Toyota Voluntarily Recalls 51,000 Tundras

Toyota Motors is voluntarily recalling about 51,000 2011 Toyota Tundra pickups to inspect a potential flaw with the rear drive shaft.

In the affected vehicles, the drive shaft slip yoke may break due to improper casting. The slip yoke is integral to power delivery from the engine to the wheels.

This type of failure has been confirmed in one owner’s vehicle, but no injuries or accidents have been associated with the condition, Toyota says.

Owners of the affected vehicles will get a letter from Toyota advising them of the recall. Dealerships will inspect and replace the rear drive shaft if necessary at no charge. Concerned owners can call Toyota at 800-331-4331 or visit the company’s recall website for more info.


I wonder how long it will take to get this news thread closed?

@ Lou
yea i was thinking the same thing

Ever since last generation Tundra came out, they've had too many issues, I am just wondering how this truck topped the JD Power list for best full size truck?

@Lex While I think the Tundra has some very impressive features, I agree with you on this one. Everyone has recalls but the Tundra seems plagued sometimes. Do recalls not affect the reliability because they are directly addressed by the manufacturer? Because Ford and Chevy are both recommended too but they all have their recalls.

At least they are grabbing the horse before it runs away. But ya recall threads need to be closed. The spamming chaos gets ridiculous.

I don't care what JD power says, Tundra has had way to many recalls on way to many important parts of the truck...The Tundra is a crappy truck with a good V8 which suckers some people in.

Glad to see them more proactive, but I wonder why anyone would want one of these anyway?

Seems like the recalls and issues have increased nearly lock-step with the increase of domestic content that their vehicles and other manufactures are built with. Wondering if this is a result of our foundries cutting corners to keep pace with China.

Personally I think that JD Power makes some bogus results. They say "how many problems from 100 vehicles" I am sure that they can just hand pick those 100 vehicles. I've noticed that Mercury was somewhere around number 11, and Ford around 30, then as soon as Mercury shut down, they switched spots.

Goodbye Tundra, Hello EcoBoost

Oh wow, who would have thought Toyota has the actual guts to "voluntarily" issue a recall.


The poster later goes on to comment:

"Thanks for the compliments guys!
Even though I had the Tundra 5.7 V8 with 4.30 gears and 381 HP, this EcoBoost can match it in everything except the gas mileage. That's where the EcoBoost excels past the Tundra. I was towing a 21 foot bass boat with the Tundra and getting 11.3 mpg's. Now with the F-150 Ecoboost (1,341 miles) and the same boat, I'm getting 18.3 mpg's with 3.73 gears. The torque is awesome as well as the mid-range punch for passing vehicles on the highway with the boat. I get the best of both worlds now. V-8 power with V-6 fuel economy."

Ecoboost is a real winner.

JD Power would not be the "industry standard" if they generated bogus results.
Consumer Report only surveys its members. That in itself has the potential for bias.
Recalls fit into the "problems per 100 statistic.
Toyota Tundra scores high despite the recalls.
Statistically, the Tundra has an overall good rating (recalls included).
What is so hard about that to comprehend?
The Ford F150 is the only 1/2 ton that is comparable to the Tundra in problems per 100 vehicles.
Ram 1/2 tons have made huge quality gains.
Sierra/Silverado are hit and miss.

The Toyota Sienna owner is going to go on another Toyota rant and get this thread shut down.

I don't believe it, Toyotas are 100% reliable! There's even a Camry add that suggests that owners don't need to spend any money on maintenance.

@Dan The Man, I fixed the fuel consumption issue with my 5.4! I did change the fuel filter as you suggested, plus a few other tricks. Now getting 18mpg highway using 85 Octane unleaded on a 5.4 3 valve, 4x4 with 4 speed auto!

Toyota is running scared now.

Yawn.. color me surprised.. Toyota has only had more vehicles recalled then sold for the last 3 years in a row. Awesome achievement!!!

@ Alex
great glad to help out one more thing to try is to blow up your tires front 5 PSI over recommended and back 10 PSI over recommended

They are just trying to cover their butts so NHTSA doesent sue them for unfounded reasons again.

hows Fords recall going BTW? Air bags still going boom and cruise control still lighting people up like matches? just checking.

@ Dave - very subtle, as subtle as everyone's favorite GM fanboi. If you don't like sand in the face, stay out of the sandbox.

@Dan, got the front tires up to 50, and rears at 40! Ride is solid, but I like that feel anyway. I cleaned the MAF sensor too. Each thing I did probably doesn't do much on its own, but when you combine them all, I get 3-4 mpg better than before, and it cost me a whopping $20!

They are designed that way so the driveshaft beaks in case the accelerator gets stuck. Its the only way you can stop! LOL

Tundra is useless. Case closed.

Whats going on with toyota right now? Every manufacterer has recalls, but it seems like toyota is on the short end of the stick here. I dont want to jump to conclusions liks toyota is declining in quality, but its hard to ignore this after the gas pedals and floor mat issues.

I always thought the titan and tundra were the odd trucks of the bunch. You know, theyre there, but really, all there doing is just stealing sales from the ram, silverado, and f150.

Hey Lou,
Just because most people that post here who are not agreeing with you are not responding to your comments, doesn't mean that you provided them with facts that would just shut them up, don't act like you own this site. Most of GM fans are not like Bob and will not comment on your bias facts. You are not as bright as you think. I am sorry that I am straight forward and it's not in my intention to put you down in front of your fans on this site. Most of us know that you can't see past Ford and it's your decision, So please respect the others and their thoughts.

This should be a quick and easy recall for Toyota. They only need to notify about 1,000 customers. The other 50,000 (new and unsold) pickups should still be on the dealership lots collecting dust waiting for 50,000 suckers to go against better judgement.

+1 lex!!

I honestly believe toytota tundra buyers feel this deep need to justify their decision to purchase what they did. I often hear them mention quality and how my ford is second rate. All I can say is 94 f150 flare side 274k miles few problems.

this is the same problem whit the 2007...right..

LOL !!!






I had a Toyota,it always broke down on me ! Never again will I own a lousy Toyota product !!

I bought a 2010 dbl cab tundra since it had a 6.5ft bed and AC that actually worked. every ford f150 i drove an tested ac only blew 60 degrees at best with ac compressor cycling on and off even though it was set at max ac. Most dealer service depts scoffed at me but one admitted its a problem that get numerous complaints on. Not comfortable and sweating. even drove for 20+ minutes to give it a chance to cool off. tested 5 f150s just to make sure the first one wasnt a lemon or was low on freon. Tundra blew 40 degrees in minutes in triple digit heat here in phx az. So NO fords for me if im sweatin in em all day !!
I really liked the F150 but bad ac is a deal breaker for me in phx az.

Not surprised at all that the turdra is being recalled and I expect more later in the year. It is nice to see that they are hitting the problem head on instead of side stepping and hoping it will go away. They are recalling every turdra they have made this year so that is a recall ratio of 100%. Thats really sad for the truck that was supposed to change it all.

yeah this wont stay open for much longer LOL

Unfortunately every manufacturer is going to have recalls. Toyota's have been a major highlight for the media, which by the way the accelerator recall turned out to be a non-issue as proven by none other than NASA. This like any other problem is being addressed accordingly. If you don't like the Tundra or Toyotas for whatever reason, then more power to you. We are each free to make our own choices. It's your money you are spending and nobody else's, so buy what you will be happy with. I'm buying a 2011 Tundra and am glad they're resolving this issue before I purchase. I will drive it with pride and use the heck out of it.

One complaint!

This website is so anti-Toyota!

By the way, I am sure Dana makes these parts, so again another company failing to do their job properly and as usual Toyota gets the bad press!

Wow, just imagine if all the one complaints would get the front page news as Toyota is getting from this anti-Toyota site...

For better fact checking; actually 25 trucks are affected, but Toyota is going ahead recalling the whole lot.

Hey i also have a 5.4L v8, 4x4 and i am interested in what you did exactly to eek out those extra 3-4 mpg for only around $20. thanks

I really like how this website will protect Ford when they have a MASSIVE recall on F-150's for an issue that their CEO should be brought before Congress for trying to hide it from the consumer YET 1 complaint of a defective Dana part and the thread is still open!

Mike, you have to reply to this complaint!

I think your website is UNFAIR and BIASED towards certain models!

1 complaint and it's front page news? C'mon Mike, your showing your hatred towards Toyota! And do not deny it.

Now we got all the Toyota haters making broad and unjustified statements for 1 complaint! Wow, the NHTSA, DOT, UAW, GM and Obama easily swayed your weak minds! The Tundra is one solid and reliable truck, DEAL WITH IT!

But when you have a racist society hell bent on protectionsim of domestics brands that are typically IMPORTED anyways, what else can we expect from a biased society!

I have owned small Toyota pickups the past 20 years and I can tell you their is nothing that comes close to their reliability and toughness. Keep believing what the stupid media and Ray Lahood types tell you to believe.

Media manipulation, wow I am not amazed anymore to how stupid society is in believing everything they are told without even bothering to question it.

Keep purchasing your useless toyotas and steal the sale from a superior American brand. Yes the foreign makes employee workers here but for a fraction of the salary and benefits. Last time I checked their pay allowed them to spend money at my place of employment.
I'm happy to see toyota products suffer. Is nice to see American brands do well and beat them in quality. I have done my research and yes the domestics do outsource to Mexico. One thing I would like to point out is the American auto makers employee far more workers than do the Japanese.
My uncle works for Toyota and watches what they do behind the scenes everyday. Currently they have shifted production to Japanese factories over the ones here so the lines in Japan keep rolling.
Yes you can buy a tundra for the same money but my question is this. Why? F150 trumps it in every way. Yes you can goto and claim the tundra is more american by parts. I would love to see the breakdown of their information. F150 built in America, by an american company, and a better overall truck

Oxi shut up. It got reported like any other recall. Mike isn't biased, you are. You constantly complain and rip other brands and excuse all problems with toyota.

There was a story each time about the ford recalls, just like this. You a such a child, crying any time you don't get your way.

The Toyota owners are crying to get this thread shut down. LOl.


Seriously? Your really calling this site biased? This is the the most UN-biased site I have yet to come across. Whenever Ford/GM/Dodge has a recall your the first one to jump up and start talking $hit to everyone.


But everytime Toyota has a recall...What do you do? You cry foul on the site! Lol. You accuse this site as being biased towards one brand or another...You whine because this Toyota recall is front page news...Well guess what...Everytime Ford/GM/Dodge have had a Recall its been front page news to!

From what I have seen this site is anything but biased and so far has been one of if not the most reliable source of information on trucks, I have been able to come across.
You just have your panties in a twist because you honestly have no one to blame here...So your going to blame the site that posted the news. In other words you are SHOOTING THE MESSENGER.

Grow up.

@Tucker - it may have been a little over $20, I can't remember the exact amount but it was no more than $30

1. changed fuel filter
2. added Lucas fuel treatment
3. Cleaned MAF sensor (MAF Cleaner)
4. increased tire pressure to 50 psi front, 40 psi rear

My next steps are (but they will cost more)

1. change diff oil to Royal Purple
2. Change Spark Plugs
3. Change to a cold air intake / low restriction filter
4. exhaust mod.

Oxi, what it is, is the Toyota fans get all silly about how unreliable Fords are and how great Toyotas are when Ford gets a recall, and then they start bashing anyone who owns a Ford. Nobody is bashing you here, you don't even have Bob telling you that you are a moron. I'm sure he's the one that gets the comments closed. I don't know why you even want the comments closed. That is silly.

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