Ram "Long-Hauler" Concept is the Ultimate Tow Truck

Ram Long-Hauler Concept is the Ultimate Tow Truck
Photos courtesy of Ram Trucks

Looking for the ultimate tow rig to pull your fifth-wheel horse trailer, car hauler or RV across the U.S. with just two refueling stops? The Ram Long-Hauler concept could be all the pickup truck you’ll ever need. It almost makes the 2007 Dodge Ram BFT look like a compact.

We're all over the Long-Hauler, along with our friends at Diesel Power Magazine.

The Long-Hauler name fits the truck’s length and driving range. The 197.4-inch-wheelbase pickup is based on the Class 5 Ram 5500 medium-duty chassis cab commercial truck (19,500 pounds gross vehicle weight). It’s been upfitted with an 8-foot long dual-rear-wheel cargo box and an extra 110 gallons of diesel fuel capacity – 60 gallons in a custom midship reservoir positioned between cab and bed and 50 gallons in a bed-mounted combo fuel tank and toolbox – for a total of 162 gallons. Pulling a big trailer, that's about 1,600 miles to 2,000 miles of range, by our estimates.

To make the ride as comfortable as possible, the Long-Hauler features Ram’s four-door Mega Cab configuration, which offers the most interior volume of any full-size pickup. For backseat passengers, there are adjustable footrests, tray tables, a refrigerator and Wi-Fi connectivity. It’s also trimmed inside and out with Ram’s new top-of-the-line Laramie Longhorn option package.

Under the hood is a 6.7-liter Cummins inline-six-cylinder oil burner rated at 305 horsepower and 610 pounds-feet of torque. It’s paired with a six-speed Aisin automatic transmission. The gross combined weight rating is 37,500 pounds, according to an information card that was with the truck when it debuted at the Mid-America Truck Show earlier this year.


Say goodbye to squat. All four corners have 19.5-inch Alcoa aluminum 10-lug wheels that are paired with a Kelderman airbag suspension front and rear to manage its high GCWR. The suspension is self-leveling and can manage the air springs independently, kneeling or raising them to provide an optimal rake for the truck.

Who’s the Long-Hauler customer? It’s aimed at power pullers who are looking to step up from a one-ton truck to more capable tow vehicle but think that Class 6 rigs, like a Freightliner SportChassis, are too much truck and too expensive. Think rodeo competitors, farm owners and full-time RVers.

There’s no word on whether we’ll see the Long-Hauler reach production, but we think certain elements, such as the air suspension, could reach the Ram Heavy Duty lineup.

If you want to check it out yourself, the Ram Long-Hauler will be at the Kentucky Derby on May 6 and 7 in Louisville.

In the meantime, also be sure to read Diesel Power's Long-Hauler story.


Nice truck what is the price tag

@Dan the Man: I'd guesstimate around $75K to $80K. What do you think it should cost?

@ Mike
that is about what i was thinking

Cool. I would think it would be more than 80,000 dollars.

162 gallons of fuel!!! Does it come with a box of adult diapers for the poor guy who's bladder can't withstand the 2,000 mile driving range? The airbag suspension would be great on a 1-ton truck.

That is about the coolest ram i have seen so far i think they should make it that is sweet looking wish i could have it now.


Airbag suspension is a great idea. I've heard F450 drivers complain about the ride when running anything short of a full load and especially when empty. Seems like the airbags could provide a smoother ride while still being as stiff as needed. Man, that thing is *long* though. Might be tough to use for errands once you get where you are going.

This is awesome for the hardcore trailer tower!! Awesome mods to the existing Dodge Ram 5500.

Im sure this truck will be extremely expensive though... Also parking in any "normal" parking lots with a high volume of other vehicles will be pretty much impossible.

If Dodge adds full air suspension to its 2500 and 3500 Ram line-up Ford and GM might as well hang it up...or try and match it.

Air suspension is the chit!

That fuel tank between the cab and the bed doesn't sound too safe. It brings to mind the in-cab fuel tanks they used to use. I don't think it would pass a side-impact test very easily.

finally someone out there is think more fuel capacity!

Sweet! All they would need to do is fill in the gap between the add-on and the bed & drop the 800 lb.-ft. torque motor under the hood.

its diesel fuel it wont explode

I'd like to see someone parallel park this puppy in downtown Chicago.

Now wait a minute, where are all the posters bashing Chrysler and saying "Welfare checks" and this is the second time in US history that the govt bailed out (loaned) Chrysler money to stay afloat. Where are the same people that crucify GM???? The fact is there is a lot of people here that just hate GM for some god forsaken reason.

Chrysler was bailed out or loaned money back in the eighties for those old enough to remember. Anything to do with GM and the ford fans come abashin, Chrysler they don't say a word. WEIRD.

I'd like to see someone parallel park this puppy in downtown Chicago.
Thats easy. Put a steel brush bar on the front and simply move them out of the way.

@ Bob
the difference here is Chrysler paid there loans back and GM did not

The main thing I think is useful about this is the Mega Cab on the 5500 chassis. That should definitely be added to the option list for the Racers, RV'ers and Horse pullers. Even just having the standard midship tank, along with the 50gal rear tank offered would be great.

Oh really dan the little boy! Where did you come up with that notion? Why don't you show the board here the proof that Chrysler paid the govt in full and GM did not. If you have proof of this there should be no problem showing the board. If you cannot provide such proof, shut the puck up!

WOW cool rig....... i think theres a place for this for a select few folks, its more than i need but seriously cool.


Dude seriously, noone brought up GM at all. Why hate? its cool, it'd be cool if GM did it as well (personally i dig the Top Kick and Kodiak's though) but dont hate for no reason, you look like a whiny goof dude.

At this point aren't you better off with a Toterhome or TopKick style truck?

Looks nice and sounds well thought out for long hauls. Hope it's equipped with a flomax pill dispenser. :)

@ Bob


The Diesel Power links don't show their version of the story. It goes to the main site.

Well hemi, you apparently haven't a clue as to all the anti GM on this board and welfare check, bailout, bankruptcy and the general over all bashing anytime a GM product is talked about. I only broght it up since this time we have a Dodge product produced by Chrysler Corporation and nothing is said about bailouts, welfare checks or the general bashing of Dodge trucks. I am not bashing Dodge or Chrysler for for taking govt loans to save jobs. I just wanted to point out the double standard.

Ford fans having nothing bad to say about Dodge or Chrysler, but anything GM, and it's junk this and bailout that and they deserved to fail talk. I guess ford fans don't see Dodge or Chrysler as a threat so there is no annomisity towards Dodge or Chrysler. Don't believe me, read the many anti GM posts on a daily basis here.

Frank W - why would a fuel tank at the front of the box be unsafe? I see thousands of work trucks with fuel tanks situated at the front of the box.

@ Bob - You finally starting to see the rankings of pickups in the real world.
1. Ford F Series trucks
2. Dodge Ram trucks
3. Sierra/Silverado trucks

Ford = The Good
Chrysler = The Bad
GM = The Ugly

@Bob -since you are trolling the Ram thread -
And you asked the question " where are all the posters bashing Chrysler and saying "Welfare checks" and this is the second time in US history that the govt bailed out (loaned) Chrysler money to stay afloat."

People don't say much about the Chrysler bailout for several reasons:
1. Chrysler got screwed by DaimlerBenz, and Cerberus.
These companies left Chrysler with no financial reserves.
2. Chrysler's bailout was 6.6 billion. (2nd time around).
3. Chrysler has always been viewed as the underdog.

GMC was the Top Dog that totally, completely, mismanaged itself to death.
No one elses fault but GMC.

@ Bob - don't you think this decision to stall truck development but to push green cars sounds like government interference?
You failed to answer my question in the GM tread.
You bosom buddy Obama saved GMC, therefore they get to call the shots.
Did you know that the U.S. Government Buys 1 out of 4 Hybrid Models Produced by GM?
By 2015, the federal government will only buy hybrids, says Obama.
Get used to it.
Government Motors Corrupted.
See the connection?
CBM - Cry Baby Motors.


I agree with you that there seems to be a double standard here. Perhaps it is like you say, Chrysler is not viewed as a threat to the Ford fans.

These "bailout" comments are sooo old news. I wish that people would just let it go and move on. It was done mainly to save the jobs of thousands of innocent American's jobs and not to reward management like people keep bringing up.

Everybody (anti Chrysler/General Motors people)-

Appreciate the fact that our U.S. government helped save American jobs and two great American icons!
Long live Chrysler Corporation, Ford Motor Company, and General Motors Corporation!!!

@ Buy American or say Bye to America!
i admit that i am the one that keeps bringing up the bailouts and i guess i am speaking from hind sight but i just don't see it saving jobs in the long run it was a quick fix and should not have been done that is how i feel and with that being said i will stop bringing it up

Now this is a truck. It's nice to see them continue to bring new ideas to market. I like the fact they are being creative and pushing forward to earn marketshare, using their design strengths. Rather than backing off on truck designs like GM, they are running seperate from their car division and fighting for sales. Good for Chrysler!

Competition is good...and we need gm around

@ Bob -"where are all the posters bashing Chrysler"

Chrysler/Dodge/Ram does not get bashed hard because they do not have a stark raving mad fanboi on this site like GMC does.

In most cases it is more a case of BOB bashing than GMC bashing.

Don't you get it?

It all about you.

That is, after all, what you want.

Any attention is good attention.

You and Charlie Sheen have a lot in common.

(well, with the exception of money, fame, drug addiction etc)

That looks mean! Awesome!

And let me say, I agree with the first 14 comments.

HAHA Gotcha!

The only reason I post on this board is the outright hiprocrasy and anti GM bs. I read on this site every day. It has nothing to do with me even if you want to think that.

Dodge is not a threat to ford so ford fans don't bash dodge. GM has sold more trucks than ford in the last 25 years and that is why ford fans like yourself constantly want to bash GM. I don't bash ford and even like there new half ton trucks and their new engines. I knew the Durmax would win the pickuptrucks.com shootout, and it has beaten the ford powerstroke in all performance tests from every magazine or contest that was written or pulling contest. I don't dislike ford motor company, just the ford fans here that constantly have to bash GM.

I am glad there is variety for consumers to choose from and if everyone drove one brand it would be a boring world.

This is uber-retarded.

Its like Lou said...Most of the ''GM'' haters on this site exisist because of you...or people like you, myself included. Its not really that I ''hate'' GM, or at least I didn't before I met you. Fanboi's like you pushed me to almost a raw dislike on a cellular level.

Actually you know what...I had a decent idea about GM before I met you...You are by far the worst Fanboi have EVER come across. And you totally spoiled any respect I might have had for GM...So you can think yourself for all the hatred your seeing towards GM on this site. You shoot YOURSELF in the foot everytime you bitch and moan about GM. Because in a way...You are the spokes person for GM on this site...Everyone that frequents this site is going to relate GM to YOU. And you behave like sucha whiny fanboy, so naturally its gonna make people resent you and GM...Congrats...Your helping screw the image of GM over.

And also....WTF do you care what ANYONE else thinks about GM. All of your complaints are just you whining about how Ford guys don't like GM and think GM is junk...Why for the love of god why do you care? I don't give a damn if you or anyone else thinks poorly of Ford...It doesn't change my thoughts about Ford and that's all that matters to me. Your so busy caring about what everyone else thinks about GM, you can't even stop to realize that by making these pointless rants on news fourms that ARN'T EVEN RELATED TO GMC your only shooting your own foot.

.............Now with that said.

Cool look truck, ''The Ram''. Expensive to fill up thats for sure...I calculate almost 700$ at 4.00$ a gallon...But you gotta love that crusing range.

Nice truck! Wonder what it would be like with an IVECO diesel under the hood.


I know right, I wonder when IT will just go away.

The chassis-cab version of the 6.7L Cummins is rated at 305/610, not 350/650. Ford detunes their new 6.7 Powerstroke in their C/C trucks as well.

@RoadTrip: Thanks for the catch. Stupid mistake on my part.

So it's the length of a day-cab Freightliner Cascadia, but has less power and less torque, sells for similar money (to a lightly used semi), and you still need the same CDL you would need for a semi? Plus it gets similar economy while towing less and it has a backseat fridge?

All hat, no cattle.

@ Brian
Yes Airbag suspension is the only to go for something that has a 37,500GCWR,. It would be nightmare using conventional springs. Most trucks of that size here in Australia run airbags.
@Big Bob,
The IVECO Tector is the cousin of the Cummins and shares the original capacity of both 5.9 Litres. The IVECO and Cummins 5.9’s were developed in the short lived tie up Cummins had with Fiat. At one stage Fiat was building blocks for Cummins.
The 6.7 was developed in Cummins English operation. They have the Holset Fuel injection business and English Cummins does the Industrial (stationery) and large diesels( trains,large trucks, agricultural) . Similar large stuff produced in Pune India for Cummins.
Most heavier use diesels are detuned for longevity.

First off this is my first post here and who in the hell is this Bob guy? I mean, he is just giving GM owners a bad name, personal I love all of the big three.

As for this truck, I am very impressed, especially with Air Bag Suspension. Also be great to see more offerings for the one ton plus line up. Maybe Ford and Chevy will follow, I would love to see an F-550 with a bed.

You all sound like a bunch of high school girls. Nate.M, Bob, Frank, Lou, it gets old wading through all your BS to find intelligent commentary.

Anybody know whether there s a weight rating where air brakes become mandatory?

Some time ago I posted what I would like to see in a 1 ton truck. One of the things was airbags, most people complain about the ride quality in the 1 and 3/4 ton trucks when empty, and this would not only solve the problem but also make a truck more capable. But of coarse trucks are very expensive as they are, and throwing a on-board air compressor and airbags would only increase the price tag.

I don't think they ever become mandatory, but it does improve a ride quality and some companies wont load a truck (SEMI) if it's not equipped with air-ride suspension since non air-ride would destroy the load.

gm did pay there loan back in 2010 it took them a year to pay or so but they paid there loan


Dodge is a threat to Ford,in Canada .Dodge is the fastest growing truck company,and the Ram Diesel trucks are the best selling Diesel trucks around in Canada.

As for the bailouts,back in the 80's Chrysler repayed its loans in record time,several years earlier than expected.And became the most profitable car company in the 80's-late 1990's until Mercedes screwed them !

And currently Chrysler is paying back the loans at 16.9% interest..GM has 0% so you know GM will never pay it back,it was a total give money to GM scam...GM is under government control and the unions run GM and taking all of their money !

Also Chrysler is not under governement control,as GM is..

Also I agree with Lou,to quote him:

People don't say much about the Chrysler bailout for several reasons:
1. Chrysler got screwed by DaimlerBenz, and Cerberus.
These companies left Chrysler with no financial reserves.
2. Chrysler's bailout was 6.6 billion. (2nd time around).
3. Chrysler has always been viewed as the underdog

I will add,Mercedes took Chrysler's high end electronics business and its Pacifica studios and its billions in reserve money...c?hrysler was the most profitable car company around,Mercedes took Billions from Chrysler !!Basically Chrysler was robbed by the Germans ,then Cerberus...many were skeptical about Fiat,but Fiat already sells rebadged Chrysler 300's,200's,Journey's and others as high end Lancia's in Europe,plus Chrysler is making money now,and they said they would have a billion dollars in profit already if it wasnt for the high interest loans they have to pay back,they are on the right track...GM on the other hand is fumbling around and still cant make a real profit,just government money given to them and they use that and say it is a profit...it isnt.

I am not against GM but they are screwed because the government in running them !! By the way in Canada people laugh at a GM Diesel truck !! It has a Japanese engine LOL !!!

@ a different Luke-- I believe that the RAM 5500 still uses hydraulic brakes, not air brakes. Hydraulic brakes do not require a CDL.

@ Lou-- People forget about the stealing...I mean merging of Chrysler & Daimler. Chrysler had millions of dollars for their own use until the "merger". Daimler only wanted the money, not Chrysler. If not for the merger, there would have been no Cerberus involvement. Without Cerberus involvement, there would have been no need for the second bankruptcy & bailout.

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