Ram Formally Names "Adventurer" Sport Truck the Ram 1500 Express

Ram Formally Names

Ram will call its entry-level half-ton sport truck the Ram 1500 Express, replacing its original "Adventurer" code name, the brand announced today at the 2011 Dallas Auto Show.

The two-wheel-drive, 390 horsepower Hemi V-8-powered Ram Express -- clearly a tribute to the 1978-79 Dodge L'il Red Express -- is aimed at performance enthusiasts. It features a monochromatic paint scheme, with a body-colored grille with black honeycomb inserts, body-colored front fascia and body-colored rear fascia with chrome-tipped dual exhausts.

The Express will start at $22,855 (not including a $975 destination charge). It will arrive in Ram truck dealerships in second quarter of 2011.


They could offer this Express in any color you want as long as it is red. Then they can call it the; Li'l Red Express II. Then they could add some lake-pipes and some sporty decals. That would be awesome!

Nice truck....

Awesome Performance & Fuel Economy...With a real tough sounding V-8 !!

Not bad at all!


Ram needs to come out with some new products and stop the name changing with slight changes game.

base Ram with a Hemi = Tradesman

Carvan Cargo Van = Ram C/V

TRX = Outdoorsman

Adverturer = Express


These are new products....

The Adventurer was a code name ,not an official name,some-one leaked it out...so no name change there..

Ford/GM/Chrysler used to do this back in the 70's and 80's,they had about a hundred different names and options for its vehicles..I was following a GM truck today with the w/t on its tailgate...bare bones truck with the work/truck name plate...

I guess you are jealous and you do not fully read the options these trucks have..Tradesman is a low cost work truck with a Hemi and best towing/power and mpg is almost as good as a 6 shooter furd or gumby motors truck 1 mpg off the furd, you get a great sounding/powerful HEMI V-8 at a ford/gm 6 cyl price...The Express has eye candy and get up and go and a entry level price !!! What is the problem with that ? More choice for the consumer is good for me !!

Awesome,this is my next truck.I want a truck but dont want the big price tag,and dont want a v-6 ,flat grey painted bumper stripper model.Thank-You Dodge RAM !

Ram keeps slapping together more pakcages with options already there to create the illusion of new products.

Stay tuned.

Just so you ram fans dont think im bashing I like what ram is doing lately. this idea that they are copying of fords is a good idea. make a bunch of different variations of a good platform and sell to a bunch of different people. That is the main reason i think ford is number 1 in sales. dont be surprised if gm starts doing more than just z71 and denali to compete and maybe than they could take the top spot with just chevy

A real express should come with a 6 speed option behind that Hemi! Dodge has never offered this? Why not? You know how many base model trucks they would sell with hemis and 6 speeds in a reg cab? Then there would be more trucks on the road, customized, rolling advertizing really. I should be in marketing!

I think the point of this truck is the look and performance for a low price. It's not supposed to be a life changing vehicle, just a quick, sporty looking truck on a budget.

Some of you are reading too much in to this lol


It is self evident, I think it is pretty cool.

Had a Dream..A 8 speed Auto on its way!!! Go Ram!!

@ Hammer It is very obvious but it looked like it was turning in to "Dodge is copying because they're using new names for models blah blah blah" lol

It's not for me but I doubt there's anything on the market with a 390HP V8 that you can buy for that price brand new let alone the fact that it's not a bare looking truck.

@ Rj A six speed will do just fine thank you

An 8-speed is on the way for the Dodge line.

@ Dave I know. IMO it's overkill...

Looks like a Sport to me.

@ A.J. I see your point but the latest 6-speeds are almost seemless and there's no reason an 8-speed won't be too. This truck would fly with a 6 and and 8 would add driveability and some extra quickness.

@ Mike It is a stripped down truck with sport appearance and minimal options.

I'd never own this thing but if Iwas 19 again I would lol

How can they call this 1500 Express when that name is already taken by the full-size Chevy Van?

Now, if they can put together a bare bones Challenger with a Hemi for around 26K, I am in!

So can we expect a Warlock with the 6.4 coming soon?

Offer this thing with a 4.10:1 gear ratio, and owners can go out and play with; Camaro Super Sports, Challenger R/Ts, and Mustang G.T.s. Not a bad deal considering the prices of those cars are all over $30,000.00.

How original of Ram. Will GM sue?


Cool pickup!

GM can't sue; they have no case. Dodge uses express as a trim level name, not a model name. All the Dodge cars start out at express, then they move up to levels like heat and so forth.

I don't understand why some people find it necessary to mock and make fun of naming the trim levels. They say garbage like "they're trying to create the illusion of new product when its just the same old same old" and "its just sticker engineering." Well im pretty sure Ford does the same thing with the Platinum and the FX4 and the "Cabela's Edition" but not a peep from those certain individuals. Instead they then say how awesome it is and how everyone needs to be more like ford blah blah blah. Meaningless drivel!!! A Ram Outdoorsman is like an F150 FX4 and the Laramie is like the Platinum; was that really hard to figure out?

Seriously people, what the hell is the big deal about naming the trim levels?

@ shop cat I agree it actually makes it easier for people to put trim levels and options together. most people know what fxr, platinum, and king ranch mean now they can put express, long horn, and outdoorsman together with standard options. if your just window shopping it will be easier to do without dealing with pushy salespeople.

Other than cheaper wheels and a lower price, how is it any different than a Ram 1500 Sport?

they should put stacks on it like the lil red express had. that would be sick

is that 23K price including the HEMI, or some crappy 6 cylinder ?

@ A.J. I agree with u about a 6 speed, but they are not gonna go with that. So the 8 speed auto comin...Heard the cummins are gettin it too!!! Hey Mike Levine any news on the Chevy's new motors yet? Thanks..

@Jordan L. I heard the 6.4 will be only for the Ram 2500 n SRT Charger n Challenger package... None for the Ram 1500. Thats what I heard, so don't know if thats True or not!!!

@ uncle al

If you actually read the article you'd know!

@ Rj I think you are correct but a person can dream though. I a really great time to get a truck these days. All the great engines and options

What is considered the Q2? May?

What do you think a 4x4 Regular Cab will be? 26k?

It is good to see Ram trying to push the truck line in a new direction.

The "new" names may be a rehash/rebadge, But........... so what?

Wasn't the purpose of ditching the "Dodge" name to forge a new identity under the RAM name?

These new trim names and expansion of Ram's option levels are most likely part of Fiat's master plan.

I like the direction Ram is heading.

Hmmm, Ram is naming this truck the Ram 1500 Express, after the 1979 Lil Red Express, not after the Chevrolet full-size van, but I thought of that right after seeing this article. Adventurer was also an old package for the '70s.

I agree.... Warlock please, but can I have a 6spd manual? Thanks Ram!

Just purchased one it will hold you in the seat harder than my 09 srt8 challenger can't wait to take to the strip this thing rocks and you can come out of an on ramp at 70+ with that rear suspension

these people bashing these trucks have never bought a chrysler product you can get any gear ratio you want if you have a dealer that will order it my express has 355 gears and a possi, also you can't outshift an automatic I've raced for years, if you want a stick buy a used srt10 and you also get 600 hp. the express can be ordered as a bare bone fast little truck to a truck with cloth,carpet, power window,locks ect its like back in the late 60s, the cornet and roadrunner had vinyl seats column sifts no carpet and 440s. my srt8 challenger isn't any quicker than this truck if at all the challenger will get the truck by a fender the truck has 390hp at 4200lbs and get 17mpg beating around town my srt8 has 425hp at 4900lbs and gets 13-15 mpg on a good day in town, a nos system or a supercharger or both this little truck will be a real street bruiser, by the way my challenger 1/4 mile best was a 14.41 I'm thinking in stock trim my truck should run a 14.5 or 14.6

It is nice to see that the factory muscle truck is still alive and well.

Bubba: "That thing got a HEMI?"

Ram owner: "What was you first clue...seeing me/my truck just smoke the competition?"

Bubba: "Do that there motor have one of them 2-camshaft and 24-valve jobbers?"

Ram owner: "Nah, don't need all that wasted stuff. Just pure American pushrod muscle! Sorry, I have to go. Here comes that Tundra owner, again, wanting a fourth rematch."

Way to go Ram!

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