, I think you should check that out.

seems like the % is off a little between the GMC and the tundra

@ Rob

The 0.9% is YTD whereas the 7,515 vs 10,785 is monthly sales.

Somebody help me understand...neglected ford ranger got number 7 spot and ford wants to quit making it?

@Rob: What Greg said. Percentage is year-to-date compared to 2010. Monthly sales is volume numbers only compared to the same month last year.

wow y feel sorry for the ford buyer whit the super light duty..

How can 19,832(Ranger- 12,461+Colorado-7,371) poor souls keep buying these non-refined midsized trucks. They are almost as bad as the Titan.

I wish it would list f150 sales, f250 sales, ect. so that way people can compare for example the f150 sales vs 1500 silverado sales. That way you can see which truck makes up most of the sales numbers. Its not fail to compare trucks that don't have anything higher than a half-ton to the whole series of others trucks. Plus we all wanna see how the new f150 engines are selling.


Ford Ranger FTW, till the end of the year :(

@JON> When the rebates on these trucks is as good as they have been people buy. All trucks will sell, but at what price?
For the do it yourselfer who isnt afraid to do a little bit of refining or customizing (suspension lifts etc) the colorado is a perfect little truck. OR... some people will just buy anything!

Ranger forever FTW!

Too bad GM didnt do that comparison sooner...they might have beat out Ford in sales but nope...on the other hand its good to see people are spending money.

@ dave

REALLY? ford wins by 200 trucks over the ENTIRE united states? dude thats less than .2% or for those who would misinterpret it that's just 2 TENTHS of a percent. that might as well be a dead tie and your SAD to even type it.

I saw on motortrend's website where 37% of f 150's sold were v 6's

F-Series: And the beat goes on...

Titan: We are going to be hearing/seeing a flat line here soon...beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

I hope Titan's slow sales push dealers to offer incentives and deals. The CC/LWB Titan is a truck I would love to own.. if I could own it for cheap.

Rock on, Ford Ford Motor Company!!!

i can see why the v6's are having such good sales

we recently got the ecoboost lariat

the thing is a rocket!!

Hmm nice to see Ram up 39percent wonder why GMC is up to much. Not a knock on GMC I believe its a quality truck just wondering why its up to so much compared to its Chevy relative....Notice how my post was relevant and not a fan boy comment.

Seems the Ecoboost really has pushed the sales on the Fords, first time they've beaten both the GM trucks combined in awhile. Wonder how long that will last before the "newness" wears off?

I wonder if those F-series numbers include the F-450/F-550/F-650/F-750 trucks...?
Either way, it's nice to see all the truck sales numbers going up.

@ Mike Levine:

The Nissan Titan is an old design with a lot less powerful motor than the competition. The sales are suffering from it... does Nissan plan a change soon?

Can you add a column next to the "Last 12 Months" graph that show's % change from prvious month? All the YTD vs last year YTD, and Month vs last year Month is nice but I would like to see how each is doing compared to Last Month. It would show who is trending up or down and relates to the current news articles we read on monthly sales, pricing, incentives, etc.

@ DodgeMan

I wouldn't think it does include F-450 through F-750. The stats are for pick-ups. The above are chassis cabs.
Glad to see the "American Icon" the pick-up still selling.
Go Ford, Gm, Ram!

Instead of constraining this list to "top 10", could it be expanded to include everything? I mean, it leaves off a small number of trucks (Ridgeline, Canyon, Dakota, plus rebadges by other companies like Mitsu). Sure, it isn't as pithy as "top 10", but it would make the data more useful.

Mike should do a monthly top 10 list for cargo vans, too.

@ Dave M,

I dont think there are 10 cargo vans on sale in the U.S of A !!
I can only think of 7,and 2 are not on sale yet...

All I can think of is the

Chev/Gmc full size vans
Ford Econoline & Transit
Dodge Ram Van a.k.a Caravan c/v(not on sale yet)
Mercedes Sprinter
Nissan Cargo vans (not on sale yet)

Glad to see Dodge Ram sales climbing,in Canada Ram's are having record sales month after record sales month !!

They had a local Journelist test all the 1/2 tons GM/Mopar/Ford ect.. with every engine and the Dodge Ram was the quickest 0-60 mph,excelleration times..
Oddly the Eco-Boost Ford beat the Ford 6.2,but the Hemi Ram stomped them both !! And the Gm's were a distant 3rd..

You told me what Dave? Big fricken deal if Ford out sold Chevy and Gmc by 226 trucks. Ford F series is 150 through 650 you dimwitted one. Ford has all new F-150 and all new engines. GM's current platform is 4 years old and they are still neck and neck with Ford for truck sales leadership.

Yes, Ford outsells chevy all by itself but GM outsells ford in truck sales. I am sure that this battle will go back and forth between Ford and GM. Dodge Ram is only 2 years old and GM will debut their new Silverado and Sierra in 2012 for the 2013 model year. So I wouldn't be bragging about out selling GM by 226 trucks year to date because it's virtually a tie.

So Dave, you didn't tell me squat. Now stop playing with your mom's computer.

@ Bob Big friggin woop...There is no point in bragging about GM's "future" 2012-2013 trucks. I have not even seen a story on a working concept yet on this site, not even a real story about these "great" new engines you speak of. These stats are about "Right here, right now" and not about guessing about what GM might possibly do in two years. You talk about GM's future line of trucks like it matters now. I could just come on here and say..."Boy GM will have a sore A$$ in about two years when Ford releases their all new design with even better GM's A$$ kicking engines"...but I am educated and know that counting your chickens before they hatch is about the most bird brained thing you can do. But just so you know Bob, I am not saying GM is inferior to Ford because of sales. Ford could have an unfair advantage if these stats include anything higher than a F350, and GM has one truck that I drool over just as much as the F150 and thats the GMC Sierra's and I just started to like them and I dont want that design to change for a while but new engines would be a welcome addition.

F-series sales are F150-450, if you look at the sales release the heavier trucks are listed, F 550 and up. Also as you can see, Ford opened the gap to around 9100 more trucks this month. Even the Honda Accord outsold Chevy trucks at 33,616 units.

First few months of the year were aided by the aggressive discounting used to push GM models.

F-650 is not included. That is medium size truck.

Ford sold almost 16,000 more F-series trucks this month than they did last month. That is incredible.

Silverado + Sierra only sold around 750 more than last month.

I hope you enjoyed your 2 month sales victory while it lasted.

Dodge Ram,
Perhaps Mike should start tracking the top van sales when the Nissan goes on sale.

#1 I didn't say a dam word about future engines you s for brains syrgy. I said GM would be releasing their New and Improved truck in 4th quarter of 2012 for the 2013 model year truck. My point is fords truck if fricking New and gm's are 4 fing years old and the truck sales are virtually a tie between GM and ford. Not to mention ford has new engines so it's only logical they would have momentum on their side.

I will say this again. I am not trying to get anyone here to like GM or buy a GM truck. If you prefer a Toyota, ford, dodge, Nissan, or what ever brand of truck you like than buy it. My point is, GM'S current design is 4 fricking years old and it is still virtually a tie with fords much Newer and updated design. I will also remind people that GM'S HD trucks kicked fords ass in's shootout, rumble in the rockies, and the the comparison test video's.

Also, Motor Trend awared Chevrolet's Silverado HD as it's Motor Trend Truck of The Year. So every test and in every comparison GM'S truck won and Fords super dud lost.

Take that and put that in your crack pipe ford fans. Those are the facts the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God.

Wake up, Bob. Ford's trucks are new.

For half ton, Ford had a refresh in *2008* (yes 3 years ago) of a model that was released in 2003. That's 8 years ago.

For heavy duty, both GM and Ford are saying they are "new."

Ford outsells Silverado. What about Chevy and GM? Ford outsells Silverado and Sierra cobmined and anything that closely resembles a truck at GM. These are the facts you can't handle, Bob.

Ford has had the best selling truck for what? 34 years straight. You can't keep using the Ford's trucks are "new" excuse. Are you saying GM hasn't had a new truck in 34 years??????? Come on, Bob.

@Bob, so if the GM trucks are so superior, why cant they beat Fords domination in the truck market, why did GM go bankrupt, why does GM take ideas from Ford? Did you see what happens when GM cant take an idea? They make fun of it, the "Man Step", remember that? They are already planning on the GM box, the idea they too off the Ram. You really think these new GM tests are gonna bring Ford down? Ford still controls 50% of the commercial truck market despite the 6.0 and 6.4 powerstroke blowing up, the F150 still outsold GM even though it utterly failed the 1997 crash test and started on fire at random. Even though the F150 didnt make as much HP and TQ as everyone else, they still sold more. The point is if it has outsold your favorite truck for nearly 34 years straight and the people who actually use trucks for work prefer a Ford truck. If you want real world results, you just read them, the customers have spoken, and the customers are always right. If ford is as bad as you say they are, then they wouldnt be the dominate force in the market, becuase people aren't forced to buy a certain truck and all those people aren't paid by Ford. Sorry but Ford has built the overall better truck. All trucks have their ups and downs, its just the Ford has more ups than GM or Dodge.

When the new SuperDuty was released, it had the most HP, TQ, Payload, Towing and the most MPG, plus it had more features, he new GM trucks have only been able to beat some of those, the next new Ford will have all of those, and the GM after that will beat some of those. Thats the way its been. Better OVERALL truck.

Of course I myself wont ever forget when the GM guy said IFS was better than the solid front axle design in the newest tests they did. Hahaha IFS better than SFA? And GM guys wonder why Ford outsells then, its stupid things like that, and while on that topic, the Ford does have a longer wheel base, which makes it worse, the Chevy frame is better but the longer wheel base exaggerated the results.

Here's an idea. Instead of posting the name of the person making the comment at the bottom put it at the top. Then when I see bobs name I can skip the comment and go to the next one instead of reading the comment and then seeing who wrote it. And what's with the language bob? Trying to get another thread shut down? I'm pretty sure you have the record for that on this website. It's really annoying when I have a comment I'd like to post but cant because a bunch of idiots can't play nice.

Bob is the village troll!

Is the Dakota dead? I thought they were still doing 2011s. If so didnt even make the list!

LMAO...oh wait...LMAO...'sigh'...LMAO. Thanks for the Fantastic post Bob.

Come on guys, stop replying or even acknowledging Bob. You're giving him/her the attention they want. Obvious troll never stopped trying to be so obvious. Don't acknowledge and eventually it will go away.

Is there ever going to one of these without it turning into a GM/Ford cat fight?

You're never going to convince the other that your truck is better. Everybody is going to buy the truck that they like the most...for whichever reason is the deciding factor.

I don't get why ford does not keep the ranger around for a while and give it some new engines. Like the 2.5 I4 from the fusion and a 3.5 V6 or ecoboost 2.0 I4 as the top engine. It would boost fuel economy and sales!

Where is the Ridgeline oups sorry the list is for trucks sold last month.
Ridgeline is not a truck.

Look how good the Ranger is doing!!!!!!!!

It outsales a lot of midsize trucks, and I bet Fords profit magin is better for these than most any they sell!!

I mean the tooling has been paid for long time ago!

They will surely miss the 12,000 + units monthy they are selling!!!!


@Southern IL Man
The F-450/F-550 can be had in a pick up truck body. They are not just chassis-cabs.

As stated above, the F-450 is included in the numbers which is technically unfair. It should be counted with the F-550 and up trucks. I bet that would deduct a couple thousand from the sales numbers.

@Dodgeman, you cannot get a F550 with a pick up truck box from Ford, Check the web sight, F450 only. Also why is it unfair that the F450 is included. Just because Dodge and GM don't do it? If dodge had a 4500 with a pick up box I guess that would be unfair if they counted it then

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