March 2011 Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales

February 2011 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales in March 2011

Rank YTD Sales YTD vs. 2010
Year-Over-Year Monthly Sales Last 12 months
1 Ford F-Series +22.9% March 2011 53,272 Fseries
126,627 March 2010 42,514

2 Chevrolet Silverado +27.6% March 2011 32,555 Silverado
92,455 March 2010 29,886

3 Ram Trucks +39% March 2011 21,898 Ram
52,739 March 2010 17,818

4 GMC Sierra +44.4% March 2011 11,622 Sierra
33,945 March 2010 9,935

5 Toyota Tacoma +1.3% March 2011 10,144 Tacoma
March 2010 9,441

6 Toyota Tundra +0.9% March 2011 7,515 Tundra
20,614 March 2010 10,785

7 Ford Ranger +1.4 March 2011 5,833 Ranger
12,461 March 2010 4,445

8 Nissan Frontier +27.4% March 2011 4,609 Frontier
10,932 March 2010 4,091

9 Chevrolet Colorado +40.9% March 2011 2,561 Colorado
7,371 March 2010 2,045

10 Nissan Titan -15% March 2011 1,920 Titan
4,818 March 2010 2,456


Who is buying these trucks?

More importantly, good luck seeing double digit year over year truck sale growth with gas marching on past $4.00/gallon

@ Moparman, the reason for the huge increase in the GMC line is due to the Denali HD Duramax trucks that are selling like hotcakes now that they are so strong and reliable, available in the Denali trim(not offered by Chevrolet)

what I'd like to know is how ford is getting people to buy their trucks. if the 6.0L diesels and the 6.4L diesels were some of the worst engines in THE WORLD then what makes people think the 6.7L will be any different?

I like the trend in better sales for trucks. It shows that the economy is moving forward and getting incrementally better. But the margin is still razor-thin between continued success and another set back in the economy. With jobs and the economy still lagging way behind where they both should be today, the cost of fuel looms like a dark cloud over the road ahead. While $4.59 per gallon gas isn't going to affect my driving habits, it will affect the driving and buying habits of people who do not enjoy the same disposable income level. And with a new batch of high-school and college graduates at the end of next month, the administration's focus should be on the housing market, economy and job creation, muy pronto.

Sierra sales are up. It is a much better looking truck than its sibling Silverado. The Denali HD package must be helping. I am always amazed by the number of high end p/u's that are used for work.

This is just temporary wit gas prices approching 4 bucks, truck sales will fall dramatically. Unless something can be done with oil prices. My suggestion is destroy the speculators!!!


The reason is because International/Navistar was behind the 6.0L and 6.4L Power Strokes. The NEW 6.7L Scorpion Power Stroke was all done in-house. Sometimes, when you want it done right you have to do it yourself. Kudos to Ford for having the brains, ability, and guts to try and build a better motor. Unlike General Motors and Ram buying their diesels from someone else.

Lou, about high-end p/u's being used for work.... In 2007 I had the course with my 2002 Silverado (105,000mi) and sold it to a Mexican. I had replaced everything on that truck that could be replaced except the driver's side rear wheel bearing, which howled like a banshee going down the highway. I bought a new 2007 Titan 5.6, a high-end pickup when compared to my old Silverado. My job at the time required my truck to be my office with the engine on and running for at least 10 hours a day, traveling from site to site in the desert near China Lake and Edwards AFB. So my truck, regardless of brand, actually was a work truck. The high-end factor of the Titan made it the best truck I had ever used for this job out in the desert. And you should have seen the look on the faces of my fellow technicians when they saw me drive up in that big white 4dr 4X4 for the first time. It was a look of disbelief. But that truck turned out to be the best and most comfortable truck I ever owned until I bought my 2009 Tundra 5.7, not for work, but for pure pleasure.

@DeBinder Dundett - I do not begrudge guys going out and using "luxury" trucks for work. I know many guys like you that live out of their trucks while on the job. My brother's company switched to Chevy"s and his biggest complaints were how cheep the interiors were and how poorly the bodies held up. He isn't a fan of the low frame but feels the drivetrain has held up okay. With that said - his company only keeps them for 3 years or 50,000 miles. He has racked up that amount in as little as 1 1/2 years. He is on his second Chev in 3 years.
He had Dodge's before that and at least from an interior and body perspective they held up much better than Chev under the same kind of use.

It's good to see a fight between all the domestics. It has improved the breed. I'd like to see GM and Dodge survive, and I think the Ford EcoBoost will continue to do well and hold up over the long term.

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying my Tacoma. No regrets. Hauled some wood. Took a long highway trip. Hit some trails.

They're all making some good trucks, but they're all too damn big if you ask me. I still think there is room for true, small, body on frame, diesel trucks in the US. We'll see.

I know you shouldn't feed the trolls, but I will anyway.

Full disclosure: I work for a Chevrolet dealer and I sell fleet and commercial vehicles so almost all of the vehicles I sell are Silverado's or Expresses.


The 2011 Chevrolet Silverado HD is a new truck. The exterior has a few small changes, but the frame is almost entirely different. GVW's are much greater on the '11s than the '10s. Heck, the '11 2500's have similar GVW's to a '10 3500 SRW.

From a pureley selfish standpoint I wish GM would put all of their trucks together, that way I could sell them all. I have never quite understood the two badges but I guess that is why I don't make the big money.

There is plenty of room in the market for Ford and Chevrolet. They both make good trucks.

If this past week is any indication, sales will be higher still in April (I am assuming Ford sales as well). The past week has been my busiest in probably two years. Things may be looking up for truck sales in general and for my dealership specifically.

Hay Kestin, you act like I didn't know that GM'S new HD had a New frame, leaf springs, brakes, exhaust brake and beefed up independent front suspension. Not to mention new front bumper and grille.

For the rest of you Bozo's that say ford has had the best selling truck for 34 years is a complete LIE! There have been several years where GM sold more trucks when you add GMC and Chevrolet together. Who makes GMC and Chevrolet? Well, GM of course. No question ford has sold more trucks of any one brand, but there is also no question that GM has sold more trucks over the last 34 years than Ford.

Don't believe me, look it up yourself you ford humping fans.
repeat after me, GM has sold more trucks than Ford over the last 34 years and that is a undisputable fact!
Let the bitching and moaning begin.... here it comes...

@ Bob
Who makes GMC and Chevrolet? Well lets see Oblabla

I think customers are going to switch from HDs to more fuel efficient 1/2 tons as gas prices keep rising. The towing capacity of these new 1/2 tons is about the same as my 2005 Dodge 3/4. I will seriously look at the F150 eco boost next time or wait for Dodge's 8 speed tramsmissions.

Lou, from personal experience I can tell you that what I disliked most with both Ford and Chevy half-ton trucks was the uncomfortable seats and seating position, especially if you are forced to endure long driving periods like I was . Dodge trucks shake, rattle and roll causing extreme fatigue. All the domestic trucks share one endearing trait and that is the creaking, croaking and groaning sounds their cab-on-chassis make. Since 1988 I owned two Silverados, one F150, one RAM1500, one 2007 Titan and one 2009 Tundra. For the year 2007 my employer (at the time) gave me a new (fleet sale) 2006 F150 to drive, and when I was promoted to management in 2008, they gave me a new (fleet sale) 2007 Towncar to drive. Considering all that, I prefer to drive my current 2009 Tundra. I quit working on Dec 12, 2008 and bought our current transportation in Jan 2009. My wife's LS460 is too cramped for my 6'4" frame and that's why I prefer to drive a pickup truck. I firmly believe that everyone should buy their own favorite vehicle, regardless of make or country of origin, but I believe that people would be well-advised to take a test-drive in the Tundra 5.7. Besides the Titan I have never owned a more-refined truck in all my years.

"Ford humping fans". I like it.

I have three-ways with Ford and Dodge. General Motors is like the homely chick that you would hit it and quit it. You would not want your friends to catch you with one.

The foreign jobbers are like cross-dressers. They kind of look pretty fine, from across the room, until you get a closer look and notice the Adam's apple.

@Buy American or say Bye to America!

Can you get off your HATRED for foreign nameplated vehicles!

Sorry but the Toyota Tacoma is like the F-150 in the smaller pickup classes, the best of the best!

In fact the Tacoma is a much better value than the competition and retains its value better and is more reliable and has more options than the Ranger, Dakota and Colorado!

How come you never mention how INFERIOR the domestic nameplates are to an average Tacoma?

Facts speak louder than your opinion of HATE!

No wonder the dometic brands are shutting factories and scrapping their small pickups. They can no longer compete against the Tacoma! That is a shame but keep ignoring the facts and spew your HATRED!


Let me make something clear. I do not "hate" foreign companies or countries. Great products, and people, come from abroad.

What I hate is this: The financial situation of the United States of America! I want America, American companies, and Americans to be financially stable again. I would love for the American economy to be a strong Super Power again and then I would not care if people bought foreign products. Until then, we need to help America in every way possible. Right now that means supporting American owned companies that still have American made products.

I would not advocate buying an imported Chevrolet Colorado, G.M.C. Canyon, or Ford "Ranger" T6. I would not want Ford or General Motors to be rewarded for using overseas (across the border is not so bad) labor. If these pickups were manufactured in America then I would support them.

Buy American, you have your work cut out for you. Many domestic brand pickup trucks are also built in Mexico and Canada, neither which is part of the US of A. There is a reason why so many people choose the Avalanche Hecho en Mexico, as an example. The reason is flawless assembly. All of the UAW-assembled cars and trucks still suffer from the same maladies that caused them to lose customers in the first place: don'tcare-itis. What makes this so virulent is that the UAW worries more about what their CEO gets paid than the quality of their workmanship. There's a reason why Mulally gets paid more than $26million. He's worth it!

Maybe Ford, GM and Dodge should open some non-unionized factories in the South where alot of import trucks are assembled....anyone else remember the Oreily factor's fottage of UAW employees drinking and smoking a few Js at lunch hour???

DeBinder Dundett-

That is why I made the comment that "across the border is not so bad". I would rather see our dollars help our direct neighbors (Canada, Mexico, Central and South America) than helping the rich get richer in Asia (countries across the ocean).

My Dodge Ram 2500 Power Wagon was assembled in Mexico. Would I prefer assembly in the U.S.A.? Of course. Would I have bought it if it was assembled in Thailand or Turkey? HECK NO!

C'mon FORD, build a new RANGER and you'll whoop a## in that segment. I have a 2000 Ranger and love it almost as much as my woman. I said almost.

when are the new pickup trucks going to get direct-port fuel injection on their engines? who wil be the first? does anyone know?

Buy American, I don't see the wisdom in buying a truck that was made in Mexico or Canada. My 2002 Silverado was made in Canada and it suffered from the same problems, ailments and sloppy assembly that the other Silverados suffered from. My 2009 Tundra was made in San Antonio, TX, by Americans, for Americans. My 2007 Titan was made in Canton, MS, by Americans, for Americans. But having said all that I can also understand why the Detroit 3 are moving much of their production and assembly out of these United States: to get away from the UAW. And in doing so the Detroit 3 have been rewarded with greatly improved fit&finish, quality and value to their customers, not to mention record profits from not paying kickbacks to the UAW. And look at what the transplants in America were able to do with their non-union plants. Your Dodge provided work and income for Mexicans. My Tundra provided work and income for Americans. It would have been better if Detroit had opened non-union plants someplace in America to provide work for Americans, instead of going to Mexico. That's how I see it. D

@DeBinder Dundett - I bought a 2010 F150 supercrew last fall. I find that after soldiering through a winter with record snowfalls my truck is still tight and rattle free. I liked the seats in the XLT more than the Tundra. I also like the 6.5 box and tailgate step. I think that the F150 rides nicer than a Tundra. I also got 12,000 dollars off of MSRP. The Tundra - they offered me 5,000 dollars off.
I would not of bought a previous generation F150 as I found they were very skitterish and tail-end happy on gravel roads. I road quite a bit in the previous generation Dodges as that is what my brother's company used to have . His only real complaints were he felt the front ends bottomed out easily and if you hit a frost heave or hole hard enough the tranny would pop out of gear (auto trans). I agree that the Chevies are uncomfortable and the bodies and interiors don't hold up.

@Buy American or say Bye to America!

Then become a shareholder of these companies and start to vote for them to stay here!

The big 3 are making the decisions to move to Canada, Mexico and abroad. These companies should have a moral obligation to stay here but they could care less about jobs because the decision makers and top shareholders know they will make profits and have their financial security regardless of where their factories are!

And the bankers are just as big of a problem likewise in this mess.

Using GE as an example with their $14 billion in profits yet they do not have to pay one cent in taxes yet the federal government owes them like $3.2 billion.

So GE made the majority of those profits from foreign operations, the money goes to their corporate HQ, they find ways not to pay a dime in taxes on that income so why in the heck should they care about U.S. jobs when the fat cats of the company are getting their bonuses and shipping jobs overseas that do not affect the fat cats bottom line!

Yes, a U.S. named company that made more from foreign operations than U.S. The decision makers could care less, they have their job security here and bonuses.

Moral obligation! At least Toyota for their part has been building plants in the U.S. the last 20 years on the moto of build them locally if they sell well in those markets. My last 3 Tacoma's I bought were made in the U.S. and I will continue this tradition as long as they build what I seek down the road.

Why is the big 3 so afraid to build many plants in the U.S. while they send plants to Mexico and Canada for starters?

DeBinder Dundett-

Your Tundra provided work and income for Americans that work at the American assembly line. Your Tundra provided income for the Japanese; C.E.O., executives, shareholders, etc. that live across the ocean (Asia).

My Ram provided work and income for Mexicans that live here on the same continent (North America) just a few hundred miles away. My Ram provided income for the American; executives, shareholders, designers, engineers, etc. that live here in the U.S.A.

"Why is the big 3 so afraid to build many plants in the U.S. while they send plants to Mexico and Canada for starters?"-oxi

Your answer in three letters: U.A.W.
If the big 3 was able to be devoid of the U.A.W., like the foreign car companies are able to be without, then I am sure more plants would open/continue to operate here in the U.S.A.

oxi-for the third or fourth time toyota does't build there cars here to do us any favors, they do it because labor, yes even under the uaw, is cheeper than labor in Japan, never mind that they have no contracts with the unions, in the southern states. I have a 2003 Dakota 4X4 reg cab, V-8, that goes out on the beach every day in the summer, i have a good friend of mine that goes out there with his Tacoma access cab, nice truck, BUT last year his truck also a 2003, did not pass inspection becouse of FRAME ROT!!! ok, so toyota did replace the frame with a new one, lots of work!!!. now his truck is good as new, but in another 7 yrs. he will have to pay for that himself. Buy American b-4 its too late!!! i mean American Company, dosn't matter where it is actually built, Mexico, Canada, U.S.OFA. it is all N.America!! with good jobs in Mexico the people there making the trucks and cars there have no reason to migrate north, they make a good living!!. nouf said.

sandman 4x4-

I second your post!

@ sandman 4x4
you hit the nail on the head with that post and i agree 100%
i will not have a Toyota in my drive same goes for the GMC's and Chevy's i do not believe in bailouts or bankruptcy that's my tow cents

Buy American,
I just heard today that Toyota is closing ALL of their North American manufacutring plants because of the parts shortage in Japan. Wow!

@ Sandman,
Total agreement sir! NAFTA!
I will always support this continent first!

Guys, in the end what we choose to buy and drive is entirely our call, and we all have our reasons. And I'm cool with that. I agree with Lou that the previous editions of the F150 had ride and handling anomalies, but so did the Silverado. Then in 2007 here comes a brand new Tundra - actually incorporating all the best of the domestic trucks in this go 'round. But Toyota added some additional finesse with an all-aluminum 32-valve DOHC V8 engine based on the original Chevy 348 block capped with Lexus heads. In addition Toyota added a six-speed automatic, which was unheard of in half-ton pickup trucks until Toyota stuffed it into their Tundra. Also a major improvement for the half-ton segment were the huge brakes that Tundra uses on the Tundra. All that's old hat now. For several years the D3 compared themselves to Tundra before they finally started improving their own trucks. It is safe to say that Detroit is finally coming close to equaling the Tundra of 2007. But for those of us, like me, who have run the gamut with domestic pick up trucks and finally switched over to buying a foreign brand, it really is no longer a factor. Those who have switched are not likely to go back to buying domestic unless they have a really bad experience with their foreign brand truck. IMO, and based on several articles I have read, I do not believe that Ford and GM will be around, as we know and love them now, for much longer. I think the next two or three years will put the death knell on GM and it will have to be chopped up and liquidated. Ford will collapse after Mulally leaves and Toyota will be its salvation, just like Ford was Toyota's salvation after WWII. I don't share the rationalization that Buy American gives us for buying his Dodge that was made in Mexico. Foreign is still foreign. But if he is happy buying Mexican made, who am I to contradict him? When it came time to buy, I bought a Tundra made in America. Alas, my wife's LS460 was made in Japan because there is nothing that even comes close that is made in America. And so we go on, living our own lives our own way. D

@DeBinder Dundett - agreed.
Too many guys mix up patriotism and nationalism.
Here is an excellent article to chew on.
I buy what I think is the best product for the money I am willing to spend.
My wife's vehicle is a Toyota Sienna. When we bought it, it rated higher than the domestics in quality and durability. It was more expensive but in 1 1/2 years and 2 winters - we've had "0" zero problems. Can't say the same for the last domestic van we owned.
My F150 - 6 months old and so far no problems. Of course I get maximum use out of that massive 36 gallon tank. Ironic thing is that fuel economy is only 2 mpg worse than the van I owned with a 4.3 L V6. I can live with that.

Lou, thanks for the article. I did not know that site existed and I bookmarked it for future visits.

The American auto manufacturers have come along way since carmageddon. That was a major wake-up call for them. But my take on all this is the repayment of the money Bush and Obama leavened on the US auto industry. Man, that really gets my goat because both of those presidents and Congress knew that it would be lost money. The US auto industry is not like the banking and investment industry that actually and consistently makes money over time. The US auto industry has consistently lost money over the past four decades. To the point then, the US auto industry is not going to make a comeback on the backs of their pick up trucks, and as I see it, no matter how many they manage to sell, although each is greatly improved over their pre-2007 models, it will not help pull their bacon out of the fire for Ford and GM.

@DeBinder Dundett - I think Ford stands a better chance than GMC. Ford has improved quality where they consistently rate as high if not higher than the Japanese. I also believe Ford's global platform strategy will also pay off.
There is unfortunately too much instability in the world to predict that financially anyone is out of the woods.
I think that the merger of Chrysler/Fiat will be good for both companies.
GMC still needs to improve quality control. I do not get any sense of direction from GMC.
They must overcome all of the negative publicity from their bailout. Tax payers regardless how it is spun - are screwed royally on that deal, not to mention all of the creditors the courts, government, and GMC screwed with the creation of "old" GM and "new" GM. Old GM defaulted on 200 billion. New GM is on its way to get out of the 60 or so billion the USA government used to buy stock.
The Domestics still have to contend with the UAW(USA) and CAW(Canadian) unions. Quite some time ago an expert refered to the Detroit 3 as retirement trusts masquerading as car companies.
I am not going to loose sleep over any of them fading into oblivion. I think that the most likely senario is that an Indian or Chinese company will buy one of them out "lock, stock, and barrell". They are the only ones with money, well.... the Arabs too.

Lou, everything you say is true. But it is sales, and nothing but sales, that pays the bills. Unlike the banking and investment industry that can shuffle money around to make money, the US auto industry must sell its products in order to derive an income. And trucks by themselves are just not hacking it for Ford and GM. I'm all for more sales for Ford and GM but if they are going to continue at the rate they are now, they'll never be able to break even. There simply aren't enough buyers who choose to buy Ford and GM in all segments. Most buyers in America left the D3 in search of better vehicles, and the majority found them in the imports and the transplants. I don't know how to reverse this, because I, myself, will no longer consider buying another Ford or GM product. I've had them before. I don't want to own them again. I'll be shopping again in 2014, as I do every three to five years to get the better trade-in value. I don't consider Chrysler a player in America. Owned and run by Fiat with token representation from the UAW makes it the same as any other transplant in my book.

@DeBinder Dundett - I know many people that see things the same way as you. Guys say people are unpatriotic or whatever for buying foreign, when it has to do with the quality of the products that drove these people to consider foreign badged rigs.
It doesn't get more complex than that. Make a godd quality product and you keep your customers, make a crappy product and.... the rest is recent history!


I fixed it for you.

It doesn't get more complex than that. Make a good quality product and you keep your customers, make a crappy product and.... the rest is BANKRUPTCY!!!!!!!!!!!!

@ Frank - Bob has his panties in a tight knot. Why twist them tighter?

Yeah, besides Religion and Politics I know of no other subject as controversial, or as near and dear to a man's heart and soul, as cars and trucks. So I have always been the compare, compare, compare guy. I don't care what people choose to buy and drive. That's their business. But I also want others to understand that there is a very large segment of the new-car buying population that is not willing to consider Ford, GM or "Fiatsler". And they each have their reasons. What Ford and GM need to do is find a way for that particular segment of buyers to consider taking a test drive in their vehicles in the hopes that they will forgive and forget the past and buy a new Ford or a new GM, instead of something with a foreign name on it. And I don't see that happening. And if it ain't happening then I don't hold out any hope for the US tax payers to get repaid, or, in the worst of cases, for either Ford or GM to survive the auto industry shake out of 2009.

here is a though to consider, just because an American cook makes Japanese food or Chinese food does't mean it's American food now does it? No it's NOT AMERICAN FOOD, so when an American worker builds a Japanese car or truck, it is NOT AMERICAN. it is still JAPANESE...say what now Oxi???!!!

sandman 4x4-


@Sandman 4x4 - if you are in Hong Kong and order a meal - do you order Chinese food or just food?

Verb: Bring (goods or services) into a country from abroad for sale.

Why don't you look up GDP and by definition what contributes to GDP.
"The total market value of all final goods and services produced in a country in a given year."

A foreign owned company building cars/trucks in the USA is by "nationalistic" definitions an import, but if you look at GDP is not.

Lou Lou Lou it is realy very simple, but your thinking too much about it, and making it too complicated. Just like the lefty idiots running this great country into the ground. It is eather American or not... to end all the problem about fuel issues, drill baby drill!!! look at what happened a couple of years ago when we just made the threat to drill off shore, the price of crude sank like a rock!! Then the oil rig disaster, perfict for the leftys, to then make the 180, and look at the mess were in now. Thanks to the dems. There hatred of (big oil) has them making policy that in the end will ruin our economy. Its realy very simple. Even I can figure it out.

Oh look I can say the same thing. When Chevy's 07 truck debuted, it was against a 4 year old design from Ford and still couldn't outsell the Ford, lol so pathetic.

Enjoy your socialist bailout Garbage Manufacturer tin can.

I don't trivialize the fact that anything "made in the USA" is good for the national economy. It is good. It is fantastic. But "owned in the USA" is also beneficial to the economy. Do we want our whole country to be employed by another country? Employees are there to make money for their employers. Employees are assets to that growth. We should retain control over our assets, and that is why when you have the option of a product made in the USA, and one that is MADE AND OWNED in the USA, the latter is the better choice. Toyota knows Americans mainly care about what is MADE here. So that's their sales pitch. The more employment AND assets, AND money we can keep here, the better off we will be.

So why doesn't Obama just make it harder to trade internationally? For good reason I suspect. China is going to become the biggest market. Hopefully we can take advantage of that, and take that market and sell to those 1.3 Billion people, then that would be great for our economy. Even if they are American owned companies established in China, employing Chinese people, it would bring lots of money back here. That is what Toyota is doing here. They didn't set up business because their number one concern was the economy of Texas.


I salute you!

Let's take America back! If you live here, you should stand up for the best interests in this Great Country! Otherwise, why are you riding on the coat tales of the people, trying to support the American cause, that are fighting for this land?

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