Report: General Motors Won't Accelerate Release of Next-Gen Full-Size Trucks

Report: General Motors Won't Accelerate Release of Next-Gen Full-Size Trucks
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With higher prices at the pump, General Motors CEO Dan Akerson said the automaker has no plans to speed up the debut of its next-generation full-size pickup trucks, according to a report in Automotive News.

"Trucks would not be a program that we’d move up in a mileage-sensitive market," Akerson said.

In the meantime, GM is moving up the release of more fuel-efficient cars, like the all-new 2013 Chevrolet Malibu, which is expected to launch four months earlier than planned.

Our take: We're scratching our heads a bit.

If GM is sticking to its revised launch schedule for the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra replacements — changed after the company filed for bankruptcy protection in 2009 — this isn't big news. GM has a finite amount of engineering talent it can use to speed up the release of its new cars or trucks.

However, we're wondering if the resources are available, why wouldn't GM also want to move up the launch of its next-gen big pickups? Ford's all-new buzz-worthy powertrain lineup for the 2011 F-150 is powerful and fuel efficient. GM's next-gen pickups are expected to also receive new six-cylinder and eight-cylinder conventional and hybrid engines that are more powerful and efficent than the current engine lineup. GM's full-size twins are also expected to be lighter than the trucks they replace, which is expected to help improve EPA gas mileage ratings over today's. So why not move up the release in a "mileage-senstitive market?"

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If the new models are due to come for model year 2013, that puts them out in mid 2012 like the 2011 HDs came out mid 2010, so exactly how much moving up should they do when its only a 6 month window you're dealing with? Are you suggesting they move the release date from roughly mid to early 2012?

I'm not sure they even know what their priorities should be at this point.

I think they lack focus.

Maybe the advertising funds they will use to focus on their fuel efficient cars would be spread too thin if they had to advertise all new trucks as well? If the GM focus is fuel efficient cars, non-truck people could see it as a bad move for them to advertise these 'massive gas guzzling trucks' alongside their new cars. Us truck guys might understand what a success it is to be a powerful and fuel efficient hauling machine, but lots of people out there don't.

F*** that sux. What's next, The VOLT will burn your house down.

Buena Suerte Motores General!

At some point the 4.5L dmax should be resurrected. Gawd knows turbo direct injection engines have fuel advantage limitations much like displacement on demand.

Makes sense to delay the next gen as it may need to be far more aerodynamic (those sharp square edges won't cut it), use advanced light materials, more fuel efficient engines.

that because they won't be in business anymore after 2012, or bankrupt or something along those lines

We can finally put to bed the silly manufacturer race to max HP/TQ. Alas, the current high HP/TQ engines are obsolete and our older, more fuel efficient pickups are more cherished.

@Ken, I'd love to see the 4.5, as well as Ford's 4.4, but we'd be kidding ourselves if we didn't admit that every engine has its limitations. For the money, the GTDI technology is absolutely fantastic.

well it depends on what they offer with their next generation of trucks. I just hope they do it right when it comes. I want to see something like an ecoboost four cylinder in a truck. I recently read about the four cylinder ecoboost with around 250 horsepower coming I think in the ford taurus. I would love that option in a half ton truck if it could give me a couple more mpg's. I hope chevy will be playing leap-frog with ford and dodge rather than catch-up over the next few years.

The fuel price hikes and subsequent other ones coming in the future coupled with the very unstable financial situation makes it not a good time to roll our Pickups of any description in the US/Canada.

I think it is more due to them being caught with their pants down with how advanced the new Ford power train lineup is. Back to the drawing board!

With fuel prices high, this is the segment that needs the most work to increase efficiancy. People still want and will need trucks and why not put the focus on the segment that really needs help.

Taken from the article:
"Akerson’s announcement likely doesn’t sit well with dealers. Trucks have traditionally been the biggest profit maker in an automaker’s product portfolio and many dealers are eager to start selling the next-gen Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra instead of more fuel efficient, but less profitable, small cars. Also unknown is the fate of the GMC Sierra All Terrain HD concept that was unveiled at the Detroit auto show and has had a positive reaction from the press and public. The All Terrain could be GM’s answer to Ford’s souped-up F-150 SVT Raptor and Ram’s Power Wagon trucks."

I read that GMC was planning a 2012 release but moved the date to 2014.
That would translate to fall 2013.
I haven't heard of any planned replacements for the 5.3. An EB "like" engine seems to be popping up AKA Cadillac's Twin Turbo V6.
There is a rumor of a twin overhead cam, VVT, Cylinder deactivation 6.2 L V8.
Delaying production of new trucks does not make sense.
If the worry is rising fuel prices, shouldn't auto companies be releasing new fuel efficient trucks ?
If you take into account a 3-5 year developement cycle - I suspect that GMC focused too much on HP and Torque. Because of rising fuel costs, the fuel economy on the next gen trucks was not there, and they got caught with their pants around their ankles.
The lack of foreward thinking, and proper product planning is what got them in trouble in the first place.
Same old GMC.
Same old mistakes.
There is no joy in Bobville!

I agree with Buy American, they find themselves without a competitive product to Ford's offerings. Isn't competition great?

we no gm next truck be special,just imagine the new duramax...the power,,,,,

Lou is partially correct. The original release timeframe for the redone trucks was calendar year 2013, or, 2 years from now. They are not putting them off longer than that, but they are not trying to move them up, either.

Frankly, I think it is a mistake. GM has done no MCE on their trucks, and no meaningful improvements short of 6-speed autos. They could address interior issues and quality rather easily, to keep the trucks generally competative until 2013.

Instead, they will have to rely on cash on the hood, to keep them moving until then. This in turn, will lower their profitability.

The next gen had better be something special if they expect to gain any share back.

@ Gloria, @ uncclebud - it does appear that GM is handing the truck market over to Ford and Ram.

From what I've heard of GM, Ford and Chrysler, it sounds like Mulally and Ford has a plan, Marchionne and Jeep/Chrysler/Dodge have a plan, and GM is pretty much out to pasture.

The fact that their programs seem so unfocused and they are not attempting to make a legitimate parry to Ford's brand new engine lineup (not just the Ecoboost either, the 5.0 too) is a shame.

I'm hoping that they accelerate the release of the Colorado replacement, though. I know it probably wouldn't sell, but I might take one, what with the state of the compact truck market and the lack of choice.

I wonder if Bob will use this as ammo.

Let the whining begin!!!!

I don't believe the sales figures show an issue with the current model........On a side note, I had a '87 GM Pu and that was a pain in the ass getting parts for as GM had introduced the 88 mid year '87

We had a plant update yesterday. Looks like some future products for the 4.8 and 5.3 are due in 2013. From the components we will be building it looks like the engines are getting high pressure direct injection.

@Buy American:

The only thing advanced about Ford's power train lineup is their marketing. When the rubber hits the road there's not much difference.

Word from C&D is that GM is going smaller displacement with direct injection. Problem could be a supply issue. GM sells a pile of trucks, they are going to need a pile of parts. Chrysler is having some supply problems with its new 3.6L givin this engine is replacing 6 current engines. The new engines will be used across the board in Tahoes and other vehicles.

Maybe because their boss the federal government is BANKRUPT!!!

I think the problem is that they are scared of their own shadow. Go diesel GM. The engine is already developed so what the heck. What I don't understand is for the money spent lobbying gas and ethanol, why not lobby for diesel and lower fuel costs for everybody? Did you guys know that for every gallon of unleaded you buy, you spend $1 supporting ethanol subsidies and tax incentives? Aaaaaaaand they raise the price of cornbread on the process. WTF!!!!!!

But if it looks like the drawing its over for GM anyway.

Maybe they have something secret up their sleeves and want to wow everyone with their product. They might be acting like the tortoise in his race with the hare.

gm needs to repay us tired and worn out taxpayers. They said they did but they lied again. Now obumer is wanting to sell off his half of gm. Guess who pays again? US. I could care less about this truck or any product they may try to sell. They just need to go away or pay it all back. We helped them survive and they shoved it up our you know whats with no remorse. What goes around, comes around!

WTF? Did anybody here read the article right? It's just saying they wont accelerate the release that means they stick to 2012. And btw why should they change anything? The interior is just 4 fout years old and still looks much better than Forda and Rams. What's wrong with the engine lineup?Who does expect a 25mpg milage from a 5000 pound brick with conventional gad engines? Are you guys nuts? Let GM develop a great product for 2012 and let them make it right rather than hurring up and afterwards everybody's complaining about poor quality.period

You should never rush a product to market if you care about quality. You have a scheduled date and that is what you shoot for. You push it a head faster and it will come back and haunt you in one way or another. Just look at past years for any automobile manufacturer and you will remember models brought to the market with issues. Why rush anyways? Should Ford rush a new super duty out so they can fix the weaknesses they have from old frame designs that are not up to par? Let the products come when they are due and the customer will be rewarded with a more quality vehicle. I think GM has learned from the their mistakes in the 70's about rushing a new product to market. They turned into nightmares.

@Greg @DenaliDriver, sound thinking, but not a luxury for GM right now I don't think. They are getting their ass beat.

The last major update for the GM half tons was in 2006 CY. If the new trucks comes out around 2013 like Mike Levine first reported, that is too long of a lifecycle without any major updates.

The reason the "GM won't accelerate" is news is because 1) they are accelerating other models but not trucks and 2) they slowed down the truck development during the bankruptcy so it is even farther behind than it should be.

2013 is a long way away. Ford doesn't need to rush out a new Super Duty at this time. It is still the class leader overall and owns half the market.

And another thing, Ford Super Duty is considered new this year with major updates.

Last time Chevy was able to call their half ton new or updated was for 2007. A 6-7 year span without any new model or refresh is about two times longer than industry standard of 3.5 years.

It NEVER FAILS! Anything to do with GM about a GM product and the ford faggots can't wait to bad mouth, bash, insult, and have absolutely nothing positive to say about GM. They treat GM like they are a foreign company.

Why is this? Why can't they just be happy with their ford product and not bash GM. Why do they constantly have to trash GM to make themselves feel better about ford trucks or themselves? I say it's because they have a infieority complex.

I have said it a hundred times if I've said it once, any topic regarding a GM prouduct and the ford faggots have to complain, trash, put down, predict doom, predict another bank ruptcy, predict GM won't last past 2012. Don't believe me? Just read the posts every time anything to do with GM comes up.

The only thing I said about Fords new engines was that there Ecoboost was a great engine, but it didn't get the fuel economy they claimed and that those claims were on there TWO WHEEL DRIVE MODELS ONLY! GM still sells the second most trucks on the road and yet ford and dodge fans act like there antiques. I guess ford fans can't be happy unless they are bashing GM and treating GM'S trucks like they are a foreign company.

@Bob nobody is bashing GM. Just stating the obvious fact that they are losing ground. Quickly. We all would like to see GM do something. Anything.

Losing ground to who??? Last time I checked GM is neck in neck with Ford for amount of trucks sold year to date. Do ford and dodge have newer or refreshed platforms? yes.

So, although your perception is that GM is "losing ground" GM is still neck and neck with ford for truck sales.

@ Bob

Stop the lying Bob, We all know that you are also guilty of "bashing" on Ford threads. You should have been kicked off this forum a long time ago. All you ever do is bash Ford and get p#ssy hurt when somebody says something about GM you don’t like. You have proven that you can sometimes post a decent comment but nobody on this site believes you when you say you have never said anything bad about Fords or Ford owners/supporters.

I would like to see the latest numbers. I'll eat my hat if GM isn't trending lower in half-ton market share. Not bashing GM here, while my company has many Ford trucks, I have personally never driven any other truck other than a GM. That said, I just rode with my brother-in-law to Kansas in his new F-150 SuperCrew Lariat. Dang nice truck. Rode like a Caddy. Today's GM 1/2s are bland in comparison. No news from GM is bad news for GM.

Hey bob,

I still want the General Motors Corporation to succeed. Especially, as Fiat's stake in the Chrysler Corporation is approaching 51% within next year or so.

Well, at least Chrysler will still be 49% compared to Toyota being 100% Japanese.

Long live Chrysler Corporation, Ford Motor Company, and General Motors Corporation!!!

@ Jason, When comparing the current lifecycle for the current Silverado/Sierra to the old C/K series, the current trucks actually may not seem that old. The C/K series was introduced in 1987 for the '88 model year and sold alongside the redesigned 1999 model for atleast a year or so. But I do agree though, that this truck market today is way too important for truck designs to remain unchanged for decades.

Lying Synergy??? What lies did I tell or say??? Ford bashing??? show me how I bashed ford? I do admit to bashing ford fans that constantly bash ford. If by bashing ford you mean when I said Ford Super dud, or that the Duramax kicked sand in the face of the ford powerjoke is bashing ford, OK I'm guilty. I even said Fords new half ton engines are very impressive, but was ticked off about the fuel economy claims of ford fans saying 23 mpg for the ecoboost, NOT. 22 mpg for the TWO WHEEL DRIVE MODEL ONLY!!!! 21 mpg for the 4 wheel drive and that only matches GM'S 5.3 liter V8 for highway fuel economy.

I don't have to bash ford to make myself feel good about GM. I do have an issue with the ford fans like Lou, Frank, Synergy, Alex who constantly bash GM and p...ies like Synergy trying to get me kicked off the site because he doesn't like my opinion's.

Does ford make a nice truck? Yes, I am impressed with their half ton's especially and I have no problem admitting that. Until the debut of the 2011 engine lineup, ford was behind in the engine department and their fuel economy sucked.

I like the looks of both the F-150 and the New Dodge Ram pickups. GM makes a dam nice truck as well, but you would never get the ford pu..ies admit it or acknowledge that.

@Bob what I want to hear you admit is that your frustrated at GM too

Bob, I don't keep bashing GM. I praised the Duramax (I even seriously considered buying one), I just don't see how a GM fan can bash these new Ford gas engines because GM doesn't have anything as good or better to offer right now. I have even agreed with you in regards to the good fuel economy of the 5.3, which I used to own. I am not the one making references to "government motors" either. Without any doubt, Ford makes the best half-ton.


I have said more than once that I love the GMC Sierra design. I may not like the Chevy Silverado but I dont constantly "Bash" it. I dont "Bash" GM fans either like you "Bash" Ford fans. I dont Bash GM's engines cause I have no right too since I have no experiance with the current line-up. And I have never generalized GM fans by associating them with derogatory you have. I dont know very many people who have resorted to name calling like you have. If you dont want people attacking every comment you post your going to need to choose your words more wisely.

Does anyone else think the octagonal grille on the Sierra shown looks rather ford-esque? My only hope with the new models will be the elimination of the grotesque looking fender flares. I hate those!! Otherwise I don't mind the GM trucks, I'd take a Dodge any day over one, but i don't have any beef against Ford or GM (although GM's arrogance in advertising is starting to get a little old). I will be the first to admit Dan Akerson is an idiot. GM really needs a more competent CEO. Chrysler went through the same garbage with Bob Eaton, Tom LaSorda, Dieter Zetsche, and that f*cking moron Bob Nardelli; but now that they finally have someone who knows what the hell he's doing, things are looking much, much better. I just hope the same can one day be said for GM.

The Hyundai Sonata 2.0 liter turbo
Puts out 274 hp and 269 ft-lbs of torque between 1750-4500 rpm's in a car that weights 3500lbs. A similarly spec'd engine would be an excellent base truck engine with the appropriate gearing and a 6, 7, or 8 spd transmission.


Bob and wise are two words that will never be said in a sentence. This person contributes absolutely nothing to this site other than his foul mouth.

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